January 2nd, 2013


School 2013 discussion post!

Dramabeans has posted a recap of episode 9 of the currently airing KBS drama School 2013. Episodes 1-8 are subbed on DramaFever/hulu+ if you have access to those, and all nine episodes are also available elsewhere....

Under the cut: bts pics of the School 2013 cast wearing lots of grins (rare?!)

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Sources: Dramabeans for pictures, Dramabeans for episode recap, Drama Fever for prior episodes

Are you watching?? What do you think of the cast? Use this post to discuss the show!

This post is likely to contain spoilers, please consider this before you click!

World Didn't End in 2012, So We Predict Kpop 2013

2012 was an interesting year for Kpop. There were scandals, comebacks and tons and tons of new groups debuting. So what does 2013 have in store for us? one_broken and I will now look into our crystal ball and see the future!
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We see... We see... Ah yes! It is coming to us now!

  • B.A.P will buy stock in Rogaine and hats. Sales will increase tenfold.
  • Heechul will teach, from the army, a member of SHINee to act like him on stage, kissing and all. (We’re halfway there!)
  • The Almighty Key will grace Twitter with his presence and shower the world with his fabulousness.
  • The IU/Eunhyuk scandal will turn out to be a big deal when at three months pregnant, they get married.
  • Yoochun will return to his first love: music.
  • Jaejoong will sprinkle himself with pixie dust, think happy thoughts and fly to Neverland in the hopes to never age again. He flies to the second star to the left and finds U-Kiss’ icy Neverland instead.
  • Amber will come back in a dress and high heels for f(x)’s next promo. (Why is she growing her hair out?)
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Now we want to to know what Omona members see for Kpop in 2013! This is the post where you can let your imaginations run wild. See this for the last prediction post. Many of the prediction back then have come true. How right will we be this year?
tzuyu heart shaker

SNSD Fashion Post IGAB Pt.1

Stussy: ‘Good Vibe’ Tank @ shop.ccs.com $14.99

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soshified styling

a lot of members said they wanted more fashion posts. is this kinda what people had in mind? as the first trial post, i just used a short compiled igab post so this is more hip-hop styled. if this idea is what people what, subsequent posts will be more diverse in style :D please let me know what kind of improvements/suggestions you have!
Kitty kitty

Three more teaser images released for Jaejoong’s upcoming solo album


After announcing that JYJ‘s Jaejoong would be releasing his first solo mini-album, various teasers have been steadily revealed to give fans an insight into what’s to come!

Following the releases are three new photos, which well, definitely do tease, as they unfortunately don’t reveal much at all.

The new photos were released through the group’s official Facebook with the words, “Jaejoong’s 1st solo mini album that focused on his life, music and you is coming soon! Today album teaser image is released!! (FYI Music video teaser is coming up next week) Literally, He is beautiful in that picture.. what you think? Please give him a lot of support^^

Check out the photos and stay tuned for the MV teaser coming up later!
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the gang

Verbal Jint releases video teaser for new single “Good Start”

It seems like rapper Verbal Jint has a New Year’s treat for his fans as he has just released a video teaser for a new single, “Good Start“.

Uploaded onto Brand New Music‘s YouTube channel, the clip features scenes from an upcoming music video with the description stating January 7th, 2013 as the release date. A bit of the song is also played, giving us a clue as to what the track may sound like, featuring the voice of a female singer, who has yet to be revealed.

source: akp + brandnewmusic
tough love

Why I hate B1A4's stylists: a visual essay

aka 'B1A4's stylists are clearly their antis'

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Netizen comments
1. [+43, 0] Can B1A4's coordis please wake up. Why are they dressing such handsome kids in clothes like this and making people call them their antis
2. [+42, -0] The wings they wore at the Gayo Daejun...
3. [+38, -0] There are also times that I feel SHINee's coordis are their antis ㅠㅠ I think SHINee and B1A4 look better when they dress themselvesㅠ

Source: Original @ nate, translations via netizenbuzz
Sorry for the mess you guys, there are a lot of pictures of varying dimensions. X|
I was loling and headdesking in equal measure. My no.1 complaint! They look so cute in normal boy clothes, yet still.... I think the netizens hit some of the highlights--uh, lowlights--but please share your favorite disaster in the comments

🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Can't believe it's another SNSD post!: Romantic Fantasy suffers 'surprisingly' low viewer ratings

Girls’ Generation‘s comeback TV special, ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy‘, suffered from surprisingly low viewer ratings.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the January 1st broadcast of ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy’ achieved a lackluster 3.8% viewer rating.

The comeback special was filmed with 400 fans on set and unveiled the first ever live performance of title track, “I Got A Boy“, as well as an interview segment during which the members shared their personal stories. The highly anticipated broadcast left many fans questioning the low ratings but it could be because it aired on New Years and late in the evening (11:45PM).

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ and SBS‘ ‘Thank You‘ garnered 11.4% and 7.4% viewer ratings, respectively.

source: allkpop

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source: NetizenBuzz

perhaps it's interesting to point out that idols' comeback specials don't really get good ratings. According AGB Nielsen Media, BoA's comeback scored 3.2%, and Big Bang's, 3.0%.
EDIT: The ratings I mentioned are only for 2012 btw


Son Dam Bi promotes Pledis Entertainment’s new group Seventeen

Dambi Promotes Seventeen

Son Dam Bi has shown her support for the upcoming rookies from her agency with a sign that reads "17".

The number 17, of course, referred to Pledis Entertainment‘s new group Seventeen, made up of 17 members with an average age of 17.

With questions pouring in, Pledis Entertainment responded, "Not all the members from the 'Seventeen TV' are confirmed to be final members of Seventeen. They will be going through various training and judging to be chosen as the final members. The group Seventeen is a team that starts with the public. The members will be chosen by monitoring the public’s response."

Source: allkpop

Kim Nam-gil denies seeing Jang Na-ra

Can you picture Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra together?

Kim sure didn’t think so as he came out to deny the rumor that linked the two actors together.

“It’s ridiculous,” Kim said regarding the supposed gift that Kim lavished on her recently.

Although Kim did pay for a snack van to visit the set of the drama “School” in which Jang stars, Kim’s agency said that the occasion was actually intended for friend and fellow actor Choi Daniel.

“Although Kim and Jang are friends, there’s nothing more to it,” said the agency, adding that Kim wanted to shout his friend with whom he plays soccer from time to time.

The rumor began circulating online when comedian Kim Young-chun claimed that a catering van stopped by the set of “School,” in which he also stars, as a gift from Kim to Jang for the actress’ recent win at the KBS Acting Awards.

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes rare new year speech

The North Korean leader has delivered a new year's message on state TV, the first such broadcast for 19 years.

Kim Jong-un, in power since 2011, spoke of the need to improve the economy and also to reunify the Koreas, warning that confrontation only led to war.

The speech came less than a month after the conservative Park Geun-hye was elected president of South Korea.

In 1994, Mr Kim's grandfather, Kim Il-sung, spoke on radio and TV. His son, Kim Jong-il rarely spoke in public.

In addition to Mr Kim's televised address, new year's messages were issued in the form of a joint editorial by North Korea's three main newspapers.

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Jo In-seong moves women with a second smile

Actor Jo In-Seong swooned women with his '1 second' smile.

The teaser for the SBS drama "Wind Blows in Winter" was revealed at the SBS Acting Awards on the 31st.

Starting with the line, "I who wants to live met a woman who wants to die" Jo In-Seong appears first with a smile on his face.

Jo In-Seong in the teaser has an unbelievably strong visual with his fierce yet soft and emotional act.

The way he looks into actress Song Hye-kyo's face and smiles gives off the charm of a home fatale.

Netizens say, "His single second smile was so short but so fierce" and more.

Meanwhile, "Wind Blows in Winter" is about a man and a woman who don't believe in love. Acted out by Jo In-Seong and Song Hye-kyo, the script is written by Noh Hee-kyeong and directed by Kim Kyoo-tae.

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Source  tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read...  via hancinema
Video: 9090kutay9090@youtube

🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Super Junior-M reveals new photo and release date for 2nd album ‘Break Down’

click to enlarge

Super Junior-M will be making a return with “Break Down” much to the excitement of fans, and ahead of the upcoming reveal, they’ve revealed a new photo and the release date for their new album!

The charming men will be unleashing their 2nd full length album ‘Break Down’ including the title track of the same name and the music video on January 7th through Chinese music sites as well as Korean music sites, and are expected to gain immense attention from fans from all over Asia as the rest of the world.

The unit has already unveiled the music video teaser as well as a teaser photo sparking interest from those who have awaited their return since the last mini album released back in 2011! So make sure to check those out if you haven’t done so yet here.

Along with the release, Super Junior-M will also be holding a press conference in Beijing to announce their upcoming promotions before kicking off their activities in China.

source: allkpop

I see Siwon is channeling Edward Scissorhands


Who Whore It Better?: Suzy AGAIN?! Edition

f(x)’s Sulli and miss A’s Suzy wearing the same outfit has garnered attention from the fans.

On December 31, Sulli wore a white flowered mini-dress to the 2012 SBS Drama Awards. As an accessory, the singer also put a white flower in her hair to emphasize the overall cute allure she gave off. On that day, Sulli took home the “New Star Award” for her starring role in the drama “To The Beautiful You.”

A few days before, 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards commenced its ceremony at the newly constructed KBS Hall. One of the many stars who stepped on the red carpet was miss A’s Suzy, and she showed up with the same outfit as Sulli’s but rather than a flower, the singer tied her hair and placed a headband on top of it.

Netizens’ comments included, “They are wearing the same outfit, and the two look really pretty,” “Each of them is showing off a different charm,” and “Wow! I did not notice that they wore the same dress until now.”

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sources: soompi + Suzy (Phillipines) Facebook Page + dramabeans + nuneboseok3

Omona, why are people always stealing Suzy's dresses or vice versa?! Also, sorry for the crappy pic of Suzy walking across the stage so you can see her shoes. I couldn't find a good one online so I screen capped it from a Youtube video OTL.

Yong Hwa to Produce the Title Song for the CN Blue’s New Album

CNBlue will be taking on a new challenge with their upcoming comeback. The album is full of songs written by the members of CNBlue. On top of that, the title song will be written by Jung Yong Hwa!

On the CNBlue official twitter, Jung Yong Hwa uploaded a picture of himself hard at work. He wrote, “Hello everybody! It is me Yong Hwa. The weather is so cold outside. I just wanted to let you know that the title song of CNBlue’s new album which will be released on January 14 is my creation! We plan on showing strong performances that are equal to the amount you have waited for us. Please anticipate the new album. Let’s get together soon!”

Jung Yong Hwa had stated through his entertainment agency FNC entertainment on January 2, “Although I do feel the pressure because I am producing the title song, but we will show you performances that will not disappoint!”

sources: soompi

I'm interested to see his ~*~skills~*~ Omona. What do you think? Is he talented enough to make a good song?

D-Unit releases “Oversleeping” feat. Taewan

Rookie group D-Unit is back with new single “Oversleeping”!

“Oversleeping” was first released as part of the group’s first full-length album, ‘Welcome to Business’. The new version which was released online on January 3, is a fresh remix and features C-Luv’s Taewan.

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sources: dkpopnews + BubbleFeetGravityCH3

Not bad, not amazing, what do you think Omona? I'm not a D-Unit stan, but I like them.

‘Iris’ producer, Jo Hyun Gil found dead inside his car

Jo Hyun Gil, the producer of hit series ‘Iris’ and ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, was found dead in his car on January 2.

The producer was found dead inside a car in the parking lot of a restaurant he owns in Gangnam around 9:00 AM KST. Police first suspected that he died due to hypothermia as he stayed up in his car for too long in extremely cold weather.

However, police is still considering a suicidal attempt as Jo Hyun Gil posted the words, “I’m relieved now that I’ve put it all down” on his Facebook on December 31. But the family of the deceased are insisting that the death was an accident.

Jo Hyun Gil’s body was sent to a Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul and will taking a funeral ceremony on January 4th at 8:40AM.

Meanwhile, Jo Hyun Gil was also known for producing famous movies like ‘71 Into the Fire’, ‘Wet Dreams’ and the ‘Marrying the Mafia’ series.

sources: dkpopnews

In my opinion, the family could be in denial. It seems unlikely someone could accidentally die of hypothermia unless maybe he fell asleep inside the car. Either way, Korea lost a talented person, RIP.