November 25th, 2012

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Kim Jong Il's H̶i̶p̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ Grandson Speaks Out

TIME News Feed: Kim Han Sol is a soft-spoken, bespectacled 18-year-old student who has his ear pierced and hopes to one day work toward “world peace.” He’s also the grandson of Kim Jong Il, the late dictator of North Korea and one of the most reviled despots on the planet.

In a first-ever interview recently uploaded to YouTube, Kim Han Sol sat down with former Finnish member of parliament Elisabeth Rehn to discuss his life and his unusual family.

Kim Han Sol Interview Part.1

Youtube: processedturkey

Kim Han Sol Interview Part.2

Youtube: processedturkey
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Well, he definitely didn't get the Kim family genes passed on to him, lol. Seems like he really wants to help make the world a better place, including his home country. I wish the best of luck for him. 
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Kim Jaejoong Part 3 + Pictures

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Source: Korea Star Daily | Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ | Shared by: PrinceJJ

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Source: Korea Star Daily | Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ | Shared by: PrinceJJ 

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Article = Credit: 金在中点康 & JJ baidu | Translated by @ShadowJaeJes | Shared by PrinceJJ 
Video = jyjsubs

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Source: Segye via Nate | Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ | Shared by: PrinceJJ 

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Source: Herald via Nate | Credit: Allkpop | Shared by PrinceJJ 

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Source: Asiatoday | Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ | Shared by: PrinceJJ 

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Overall Source: Princejj 

Ok I know, again. But I swear I'm only posting the interresting ones with "new" informations. + Nice pictures :)
He just gives really great interviews.

OT but I learned today that my aunt's ex husband killed himself and it's kind of fucked me up. They were together for 13 yrs and separated 4yrs ago. He was hospitalized for a depression and he did it there.
I would just like for people I know to stop dying, please.

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SECRET to make a comeback with “Talk That”, reveals image teaser for Jieun

Girl group SECRET will be making a comeback soon with a brand-new track, “Talk That“!

Composed by Shinsadong Tiger, this will be the first time in three years that the group will be working with the legendary producer since their early track, “Magic“.

The group is poised to make a comeback on December 4, and has released the first image teaser featuring their lead singer, Jieun!

The image shows Jieun with a brand-new, fiery-red hairstyle that drapes loosely around her bare shoulders, emitting a romantic, flowery image that contrasts with her sad, melancholy expression.

Image teasers for the other members of SECRET will be unveiled soon, TS Entertainment revealed, in preparation for their highly-anticipated December comeback.

source: allkpop

click on the teaser to fullview it :]


Why YG Won’t Be Recruiting Anyone from “Super Star K 4″ This Year


One of the hottest entertainment agencies, YG Entertainment, has revealed that they will not be recruiting any contestants from this year’s “Super Star K 4.“

Sources from YG spoke with Star News on November 23 and said, “There were many talented contestants on this year’s ‘Super Star K 4.’ However, unfortunately, we did not find anyone who was eligible for YG this year for many reasons.”

The source revealed that there were two major reasons behind this decision.
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