January 28th, 2013


SISTAR's SOYU Talks Beauty, Diet, and Ambitions!


My name is Kang Ji Hyun! I loved singing ever since young and was a charismatic young child who would follow singing and dancing along with the singers on tv. However, if I just dream then I wouldn’t be able to realize my dream. That’s how I became interested in the celebrities and naturally learned about the “beauty treatment” world.

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old interview, but relevant. soyu is awesome.
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Running Man PD on producing for the show + the best qualities of each cast member

SBS‘s flagship Sunday variety program, ‘Running Man‘, is going through a renaissance period, bolstering its line of characters and inviting even more popular celebrities as its weekly guests.

Although the audience is only aware of what they can see through the television, much work goes on behind-the-scenes to making every episode happen. The lead producer of the popular variety show, Cho Hyo Jin, recently sat down with Osen for a short interview.

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Source: OSEN via Nate | Allkpop
Mods, Allkpop didn't link to the source (shock!)

Soyu reveals she's a licensed hair stylist. Netizens throw around stereotypes.

This is actually a never ending debate/discussion/e-battle in probably every community board.

Women with jobs as nursing aides, beauty stylists, stewardesses, and preschool teachers are often stereotyped and looked down upon NOT BECAUSE Koreans think their jobs are low but because of the people that perpetuate the stereotypes of it being a last ditch effort for rebellious girls who drop out of high school and have nothing better to do.

Stewardesses and anchorwomen are looked down upon in a different way because they're seen as empty headed girls using their beauty to land a rich man to marry themselves off to.

These stereotypes have become such a societal norm that if a man brings home a woman in any of those jobs, his parents will usually forbid him from marrying her, etc.

Obviously since not everyone in these professions are like that, they're always trying to defend themselves on community boards, which leads to just a clusterf*ck of debates.

Article: Soyu's unique work experience
Source TV Daily via Nate

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Source: Netizenbuzz, Nate

Wow homogenising a whole freaking gender and throwing everyone else to the curb if they didn't fit in. Also it sucks that the first 18 years of your life are used to judge the rest of it.

Big Bang reveals their feelings about the world tour + "The Final" Official Photos


Big Bang revealed about their feelings after the world tour around 12 different countries.

On January 27 at 5:00 p.m, Big Bang will wrap up their world tour with the last concert, Big Bang Galaxy Tour The Final at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

This day, G-Dragon says, “Going around 12 different countries, we were surprised at the responses of the fans. In spite of different languages and skin color, all the fans sang after us in Korean, which moved our hearts.”

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Source: Starnews via korea.com, BB@FB
e!ok, 이민혁 03.다람쥐ㅋ, 이민혁 01.아잉아잉~, 이민혁 04.오에오에~, minhyuk

BtoB interview with Haru Hana magazine

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Scans: @7btob120322 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] via fyeahborntobeat@tumblr
Trans: [JP→CH: btob290402 & maomao_yingnuna @weibo | JP→KR: btob290402 & chdnjs1590@naver blog | CH/KR→EN: @_910620 & @btobtweets] via Star macarons + (melody-diary & fyeahborntobeat)@tumblr

4minute Gayoon+Hyuna & BtoB Minhyuk Tap Water Campaign MV

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Source: Sonn2100

The campaign's interview was posted here.

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Opens Himself Up to His Fans in His First Solo Concert

Kim Jae Joong launched an entirely new form of concert never before seen in the country, bringing together a fanmeeting and concert in one for his Your, My and Mine concert.

The concert previously broke records by bringing down the ticket reservation site′s servers for the longest time and bringing in the biggest number of overseas IPs to the site.

Kim Jae Joong′s fanmeeting and mini concert Your, My and Mine took place for a whopping 240 minutes on January 26, inviting 8,000 fans to enjoy the three-part concert. The first two parts ′Your′ and ′My′ were put together as fanmeetings, while the third part ′Mine′ was a mini concert. The singer not only sang and danced, but also acted, cooked, imitated other singers and talked with his fans.

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On a visit to North Korea: "Nothing I'd read or heard beforehand really prepared me for what we saw"

A few weeks ago, there was a post mentioning that Google's former CEO and current Executive Chariman Eric Schmidt was headed over to North Korea. Huh? Well the story gets weirder: he invited his grad-school-aged daughter Sophie on the trip

Sophie published an awkwardly formatted review of the journey. It's difficult to read: it's one giant page, but there are two columns, and everything is sort of mixed up.

But it's worth the effort. There are a TON of pictures and a lot of personal commentary. It's an interesting read on how one of our peers (I'm generalizing here) experienced North Korea.

Here is her commentary: Sophie in North Korea

(the slideshow linked below is embedded at the bottom of the page, but there are more pictures interspersed that aren't in the slideshow)

Here is a direct link to her pictures: 44 pictures on Picasa/Google

(I haven't seen her pictures embedded anywhere else so I would prefer not to do so here. PLEASE CLICK either her website or the slideshow to see them!)

kottke.org posted these few choice sentences from Sophie's page....  I posted some longer portions under the next cut.

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And here are some longer sections that might better entice you to click over to Sophie's summary:

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I really recommend clicking over to her site to read the whole review. It's hard to decide which words are representative of such an unusual visit.

Source: Sophie Schmidt via kottke

Nine Muses and Tiny-G’s height difference surprises even fans


A recent photo showing Nine Muses and Tiny-G‘s extreme height difference has been drawing attention online.

On January 27th, Tiny-G updated their official Twitter page with the post, Nine Muses sunbaes, whom we met at ‘Music Core‘. They were very pretty and cool. But when we were together, we’re like kids!”

The photo shows the two groups posing for a friendly photo backstage, but what was most noticeable was the major height disparity between them. Nine Muses (average age of 25) are known for being the ‘model-idols’ with an average height of 172cm (5’ 7″), whereas Tiny-G (average age of 18) lives up to their name averaging at 153cm (5′).

Those who saw the photo commented, “Tiny-G look like kids standing in front of Nine Musees“, “I didn’t know they were that short“, “They really are tiny after all“, and “It’s nice seeing the two groups together.”

Are you surprised at just how large the height difference between the two groups is?

Source: AKP + Tiny-G's official twitter

2YOON, “Idol music too, has to change now!”

Last year, agencies were met up with a crisis in the idol industry are now facing the reality of “idol music too, now has to change ”.

Following the repetition of mainstream idol groups’ electronic sounds and dance music, there were thoughts of searching for a different and distinctive music to breakthrough.

Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon, who have formed 4minute’s unit project 2YOON, had such worries when there were plans for releasing an album. When asked for a ‘fresh sound’ from the composers, they came up with the country genre that would attract ears.

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i really like this interview~ even though the song may have not lived up to chart expectations (it's been up and down and up again, etc), it got great reviews from korean reviewers for doing something new. i'm really happy they experimented because kpop is getting way too uniform and predictable. i hope 4minute keeps experimenting and staying ahead of the curve!

SOURCES | loveindacube | yonhap
klaus; sunny; smile like you mean it

Lovely babies NU'EST to come back at Feb 13 + JR and Ren's teasers

NU’EST, who’s receiving much attention for being one of 2012′s best rookie groups, will be making their comeback on February 13th!

The group is stirring interest amongst netizens as they have just released a new jacket photo for their comeback 2nd Mini album starting with JR and Ren.

The photo shows JR with tears running down and Ren with a mysterious aura.

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Source: Allkpop

They make JR look way older :/
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

GD reveals his honest thoughts on the Korean music industry

G-Dragon revealed his honest thoughts on the Korean music industry.

At the press conference for the finale of Big Bang‘s world tour in Seoul, he said, “I’ve been thinking that Korean music has been for the most part, limited in scope to just one genre. (When producing music) I tried to think less of music that is simply appealing to the masses.”

He also added, “Rather than listening to just Korean music with a rapidly changing landscape, I listen to a variety of music from many genres. I wish we could go back to the time when we made music that made memories. In other countries, as long as a song is good, a new album can have a positive response two, three, or even 6 months after its release.”

Source: TV Report via akp

Netizenbuzz offers a slightly different translation btw:
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Boobs are not welcomed in North Korea


As if nukes, missiles and political prison camps weren’t bad enough.

JoongAng Daily reports that having a full rack is seen as a disadvantage for women in North Korea.

This is in marked contrast to the South, where a thin figure and big breasts have become symbols of beauty.

According to defectors, if a woman appears well-endowed in the North, people think she is intentionally and lewdly stressing her femininity, and she can easily come to be regarded as a slut. You have an atmosphere that doesn’t allow women to wear revealing clothing, and the North is still a male-dominated society.

One defector from Hoeryong said she had a work friend with large breasts who often ate chives because she’d heard they make your boobs smaller. She added that she was surprised upon learning that women in the South actually have operations to make their breasts bigger.

Another defector said in the North, women with large breasts try to hide them. She was amazed that large breasts—something about which to be ashamed in the North—were considered a condition of beauty in the South.

The Marmot's Hole | JoongAng
flawless Queen

For Auld Lang Syne, School 2013 [Warning: SPOILER]

10Asia Visits “School 2013” Filming Set

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SOURCE: 10Asia + Hirotabi (for translation) + KBS (bts pics)   + BubbleFeetGravityOST

As of now (the time I'm making this post), the last episode of School 2013 is showing. I can't with this feeling now that this show is ending. ;____________; and the newly released OST making me cry rivers. It feels like I'm bidding goodbye for an old friend or something. For auld lang syne indeed, School 2013.

cry totoro
Fan Sign
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[OP-ED] Should Pornography in S. Korea Be Censored?


To some, it’s a harmless pleasure. To others, it’s a societal ill. Pornography, for better or worse, is a prevalent reality in Korea. Yet, unusually for a developed democracy, it remains largely illegal here. While possessing or viewing porn is not a crime, the production, selling or displaying of materials deemed obscene is a jailable offense.

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the Constitution protects “indecent” sexual expression that does not reach the level of “obscenity,” holding that the former contains “social value.” On a day-to-day basis, however, a complex regulatory framework decides what is and is not fit for public consumption. Multiple government or semi-governmental agencies are involved in the process, including various ministries, the Korea Communications Commission, Korea Communication Standards Commission and Korea Media Rating Board. The government-run KCC regulates the overall television, radio and Internet environments, with the president-appointed, nine-member KCSC tasked with removing specific online content.

Choi In-kyeong, a clerical officer with the KCC, said that while it is ultimately up to the courts to define what constitutes obscenity, the current framework is necessary in an age of instant access to information.

“The final judgment on the obscenity of online materials is done by the court,” said Choi. “But the commission has been established separately to, first, face the rapid spread of information on the Internet, to restrict obscene materials quickly, and to supplement the time required to conclude a court decision on all pornographic materials.”

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Source: The Korea Herald

Slightly old article, but I thought it was interesting...What are your thoughts Omona? Do you watch porn? Do you think it's ~destructive~ to our youth? Should it be censored?
Also, here's another interesting article from koreBANG about "new" porn regulations.

Song Seung Hun Confirmed for “When A Man Loves,” Shin Se Kyung Still Deciding


Shin Se Kyung might be making her come back to the small screen through a new MBC drama called, “When A Man Loves.”

On January 28, Namoo Actors commented, “Shin Se Kyung is looking over the casting for ‘When A Man Loves,’” and “It is not yet confirmed but still in the process of being worked out.”

Sources from MBC also spoke with Star News and said, “Her casting is not yet finalized but she is a strong candidate to join the drama.”

On the other hand, the male lead has been confirmed as Song Seung Hun.

After taking a break from acting since last year’s MBC drama, “Dr. Jin,” Song Seung Hun has decided to join “When A Man Loves.”

“When A Man Loves” is about a man who falls in love with his dead boss’s woman and meets yet another woman in the process. It will be a melodramatic love story of a middle-aged man. It will air after “7th Level Civil Servant” ends in early April.
source: soompi

TaecKhun for Vogue Japan, Interview about their friendship

[// PICTURES //]


Friends in Song, Two of a Kind
The first story of 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nichkhun’s friendship.

Asia’s #1 Beastly Idols 2PM.
Member Taecyeon is Korean raised in Boston, while Nichkhun is Thai raised in California. This is the first time they're sharing the story of their friendship from the past to now, and to the future. They will be sharing the stories of hardships during trainee period to the topic of marriage in the future.
“To thank the fans that have been supporting me, I composed my first song. ----- Nichkhun”
“The new album will reflect our opinions and choice of songs. ----- Taecyeon”
2PM first appeared in Vogue Japan on the August 2011 issue. The photoshoot was held in Tokyo during June. After the earthquake, many foreign artists deferred their Japanese promotions but 2PM went ahead and came to Japan. On the roof of the studio in Aoyama, Tokyo, the decision to do a photoshoot with the concept of energy and flight has resulted in an overwhelming response from the readers.

During the two years after, be it Japan or Asia, the world has seen huge changes. At the same time, the members have all matured. Their 5th single “Masquerade~” released last November achieved Record Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) Gold status almost immediately (100,000 records sold). Their "Legend of 2PM" Arena tour also began on January 11th. On April 20th and 21st, it is confirmed that their first show at the Tokyo Dome “Legend of 2PM - Tokyo Dome” will be held. 2PM’s One Point Korean Lesson is a fixed program on NHK and it has increased their exposure on the national level.

2PM members Taecyeon and Nichkhun both grew up in the United States. They came to Korea when they were 18, and now at 24, they are the new Asian stars with supporters from Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. As teenagers in America, did they anticipate such a day that they would be stars whose influence spread all over the Asian market? The concept for this photoshoot is how they behave backstage before a performance. In the relaxed atmosphere, we were exposed to their true selves.

I heard you are the in midst of recording the new album (“Legend of 2PM” to be released on February 13th)

  • TY: It’s a great feeling. This album reflects our ideas and song choices.
  • NK: The album also includes the members’ solo compositions.

Does it include yours?

  • NK: Yes, for the first time. I was wondering how to thank the fans that have been supporting me, and “Let It Rain” just appeared in my mind. I went to the piano and the song came about naturally.
  • TY: For mine, I started with the tempo and the chorus. I didn’t think through it in details or sit in front of the piano for a long time (laughs). I even wrote the lyrics.
  • NK: The lyrics are in English as this is the language that I am able to express myself in most and the fans will be able to feel the meaning. We will be showing our solo songs during the Arena Tour so please look forward to it.

From America to Korea, Stretching their possibilities

The first time you met?

  • NK: When I first stayed in Korea after being talent-scouted in America. We were both 18 and I couldn’t speak a word of Korean so Taecyeon became my interpreter (laughs). He was a trainee and interpreter at the same time but he didn’t get paid for it, it’s so sad (laughs).
  • TY: We were roommates too. I thought he was Korean at first and when I greeted him with “Annyeonghasaeyo”, I was wondering why he didn’t reply to me? (laughs)
  • NK: Ahahahahha. He was still wearing glasses then.
  • TY: Nichkhun’s hair gave a “what the heck is that?!” vibe. It was straight and spikey. (burst into laughter)
  • NK: Ah, I’m sorry. It was in style at the time.

What kind of teenager were you in America?

  • NK: I was a carefree Californian youth.
  • TY: I was in Boston then.
  • NK: Taecyeon is kind of a nerd.

You like studying?

  • TY: Yes!
  • NK: Yeah, Taecyeon is really smart. Even when we're chatting about something not related, he is able to link to scientific or historic facts.
  • TY: I'm not interested in a particular era, just that I like world history as a whole. I read a lot of history books in the past.
  • NK: Instead of saying I was a nerd, I was more athletic. I started playing badminton when I was 9 and even participated in competitions. It was my dad who introduced me to it.
  • TY: He's rather good at it.
  • NK: We only played once.
  • TY: I was running around trying to get the shuttlecock. It’s impossible to play, so it turned out like this. (laughs)
  • NK: Badminton is unexpectedly really hard.

Any insecurities when you came back to Asia from America?

  • TY: I didn’t have the thought of doing it until the end, it was more of a “let’s experience more stuff”. My thoughts changed after debut though and it’s now, “Okay, let’s do it until the end!”

If there were no 2PM, what would you be doing in Boston now?

  • NK: I think he would be a professor in college.
  • TY: WHAT? (laughs)
  • NK: At the young age of 24.
  • TY: I'm not that smart! I really like studying so I should still be studying, as a History major and will probably continue into academics.
  • NK: I have no idea what I will be doing but I thought of being a pianist.

Memories of being a trainee?

  • NK: Waking Taecyeon up every morning. (laughs) He had to attend high school in Korea so he set his alarm at 7am but never woke up. I ended up being waken by his alarm tone, "Singing in the Rain"  (T/N: Taec sang this song pre-debut on XTM Korea best male contest)
  • TY: Ta~lalalala~ (sings along)
  • NK: So I would be calling “Taecyeon, Taecyeon” to wake him.  He wouldn't get up so I turned off his alarm every day. Every day!
  • TY: I cannot wake up in the morning~

Did you think it’ll be a good friendship?

  • NK: Our relationship was good from the start.
  • TY: We didn’t have any fights too. (laughs)
  • NK: Even when there are stuff that we don’t like, we will just say, “It’s your fault!” and that’s it. We don’t quarrel over it.
  • T​Y: Yups.

Such as?

  • NK: Hmmm....such as when we are dancing.

An example?

  • NK: This is when we are correcting our choreography. Sometimes there will be “I thought I danced well” vibe.
  • TY: Hahahah. When it comes to room cleanliness, he is really strict, always saying, “Be quiet, be quiet.”
  • NK: Yes, yes.
  • TY: Besides, he is really disciplined towards work. He’s always saying, “This have to be done seriously!”

If there’s a second chance, I will be more hardworking

  • NK: I started practicing when I got to Korea and attended Korean classes but Taecyeon was always around me interpreting.
  • TY: Yeah, it was like “1 + 1”.
  • NK: 1+1 (laughs)
  • TY: It’s like when you see Taecyeon, you will see Nichkhun and vice versa.
  • NK: The staff always reminded us as we naturally conversed in English so my Korean didn’t improve for 3 years. One day I was told to “Stop conversing in English!”
  • TY: The staff did thank me for being the interpreter at the start. (laughs)
  • NK: That went on for about 2 years. Taecyeon was always warned, “Taecyeon! Stop speaking to him in English! Stay away from Nichkhun!” (laughs)
  • TY: And I thought, “Hm? Did I do something wrong?” (laughs)

If you can do back to that time, what did you wish to change?

  • NK: To be more hardworking in everything including dancing, singing, Korean...everything.
  • TY: (nods his head in agreement)
  • NK: At that time, I didn’t know what would happen in the future.
  • TY: I wish to put in more effort. At that time, if there was a new song or dance, a whole month would be spent practicing it. There were also tests. I was able to learn a dance in a month. Now, we only have a few days of practice to perfect it and perform it on shows. There’s a need to know everything well. In the past, I was really relaxed and would say “There’s still a month left.”

What has changed or remains unchanged for each other?

  • NK: Taecyeon’s intelligence and wit did not change. His body got bigger though.
  • TY: That’s because I didn’t train in the past.
  • NK: But his height is about the same. He’s more mature than the past, and also more professional. I think he changed to be more him. He is not someone who will get started immediately, but will think through it first before doing anything. Also, he can wake up before 7am now. (laughs)
  • TY: Waking up is no longer an issue but whether that will continue is the issue here. (laughs) Nichkhun is very gentle and sincere towards others, that remains unchanged. As for what has changed, he is more confident now and he knows what he is doing. His Korean also improved. (laughs)

Taecyeon, you didn’t forget your Korean despite being in America?

  • TY: There are times when I don’t remember too. I was only at an elementary level and didn’t understand a lot of things when I came back to Korea. Just not as terrible as Nichkhun. (laughs)

You’re learning Japanese now?

  • NK: He is really good at Japanese. I am far from it.
  • TY: Before coming to Japan, all of us had this fear of not being able to communicate with our fans if we have this language barrier so I studied really hard. I am still studying it now!

The biggest issue that stood out during Japanese promotions?

  • TY: It’s not exactly an issue but there’s a difference in culture so there’s a culture shock.
  • NK: Indeed, there’s a culture shock.
  • TY: Be it Korea or America, Japan is really different from them.
  • NK: All 3 countries are so unique. America is really laid back, while Korea is very different. All the details are important.
  • TY: It’s the focus on the finer details? As if every small thing is very important.
  • NK: The most shocking thing about Japan, and one that I personally like a lot, is that everyone is very punctual. Also, everyone greets each other with a sense of sincerity. I also noticed that Japanese people are more focused on the finer details. (laughs)
  • TY: Yes, even more focused on the finer details. (laughs) I believe that no culture is formed presently, it’s an ongoing process. Be it Korea, Japan or America. We will continue on with the differences and live in it~

About family and dreams for the future

Do you invite your families to the concerts in different countries?

  • NK: Family is my number one.
  • TY: My family is the energy for me to go on. Our families have meals together.
  • NK: That’s when his parents become interpreters for mine. (laughs) The same scenario happens in our parents generation.

What kind of family do you think the other will have?

  • TY: Hm? I haven't thought about that before. (laughs) Let me think about it. (After slight consideration) He will be someone who will puts his family first. He has a big family and his siblings have a great relationship. So when he forms his own family, there should be a lot of children and everyone will have a great relationship.
  • NK: Since I have a huge family, my wife might be a little intimidated. When everyone gathers, there are more than 50 people. My future wife has to adapt to such a scenario, accept it and be part of it.

How about Taecyeon?

  • NK: I think he needs to find someone who is good at self management. Someone who manages herself well, be a good mom and a good cook, though Taecyeon himself is a good cook. Besides, it has to be someone who can take good care of him. Why? Because he is someone who will have things laying around without taking care of them. (laughs) He will move on to the next thing halfway through the first so it will be better to have someone who is able to handle such situations.

Both of you are actors too. Nichkhun recently starred in Thai movie “Seven Something.

  • NK: I always wanted to try my hand at acting, so this experience is really precious. However, my skills are far from par. There was a time constraint and I never met the fellow actors before the filming so my acting was really raw at the start. My fellow lead was someone that has more experience and familiar with acting so it went well. Just when I started to grasp the feel, the filming came to an end.

Taecyeon also participated in a Japanese drama “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi”.

  • TY: Being an actor is something I'd like to do in the future. Every year I wish to participate in a drama or movie but 2PM was too busy in 2012 so I wasn't able to.

Singing and acting, what are the differences to you?

  • TY: To me, instead of saying we are performing, it’s more like an entertainer expanding his boundaries.  To me, everything is entertainment.
  • NK: Even though it’s a great feeling to be performing on stage in front of thousands of people, the reason I want to act is to leave my comfort zone. There’s only one camera and yet I can’t break through the restraints, so I can only continue on until I think I have done well enough.

10 years from now?

  • NK: 34 years old and probably married?
  • TY: I think I will still be unmarried. I used to think I would marry young but from the amount of work we have, I think it’s not possible.
  • NK: Yeah.
  • TY: Working is interesting too.

Working on an Asian or Global level?

  • TY: It will be good to be on a global level but we also wish to continue our activities in Asia. A mixture of all the cultures will be a good thing.
  • NK: We will be united as one. We are all humans so we should work together.

20 years from now?

  • NK: 44 years old. If I’m married by then, I wish to spend all my time on my family and children. Maybe open a restaurant or cafe in Thailand. I think I will be living happily.
  • TY: After visiting Tanzania with Nichkhun, I would like to work with more overseas or international developmental organizations.

Remain as friends after 10 or 20 years?

  • TY: Of course!
  • NK: We will have family trips together.
  • TY: Hahahaha
  • NK: It will be a scene where I will introduce, “This is my son!” “This is Uncle Taecyeon!” (laughs)

Scans Okniverse n Hana_rico
Translation 羊羊@2PMBaiduB n serrling@2oneday.com

"It’s like when you see Taecyeon, you will see Nichkhun and vice versa."
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

f(x)'s Amber and T-ara's Eunjung to replace Shindong & Kim Shin Young on MBC's Show Champion

T-ara’s Eunjung and f(x)’s Amber have been selected as the new MCs for MBC MUSIC’s “Show Champion.”

On January 29, “Show Champion’s” production team announced that they have decided on Eunjung and Amber as the replacements for Shindong and Kim Shin Young.

Production director Park Chan Wook stated, “Eunjung has a lot of experience under her belt, having starred in several variety shows and emceed special programs. Amber has a very mysterious and androgynous charm. I believe the two will have good synergy with each other.”

The two idol stars recently participated in a recording session to film their introduction. It’s been said that they displayed great teamwork and fooled around like sisters.

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source: soompi

🎯 Red Velvet: lit

MelOn doubles fees for its music-streaming service

MelOn doubled the monthly fee subscribers must pay for unlimited access to its music-streaming service to 6,000 won ($5.60) yesterday.

Rivals of the nation’s top online music-streaming service provider and digital music file seller have either already adopted similar measures or are expected to do so soon. The government recently revised its guidelines pertaining to how they should charge their customers.

MelOn, a unique service provider operated by Loen Entertainment, a subsidiary of the nation’s No. 1 mobile carrier SK Telecom, also raised the price of its other service packages.
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source: korea joongang daily

these are really old news, but I thought it would be interesting to share it.

Clazziquai Project pre-releases "Sweetest Name" ahead of February 5 album

Korea’s representative electronica group Clazziquai has pre-released a song titled “Sweetest Name” off of their upcoming 5th album to be released on February 5th along with a video clip!

Clazziquai ended their hiatus with digital single “Can’t Go On My Own“ back in December which was featured in the OST album for the JTBC drama ‘Can We Get Married‘.

Getting ready to return once again, the group has unveiled a video clip showing the members preparing for their comeback as they participate in their album photoshoot.

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article and art - allkpop
Sweetest Name MV - fluxus
CGOMO MV - fluxus
CGOMO MV BTS - fluxus

tl;dr from yt:
2013. 01. 29. Pre-released track "Sweetest Name" from 5th album open.
2013. 02. 05. Clazziquai Project's 5th album "Blessed" release.