December 20th, 2012


Spectacular shots of Big Bang at Wembley Arena + 1 Omona Exclusive

About a month ago a lovely professional photographer offered to get some exclusive Big Bang @ Wembley Arena shots for all of us! Pretty cool, right? OmonaTheyDidn't! also applied for a press pass so we could ask questions and stuff, but no one ever got back to us *tear* However, it was not a big deal because this photographer was working with The Line of Best Fit and they had no problem with her giving us some extra shots. Sadly the photo policy was very strict and because of a mistake she was only able to shoot for one song, from the back of the venue, behind the fans. She was lucky to get 10 good shots for that website & an extra for us.

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& now for OMONA'S 1ST EXCLUSIVE SHOT! Who could it be....

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- TOP did two hours of dad dancing
- Daesung was the crowd favourite. He seemed really nice and smiley and interacted with the fans a lot.
- There were a -lot- of East London hipsters there.
- "I cried a bit out of secondhand embarrassment when Taeyang ripped his shirt off and wouldn't put it back on." - Quote from the photographer
- GD stayed in London a bit longer, did LOADS of shopping and trolled all the fans trying to stalk him by constantly Instagramming his whereabouts. He seemed super knowledgeable about where all the cool shops were. Photographer-unnie was quite impressed.

Check out the rest of the shots
You might have already seen them because within an hour of them being uploaded people were taking them & putting their own watermarks on them. R00d!

Did anyone from Omona attend? Share your experience! :D
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GiRL de Provence Perfume CFs Featuring Girls’ Generation Revealed

Girls’ Generation released four 30-second clips promoting the perfume line inspired by them, GiRL de Provence.

The members show their innumerable charms in three individual CFs featuring Jessica, Yuri, and Yoona, along with one featuring all of the members of Girls’ Generation. The group CF shows off Girls’ Generation’s beauty as they are all wearing white dresses, while a more colorful approach is taken in the individual videos.

Watch all of the girls’ videos below.

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Yuri looks gorgeous! I love her CF the most <3

Source: SMTOWN YouTube | CF #1 | CF #2 | CF #3 | CF #4 | Soshified | Soshified #2
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Psy on Why President Obama Stopped Doing 'Gangnam Style'


How does it feel to become an international pop star with a No. 1 hit practically overnight? To launch a dance craze embraced by toddlers and grandparents, presidents and talk-show hosts alike? To near 1 billion YouTube views, making it the most-watched video ever?

For “Gangnam Style” star Psy (real name: Jaesang Park), he can sum up 2012 in two words: “Totally exhausted.

Since July, when the 34-year-old South Korean sensation debuted his zeitgeisty video mocking the trendy Seoul neighborhood and featuring an infectious galloping dance (he declined to perform it at THR’s shoot) with only one line in English (you know it: “Hey, sexy lady!”), Psy has been making daily appearances in cities around the world -- be it a performance at the Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong, an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles, or the White House’s annual Christmas in Washington benefit.
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, YGFamilyy@tumblr
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Grab them while you can: Hara, HyunA, and Hyorin’s ‘Chum-Churum’ CFs to be taken down + Hara and Hyo

Feast your eyes on these videos while they’re still up, for it has been announced that Hara, HyunA, and Hyorin‘s CFs for soju brand, ‘Chum Churum‘ (‘Like the First Time‘),will be taken down.

Lotte Liquor has decided to agree to the suggestion of Seoul’s campaign against alcohol. They will be taking down the CF videos of HyunA, Hara, and Hyorin that have been revealed on their website and on YouTube, which are easily accessible to minors. Although the brand attracted much attention with their model selection and view counts on the CFs released, it was determined that this type of CF could have an effect on teenagers and was suggested that they remove the videos, which they decided to comply with.

On the 21st, all of their videos will be deleted. Future videos will be edited so that they will not be so sexual.

Lotte Liquor said, “We’re disappointed that the videos that we made with high hopes with the three beauties of girl groups will be stopped. However, this is happening from good intentions, so we have decided to actively participate.

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source: allkpop + firstsojutv (1), (2) + imgorgeousguy (1), (2)

EDIT: well, they have been set as private already, so I had to change the videos. Thanks to dapo322 for finding them ^___^

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Self Camera season 2
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Show Champion cuts
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Star1 Photoshoot BTS
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Last fansign speech
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Tweet + fancafe update translations
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sources from songilful: selca ep 1 ep 2; 0562subbing: show champion part 1 part 2 part 3, starcall 121212 121215, fancam; TheTatoo26: star1 bts; BOYFRIEND fancafe; BOYFRIEND twitter; translations by Girlfriend: Jeongmin's tweet, Minwoo's post.

so much beautiful bias, i dont know what i'm gonna do without these fools. bonus
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More details on January debut of YG Entertainment’s new girl group


YG Entertainment has announced that its new girl group will be unveiled on January 15th of 2013.

On December 20th, CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “Everything about the new girl group that we’ve prepared for so long will be revealed on January 15th.

He also shared that the members of the girl group are not yet confirmed, stating, “We’ve recorded each member’s practice sessions over a long period of time, and though it’s not a survival competition, we’ll be eliminating 1-2 revealed members.”
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Hwa Young to join Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung & Moon Chae Won's company

Hwa Young(19) from T-ara is said to have been meeting with, and in the process of signing a contract with MStream company that also represents Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung, and Moon Chae Won.

After leaving Core Contents, Hwa Young has shown determination (lol reporter icwudt) in becoming an actress. A source close to Hwa Young tells us that she has had numerous love-calls from other companies, but Hwa Young has been more interested in becoming an actress than being a singer again.

Translation credits: Me

Four for you Hwa Coco, You GO Hwa Coco! ....And none for T-ara. Bye.

=3=;; third time's the charm. Damn Omona you strict.

GLAM gearing up for a comeback? + other videos & unseen pics~

Are the Party (XXO) ladies of GLAM gearing up for a comeback?

On December 20th, two photos of Zinni were uploaded onto the group’s official Facebook page with the captions ”ZINNI” and “I LIKE ZINNI“. While there seems to be no further information, many fans are guessing that the two photos are concept photos for their potential comeback.

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source: akp

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source: GLAMofficialvideo, 2

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source: Hallyu8 GLAM Thread

I was going to post these and the 11st pics together but the post was too big so I separated them :)

Perfect Princess IU could grace our TV (or laptop) screens again!

There is a very strong chance that IU will be cast as the female lead for an upcoming drama, “The Best Lee Soon Shin.”

According to broadcast sources, IU is positively looking through the project, which is to be aired in April of next year on KBS. Discussions with the production team have already taken place since months ago and currently, there is a strong possibility that IU will confirm her decision to join the cast.

“The Best Lee Soon Shin” is about a bright girl, Lee Soon Shin, from a small island village, who moves to the big city of Seoul and works to become a big star. IU will be playing the lead role of Lee Soon Shin if she decides to join. Lee Soon Shin’s character is brave, bright and cheerful. If IU joins the cast, it will be her return to the small screen after two years since “Dream High.”

“The Best Lee Soon Shin” will be a weekend drama on KBS, which means that it will air for a lengthy time period. The drama’s main PD, Yoon Sung Shik spoke with Newsen on December 20 and said, “We are having internal discussions about the casting situation.”

“The Best Lee Soon Shin” will air in April of next year after “My Daughter Seo Young.”

source: soompi

This definitely sounds like a role that would fit her.
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sm to consider adding an additional date to BoA's first concert after tickets sell out in 20 seconds

BoA's first solo concert sold out simultaneously with the opening of ticket sales.

Reservations for BoA's solo concert BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~ began and finished simultaneously. As it was sold out within mere moments, requests for additional concert dates are currently pouring in from fans. SM Entertainment is planning to hold a private conference on the 21st in order to deliberate on whether to add an additional date.

It appears that the anticipation for her first solo concert was high. A representative of her agency expressed "It is a solo concert BoA is holding thirteen years after her debut," and "Fans who were thirsty for BoA's concert are showing support and interest that is hotter than ever."

The war for tickets is ongoing even after the conclusion of reservations. Currently, a war to obtain canceled tickets is taking place on ticket reservation sites. Ticket prices, which were originally between 80,000 to 90,000 won, went up to 150,000 won in transactions after the tickets were sold out.

Meanwhile BoA is holding her solo concert BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~ on January 26th at the Olympic Park's Olympic Hall in Seoul. She is planning to focus on showing diverse musical color, and performances of her latest tracks are a matter of course.

Source: Dispatch via Nate
Translation: 4rang