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The Unnies + Flowsik show their support for Minzy's solo debut!

Minzy, who has a great singing ability and is a talented dancer is finally making her solo debut !
I congratulate her and look forward to her debut ^^ "
-Kim Sook-
Who's next?

Finally! Minzy's first solo album! Is everyone awaiting with anticipation? Whether it's dancing or singing, Minzy is great at it all! Fighting! (Kang Ye Won)

Who's next?

She is coming in April! Wondering who it is? It’s the one and only dancing machine, Minzy. -Hong Jin Young-

Who's next?

Is everyone awaiting her comeback? Minzy who can dance and sing, fighting! -Hong Jin Kyung-

Who's next?

Minzy will be making her comeback (Finally >.<) Please give her lots of love and support! She has prepared really hard so please look forward to her debut ^^ Minzy and Somi Sisters Fighting! -Jeon So Mi- Who's next?

The comeback of a girl who has got it all- a sweet singing voice and powerful dancing skills. Please anticipate her comeback!
(Han Chae Young)
Who's next?

You are so sweet & talented! Best wishes to you! 4/17 Daebak!:) (Flowsik). @jayflowsik Who's next?

_minzy_mz (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
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