December 28th, 2012


Tracklist and promo pic for 4minute subgroup Double Yoon

Naver has delightfully provided us with this promo pic for Double Yoon (4minute‘s Gayoon and Jiyoon) and the tracklist for their upcoming mini!

The mini is titled Y2N and will be available online Jan 17. It features a solo song for each member.

Soompi previously reported that the girls will promote on television in January.

Even the CUBE CEO is getting pumped for this subgroup! Allkpop noticed that CUBE Entertainment CEO Hong Seong Sung tweeted on the 23rd, “I am monitoring Double Yoon’s music video. Please give your love and support for Double Yoon”.

1. For Show (Intro)
2. DUO
3. 난 모든걸 할수 / I Can Do Everything
4. Shut Up (Jiyoon Solo)
5. 공기 / Air (Gayoon Solo)
6. Say You Need Me

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Source: Allkpop, Soompi

the Os in the venn diagram of their logo are like the Os in YOON, oh man!

EDIT: lots of commentary floating around on the validity of pic and the tracklist; akp sourced Naver which I'm clueless on accessing, whereas Soompi cited 'a CUBE rep'. I did check the CUBE CEO's twitter and he doesn't have any tweets on Dec 23 as stated above.

Secret to restart activities tonight: 2 of 3 performances will feature B.A.P

The girl group Secret which recently went through a car accident will begin their activities once again beginning on December 28.

Their agency TS Entertainment stated, “Secret will restart their activities through their performance at the 2012 KBS Music Awards. It has been 17 days since the car accident.” Also, Secret will be performing on December 29 through the 2012 SBS Music Awards and on December 31 through the 2012 MBC Music Awards.

A representative of TS Entertainment added, “Secret plans on having collaboration performances with B.A.P for two of the music awards. They will help fill the empty spot due to Zinger’s absence. People have continued to express their desire to see TS Entertainment singers have a collaboration performance like other agencies, we finally have the chance to make that dream come true.”

Secret’s unfortunate car accident occurred on December 11.

Source: Soompi

and in case you missed it, the aegyo-filled collab between Youngjae and Sunhwa is under the cut. guessing the live stages won't be like this though...

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Lee Seung Gi’s “Return” tops charts for 5 weeks in a row

Lee Seung Gi’s “Return” is staying strong on the charts!

According to one of the largest online music retailer, “Return” has continued to remain on top for the 3rd week chart of December (December 17th - 23rd). In addition, the single has been number one on other music charts for a fifth week in a row, making Lee Seung Gi the dominant player.

With this achievement, Lee Seung Gi has tied the record set by Psy’s “Gangnam Style” for most weeks topping #1 on major online music charts.

Meanwhile, making a valiant challenge for the top spot was Akdong Musician’s “You’re Pretty” and Baek Ah Yeon’s “Daddy Long Legs”.

source: dkpopnews

More power to ya Seung Gi! You might be a ballad singer, but you're kicking ass and taking names on the charts!
it me


Airing on December 28, 8:50 PM KST.

Source: MyloveKBS twitter


*because this is a scheduled post and by the time this gets posted i'm probably asleep zzzzz unless i'm awake then i'll update here
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Gallup Poll Reveals the Most Popular K-pop Stars in 2012

Korea Gallup ran their annual opinion polls for 2012. A few of the categories for their survey included topics on K-pop and which stars were the biggest and brightest this year. They polled 4,157 people in the age range from 13 to 59 and each person was asked to choose up to 3 artists in each category.

Check out the results below.

The Brightest Singing Stars of 2012

1. Psy – 24.4%
2. Girls’ Generation – 19.8%
3. Big Bang – 9.5%
4. IU – 6.9%
5. Jang Yoon Jung – 6.6%
6. SISTAR – 6.4%
7. T-ara – 5.5%
8. B2ST – 5.3%
9. Tae Jin Ah – 5.2%
10. Busker Busker – 4.1%

Best 5 Singers for Teenage Demographic

1. Big Bang – 20.7%
2. Girls’ Generation – 19.0%
3. Psy – 16.3%
4. B2ST – 16.1%
5. IU – 10.7

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Source: Gallup Korea, akp

 nothing surprising or unexpected

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Won Bin and Sooyoung Dating Rumors~

Actor Won Bin and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung have been swept up in dating rumors.

Since December 28th, rumors that the two stars are dating have been spreading online through social networking sites and turning up on search rankings. According to the rumors, Sooyoung and Won Bin’s alleged relationship is planned to be officially announced on January 1, 2013.

However, SM Entertainment has stated, “There is no truth to the rumors that Sooyoung and Won Bin are dating.” The agency added that the rumors likely arose due to Girls’ Generation’s upcoming comeback.

Won Bin‘s agency Eden 9 Entertainment denied the dating rumor between their client and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung.

Even though Won Bin is 13 years older than Sooyoung, the rumor quickly spread on the internet. SM Entertainment has vehemently denied the rumors, and now Won Bin’s agency has done the same.

They said, “We’re just shocked on our side. Won Bin has never met Girls’ Generation before, and he doesn’t even know which member is which. Won Bin isn’t dating anyone right now. We don’t know how this rumor even came to be.

Source: Newsen via Nate, akp 1 2

 i wonder if sooyoung has been writing her own dating rumours. next one will be with josh hartnett!

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Rookie group Pure to hold a concert to support TVXQ’s Reunion

Rookie group Pure will hold a concert in the hope that TVXQ and JYJ will reunite once again.

Their label Pure Entertainment revealed that the boys made a goal of performing 100 times at the Seoul Myeondong Pure K-Pop Live Concert Hall. They will be debuting after their relay

Pure consists of members White Soohyuk, Pink Chanhwee, Black Jimin, Blue Jungbin, and Yellow Younghoo. The boys were brought together by the CEO of Pure Entertainment, who was a long-time fan of TVXQ and wants to see them come together.

The boys of Pure were selected through an audition that centered around the looks, songs, and dance of TVXQ. In Japan, Pure has held two showcases so far, both of which sold out completely. Their Korean concert will open 3 times a week, and will be free for TVXQ fans, as well as those in need. A part of the profits from the concerts will be donated to charity.

Pure’s leader White Soohyuk said, “We’re happy that we can meet our fans through our relay concert. We have concerts planned in Sendai and New Jersey, and we will do our best not to stain the name of TVXQ who was already there. We really hope that TVXQ will stand together as 5 once again.

Source: FN Today + allkpop

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SHINee’s Onew wins Celebrity Candypang Contest

SHINee‘s Onew won the Celebrity Candypang Contest!

The contest pitted celebrities against each other in the mobile app game Candypang. Onew has often expressed his enjoyment of the game through his Twitter, and he proved just how good he was in the contest.

The contest ran from December 5 to December 27, during which celebrities could vie for obtaining the highest score. The grand prize for the contest was 10,000,000 KRW (approximately $9,300 USD). Fans were also allowed to ‘support’ their favorite celebrities by leaving comments for them.

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source: allkpop


Out Of Desperation, North Korean Women Become Breadwinners

Imagine going to work every day and not getting paid. Then, one day, you're told there's no work to do — so you must pay the company for the privilege of not working.

This is the daily reality facing Mrs. Kim, a petite 52-year-old North Korean. Her husband's job in a state-run steel factory requires him to build roads. She can't remember the last time he received a monthly salary. When there are no roads to build, he has to pay his company around 20 times his paltry monthly salary, she says.

"He had to pay not to work for about six months of last year," Mrs. Kim told NPR, sighing. "You have to pay, even if you can't afford to eat. It's mandatory."

So she is the one who must keep the family alive, as her husband wrestles with this state-sanctioned extortion.

Welcome to the Orwellian world of work in North Korea. In this reclusive country, profound social change is happening beyond the view of the outside world. The demands of politics have dramatically redrawn gender roles, forcing women to become the breadwinners.

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source: NPR

A little lengthy, but was an interesting read to me. I find it interesting the government is unintentionally creating a matriarchal society! I'm afraid this will breed hatred between men and women especially in a society that was once "men over women". It's one thing if you've always been considered lesser, because saldy you're used to it, but these men are not used to that and may lash out.
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Jessica’s Comeback Video Message D-3, Tiffany Selca, LINE Comeback Video

In the video, Jessica talks about the activities that Girls’ Generation’s members have been busy with, including preparations for the group’s long-awaited Korean comeback, practice sessions for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming Japanese tour, and the musicals she and Sunny have been performing in. She concludes the video by saying, “We’re working hard because we want to meet you all soon, so wait a little. End what’s left of 2012 well, and start 2013 powerfully with Girls’ Generation. Please look forward to ‘I Got A Boy’.”

The last comeback video message, belonging to Sooyoung, will be released tomorrow. The full music video will be released on January 1st, 2013. A highlight medley of songs from Girls’ Generation’s fourth album will also be released on December 31st. SM Entertainment has also revealed details on Girls’ Generation’s comeback schedule. Girls’ Generation is scheduled to make the first performance of “I Got A Boy” on January 3rd on Mnet’s “M! Countdown”. The members of Girls’ Generation will also perform “Dancing Queen”, another track from the “I Got A Boy” album.

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Sources: Naver LINENaver tvcast, ssfshortclips2Official Girls' Generation website, ssfshortclips2
Written by: kt9823@soshified; Contributor: ch0sshi@soshified; Edited by: bhost909@soshified

 freaking love her eyebrows

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GLAM to perform with vocaloid ‘SeeU’ for “I Like That” comeback stage on ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’

For their upcoming comeback stage throughSBS Gayo Daejun‘, GLAM will be utilizing the help of vocaloid ‘SeeU‘ for a performance that is sure to spark some interest!

Although the group will not begin official promotions for their newest track until January 2nd, they’ve decided to go ahead and perform their upcoming song “I Like That” on the year-end ceremony, which is rather unusual. It turns out, to make the performance even more special, they’ve once again brought back the vocaloid that member Dahee provided her voice for during its creation last year.

The girls have actually done this before in July when they brought on ‘SeeU’ for their debut performances of “Party XXO“, so they’re definitely no stranger to performing with the vocaloid character on stage.

Stay tuned for their exciting performance coming up later today (December 29th)!

source: allkpop

obviously their new fifth member lol


Who Whore It Better?: Jung Sisters Editon

K-Pop’s favorite sisters, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, were recently spotted wearing matching cheetah print scarves. While they wore the same accessory, the sisters styled their scarves differently, showcasing their individual personalities and charms.

First, the older Jung sister sported a cutesy fashion. On December 24, Jessica was seen at the Incheon International Airport wearing a black parka with the cheetah print scarf and a cute red antler headband. It must have been chilly that day, because she seems to be wearing not just one but two overcoats!

Younger sister Krystal was seen incorporating the graphic scarf into a chic but sexy look. She wore a fashionable motorcycle jacket, black skinny jeans, and quilted black boots, allowing the cheetah print scarf to be the centerpiece.

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source: soompi

I'm voting "neither" this time. I'm really not a fan of anything leopard print.

BEAST'S Hyun Seung, A Pink’s Eun Ji, & Kim Nam Joo to Collaborate on Special Project

BEAST‘s Jang Hyun Seung, APink‘s Jung Eun Ji and Kim Nam Joo recently enjoyed a get together at a rustic cottage. The photo of the gathering has been circulating online forums where fans began to speculate the reasons for the trio meeting up.

In the photo, the atmosphere is light-hearted and lively as the three idols exchange words. Sitting on vintage armchairs at a table set with cake and tea, they seemed to be celebrating a special occasion. Other clues that might indicate what the three might be up to can be found around the room: presents piled near the windowsill, photos hung in a homey fashion across the window and the mood of the set cast by tea candle lights lining the windowsill.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Are they celebrating someone’s birthday?” “But none of the members shown have a birthday that falls on December,” and more. They also speculated that the three might have been meeting up despite their busy schedules just to celebrate the end of the year.

ACUBE Entertainment responded to the comments with the statement, “The three idols shown had a special meet-up. They are in the midst of preparing the release of a special collaborative project. Keep on the look out for it!”

source: soompi

Obvious: Threesome porn. JK ^_^~!

Baek Ji Young Reveals “Don’t Like It” Teaser

On December 28, Loen Entertainment released a video teaser of Baek Ji Young‘s newest track “Don’t Like It,” featuring Yiruma drawing much attention.

This teaser holds a fantasy-like realm with a cold yet mysterious tone. Baek Ji Young’s dreamy appearance and Yiruma’s piano playing is remarkable.

In the video, Baek Ji Young is sitting in a chair, wearing a big poofy dress, singing with a sorrowful expression. Yiruma is hoisted on a merry-go-round playing the piano in a magician’s suit, depicting a world of magic.

Having received lots of interest from the start because of the announced collaboration, “Don’t Like It” deeply illustrates the sad and hurtful times of when one parts ways with a loved one. Baek Ji Young delivers the song quite emotionally.

In this song, the reverse piano melodically paints the feeling of rewinding everything back to the first time. The song is crafted beautifully with the incorporation of strings and increasing tension, filled with sophisticated rhythms. It is revealed that Yiruma composed and wrote the lyrics of the song for Baek Ji Young, himself.

Earlier, on December 26, a teaser photo [in teaser pic] was also publicized, highlighting the singer’s natural-look.

Moreover, Baek Ji Young’s new single, “Don’t Like It”, is set to be released on January 3, 2013.

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source: soompi Video: LEONENT

I like the teaser! I was disappointed when I found out it was going to a be a ballad, but it could turn out better than I expectd.

Kim Tae Woo is Having Another Baby!

After getting married in December of 2011, former G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo will already be welcoming his second child with his wife.

Kim Tae Woo shared the good news during his joint concert with Bobby Kim, “The Two Man Show” on December 25th at the Samsung COEX Hall D in Seoul. He added that this was the first time he was announcing the news publicly.

Kim Tae Woo stated that the gender of the baby is still unknown. The new addition will be joining the singer’s first daughter.

source: KBS via dkpopnews

Congrats to him!

The Romantic Season 2 members meet for the first time

The members of tvN’s The Romantic & Idol Season 2 were recently unveiled.

On the first episode of the show, which will air on December 30, the members of the season one make final decisions, and the members of the season two meet for the first time. In some still photos from the episode, released by tvN, G.NA and Jong Hoon look nervous yet happy.

The members of the season 2 are G.NA, Jewelry’s Yewon, Spica’s Yang Ji Won, Two X’s Eunyoung, [FT Island's] Jong Hoon, BTOB’s Min Hyuk, ZE:A’s Kevin, and VIXX’s N.

They will also spend time together in the Jeju Island for four days like the season one members did.

On the December 30 episode, the members of season 2 will introduce themselves and meet each other for the first time.

Park Sung Jae, the producer of the show, says, “Because many viewers are looking forward to the season two, we’ve decided to reveal the season two members right away after the season one members make final decisions.”

source: enkorea

SO excited for this. I'm addicted to Season 1 like it's crack!!