February 7th, 2013

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Reckless Family 2: Min & Minhyuk update

[TV Report] Minhyuk, “BTOB won’t do without me”, Straightforward remarks

BTOB Minhyuk has made a straightforward remark without any hesitation.

On the broadcast of ‘Reckless Family 2’ which will be aired on the coming 5th, Minhyuk openly expressed to the members of the reckless family, “You guys won’t do without me”.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: TV Report

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source: wonderAjyp, yininti, LoveVath

luhan smile

the wonder girls, f(x), and evo-k* at the special olympics closing ceremony

Wonder Girls

Like This

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cap by Wonder Girls France @WGFrance
Source WonderGirlsFr 1, 2, 3

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f(x) - Jet + Talk + Electric Shock
cr. SpecialOlympics @ustream.com
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/29052294/highlight/322823 kpop highlight cut : EXO-K f(x) Wonder Girls)
Source yuri1989kwon

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Source meunward 1, 2, 3

*watch the history performance to know why evo-k. or not. whatevs. :op
**the audio ins't so good and you may have to turn up the volume of your computing device to hear them sing and talk. but the commentators are kinda loud. so beware.
***didn't post this in the order of appearance.


MR.MR News Photoshoots & anything else~

Mnet (watch for the incredibly strange noise Tey makes;;)

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source: Naver News, JoyNews24 via Naver News, OSEN via Naver News, Sports Chosun via Naver News, Newsen, enews via Naver News, OhmyNews via Naver News, Billboard Korea,

Sorry for the incomplete title translations, but I figured it was better when I didn't really understand. Some of these reporters sound like they're trying to start a fight too -_-;; I was going to include this with the twitter post because it's all stuff their official twitter has posted, but it wouldn't all fit in one post;;

MR.MR Twitter Post~

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source: thenmmrmr, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, @MnetMcountdown,

this is a compilation of tweets from their official twitter. I translated tweets as much as I could, but I couldn't translate everything. The post opens with a group shot, but after that the tweets start from before their comeback :) Leader Jin needs to learn how to use punctuation. His tweets are too hard to translate >:(
강다니엘, daniel

NU'EST unveils still cuts from upcoming "Hello" MV + to star in SBS MTV Diary

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With just a week left until their comeback, NU'EST made sure to heat things up with still cuts from the upcoming MV "Hello" from their new 2nd mini Album "Hello".

The still cuts show JR and actress Nam Bora portraying a couple in love while sharing an emotional hug and kiss making some fans surprised.

Pledis Entertainment commented, "Nam Bora will appear in the MV and will portray a femme fatale image showing a new side from her usual pure and lovely image."

L.O.V.E.'s commented, "Really did not see this coming but I'm still excited for this!" "JR is now a man! Let him be a man," "NU'EST is really growing from boys to men," and "Nam Bora is pretty and JR looks cool with his kiss pose."

Their title track and MV will focus on how a man feels after he finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him and if their relationship will turn into a break up.

NU'EST will reveal their 1st MV Teaser for "Hello" this February 8th and their Album will be available on February 13th. Meanwhile, the group is also set to celebrate their upcoming album by holding their 1st mini-concert at the Interpark Art Center on the same date.

NU’EST to star in SBS MTV’s "Diary"
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Sources: Iceprinceafterschool@EliteRebels [1] [2] via pledis-elites@tumblr [1] [2] [3]

문종업 01.흥 그래!, jongup, e!hmph

B.A.P releases teaser for Jongup and Zelo

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Bang Yong Guk and Himchan‘s photos were revealed first, and yesterday we saw the photos for Daehyun and Youngjae. Today, we give you the maknae line of Jongup and Zelo. As we have been seeing, it seems the boys will be returning with a charismatic and manly concept. The music video for “One Shot” is said to be a dramatic one, already piquing the interest of fans.

In addition to the title track, the mini album of the same name will contain 4 more tracks, and the album as well as the music video for “One Shot” will be released online on the 12th and the music video teaser will be released on February 8th.

One Shot” is produced by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, who composed songs such as SECRET‘s “Magic“, “Madonna“, “Shy Boy“, “Starlight Moonlight“, “Love is Move“, and “Poison“. They also worked on B.A.P’s “Power” and “Warrior“. The song will be the complete opposite of the pre-released track “Rain Sound”, and is said to feature the powerful uniqueness of B.A.P and the song will have a realistic and serious tone.

Their label said, “‘One Shot’ is a song that is for B.A.P, by B.A.P, and of B.A.P. If your heart was stolen by the 6 blonde warriors through ‘Warrior’ 1 year ago, you’ll be elated for the song’s heaviness. If you saw a new charm for them through ‘Crash’ and ‘Stop It’, you’ll be stolen away by the song’s power.

Sources: allkpop | B.A.P Official Fancafe
Go Woori ♥
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The song Woo Ri covered in her teaser is 212 by Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay. She used her own lyrics to announce the track list. Note that Rainbow's songs will be nothing like the teaser. It is simply just a teaser that gives nothing away except the track list.

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Rainbow Syndrome Part 01 Tracklist:

Tell Me Tell Me is their Title Song.

Source Visual Glow, Rainbow's Official Countdown site, Official YT

Two X MV teaser for next week's comeback "Ring Ma Bell"

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Sources: jtunecamp on youtube (1, 2), @JTune_official (1, 2)

dear J.Tune camp, how dare you cause me to gasp extremely loudly when I realized there were two versions of the teaser, only to break my heart with the ridiculous lack of words other than 'Ring Ma Bell'. you're lucky I like you. but if there really is an English version then that would be awesome. xo markthatcoin

Japanese subgroup ZE:A5 releases PV for "She's Gone"

ZE:A5 have released the PV for “She’s Gone“.

As mentioned before, ZE:A5 is a subgroup of ZE:A, consisting of Siwan, Hyungsik, Kevin, Dongjun, and Minwoo, that will promote in Japan.

ZE:A5 released ‘The Classic‘ in Japan on February 7th and will hold a mini live and free hug event in a few cities. "She's Gone" and “Lovely Day”, written by Kevin, will both be included in ‘The Classic’.

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Sources: allkpop, ZEA2011

as if we needed another reason to adore Kevin

130207 M! Countdown

Full Show

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:00:50 SPEED – It's Over
00:07:15 ALi – Eraser
00:10:48 HELLOVENUS – Romantic Love
00:15:09 MYNAME – Just That Little Thing
00:19:07 Clazziquai Project – Love Recipe
00:22:35 Eric Nam – Heaven's Door
00:26:36 Shin Choi – Bad
00:29:56 2YOON – 24/7
00:33:20 Backstage w/ Huh Gak & Yoo Seungwoo
00:41:06 ShinJae – It Hurts So Bad
00:41:59 Soyou (SISTAR) – Because I Love You
00:45:07 9MUSES – Dolls
00:49:06 4MEN – Hello, It's Me
00:52:22 Baechigi feat. Jiwon (SPICA) – Shower Of Tears
00:57:09 INFINITE H – Special Girl
01:01:50 Huh Gak – Monodrama (w/ Yoo Seungwoo) + 1440
01:10:55 SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
01:16:00 This Week's Winner

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sources: TanVuLiveMnet, kpopstreamonline, tkjpoptv3, KMnetLive2
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U-KISS to release 3rd Korean full length album in March

U-KISS will be making their return to the Korean stage with their 3th full length album. Their latest Korean release wa "Stop Girl," the group's 7th mini album hich was revealed last September.

The new full length album is said to have a variety of tracks including member solo songs and will be revealed at the end of March. Member AJ will be joining the group again for the upcoming promotions, after having been a student at Columbia university for the past months. H revealed news of his studies abroad during a concert in Japan in July 2012

U-KISS is currently preparing for their Korean comeback at the end of March, as well as the release of their new Japanese single "Alone" on February 13th. Th music video for the track was already revealed last month

OP is going to cry. It will be perfection.

But WAE. They always have THE worst timing.

Source: fuckyeahukiss Instiz Sports World , koreaboo.com

Omona's Sunbae will head to Latin America


K-pop star Kim Hyun-joong will head to Latin America later this month as his popularity continues to grow in other continents.

He will meet fans in Brazil as he has been invited to an event on Feb. 24 to mark the 50th anniversary of Korean immigrants there. He will then move on to Lima the following day to hold a concert and meet his Peruvian fans.

"Kim is excited about making his first trip to Latin America. He is currently on tour in Japan, but he is also busy preparing a great program for Brazil and Peru", said Kim's agency.

Kim has become increasingly popular in Japan and other parts of Asia after he released several solo albums there.

Source : english.chosun.com/si... ( English Korean ) via hancinema
tzuyu heart shaker

Krystal@her High School Graduation + JungLi for Etude House Conference

when krystal was asked what her sister, jessica, said to her (about graduating), she replied, "she's overseas, so I only got a 'congratulations'. when she comes back, I will make sure to get a present from her."

[UFO TRANS] http://bit.ly/11PJw00 http://bit.ly/11PJZPV 
[fan] make sure you give soojung (Krystal) a graduation present ㅋㅋㅋ and make sure none of the members get hurt and take care of your bodies during the arena [tour]!

[jessica] okay ㅋㅋ
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 lol i love jungsis' relationship

Lee Byung Hun Deals with Internet Gossip by Locking His Room and Drinking Alcohol


Action and martial arts director Jung Doo Hong, known as a celebrity friend of Lee Byung Hun, gave a sneak peak into Lee Byung Hun’s life.

On February 6, his episode of tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” was aired. As the action coordinator and a stunt double in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” he talked about his experience rooming with Lee Byung Hun.

Jung Doo Hong shared, “I lived with Lee Byung Hun for five months in the United States. Whenever he has a hard time, he would lock his door and drink alcohol. He goes through a difficult time whenever things [related to him] blow up on the internet. Even though I didn’t want him to look at the internet, it was hard for him not to look.”
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Source: Soompi