January 17th, 2013


SM's blatant payola, media play for SNSD exposed

SNSD have been around for over half a decade now, releasing hit after hit in Korea, and debuting in Japan with arguably their best and most complete work to date. Still, despite that, all the hype in the Western media seemed to center around 2NE1/YG Entertainment for whatever reason. As far as over-the-top annoying media play went, 2NE1 was definitely leading the K-pop pack in the West, which I would know because it’s generally what I focus on. Sure, SNSD would get the occasional mention for their success/sales, and they did end up performing on the Late Show With David Letterman, but a lot of that coverage either seemed sparse, dissipated quickly, or was negative in nature.

As such, I was a bit surprised that SNSD and their new track, “I Got A Boy“, was getting so much attention from the Western press recently. It’s not just because I didn’t like the track (there are lots of songs that I don’t like which are popular with others, obviously), but rather because I didn’t understand what was going on.

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I mean really, how obvious is it that SM/the Korean government is paying for all of this? I wonder how much their monthly check to Billboard is to mention them every five minutes. all the paid-for premieres on Ryan Seacrest and Rolling Stone blurbs in the world can't save this mess tho, what a waste of taxpayers' won!
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H.O.T and Sechskies to possibly make a comeback?


H.O.T and Sechskies, the ’1st generation idols’ who were brought back to mind through the drama ‘Reply 1997‘ and swept the hearts of fan girls all across Korea during the 90s, have hinted on their possible comebacks!

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WE ALMOST HAD A H.O.T COMEBACK THIS YEAR? Hee Jun don't be lyin' to me, brah, don't. Don't. you have no idea how much I want this, but without Jaewon because he usually doesn't exist for me BUT H.O.T FEELS AND I KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN GET ME TICKETS WHAT IS AIR. If you have no common agency, do a Shinhwa and make one just for yourselves. Also yay for Sechskies fans too!

Sorry Mods, got a little excited when I first submitted this.
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Something fun and different

                                                    a_m_e-play_1 (1)

18 year old A*M*E ( real name Aminata Kabba) had released her first commercial single in late 2012, what made this single different from other British songs that came out that  year was that the singl Play the game bo is inspired by KPOP. A*M*E is no stranger to KPOP, her sister had introduced her to Korean music and she had also written the son Beautiful Strange for F(X)

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Sandeul and Baro share their emotional stories on Strong Heart

Sandeul bursts into tears on ‘Strong Heart’ thinking about his grandfather

B1A4‘s Sandeul burst into tears on the January 15th installment of ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the show, Kim Jung Hwa talked about her mother who passed away due to cancer. While listening to her story, Sandeul had shed tears, and the MCs asked what was wrong. Sandeul had to take a moment to compose himself, and he had a hard time confessing, “My maternal grandfather has cancer, but he can’t even get surgery“, revealing that the cancer was untreatable.

He continued, “But my grandfather doesn’t even know he has cancer. He can’t get surgery, and he’s such a cheery person that we thought it was best not to tell him, so we haven’t. Everyone in our family pretends they don’t know anything.

Even after he was done, he couldn’t stop crying. MC Shin Dong Yup tried to make him feel better by joking about their upcoming topic, but in the end he couldn’t stop crying and actor Park Shin Yangsuggested they take a break from filming before they continue.

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source: akp 1, 2 + minamon92 1, 2 + bambolmiso

Fwaney (Lee Hwan Hee) reveals MV for “Monroe’s Heel”

Former Girls’ Generation trainee Lee Hwan Hee (Fwaney) has returned with her second single ““Monroe’s Heel”

“Monroe’s Heel” is produced by Kim Gun Woo, and is based on the story that Marilyn Monroe cut off 0.6cm on one of her heels to have a more sexy appearance. The guitar and synthesizer sound on top of the stylish beat provides a unique melody.

Check it out below along with the music video that has just been revealed!

Source: allkpop and CJENMMUSIC@YouTube
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Infinity Challenge responds to criticism from the Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association

‘Infinity Challenge‘ recently responded to the criticisms that have been aimed towards the show with the music of Park Myung Soo and the other cast members’ sweeping the music charts.

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Source: Osen, Kuki News | Allkpop

It's stupid, they're just pressed imo.

Poster shoot for "Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek"

The poster shoot for upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Lee Tae-baek" was revealed. Jin Goo (Lee Tae-baek), Park Ha-seon (Baek Ji-yoon), Jo Hyeon-jae (Eddie Kang), Han Chae-young (Ko Ah-ri) and other actors and actresses attended the poster shoot.

Jin Goo led the atmosphere of the photo shoot with pleasure and Park Ha-seon was the vitamin of the set. Jo Hyeon-jae appeared in a suit that showed off his perfect fit and Han Chae-yeong wore a dress that hugged her body tight. The four people worked off their characters according to who they were in the drama and didn't forget to monitor each other and give advice.

The actors were considerate of the actresses and let them go first and called each other by their character names. They also used their break times to work on their scripts and lines. Photographer Hwang Yeong-cheol said, "They were so bright and supportive throughout the whole shoot. There are so many best cuts I'm going to have a tough time sorting them out".

Meanwhile, "Lee Tae-baek" which is about the passionate people behind advertising will be released in February after "School 2013".

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Wonder Girls' Sunye will move to Canada after honeymoon in Maldives!

With just a over a week to go before their wedding which will be on the 26th of January, more details have now been revealed.

It was announced that after James and Sunye's wedding, the two will head to Maldives for their honeymoon, following that they will move to Canada to start their newlywed life together.

To this, JYP Entertainment stated, "Due to Sunye's wishes, all Wonder Girls activities will be temporarily stopped. Sunye will focus on her married life, while the other members will carry out individual activities".

The couple had their wedding pictorial last January 7th and their wedding will be held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong on January 26th and as reported before, it will be hosted by 2AM's Jo Kwon while JYP artists including Park Jin Young are also expected to sing celebratory songs.

On another note, the other members of the Wonder Girls will carry on with their individual activities, starting with YeEun who will play the role of Constance in the upcoming musical titled 'The Three Musketeers'.

Source: Wonderfulgeneration
Credits: Enewsworld & Heejun

FNC Entertainment to debut "funky" boy band later this year

FNC New Year Photo

In a talk with the company's CEO about their new office building as well as the history of the company, it was revealed that FNC Entertainment will be debuting a new idol band later this year. Calling them free-spirited and funky, the new band is surely expected to hold a different concept from the company's other bands CNBLUE and FT Island.

FNC Entertainment's CEO revealed that "The next band will be more free and inhibited," and "A male band debuting this year leaves the modesty that CNBLUE has. They are a funky band and enjoy themselves well", explaining the differences with their current artists. FT Island is considered to be a dynamic young band with focus on Hongki's vocals, while CNBLUE inhibits a more pop oriented sound.

The concept and idea of a funky, jazzy rock band was already revealed a while ago, when it was discovered that some idol group members had been FNC trainees before appearing in their current groups. It's also rumored that the younger brother of FT Island member Seunghyun, Sehyun, as well as former CNBLUE member Kwangjin might be possible candidates for the line-up of this new upcoming band.

FNC Entertainment is known for its idol bands FT Island and CNBLUE, solo artist and former FT Island member Oh Wonbin and M Signal. They also debuted solo singer Juniel as well as girl group/idol band AOA last year.

Will you be anticipating this new band?

Sources: Koreaboo and Yonhap News

Hold onto your pants, CNBLUE's instruments are plugged in!!!

CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~COME ON!!! setlist:
[Click to read]

01. Come on
02. Get Away
03. Just Please
04. Intuition
05. Hey You
06. LOVE
07. Rain of Blessing
08. Feeling
09. These days
10. Have a good night
11. Wake up
12. No more
13. Blue Sky
14. Teardrops in the rain
15. Now or Never
16. Voice
17. with me
18. Where you are
19. The Way part1~one time~
20. Time is over
*****video end*****
21. In My Head
23. Love Revolution
24. kimio
25. Do you think that I love - You were in love with me -
26. a.ri.ga.tou.

video from TanVuMBC
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BTOB reveals, “Jung IlHoon, wears leopard-printed underwear”

Rookie group has revealed secrets of themselves.

On the 17th January broadcast of MBC Everyone ‘Star JikJjik’, in a section called ‘SNS Chart’, stars are only allowed to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, revealing usual facts of themselves that fans may not know of.

In particular, BTOB’s Jung IlHoon who became the ‘Nation’s Cutie’ through his kyeomi player, shred sweat as the members became witness to his habit of ‘wearing leopard-printed underwear’.
Also, BTOB’s Seo InGuk look-alike and the visual of the group, Yook SungJae is revealed to have a total 180 degrees sleeping habit. The members testified, “When Sungjae sleeps, he becomes a bear”, causing laughter on the set.

BTOB members’ panicked look due to the show’s highly difficult questions will be shown.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s secret will be revealed on the 17th January at 6PM KST.

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: TV Daily
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nation's cutie? wut?

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Yoochun & Yoon Eun Hye Present “I Miss You” Production Team with All Expenses Paid Trip to Thailand

Park Yoo Chun (JYJ) and Yoon Eun Hye prepared an all expenses paid travel gift for the production team of their drama “I Miss You.”

On January 17, a local media reported that Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye prepared a special present for its crew in time for their drama’s finale. The gift was a way to express their gratitude for all the hard work everyone put into the past four months.

According to the report, the cast and crew will leave for a four night 5 days all expenses paid trip to Thailand following the finale tonight. The source stated, “Because the actors are so busy with their schedules, we are not sure if they can join the crew.” He continued, “While the filming schedule was really tight, the atmosphere on set was great. We’re very grateful for all the actors who worked so hard until the end. Because of them, we were able to come to a successful conclusion.”


I will make a discussion post for IMY finale, please no spoiler in here.
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SNSD Fashion Post 010613 - 010713

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I'll be digging through some older posts from ssf styling so please vote in the poll for what you would like to see.

What are you most interested in seeing?


Aside from airport, please specify what you want! ie. stonehenge, Genie MV, RDR perf, etc


J.G leaves Cross Gene, new member Seyoung joins the group

Rookie group CROSS GENE has revamped its lineup following the departure of Chinese member J.G. He was revealed to have left the group to pursue solo activities and start walking towards a new path as a singer.

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source: dkpopnews + amusekr + milakpop

Dead and gone at miracle gene but I can't decide whose is worse. More importantly, I hope JG doesn't disappear forever because he has a great voice :c


Seulong recognizes Hyori as a Queen


Im Seulong reveals the reason why he has started showing his concerns towards society problems.

Im Seulong has taken his first step onto his first film with the movie "26 Years" (directed by Jo Geunhyeok). He may be a member of the singing group 2AM, but he completely changes into the mind of a new actor when he goes to filming. And because of that, Im Seulong is praised mercilessly by his fellow acting partners and movie staff to the point where their mouths were drying up. "A Promising Tree," as the saying goes, Im Seulong believes he has upgraded his own values.

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source: Newsen via dkpopnews translated by bbiyak25 at W2D

It's good to know there are idols who care about important issues, AND aren't afraid to voice opinions about them.

Hong Seok Cheon to Tell All on ‘Healing Camp’


Hong Seok Cheon is coming to SBS’ Healing Camp.

SBS confirmed reports on January 17 that the entertainer had agreed to sit down and be interviewed on Healing Camp.

It will mark Hong Seok Cheon’s first appearance in an exclusive talk show program on a major broadcasting station and the celebrity will frankly discuss his life, how he came to publicly declare his sexual orientation and the response from the public since then.

Hong Seok Cheon is a model, actor and entrepreneur who made ripples in the Korean entertainment industry in 2000 after becoming one of the first Korean stars to publicly come out as being gay.

His recording for Healing Camp will take place on January 23.

source: enewsworld
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Jung Yunho Receives Praise For His First Appearance In ‘Queen Of Ambition’ And Proves His Potential

TVXQ’s Jung Yunho received positive reviews for his first appearance in the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition’.

Jung Yunho made his latest appearance, not on stage, but as Baekhak Group’s next-in-line chaebol Baek Do Hoon in SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ on the 15th. This will be his first regular appearance in a drama in approximately four years since the 2009 MBC drama ‘Heading to the Ground’.

Baek Do Hoon didn’t seem so different from the other chaebols we’ve seen in other dramas in the past. He is a college student who is also an ice hockey player for his school’s team and has no interest in running the company. After a fateful meeting with the female lead Da Hae (Soo Ae), a romance between the two was foretold as the typical ‘impossible love’ between a rich man and a poor woman was drawn out.

However, Jung Yunho molded himself into Baek Do Hoon’s character with his own unique charm and is planning to grab the hearts of female viewers. his appearance in an ice hockey player’s uniform matched with his boyish looks to give him a daring and masculine image.

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Yunho's Cut Scene:

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