February 8th, 2013


Bulletproof Boy Scouts release pre-debut Graduation Track + other music & info about them

Bulletproof Boys' Graduation

Performed by: Jung Guk, Ji Min & J-HOPE
Lyrics by: Supreme Boi , J-HOPE
Original Track: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars

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I've linked the videos next to the video & at the source. There's probably more that I don't know about them since I haven't been following them super closely. You can also check out their blog or follow their twitter.
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Jay pisses off netizens again

Article:Jay Park, an indirect middle finger swear? Why bother apologizing at all?

Sans titre 1

1. [+436, -47] Who exactly is he giving the middle finger to, and why so persistently? Looks like him talking crap about Korea wasn't a mistake at all. His stupid fangirls shielded him saying it was a mistake and that it was distorted but he's hated Korea from his roots. What a disrespectful delinquent. Does he think that behaving in such a manner is cool and free-spirited?

2. [+385, -58] If people knew he was this kind of person from the start, Park Jin Young and 2PM wouldn't have received all that hate... I never hated him but I always knew there had to be a reason... Well, I guess this is it

3. [+350, -54] I want to stop seeing him in Korea! He's just a nobody clown

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Source TV Daily via Nate netizenbuzz

Tiger JK

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First look at @WGYubin in OCN's 'The Virus'

Yubin's first drama role

Wonder Girls' Yubin will be making her TV drama debut on OCN's first ever original series - "The Virus".
Lee Joo Yeon (Yubin), whom is an IT specialist, is also a genius hacker

Are you looking forward to see Yubin in action (riding a bike around while maintaining her intensified hairstyle with smoky makeup)?
"The Virus" will begin airing on OCN, 1 March 2013.
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Source: The Virus OCN Naver Blog (1, 2, 3), Soompi Forum (4)

Should we have 'The Virus' viewing posts? Who else is going to be watching?