February 2nd, 2013

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Nine Muses goes to bath houses together!


Nine Muses’, a girl group debuted in 2010 is a team with a strong color. There are no other teams in the country who have similar concepts to them.

We cannot find Nine Muses’ outcomes in various places. They are called ‘Military Presidents’ due to their popularity in the army. They have also become models for Water Park ‘Woongjin Play’, Cosmetics ‘Mizon’, Clothing brand ‘Kappa’, Gaming program ‘M Star Online’, Cellphone brand ‘Galazy 3 Olympics’ etc. They have also been models overseas for Japanese eye-glass brand ‘HUG OZAWA’.

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2NE1 and G-Dragon albums in store for March along with Lee Hi’s?


According to YG Entertainment, March will be a busy month for the agency as they plan to put out three albums!

We are already expecting ‘monster rookie’ ‘Lee Hi‘s album in March, but according to a statement by Yang Hyun Suk himself, there are also two more albums in store, one from G-Dragon, and one from 2NE1.

Yang Hyun Suk has directly participated in the recording process and music video filming of Lee Hi’s newest song, which he believes will be an even bigger hit than “1,2,3,4“. “Personally, I think it’s even better than ’1,2,3,4′. As one listener, it seems like when I’m highly satisfied with something, the fans also have positive responses to it as well… Lee Hi’s tone and her feel possess individuality and charm that are hard to find in other singers, and we have found a song that suits her perfectly,” he commented.
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A bunch of Se7en news (spoiler alert: he is enlisting)

Se7en to release final single in Japan before enlisting in military

He plans to enlist after concerts in Japan and a Japanese single on March 20

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Se7en to hold final Japanese concert before enlisting in military

Se7en will be holding a final series of concerts in February before enlisting.

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Se7en spots a YG family member at one of his Japanese concerts

Who was caught on film fanboying in Japan?

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Se7en reps silly Yeolbong merch

He might be part-chicken

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JYP is jealous of super hot celebrity couple Se7en and Park Han Byul

After his concert few weeks ago, JYP posted a picture with the couple

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Super Junior's Siwon likes Se7en too

bonus: click over to Se7en's tweet for a fan who is tracking their convos

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Se7en and GD troll Bom even though she is a boss

Bom tweeted a bit after the shoe incident and her family members make some inferences

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Se7en and TOP being... Se7en and TOP

because why not?

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Final single - allkpop
Final concerts - allkpop
Concert DVD - @officialse7en (tr: @kristinekwak a, b)
Yeolbong mug - @officialse7en (tr: @kristinekwak)
JYP and friends - allkpop, @followJYP
Siwon - @siwon407, @officialse7en (tr: @kristinekwak)
Bom's shoes - @officialse7en (tr: @kristinekwak), @haroobomkum 1, 2, 3 (tr: @kristinekwak 1a, 1b), @ibgdrgn (tr: @kristinekwak)
Se7en and TOP - Kaubird, missluvmeh8me

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KARA's Goo Hara's Appendectomy A Success


After the news of KARA member Goo Hara having to undergo surgery for appendicitis, DSP Media has updated worried fans with good news.

According to DSP, the surgery went well and though they have to wait for the doctor's final conclusion, the results look good. Goo will be staying in the hospital for another 3-4 days before release. Because the singer's health is of top priority, the agency will decide what to do about her planned schedule after.
source:Global KBS via dkpopnews

2PM’s Taecyeon Confirmed for Global ‘We Got Married’ with Gui Gui


After contemplating the offer, 2PM’s Taecyeon finally decided that he is onboard with MBC’s We Got Married.

On February 1, MBC announced that Taecyeon and Taiwanese star Gui Gui (Even Wu) will be married on the Global Version of We Got Married.

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source: enewsworld

wonder Girls’ Yubin to make her acting debut in ‘The Virus’


Wonder GirlsYubin ill be making her acting debut i OCN‘s new drama ‘The VirusFollowingSohee, she is the second member of the Wonder Girls to cross into acting.

‘The Virus’ is produced by OCN, who also released ‘The God of Quiz‘ and ‘Vampire Prosecutor‘, and will be a 10-episode mystery thriller mini series. The show will revolve around the struggle against a lethal mutant virus that has a 100% mortality rate and the people who try to fight and survive through the crisis. The main character will be played b Um Ki Jun.

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hoya aah
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INFINITE H’s Hoya sheds tears on ‘Immortal Song 2′. OP Wants To Give Him A Hug. And A Kiss. JK.

INFINITE H‘s Hoya shed tears on the latest broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

On the February 2nd episode, singer ALi dedicated Insooni‘s song “Father” to her own. Hoya began to tear up as she began her performance.

The idol explained, “Because I wanted to be a singer, I withdrew from high school. At the time, my parents scolded me a lot, and conversations with my father basically stopped,” expressing his apologetic heart.

Fellow member Dongwoo commented, “This is the first time I’ve seen Hoya cry like this.”

Hoya went on, “[My father and I both don't express ourselves well]. After my debut, my father took the initiative and bravely sent me a text message with a heart. Even then, I responded with short answers,” showing tears.

He stated, “Father, I love you,” and hung his head.

Source: akp + Nuri Lee YT

;___________; come here babby lemme luv you hug you kis--no I'm not gonna take advantage of you on this very vulnerable moment. I promise

EDIT: Added Hoya crying video ;___; Thanks oxygenlove <3
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Still freshly hot, SISTAR19’s new song, Gone Not Around Any Longer swept the charts, making an all-kill on the real-time music charts.

Starship Entertainment stated, “SISTAR19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer which was released on January 31 took the number one spot on Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Daum music all within two hours.”


Created by Brave Brothers, Gone Not Around Any Longer is a sad hip-hop song about love that came and slowly withered away.

The music video was also created by director Joo Hee Sun, who participated in the making of SISTAR’s Alone, Son Dambi’s Crazy, After School’s Bang, and DJ DOC’s I’m This Kind of Person.


SISTAR19’s Hyolyn and Bora made their stage comeback on Mnet’s M Countdown on January 31.

Source: Yahoo! Malaysia News

UPDATE: As of Feb. 2 10pm KST, GNAAL just made a certified all-kill! Congrats bbs ;___; Extending my big, tight, non-malicious hugs I just gave to Hoya to you as well