January 6th, 2013

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Choi Jin Shil’s ex-husband Jo Sung Min commits suicide

The late Choi Jin Shil‘s ex-husband Jo Sung Min has committed suicide.

Recall that Choi Jin Shil committed suicide in October 2008, and her brother also did the same in May 2010. The tragedy is followed by yet another suicide. Jo Sung Min was found hanged in his girlfriend’s apartment. Though the police are still investigating the matter, as of now, it seems Choi Jin Shil’s children have lost another dear one to suicide.

Jo Sung Min had long suffered from hate comments ever since his wife’s death. Not only that, he used to be an excellent baseball player, but suffered various problems through injury. Many pitied his life, but also lamented for the two children he left behind.

Just a few days ago, the children Hwanhee and Junhee had thanked comedian Lee Young Ja for taking good care of them, showing bright smiles on screen.

Our hearts go out to Hwanhee and Junhee, and everyone else who were affected by this devastating news.

Source: No Cut News via Nate Allkpop

Oh God.
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Ji Hyun Woo reveals he frequently contacts girlfriend Yoo In Na from the military

지 약

Actor Ji Hyun Woo, who’s currently serving in the military, revealed that he and his girlfriend, actress Yoo In Na, are still happily in love.

The January 4th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘ aired an interview segment featuring the cast members from the military musical, ‘The Promise‘.

When Ji Hyun Woo was asked whether he still keeps in touch with Yoo In Na, the actor answered with a smile, “There has never been a time when Yoo In Na missed my call. We frequently contact each other.”

Back in June 2012, Yoo In Na admitted that she was dating Ji Hyun Woo. The two stars met on the set of tvN‘s ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man‘ and their relationship made headlines after Ji Hyun Woo made a surprise confession during a fan meeting for the drama.

In related news, the military musical ‘The Promise’ celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. The musical is scheduled to open in January of 2013 at the National Theater of Korea.

It’s nice to hear some adorably sweet news like this in the midst of all these scandals.

Source Allkpop

I'm happy they are making it work <3
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Japanese Press Predicts Hallyu Will End in Spring of 2013

One Japanese entertainment outlet is receiving heavy attention after publishing a prediction that Korea’s Hallyu wave would end in spring of 2013.

The daily news site, CYZO published on January 2 an article titled, ‘Idol Popularity to Last? K-Pop Boom is Ending?’

In it, the article wrote, “In 2012, aside from AKB48 and Johnny’s, there was a lot of dark news. In 2013 will we be able to receive some brighter news,” as it delved into an analysis of the current state of Japanese music.

It then went on to say, “Japanese music industry insiders are predicting K-Pop’s boom will soon come to an end” and quoted one Japanese record agency as saying, “Some said it was strange that K-Pop singers didn’t appear at the year-end NHK ‘Red White Song Battle’, but since its peak in 2011, K-Pop’s profits and value have been plummeting.”

The article also wrote, T-ara, IU and other female artists are still being generally well-received but male stars have already passed [in popularity]. In particular, since SM Entertainment and JYJ ended their contract dispute, it’s become less likely the original five members of DBSK will stand on stage together again. It seems K-Pop’s center has now collapsed. Already we’re seeing fewer number of [K-pop] groups making a debut [in Japan] and it’s likely each group will now quietly attract fans.”

On the other hand, the article predicted a rosy outlook for J-Pop saying, “Though the departure of a few members from AKB48 has affected its popularity, the support and numbers at its concert has been increasing. With its unit groups, [AKB48] is continuing to attract new fans. Its popularity is likely to continue.”

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JYJ’s Dance Team ‘I.D. MYO’ promotes JYJ on Infinity Challenge

JYJ’s Dance Team, I.D. MYO (I.D-墓), were seen wearing JYJ shirts on the January 5 broadcast of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’

ID MYO dancer said the shirts were gifts from the staff during JYJ’s South America Tour in March 2012.
Front says JYJ & back has their faces. And since there are shots from the back, we will be able to see JYJ’s faces on Infinite Challenge

You may remember JYJ’s gift of a dance rehearsal studio to I.D. MYO appeared in the news last June (Link)

Pic Credit: Kledess | Video Credit: JYJ DC Gallery  xmonica432x Info Credit: ohmyjunsu | Shared By: JYJ3
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'I Got a Boy' delivers a scattered anthem of the Girls' Generation

Critic's Notebook: In this age of short attention spans comes 'I Got a Boy' by Girls' Generation, a gleefully chaotic song that says much about pop music's trajectory.

Girls' Generation perform "I Got a Boy."(YouTube)
By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

January 4, 2013, 5:44 p.m.

The new single by South Korean pop group Girls' Generation is called "I Got a Boy," and if the song and its accompanying music video are a signal about pop's direction in the year to come, we better buckle our seat belts.

Clocking in at 41/2 minutes, "I Got a Boy" travels in so many directions that it feels like a scattering of musical miniatures cleverly puzzled together by M.C. Escher. As seen in the equally tripped out video, the nine women who are Girls' Generation have delivered something as wonderfully weird as their outfits — skimpy, multi-colored and mismatched — and as strange and structurally progressive as anything in the current commercial pop realm.
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Source: Los Angeles Times

thanks to eishastan for sharing the link to the article.

so anyone want to talk about the azealia banks/angel haze beef?

G-Dragon and Jay Park are getting friendly?


Looks like all those shout-outs to YG Family are paying off for Jay Park as G-Dragon recently uploaded a photo with none other than talented soloist.

Keeping it simple, G-Dragon posted the above photo with the caption, “with @JAYBUMAOM“. Of course VIPs and Jaywalkers alike were delighted to see the two multi-tainers together. The pair looked quite chummy with G-Dragon’s arm casually over Jay’s shoulder.
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AKP, GD's twitter

130106 Inkigayo

Full Show

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:00:06 Hi.Ni – Legend Of Tears
00:04:21 24K – Secret Love
00:07:13 Lee Yeon Ah –
00:10:17 2BiC – Did You Forget
00:13:07 Boyfriend comeback teaser
00:13:19 Kim Sori – Dual Life
00:17:22 LEDApple – Let The Wind Blow
00:20:27 December – Don't Go
00:23:51 C-Clown – Far Away
00:27:14 The Seeya – Poison + Be With You
00:30:25 Interview w/ Baek Jiyoung
00:31:39 Spica – Lonely
00:34:40 INFINITE H debut teaser
00:34:48 BIGSTAR – I Got Ya
00:37:50 Glam – I Like That
00:41:08 HELLOVENUS – What Are You Doing Today?
00:44:28 Interview w/ Girls' Generation
00:46:00 Juniel – Bad Man
00:49:05 Sunny Hill – Goodbye To Romance
00:52:28 Dal★Shabet – Have, Have Not
00:55:32 Baek Jiyoung – I Hate It
01:00:25 Sunhwa (Secret) & Youngjae (B.A.P) – Everything Is Pretty
01:03:44 Yang Yoseob (BEAST) – Caffeine
01:07:20 Girls' Generation – Dancing Queen + I Got A Boy

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sources: TanVuMBC, TanVuSBS, 원영 최, shu35150827, MaggieFish721, 유리 임
Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

Enjoy Donghae and Zhoumi Flawlessness

Donghae & Zhoumi's Message for Super Junior M
guest starring Ryeowook, Henry, Sungmin and Eunhyuk

credit to SMTown's Official Youtube Page

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Translation credits: ELF-Thoughts and honeydewname

So excited for their comeback. Dorks. Love Donghae's preciousness over Mimi's Mandorian? Koreandarin?
Also mods/admins, may we please have tags for Zhoumi and Henry? Please and thank you!! And if you see this post twice, my apologies, LJ is wonky for me right now :/
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Rookie Youai Releases Digital Single “I Got a Boy”

Rooker singer Youai has just released her new digital single titled “I Got A Boy“, not to be confused in any way by that OTHER song of the same name.

Youai’s song has an upbeat vibe with disco elements. The song will showcase her sexiness and is expected to impress with great live performances.

However, “I Got A Boy” distinct enough to distinguish itself amongst all the other heavy hitters promoting (or expected to promote) right now?

Listen to the track and let us know.

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 welp, at least she isn't sharing her boy with 8 other girls


Baek Ji Young beats out SNSD for the top spot on music charts

Singer Baek Ji Young recently ranked first on several music charts, beating out SNSD. On January 3, Baek released her new song “Hate,” which hit the top of the Melon, Mnet.com, Bugs Music, Soribada, and Naver Music charts.

Pianist Yiruma worked with Baek on her new EP and also appeared in a music video and on several TV programs, where he gave performances with her.

“Hate” is an emotional ballad that nicely shows off Baek’s appealing voice and powerful vocal skills in her typical ballad style.

Baek will hold a solo concert on February 16 at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul under the title “An Outing After Seven Years.”

source: enkorea/

Ji Young and Seung Gi have been killing it on charts! Is this the comeback of ballads, or the downfall of idols?

H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun releases “Scandal”

Moon Hee Jun of the original boy band H.O.T is making a return as a singer with the release of his latest digital single, “Scandal”!

On January 4th, Moon Hee Jun released new single “Scandal”, nearly four years after his last release. The singer, who has been devoting himself to hosting TV shows, will be embarking on a solo music career once again with a melancholic ballad track.

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sources: dkpopnews Video: BubbleFeetMusicCH6 + BubbleFeetGravityCH3

I'm not sure if the video is the official MV or if it's an extended teaser? It's labeled "MV" though.

Who Whore It Better?: Sophisticated vs. Edgy

So Yi Hyun and Yuri were seen wearing the same coat.

So Yi Hyun wore the coat on the 4th episode of SBS "Cheongdamdong Alice" and wore it in a classy way.

Girls' Generation's Yuri was seen wearing it on MBC "Girls' Generation Romantic Fantasy," and wore it during a hip hop performance and had a uniform look.
Yuri wore it in a military way and wore it in a completely different way from So Yi Hyun. She completed the look with a bold necklace and gold tank top to be transformed into a hip hop goddess.

The coat that they wore is said to be about $698,000.
OP Note: I'm assuming this is a typo and they meant 698,000 won.

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source: kdramastars + fanpop