February 11th, 2013

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Minho hosts a photoshop contest, takes revenge on Jonghyun

[Minho] Everyone, do you remember? My humiliating picture editing competition ㅠ The final Lunar New Years weekend special. The Kim Jonghyun hanbok picture editing competition for Kim Jonghyun-nim's sake is open. Keke it's finally time for revenge! For all the fans who were waiting for Dream Girl today^^ Please post a lot on mitu and I'll share the memorable pictures all together. Fighting.

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Translation by kimchi hana @ shineee.net

Sources: shinee.net SHINee me2day (original)

Crying lol
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JYJ’s Jaejoong shares photos of his father via Twitter


JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently shared a photo of his father onto his official Twitter page.

On February 10th, the singer uploaded the photos above (left) and wrote, “My father, who’s dream was to become an actor.. If only I resembled at least half of my father.. My father, who got married at the age of 20 in 1965.”

Jaejoong then shared another photo (right) and tweeted, “[My father] must’ve been shy getting married. Ha.

Netizens who saw the photos immediately took notice of his father’s superior facial features and good looks. They commented, “Good genes do run in the family“, “His father is so handsome“, and “No wonder he’s so good looking.”

In related news, Jaejoong will be releasing his repackaged album, ‘Y‘, on the 26th and then embark on his Asia tour.

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SNSD Japan 2nd Arena Tour in Kobe Full Audio

0:06:19 Flower Power 0:09:35 Animal 0:13:29 Boomerang 0:17:36 The Boys 0:21:46 IGAB0:28:40 Say Yes 0:32:27 Dancing Queen 0:40:33 Mr.Taxi 0:44:56 T.O.P 0:48:30 Bad Girl0:56:22 Paparazzi 1:00:06 RDR 1:03:33 Reflection 1:12:35 Time Machine 1:16:32 All My Love Is For You 1:24:17 I'm A Diamond 1:27:12 Express 999 1:30:40 Genie 1:34:06 Great Escape1:44:19 My J 1:48:25 Kissing You+Himnae 1:52:56 Gee 2:01:16 Not Alone 2:09:23 Beep Beep2:12:46 Oh 2:17:37 Stay Girls 2:20:57 Girls & Peace


 i actually don't recommend listening to it lol it's kinda lq and will probably ruin the hq fancams for you. on that note, fancam post will be out when HQ fancams exist. that will take awhile since it's not a jsone thing to take fancams.

Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun & Yuri at Gimpo Airport

Jessica is back in Korea because she has two more nights for her Musical. Tiffany, Taeyeon en Seohyun are going to attend the Gaon Awards. I read somewhere that Yoona will be flying to Australia later this week to shoot a new CF for Eider. No clue why Yuri is with them though.

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Valentine's @lovetofebruary Give-Away!

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Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Taek passes away


Ulala Session‘s Lim Yoon Taek has passed away.

The leader of the band that won Superstar K3 had long been suffering from cancer. It has been revealed that he died on the evening of February 11th KST.

Lim Yoon Taek had also gotten married just last year, and had a daughter last October.

Our hearts go out to all of his family, especially his newborn child and his wife.

Sources: allkpop and Star News via Nate (original article)
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SHINee’s Jonghyun tweets hilarious screenshots

The members of SHINee have all gone home for their Lunar New Year vacation!

Jonghyun tweeted a hilarious screenshot of his text messages with the other members on February 9th, when he wished all four of them a happy new year. He tweeted, “Why won’t you answer my greetings!” along with the screenshots.

He started by texting Key, “Kibum-ah (Key’s Korean name). Are you happy? It’s New Years. Don’t eat too much good food and become ‘fat-Key’. Please answer…” Jonghyun proceeded to send to Minho, “Minho-yah. Did you get to Incheon alright? Have a great holiday and don’t get hurt playing soccer. Tell your mother and your brother that I send my good wishes. Receive lots of luck this year. You answer me too…”

To Taemin he sent, “Taemin-ah. Have a great holiday, receive lots of luck. I’ll borrow your jacket. Answer me….” And to Onew he sent, ‘Jinki-ssi (Onew’s real name). Receive lots of fortune this year. Don’t get injured this year. You always get injured! Please answer me… Leader-nim…”

After being ignored by all of the members, he then created a group with all of the members and said, “Hey members… Answer me… I’m wishing you a year of fortune.. Why won’t you accept my wishes..”

The entire conversation attracted attention from fans and netizens, bringing many laughs to the online community.

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Sources: allkpop and Jonghyun's twitter

LMAO this guy

I've omitted the part about the photoshop contest, since I made a post about it yesterday.

D-Unit to return with single produced by Block B’s Zico


Rookie trio group D-Unit will be making a comeback with their third digital single.

D.Business Entertainment has been releasing series of teasers through its official blog, in anticipation of the group’s upcoming release. The agency finally posted the complete poster saying, “Talk To My Face_Thank You” with words “Produced by Zico”.

According to the post, “Talk To My Face” will be released on February 14th.
source: dkpopnews

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source: DBusinessENT

JYJ Magazine Compilation Post Part 2

Read part 1 here

JYJ reading the magazine
Source: JYJ's official facebook

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Source: @暖日呀呀 (weibo)
Translation: Vienna+melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by: Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + JYJ3
TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT to Park Yoochun Singapore FC

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Translated By: XIAHPRESS (1 + 2)

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Source: @暖日呀呀 (weibo)
Translation: Vienna+melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by: Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + JYJ3

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Source: The JYJ magazine
Pic Credit: @Lagrimas__
Translated by: Ruby(@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3

Take out with full credits

As of now, these are the only translated parts I could find.
I didn't notice that there is only a few articles left to share. So, here's part 2!

Pop in Seoul's Top 10 idols that can't sing

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source: arirangworld@yt

who the crap came up with this list, why is Son Namshin aka Godwoon aka Dongwoon aka my namjachigu even in this list?! and ranked so high as well GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRL yall need to check yo facts. Also Sohee?!?! gurl's range is obviously in the lower ranges