December 19th, 2012

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YG Ent.’s First Band Group Afrodino to Release First Digital Single on December 21

Afrodino, YG Entertainment‘s first band group, is set to release their first digital single “Chameleon” this week on December 21.

The members, Kim Dino (vocals, guitar), Choi Kang Huk (bass), Lee Jung Hwan (drums) are all 28 years old and have been performing in Hondae since 2010. After winning YG & HYUNDAI CARD “Re-Monster” project, the band joined YG Entertainment and are now preparing to release a digital single and music video.

Since their whole debut process has been managed by YG, many have been anticipating the group.

Following the success of Big Bang’sMonster” earlier this year, YG Entertainment and Hyundai Card collaborated on a “Re-Monster” project to discover talented indie musicians.

The single, “Chameleon,”is an acoustic pop song which is about a man who tries to change himself for his lover.
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I'm in love with the illustrations

Who Whore It Better? IU vs Park Bo Young

On December 15 on an online community, photos of singer IU and actress Park Bo Young were released.

In the pictures are IU and Park Bo Young wearing the same outfit. They are wearing a black lacy top with a bright blue skirt. Even their hair styles and the color of the stockings are the same, surprising many of their fans.

IU has worn this dress on December 14 at the “Galaxy S3 Fan Meeting,” while Park Bo Young wore it at “2012 Baseball Golden Glove Awards” that took place on December 11.

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “Both IU and Park Bo Young look great in this outfit,” “It’s funny how they ended up in the same outfit around the same time,” “Two ‘Nation’s little sisters’ in the same dress,” “Only these two would be able to pull this outfit off.”

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Uhm Tae Woong Joins Joo Won in 'Level 7 Civil Servant'

Uhm Tae Woong will be making a special appearance as the genius spy Choi Woo Hyuk in 'Level 7 Civil Servant'. The drama is set to air next January.

His casting was a top secret, known among only a few select members of the production crew. He secretly joined the film crew in Thailand and filmed past scenes for the charismatic Choi Woo Hyuk before returning to Korea.

In the drama, Choi Woo Hyuk is a genius of an industrial spy whose name and face is virtually unknown. He will continuously clash with the newbie NIS agent Han Gil Ro (played by Joo Won) as he looks to avenge his family.

Uhm Tae Woong has successfully transformed from his simple and naïve image from KBS 2TV 'Happy Sunday-1 Night 2 Days' into someone overwhelmingly charismatic as he personally picked his hairstyle and outfit to suit his character.

Uhm Tae Woong said, "I picked 'Level 7 Civil Servant' because of my loyalty to Joo Won and because the script left a deep impression on me. As the hidden card to help secure the ratings in the beginning, I plan on doing my part 200%."

'Level 7 Civil Servant' is a romantic drama about a newbie NIS agent that is lying about everything but love. This drama will air after 'I Miss You' in January 2013.

source: kdramastars

Even more excited for this now! Taewoong looks delicious in that first photo for reals.

Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo to get married on Christmas Day

Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo will be getting married on December 25th.

Pledis Entertainment is home to big artists such as Son Dam BiAfter School (and its subunitOrange Caramel), NU’EST, and Hello Venus.
Even though the CEO is widely known and well connected in the industry, he will be holding a small ceremony with only his close friends and family.

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Rainbow’s Jisook Reveals: “One of Our Members Uses Booty Padding”

Female idol group Rainbow‘s Jisook recently revealed that one of her group’s members is currently using booty padding. 

On SBS‘s “Strong Heart,” newscaster Park Eun Ji revealed that back in the day she faced an embarrassing incident where her undergarment padding went exposed.

She explained, “The style of the undergarment that I wore back then was see-through. I was wearing booty padding too.” Then she turned to Jisook and asked, “What about female idols, do they use it too?” to which Jisook honestly answered, “Among our members, there is one person who is currently using booty padding,” which caused the rest of the celebrity guests to break up in laughter.

Other guests featured on this episode include Yoon Shi Yoon, Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Pro, Lee Ki Yong, Yang Jin Suk and MBLAQ’s Mir.

source: soompi

Which Rainbow member uses booty padding?

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Lee Hyori Knits Some Hats for Some Old People


Lee Hyori made a surprise visit to the area undergoing major redevelopment, where she spent time exchanging warmth with the elderly.

According to the Beautiful Organization blog, Lee Hyori along with photographer Kim Tae Eun and make-up artists visited 15 elderly people to spend time with them. The singer originally planned to deliver coal briquettes for the winter season. Due to circumstances, the event was canceled, but she brought her friends along to participate in this beneficial volunteer work instead.

A representative of the Beautiful Organization said, “The photos were touching and practical as not many elderly residents can afford to get professional pictures taken.”

In addition, Lee Hyori treated 15 senior residents to beanies she knitted herself.

Last year in November, Lee Hyori had donated rice, ramen, and briquettes to help the elderlies who live alone in the Ahyun-dong poor hillside village.

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Source: etoday via dkpopnews 

Look at that lady with those TEEN TOP posters on her wall. get it grandma ^^
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The Wachowskis Want to Make a Film in S. Korea


By Rachel Lee (

For world-famous movie-making team the Wachowskis, shooting their recent science fiction film was like a game.

Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski known for their worldwide hit trilogy “The Matrix” came to Korea Thursday for the first time with German director Tom Tykwer and English actor Jim Sturgess to promote their new film “Cloud Atlas.” Korean actress Bae Doo-na, who stars in the film as one of the six main characters, also attended Thursday the press conference with them.

“We were actually going to cancel the press conference so that we can get out and see this beautiful city,” said Andy jokingly during the press conference held Thursday in Seoul.

Their new drama and science fiction film, written and directed in collaboration with Tykwer, was adapted from the 2004 novel “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitche-ll. World-famous movie stars appear in the film including Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Ha-lle Berry and Ben Whishaw.

The film explores how the actions of individuals affect others throughout the past, present and future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is transformed from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future. Each member of the ensemble appears in multiple roles as the stories move through time.

“It was quite easy (for me to make the film), because the book was wonderfully constructed. We had a lot of fun finding all the connections. It was a process that continued all the way through the creation of the film, even in editing. Even after watching the film, we still found a connection we hadn’t made. It was like a game,” said Andy.

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Source: Korea Times via dkpopnews

still with that hair? gurl, you seriously need to stop. 
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SNSD, Baek Ji Young, CN BLUE and others to make their comeback in January!

A list of artists have been confirmed to return to the music scene in January 2013! With artists such as SNSD, Baek Ji Young, CN BLUE confirmed, it seems that 4minute, Sistar19, MYNAME and B.A.P are also currently in full swing preparations to have their comeback in January 2013.

Superstar K2 member Kang Seung Yoon is also expected to share the stage with the others. Following suit in February, SHINee and 2PM will go head to head with the anticipation of many.

It has also been revealed that many of these groups had planned to make their comeback last December but decided to hold them off because of the PSY craze that is currently driving the world insane with 'Gangnam Style'.

Although 2012 was the year for PSY's famous 'Horse Dance', 2013 is expected to be a whirlwind of comebacks from the ace group of celebrities with a whole lot of different fandoms.

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Voting Fashion Battle: Lee Hyori vs Uhm Jung Hwa

Recently via Twitter, singers Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori have made a bet. To promote the participation by their fans to vote in the Korean Presidential Elections, Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori decided to dress up when they go to vote. The one who wore the sexiest outfit would be considered the winner.

As they promised, they uploaded the photos of themselves going to vote on December 19. Lee Hyori wore a white sweater, a simple long black jacket, and a pair of intricately patterned leggings. With her long hair down and bright red lips, Lee Hyori looked very fashionable.

On the other hand, Uhm Jung Hwa looked professional and stylish with all black outfits including a hat and a pair of high heeled ankle boots.

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What is the angle/light doing to Hyori's face?! I would have made someone retake that picture haha!

Infinite’s Sung Kyu Says He Once Drank for 12 Hours Straight

Infinite’s Sung Kyu has recounted one long night of drinking in the past.

Sung Kyu recently appeared as a guest on the KBS health show, Vitamin for its special episode dedicated to helping protect your live during the alcohol-filled year-end holidays.

During the show, Sung Kyu shared, “Before I debuted, I once drank with my friends from night until lunch the next day and lost all recollection of what happened after.”

He added, “When I opened my eyes it was 11 p.m. and I was sleeping at home but I had no memories of what happened until I got home. After seeing the taxi fare confirmation text message, I was able to determine when I came home.”

Sung Kyu shared that after that incident, he decided to only drink in moderation from then on.

The episode airs on December 19.

source: enewsworld

I wonder what "moderation" means to him =P.

Block B’s Zico releases “No Limit”

Having already released several tracks from his upcoming mixtape, ‘Zico on the Block 1.5’, Block B’s Zico has just released another mixtape track titled, “No Limit”.

Fans commented on the track saying, “Zico is just amazing, he should never change himself. I love his raps,” “He got bolder and bolder this time!” and more.

Zico is the leader of Block B who recently made their return with their newest title track, “Nillili Mambo” off of their first full length album, ‘Blockbuster.’

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Source: dkpopnews Track: dyunaimnida Translation: bontheblock tumblr

Great as usual. Expected nothing less~
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Celebrities cast their votes on Election Day

After urging fans to participate in the Presidential Election held on the 19th, celebrities held true to their word as they showed up to cast their votes fort this important election despite their busy schedules.

Lee Dong Wook wrote, “Ah I was surprised~ I went to vote but at this time, there are already press waiting. hehehehe My face is swollen ㅠㅠ. Swollen a lot!!”

Rainbow‘s Jisook shared, “I breathed in the refreshing morning air and I happily finished voting right now at my hometown voting station~ This is my first Presidential Election voting and I couldn’t feel more proud! If you want to feel the joy of voting, search for your voting station and afterwards, all you have to do is bring your ID and go to the voting station~ Our country’s precious rights! Let’s exercise our rights today<3.”

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JYJ Megapost

Forever relevant: Jaejoong releasing a solo mini ROCK album in JANUARY.

Vote and Support JYJ’s Individual Activities in 2012
Details & tutorials HERE

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JJ waited 30 minutes and then realized that he went to the wrong polling place XD [Caption: "Isn't there my name?"] (via 126×204)
LOL he goes from serious about voting to shocked/confused to super embarrassed.

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On December 20th, SM Entertainment and Girls’ Generation released a teaser image through their official Twitter accounts, SMTOWN GLOBAL and Girls Generation. The text on the emblem reads, “소녀시대 2013″, with the upcoming date and time, “2012. 12. 21 10 A.M.”, underneath it. The flowers surrounding Girls’ Generation’s name symbolizes South Korea’s national flower, rose of sharon. No further details have been released, but SM Entertainment is stirring up early excitement for fans with this mysterious picture.

Girls’ Generation is rumored to have a comeback in January of 2013 with a full length Korean album. MBC is also preparing a comeback broadcast for Girls’ Generation. It will be an independently organized show apart from their music program, “Show! Music Core”.

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South Korea votes in first female president - South Korea election: Park Geun-hye defeats Moon Jae-i

Both candidates have pledged more welfare spending and dialogue with Pyongyang

South Korea's electoral commission says former dictator's daughter Park Geun-hye has won the country's presidential election.

Votes are still being counted but liberal candidate Moon Jae-in has conceded victory with 84% of votes counted.

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YG offers suggestions on what we may or may not hear in 2013

YG Entertainment has revealed some more hints about their upcoming plans for 2013!

Yang Hyun Suk himself stated, “During the first half of this new year we will be focusing on the album production and promotions for Lee Hi, 2NE1, and YG’s new girl group… If all goes as planned, then I want to reveal our new boy group as well in the last half of the year. However, this date is just a wish of mine as a producer and I hope the fans will take this as more of a hint rather than a promise.”

He also revealed some details on the upcoming boy group, stating, “The members of this new boy group are between the ages of 16~18, and have all been training for more than two years and are extremely good… For the past two years they have been training with Kang Seung Yoon.”

As ‘Superstar K2‘s Kang Seung Yoon was previously said to be getting ready for a solo debut, Yang Hyun Suk clarified, ”Although Kang Seung Yoon will be releasing his solo debut album during the first quarter of next year, we will not nail him as only a solo artist,” revealing that he may be included in the boy group as well.

He also added, “Ever since he entered YG, he has improved tremendously in dancing… He will release his first solo album before or after February, and will show just how much he has changed while under YG… His new image will be different from his ‘Superstar K’ image.“

i googled for the hell of it and i have never seen this pic lol

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in summary, YG still needs to consult his tea leaves but thus far I have divined...
1Q13: Kang Seung Yoon
1H13: Lee Hi, 2NE1, new girl group (singular?!)
2H13: new boy group (?!)
2013: SuPearls (?!), Daesung (?!), Taeyang (?!), GD (?!)