February 3rd, 2013

Little Prince: Xiu Min

Gayoon drops Junhyung as her ideal type after laser eye surgery

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Jiyoon, “Since Gayoon is nice, [if she is asked to show something on shows] she ends up doing things she wouldn’t normally do like bark and meow. Even I did things I wouldn’t normally do.”

Gayoon revealed, “About the story of a fan asking me if Junhyung oppa was my ideal type and me saying “I just had laser eye surgery” it’s true*. But then it spread out so. There are also things that I have said but can’t remember. All of the quotes gathered there are things I have said.” “And then I thought, 'So I said this and that…? So that’s how I became the straightforward member of the group according to fans.'”

*A BEAST fan approached Gayoon at an event and showed her a workbook for her to sign with a question. Gayoon then signed and closed the book. The fan looked vexed so then Gayoon asked if anything was wrong. The fan opened the workbook again and pointed the question to her then asked, “Is Junhyung your ideal type?” Gayoon then said, “Ah…I just had laser eye surgery.”

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HBIC spillin all the t's even in front of your oppa's fans!!


130203 Inkigayo

Full Show

List of performers & video timestamps:

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00:04:40 MYNAME – Just That Little Thing
00:08:03 INFINITE H – Milk Song
00:09:07 Eric Nam – Heaven's Door
00:12:20 Boyfriend – I YAH
00:15:41 December – Memories
00:18:59 ALi – Eraser
00:23:39 SPEED – It's Over
00:27:26 4MEN – Hello, It's Me
00:31:29 MR.MR – Highway
00:35:38 Phantom – Like Cho Yong Pil
00:39:02 VIXX – On And On
00:42:13 Baechigi feat. Jiwon (SPICA) – Shower Of Tears
00:45:33 Interview w/ Dalmatian (DMTN)
00:46:26 9MUSES – Dolls
00:49:36 Moon Heejun – I'm Not OK
00:53:06 Dalmatian (DMTN) – Safety Zone
00:56:45 Interview w/ SISTAR19
00:58:07 2YOON feat. Kwanghee (ZE:A) – 24/7
01:01:32 INFINITE H feat. Zion. T – Without You
01:05:07 SISTAR19 – Intro + Gone Not Around Any Longer
01:10:19 CNBLUE – I'm Sorry
01:14:08 Super Junior-M – Breakdown

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sources: TanVuMBC, TanVuSBS, KMusicLiveSBS, Kpoplivehdhd2, KPOP FansClubHK, JUNG EUN KIM
e!ok, 이민혁 03.다람쥐ㅋ, 이민혁 01.아잉아잉~, 이민혁 04.오에오에~, minhyuk

Who performed it better: Trouble Maker vs Trouble Maknae

4minute & BtoB's maknaes Sohyun & Sungjae performed Trouble Maker last night at United Cube Concert!

From fancams:
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Sources: officialbntnews | MyMyXDDDDDD | L OVE

[or maybe..]


and totally reaching but here is Trouble Ilhoon x Sungjae lol

Poll #1894217 Who performed it better?

Who performed it better?

Trouble Maker (nothing beats the original; maknaes are underage etc)
Trouble Maknae (original sucks/is boring etc; maknaes' hug was so qt!!)
Trouble Minhyuk x Sungjae tbh
Trouble Ilhoon x Sungjae omg!!
Why is this song still alive, it's 2013 ffs!!!1

Lol at Sungjae ~grabbing~ Sohyun's waist instead. officialbntnews also has some other clips from this concert if anyone cares~

Preview of Shinhwa Broadcast, Guest Starring SNSD

Next week’s episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ looks like it will be full of eye candy and fun with the appearance of Girl’s Generation!

Catching the Shinhwa members by surprise, the girls of the ‘nation’s girl group’ take the flustered boy group members by storm.

However, it doesn’t look like the episode will be only fun and games, though – if the preview is anything to go by, it looks like member YoonA will be suffering through the gauntlet of the dreaded-yet-anticipated ‘hidden camera’.

How will the hidden camera go down? Make sure to tune in next week!

Sources: allkpop and soshithaisone@YouTube
|bigbang| ;and you.

Psy Beating Money Out Of A Dead Horse. YG Happy.

Psy either had Americans rockin' or rolling their eyes in his new commercial for Wonderful Pistachios, during the Superbowl. Check it out below:

I love Psy and the green blazer, but I wish he'd (/management would let him) release a new song already.

Are you guys enjoying/Did you guys enjoy the Superbowl/Halftime/Commercials?

Source: wonderfulpistachios @ youtube
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

More information regarding NU'EST's comeback: tracklist + cover photos

NU’EST, who’s receiving much attention for being one of 2012′s best rookie groups, recently revealed their album cover and the track list for their February 13th comeback!

The group began stirring interest by releasing JR and Ren‘s jacket photo teasers. Then, a few days ago they released Baekho, Aron, and Minhyun‘s teasers. Now, with less than two weeks to go until their mini-album’s release, the group has released more concrete details about the album.

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source: akp + NUESTNEWS
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[Fashion Post] Park Sung Jin for Fashionisto, Glow & WWD (+ Seo Yul for GQ Korea)

Park Sung Jin for Fashionisto by John Burke

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Source : TheFashionisto

Park Sung Jin covers GLOW magazine by Pieter Henket
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Source : TheFashionisto

Model Call: Sung Jin Park
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Credits & Source : WWD

Bonus : Park Sung Jin & Seo Yul for GQ Korea (12/11)
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Source : whoopeeyoo
Credit (video) : MUGF