February 4th, 2013


G.NA Might Comeback in March


G.NA has hinted a comeback in March.

Sexy icon G.NA commented while smiling, “It’s United Cube Concert’s 2nd time held in Korea, so I came with an exciting and playful heart” and “As compared to first concert, I’m feeling good as our colleagues have increased”. United Cube Concert was firstly held in 2011 August.

G.NA has personally delivered her comeback news. She announced, “I think I will be showing a slightly newer look in 2013″ and, “We’re thinking of a comeback in early March and I’m preparing diligently for it now”
source: Starnews via dkpopnews translation by loveindacube

Kang Jong Wook comes back with new single “Stupid”

from LOENENT on yt:

The singer Kan Jong Wook has been receiving a lot of song through OSTs such as 'May Queen' 'Royal Family' and 'Gloria' and has been named 'Prince of OST'. He is coming back with a new single 'Stupid' in January 2013.

This single is composed by the famous composer Yoon Ji Woong who has worked with 'Shinhwa' 'Lyn' and 'Jo Sung Mo'. Also the group Kang Jong Wook is in, J2 joined in lyric writing and composing of the song to make the album complete. Kang Jong Wook's deep voice and the acoustic sound works out amazingly for us to understand his charm.

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Sources: allkpop, LOENENT (1, 2), Miki Kiki

December reveals MV for "Memories", their last single before enlistment

The talented vocal duo December has released their very last single before enlistment for their fans.

Titled “Memories“, the song sings about reminiscing back on a past lover and longing for their return.

In addition to December’s version, the duo has also included another version by rookie singer Soobin.

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Sources: allkpop, LOENENT (1, 2), BubbleFeetGravityCH4
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SHINee to Share Their Recent Vacation Adventures in New Documentary!


The vacations of the members of idol group SHINee will be revealed. On the 10th, MBC will air “SHINee’s Some Awesome Day” at 12:40AM. (The Korean title “SHINeeae Eoneu Meotjin Nal has been abbreviated to “ShaEoMeot” below).

The producers explained, “After debuting, it was difficult for SHINee to go on vacation due to their busy activities. The members went to different countries and enjoyed their breaks. 'ShaEoMeot' is a real docu-variety program that captured their various experiences on camera.” The hour-long documentary will show Onew in Thailand, Jonghyun in Japan, Taemin in Switzerland, Minho and Key in England.

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Ambitious debuts that met an early demise


1. D. BACE

Produced by Lee Hyun Do, what's more surprising about this duo is that they are still active and promoting. At the time of their debut, they were one of the most anticipated rookies alongside X-Large and were expected to be the ones to continue the boy group legacy of g.o.d. Unfortunately, their career is often compared to Big Bang's pre-"Lies" release era, except without the "Lies" release. They never had a hit track and eventually disappeared as failures.

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Source: Telzone, Netizenbuzz

Omona, did any of you stan for failed groups?

Psy arrives in Korea: “New song will be released in April”


Singer Psy, who arrived in Korea on February 4, said that he will release new songs in April.

Psy, who drew a lot of attention from all over the world with his song “Gangnam Style,” said, “I think my new songs will be released in April. I already have new songs but making new the music videos is killing me. I’m still preparing for it.”

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source: Starnews via enkorea