January 27th, 2013


130127 Inkigayo

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00:04:26 Egobomb – Throw It Away
00:07:33 HELLOVENUS – Duck Song
00:08:35 Eric Nam – Door To Heaven
00:11:49 4MEN comeback teaser
00:11:59 Airplane – So Pretty
00:15:01 December – Don't Go
00:19:31 SPEED – It's Over
00:23:17 GLAM – I Like That
00:28:31 MYNAME – Just That Little Thing
00:30:08 HELLOVENUS – What Are You Doing Today
00:33:30 Super Junior-M comeback teaser
00:33:41 Interview w/ 9MUSES
00:35:08 Phantom – Like Cho Yong Pil
00:38:23 BaeChiGi feat. Ailee – Shower Of Tears
00:41:46 MR.MR – Highway
00:45:28 Moon Heejun – I'm Not O.K
00:49:00 Dalmatian (DMTN) comeback teaser
00:49:57 VIXX – On And On
00:53:08 9MUSES – Just Looking + Dolls
00:57:51 Boyfriend – I YAH
01:01:08 Sistar19 comeback teaser
01:02:23 INFINITE H – Special Girl
01:06:33 2YOON – 24/7
01:10:00 CNBLUE – I'm Sorry
01:13:34 Girls' Generation – I Got A Boy

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tzuyu heart shaker

SNSD Fashion Post 011313 - 012713

Juicy Couture: Black Leather Felt and Sateen Coat
3.1 Phillip Lim: Pashli Satchel @ Barneys.com $895
As seen at: Incheon Airport 01/19/2013

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really long post to make up for the lack of fashion posts in the last week. chrome kept showing ssf styling as being down and i didn't think of checking with other browsers lol ENJOY

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Was Hong Suk Chun denied his role in 'Jang Ok Jung' because he's gay?

Article: Has Hong Suk Chun committed a crime?

Source: OSEN via Naver

Article that talks about how he's widely recognized as a talented actor but how the fact that he's openly gay is making the industry close their doors on him. He had previously revealed on an episode of 'Radio Star' this month that he was in discussion for a casting in a historical drama starring Kim Tae Hee (Jang Ok Jung) but a few days later, the drama's producers came out and announced that "It is not the truth at all."

The journalist doubts he would've even mentioned it if he really wasn't in discussion for a role and mentions how Hong Suk Chun has been denied roles throughout his career since coming out.

1. [+167, -13] Suk Chun hyung is not someone we can hate or speak about any way we want to. He has his own successful restaurant and is trying to make the most of his life. He seems like a fun person and definitely a way better person than the people that refuse to watch TV because he's on the screen.

2. [+155, -8] Gay or not, all he wants to do is act, what does his sexual preference have anything to do with it?

3. [+121, -15] So many weird people in this world... If you don't want to watch him, then don't. Don't sit there saying he's dirty or whatever.

4. [+108, -7] I don't like gays but I think it's wrong that they're not letting him work... The producers were out of line announcing it to the media like that. What does that make Hong Suk Chun then, a liar?

5. [+104, -9] This is how pathetic Korea is

OSEN via Naver | Netizenbuzz
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Eunji does something really stupid, Netizens rage, A Cube apologises

Eunji updated A Pink's Me2day saying that her oranges were too warm to eat because they were on top of the engine so "I decided to let them cool off with some outside air. Don't worry, I tied them tightly."

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Source: Nate (1), (2), (3), OSEN, Kuki News via Nate + akp + NetizenBuzz


New DMTN Teaser!

Dalmatian’s new agency, 2Works Entertainment, released a new teaser video for their upcoming comeback, “Safety Zone“!

Having parted ways with MC Mong‘s company back in November, the group have renamed themselves as DMTN.

The group is expected to preview their new track at an upcoming show in Singapore with the official release in early February. While we wait to hear the song, watch the teaser below to hear a snippet of what sounds like an emotional R&B song.

source: 2worksEnt and akp
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#1stBAPBABYear post!!

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[CAFE] 130127 - B.A.P’s 1st Year Anniversary Present for Babys
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Vids: TSENT2008 | kpopobsessed07 [1] [2] [3]
Msg+pics: [B.A.P official fancafe & OFFICIALB.A.P@FB] trans by neukki@tumblr via itsbap@tumblr
Tweets: [@Himchanchan | @BAP_Daehyun | @BAP_Youngjae | @SECRETsongjieun] trans by jiwon & hyejin @ baptrans@tumblr [1] [2] [3] [4] via itsbap@tumblr

I hope it's ok if I tag this with 'birthday' lol.
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BoA happily concludes her first Korean solo concert

"BoA Special Live 2013 - Here I Am" was held at Olympic park, Seoul over a period of two days (26th-27th). Since her debut in 2000, after a 12 year long period, BoA held her first solo concert locally in the form of a live musical band to perform her songs. The elaborate sold-out shows spanned a total of 2 hours.

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source: hankooki, boa's official fb page, boa19
twitter: @tangpa, @sena_pooh, @thepapergangster, @jungsaemmool, @famous_jae
youtube: krisbrows04

VIXX Members Want to Be Musicians, Not Puppets


Last year over 20 new idol teams tried their hand at becoming the next big name in K-Pop. The flow of young and fresh names was good, but the flood of new faces made it hard to tell one team from the other, as they were all young, good-looking and endured long training periods. It was hard to find the one gem that shone amidst idols who merely did what their agency told them to do.

Vixx, however, begs to differ. The group of course debuted with the support of its seniors like most other groups, as it′s rooted in Jellyfish Entertainment, the big ballad agency that holds Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin and Lee Seok Hoon, but it turned out there was more to this group than the big names behind it.

The six members, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hong Bin, Hyuk and leader N, knew which way they wanted to go. Instead of aimlessly smiling with their pretty faces or trying to get their choreography to match perfectly, they concentrated on figuring out exactly which direction they needed to turn.

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source: enewsworld

A perfect all-kill for hip hop duo LeeSSang's "Tears"

Shortly after its release, LeeSSang‘s “Tears” has achieved a ‘perfect all-kill’ on the Korean music charts!

A perfect all-kill (“PAK”) happens when an individual song sweeps all of South Korea’s major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on Instiz.

Flashy guests:
producer Duble Sidekick
pianist Yoon Gun (likely from Brown Eyes)
vocalist Yoojin/Eugene (from The SeeYa)
MV starring NS Yoon-G and Daniel (from DMTN/Dalmatian)

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MV - LOENENT on youtube
article and pic - allkpop

LeeSSang tag? especially if we start getting fanaccounts for the USA concerts.....