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LABOUM PROJECT - Episodes 1-4, Eng Sub

Laboum Project was Laboum's own reality show, aired on MBN, focusing on overcoming the member's fears. It's a few months old but as it was never posted & Laboum's comeback is on the horizon, I thought this would be a good thing to post for those wanting to learn about the group ahead of their new release! Each episode is just under half an hour long.

In episode 1, the members film the opening sequence for the show and take turns in pairs to cook with unusual ingredients, including an ostrich eggs, raw octopus, and mealworms.

In episode 2, the winning pair gets a massage, and everyone visits the zoo on a rainy day to try and take the prettiest selca.

In episode 3, the winning members get a shopping trip, and the group goes to a theme park to try and keep their composure on the rides.

In a horror-themed, courage-testing episode 4, the members are pranked alone in a van at night, then must search the dark forest in pairs to find food for their BBQ. At the dinner after, they discuss their filming experience and listen to messages of love and support they recorded for each other. In the morning they enjoy breakfast together and receive their certificates for passing the tests throughout the show.

Laboum Project Subs (2, 3), Party.Laboum show
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