January 8th, 2013


Why Is Google Exec Interested In North Korea?

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, has landed in North Korea. His trip there is a bit of a mystery.

Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has been a vocal proponent of providing people around the world with Internet access and technology. North Korea doesn't even let its citizens access the open Internet, and its population is overwhelmingly poor — so it's not exactly a coveted audience for advertisers.

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source: NPR

While I don't see the Internet and Google being a common thing in North Korean households any time soon, it IS true that if North Korea's population could readily communicate the government would have to kiss its dictatorship goodbye. What do you think Omona? Is the internet powerful enough to mean the downfall of a government?

S. Korea Prepares The Young For A Rapidly Aging Population

At a clean and sunny community center in Seoul, the South Korean capital, senior citizens make clay models of their own faces in an arts class. Some of the faces are vivid and lifelike. Others are expressionless and indistinct. The project is intended to help the seniors remember what they look like.

This is the Gangseo District Center for Dementia. Since 2006, Seoul has opened a dementia center in each of the city's 25 urban districts.

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source: NPR
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Jewelry’s Yewon envious of Sunhwa, wants Kwanghee's D


Jewelry‘s Yewon expressed her envy of Secret‘s Sunhwa on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘.

The singer began by discussing her close friendship with ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, who’s currently Sunhwa’s virtual husband on ‘We Got Married‘.

I’m actually very close with Kwanghee,” Yewon said. She then surprised the emcees and panel members by confessing, “Truthfully speaking, while watching ‘We Got Married’, I’ve had thoughts that I should be in Sunhwa’s place instead.

When asked who she would pick as her virtual husband if she got a chance to be cast in ‘We Got Married’, Yewon revealed, “At first, I mentioned Big Bang‘s Taeyang, but I would like to be partnered with Jo Kwon.”

To this, MC Lee Hwi Jae wittingly replied, “Jo Kwon already appeared on the program with Ga In, so the program should change its name to ‘We Got Remarried’ if he were to appear again.” Jo Kwon also commented, “If I were to film ‘We Got Married’ with Yewon, I think she’ll have a lot more aegyo than Ga In and since we are of the same age, it’ll be more comfortable.”

Others who guested on this episode were Lee Dae Geun, Kim Min Ah, Seo Jae Eung, and Seo Jin Pil with Jo Kwon serving as this week’s special MC.


Appeal of last remaining ‘Tajinyo’ member denied, Tablo’s case finally comes to an end


Tablo‘s drawn out battle against ‘Tajinyo‘, or ‘We demand the truth from Tablo’, has finally come to an end.

Back in July, the members of Tajinyo requested for an appeal against their sentencing, and months later in October, the Seoul District Court rejected the appeals and sentenced three members to serve 10 months in jail while six others were sentenced to an 8-10 month suspended sentence for 2 years.

However, three individuals, Kim, Lee, and Song, later appealed again. Lee and Song ended up dropping out on their own, leaving Kim to pursue the appeal by himself.

The Seoul District Court has now denied the appeal of the last remaining member, Mr. Kim, and upheld their previous ruling, sentencing him to serve an 8-month suspended sentence for 2 years.

Back in 2010, Tajinyo made malicious claims about the validity of Tablo’s degrees from Stanford University.

With this, Tablo’s long saga with Tajinyo has finally come to an end.

Source: AKP, Nate, TVdaily

YG Family London Style [Fashion post!!]

Here in the United Kingdom, we are home to some truly talented fashion designers. YG artists such as CL and G-Dragon are frequently admired for their style and taste in fashion. Here I’m going to be showing you a selection of my favourite outfits, designed by UK designers and worn by the artists of YG.


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Source: United Kpop
Clothing sources: House of Holland, Alex Mattsson, Butler and Wilson, Farfetch.com (Ashish), Boy London, 21bangs.com
Credit twitter HarribeI Compiled by fantaesticbaby
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STONEHENgE plagiarised Fanning sisters’ previous photoshoot?

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Jung sisters’, Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal, recently posed for jewelry brand ‘STONEHENGE‘.

The pictorial was unveiled earlier and garnered the attention of fans as the photos showcased the flawless beauty of the two sisters.

However, although the ad is beautiful and the sisters are undoubtedly stunning in the photos, netizens have pointed out that it looks all too familiar. It turns out the ad featuring Jessica and Krystal looked pretty much identical to celebrity sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning‘s pictorial in ‘W‘ fashion magazine’s December 2011 issue.

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Source: Nate, Star Today + allkpop
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Nell releases MV for the live version of “Words You Shouldn’t Believe”

Nell, who held their Christmas concert ‘Christmas in Nell’s Room‘ recently, unveiled the live version of their song “Words You Shouldn’t Believe” at the event, and have now released the track for all the fans who missed out on the event!

The music video, which contains the footage from the concert, has also been released as a treat for everyone who loves Nell’s music.

source: akp + woolliment

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INFINITE-H releases Special Girl MV teaser

INFINITE-H have released the music video teaser for another track from their upcoming debut album, ‘Fly High‘.

Special Girl” (feat. Bumky) is the second track to be revealed from the INFINITE subunit’s debut album. The lyrics were written by Beenzino and Bumky, while the song was composed and arranged by Primary. INFINITE-H previously released the MV teaser for their title track, “Fly High”, as well.

‘Fly High’ will be out in stores on January 11th. Until then, check out the MV teaser for “Special Girl” below!

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source: allkpop + woolliment


Girls’ Generation, Jang Dong Gun, BoA, and more sue cosmetic clinic


Top celebrities, including actors Kim Nam Gil, Jang Dong Gun, and Song Hye Kyo as well as BoA and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and Jessica, are suing a cosmetic clinic for 120 million won (~112,946 USD).

According to the Seoul Central District Court, the celebrities filed the suit against the Gangnam clinic for using their images and names without permission. The stars stated, “People can access their site just by looking up our names on the internet. This will mislead people into thinking we have connections to the clinic or have had plastic surgery in the past.

Last month, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, actress Su Ae, and Wonder Girls filed a similar suit for 220 million won (~207,068 USD) in damages against a dental clinic in Seoul.

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I Miss You Adds One Episode - Finale Airing on Jan. 17 / Ep 18 preview


Fans of MBC’s I Miss You will have a reason to celebrate (in between all the tears from the drama) as the drama has extended its run.

On January 8, MBC shared it green lit an one episode extension, for a total of 21 episodes. .

I Miss You was originally only slated for 20 episodes but the episode extension will now mean the drama will conclude on January 17.

The drama’s production shared, “With the one episode extension we will work to create a complete drama for viewers until the very end.”

The additional episode will mean I Miss You’s follow-up drama, 7th Grade Civil Servant will now premiere on January 23.


Super Junior-K.R.Y. for FRaU + Valentine concert with TVXQ and ZE:A

Super Junior-K.R.Y. graces Japanese magazine FRaU for its February issue.


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TVXQ, Super Junior-K.R.Y. and ZE:A To Come Together For ‘K-Pop Concert With Poseidon’


TVXQ, Super Junior-K.R.Y., and ZE:A will be spending Valentine’s Day with fans together at the "K-Pop Concert with Poseidon".

The three groups are planning to come together at the KINTEX Hall in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do on February 14th to perform as all three released OSTs for the 2011 KBS2 drama series "Poseidon".

Additionally, Super Junior’s Siwon, TVXQ’s Yunho, and ZE:A Junyoung, who all starred in the drama will be holding a fanmeeting.

Tickets will go on sale on December 28th.

Sources: frau-web.net, ningin

Move over Jihyun, Hyungsik will be spending Valentine with his boyfriend Ryeowook

School 2013 - Ep 11 [ENG SUB]

Spoiler Warning!
These comments contain spoilers for School 2013

Episode 11 (ENG SUB)

Episode 11 recap (via Dramabeans)

link to Episode 10 discussion post on omona

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What did you think of the episode, omona??