December 26th, 2012

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[Confirmed] Double Yoon to debut next month

Great news to 4minute fans!

Members Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon, from girl group 4minute, will form project group “Double Yoon” and are planning to make their new debut this January.

On December 26, a representative from Cube Entertainment stated, “Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon will release a duet album as Double Yoon. They have finished with the recording and music video filming and the album is currently in its final stages.”

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source: soompi

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Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Releases Track List of Her First Solo Album

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On December 26 Nega Networks released Brown Eyed GirlsJeA solo album track list through their official homepage and the Brown Eyed Girls’ official twitter.

Here is a translation of the track list:
  1. Days & Nights (feat. Eric Benet)
  2. Street Cat
  3. While Were You Asleep (Title Track)
  4. Let’s Hug (feat. Jung Yup)
  5. Silent Stalker (feat. Double K)

The solo album track list contains a total of five songs. These songs were written by the likes of R&B artist Eric Benet, Sam Bakja, Jung Suk Won of 015B, Lee Gyu Hyun, and TEXU. The lyricist Kim Lee Na Ga also contributed to the track lists. JeA herself is named as one of the composers. The solo album is also gaining attention because of the features on the tracks such as Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup and the rapper Double K.

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source: soompi + @officialBEG

tay-symon (me)


KOREAN POP, THE GLOBAL "PHENOMENON" CONTAMINATING CULTURES + My Real life encounter with Racism at Big Bang concert

Investigative journalist Tay Symone (moi) has been getting worldwide recognition for her work and dozens of journalistic offers and opportunities. I'm not gonna lie I do appreciate the fame and money I've made during my time reporting for ohnotheydidnt but due to my journalistic integrity I could NOT accept those offers due to the censorship and corruption from the government, white house, and other racist institutions. I will remain a free woman reporting for the people and fighting the GOOD FIGHT!
The year 2012 has shown that Korea will stop at NOTHING to dominate the world's music industry while simultaneously attempting to obliterate every culture and race across the globe. The one area in which Korea displays diversity is in their widely varying spectrum of Races in which they spew hateful stereotypes and cultural contamination. The usage of the n word is definitely nothing new in KKK-POP, yet it's still just as disgusting to see. In light of fizzled out girl group "Girls' Generation"'s songwriter advocating for a Black Genocide (covered in my previous post), year-end statistics show that racism in K-pop is in fact at an all time high in what some are calling a "nu-Hitler" generation.

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Source: Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto), @REALTAEYANG, Hello Venus at Youtube, Gurupop at Youtube, CJ E&M Music at Youtube, My camera phone, fergiename at Youtube
On the scene reporting: Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto) with Shadavia Battles
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2ne1 collabs with Lee Ha Yi, CL x Sung Si Kyung for Gayo Daejuns

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OSEN published an exclusive report announcing that YG Family’s 2NE1 and Lee Hayi will grace the 2012 MBC Gayo Daejeon stage with a collaboration.

According to broadcasting officials on the 26th, they are scheduled to ‘change’ songs on 31/12 and perform a joint stage. It is known that 2NE1 will perform Lee Hayi’s debut song ’1,2,3,4′ and Lee Hayi will perform 2NE1′s song ‘I Love You’. In addition, they will be singing a song together which will showcase their harmony.

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‘Gayo Daejeon’ officials told Newsen on 26/12, “Sung Si Kyung and CL will be performing a collboration stage this [SBS] Gayo Daejeon. It will be fun as this is an unexpected combination“.

Idol group members are in the midst of forming new project groups and preparing their performances for this ‘Gayo Daejeon’, one of them being Sung Si Kyung’s and CL’s special stage. Anticipation is high for the harmony that the unexpected meeting of ballad prince Sung Si Kyung and CL who’s personality is ’10 out of 10′ will bring.

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After School’s Jooyeon snaps a photo with graduated member Bekah


by jennywill

After School‘s Jooyeon snapped a photo with graduated member Bekah on Christmas!

Jooyeon tweeted, “With the bright Bekah that I haven’t seen in a while~~~♥♥ I missed you” while attaching two selcas with Bekah.Fans were delighted to see the two of them hanging out together, aseven though Bekah has been keep fans updated through Twitter, she had little communication with the other members.

The members of After School and Hello Venus were in attendance for the wedding of the CEO of Pledis Entertainment, Han Sung Soo.
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Text: allkpop
Photos: ASJuPal 1, 2

she tweeted 2 photos of with the other after school girls in the wedding here.


Clazziquai’s Horan Is Getting Married!

Horan, from [the] group Clazziquai, will soon get married!

Her wedding will take place on March 30 at a hotel in Seoul’s Gangnam. Her fiance is a non-celebrity 3 years her senior and it’s been revealed that they have known each other for at least 10 years.

In fact, the couple dated for 2 years in the past when Horan was in her twenties, but broke up for personal reasons. They have kept in touch throughout the years until they started dating seriously since this past June.

On December 26, a representative close to Horan shared with Star News, “Horan just recently set her wedding date. They will start the wedding preparations in January.”

Meanwhile, Clazziquai recently came back as a group after 3 years working on individual projects. They released their newest single “Can’t Go On My Own” and received a warm welcome.

Source: Soompi

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Fluxus Music

their story is straight out of a drama ^^ best wishes to Horan and her future husband!

Who Sang It Better?: The Forgotten Edition

Time for the second edition of "Who Sang It Better?"! I was looking at the nominees for the Best Vocal Performane in the Omona They Didn't! Awards (don't forget to vote!), and noticed a cover I knew had been done before, so I wondered, who sang it better...? Remember, judging can be done more than just vocals: stage presence, singing style, emotion, stage clothes, etc. all count! Share how you decided in the comments :)!

The Song: "Forgotten Season" by Lee Yong

The Covers:

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sources: carmelrocks @ Youtube and 1SteillallietS1 @ Youtube


Someone in the comments mentioned they were interested in seeing a performance of the original, if I could find it. This song was actually released in 1982! Check out the Youtube video under the cut to see Lee Yong singing.

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source: 31carpediem @ Youtube

Even though Jaejoong and Sandeul are both fantastic singers, I think my vote goes toward Sandeul. It's not that you have to belt out notes to win in my opinion, but something about the way he brought the song to calm low and then up to a huge high was really impressive.

Tracklist for Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ Album revealed

The tracklist for Girls’ Generation‘s ‘I Got A Boy‘ has been revealed.

The album will be released on January 1, 2013, and the tracklist for the album was recently revealed to the public. The album consists of 10 tracks is full of various genres, including the title song “I Got A Boy” and the prereleased “Dancing Queen“.

The album will feature 10 album covers in all, 9 of which will feature the individual members and the 10th cover featuring all the members as a group.

Check out the tracklist below!

1-1. I Got a Boy
1-2. Dancing Queen
1-3. Baby Maybe
1-4. 말해봐 (Say The Words)
1-5. Promise
1-6. Express 999
1-7. 유리아이
1-8. Look at Me
1-9. XYZ
1-10. 낭만길 (Romantic Road)

Source: akp, AladinUS

Princess Sulli resembles kisaeng Lee Nan Hyang

f(x)’s Sulli recently attracted a lot of attention after a picture of kisaeng Lee Nan Hyang (1900-1979), who was born a hundred years ago, was released.

The picture was uploaded on an online community board under the title of “kisaeng Lee Nan Hyang who was born at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.” She was a very popular woman at the time for her pretty face and singing ability.

When she became one of the most popular kisaeng, she married to a newspaper reporter and became a housewife. However, she was so enthusiastic about singing that she received a song from Ha Gyu Il, a popular composer at the time. With the enthusiasm, she recorded the first album with the songs she received from Ha. What attracts the most attention from people is that she resembles Sulli.

Both have big eyes, drooped eyelids, small lips, sharp nose, and milky-white skin.

People who saw the picture responded: “Sulli and Lee Nan Hyan really look alike.” “Isn’t a picture of Sulli superimposed on the picture?” “Is Sulli reincarnated as Lee Nan Hyang?” “I was so surprised by the picture.”


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Yoona’s Comeback Video Message and Details of ‘I Got A Boy’ Track

Girls’ Generation has just released Yoona’s comeback video message for “I Got A Boy”, Girls’ Generation’s fourth album. A shortened version of the clip was posted on Naver’s tvcast website, and a full-length version was sent to users on Naver’s LINE phone and desktop application.

In her message, Yoona says, “I think we’re showing a new side of us through this new concept, so I’m a bit nervous, and I worried about how you all may look at it.” However, she continued, “I hope you all look at it in a positive light, and I hope you all continue to love ‘I Got A Boy’.”

TaeyeonSunnyTiffanyYuri, and Seohyun have already revealed their video messages for Girls’ Generation’s comeback, and Hyoyeon’s video message will be released tomorrow.

SM Entertainment has also revealed details on the lyrics and production of the “I Got A Boy” track. “I Got A Boy” was produced by Dsign Music, the same composer team which produced “Genie”, as well as Korean composer Yoo Youngjin. The theme of the song’s lyrics is “girl talk”.

Source:, Osen via Daum
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: ch0sshi@soshified, SNSDDani@soshified

 omg if it's a genie 2.0 <33333333333

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Hyun Bin's Audio Message for December


[Transcript + Translation]2012년도 얼마 남지 않았네요.
제가 살아오면서 가장 잘 한일은 연기를 통해 세상과 소통하는일,
어려울때도 쉽게 제 자신을 포기하지않는 일,
이렇게 소중한 사람들을 만나고 그 사람들에게 진심을 열어 답한 일.
사랑하는 팬 여러분, 이렇게 감사하고 조금씩 성장했던 한 해가 기울어 갑니다.
이제 조금만 있으면 여러분을 보러 갑니다.
어느 때보다 감회가 새롭고 기대됩니다.
팬 여러분은 아침마다 저를 설래게 하는 희망의 이름이였습니다.
그 사랑, 고마움, 가슴에 깊이 깊이 새깁니다.
남은 올 한해 마무리 잘 하시고 우리 곧 만나게 되겠죠?
오랜만에 조금 떨립니다.
그리고 사랑합니다.

There is not much left of year 2012 .
The most things that I have done well were that I've communicated with the worlds through acting,
I've never given up easily regardless of hardship and I've met precious people and paid back to them by opening my heart to them.
To my lovely fans, it's almost end of year that I've thanked and grown up.
I am coming to see you sooner or later. I am filled with emotions and really look forward to it more than any other times.
You, fans are the name of hope that made me thrilled in every morning.
That love and thankfulness engrave my hearts deeply.
I hope that you will spend really good time in the rest of this year. We will meet soon?
It's been a long time that I feel nervous.
And I love you.

Credit Traductio

His voice *swoon*
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‘Girls’ Generation Country’ takes over the popularity map for 2013

The country of Girls’ Generation took over the popularity map for 2013.

A map previewing the popularity of major girl groups in 2013 was recently uploaded on an online community board which has sparked some debate. The land of each girl group country was based on their achievement for 2012 and projections in 2013.

Girl’s Generation had the largest country and took over most of the map. Not only so, but they even had a section for subgroup Taetiseo. Labelmates f(x) also took up a large portion of the map. Despite being a solo act, IU also enjoyed a large country.
The countries closest in size to the top included KARA, SISTAR, and 2NE1.

After School, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls, Girl’s Day, A Pink, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet, and Rainbow showed up on the map as well. miss A also had a significant portion, but Suzy had a large part by herself. The map also showed Wonder Girls and T-ara with significantly less area than before.

Do you think this is accurate?

Source: allkpop
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TC Candler's List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2012

TC Candler presents The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2012, which has been published in various formats every year since 1990... and in recent years has been seen by over 30 million unique visitors from around the world.

Unlike many other annual publications, The Independent Critics List is not a popularity contest. It is not about the sexiest or the most famous. Rather, it aims to be a very international list and one that is inclusive of many cultures, lifestyles, professions and degrees of fame. The Independent Critics List intends to inform public opinion rather than reflect it. This list searches far and wide, listening to the millions of suggestions submitted every year, and tries to put together a list representative of the modern ideal of beauty. Aesthetic perfection is only one of the criteria. Grace, elegance, class, poise, joy, promise, hope... they are all embodied in a beautiful face.

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TC Candler

 yay for my girls <3 please let me know if I missed any Koreans!

Top 100 of 2012 PopAsia (SBS Australia)

This is the list of the top 100 songs that were played and requested by the premier Asian pop music show PopAsia in Australia.

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p.s sorry about the muckup mods, I realised as soon as I had posted it I had forgotten to include the source 8-)

No real surprises as to Number one, and I pretty much like the entire top 10.

If you are in Aus, SBSPopAsia will be replaying this on digiital radio from 1pm on the 31st Dec and also 1st Jan.
And on NYEs from 11.50 pm there will be a special 4 hour showing of PopAsia as a way of bringing in the new year.
I know what I will be watching 8-)