February 13th, 2013


HaHa responds to questions about date of wedding and Byul's pregnancy

Did HaHa go too far with his 19+ statement on ‘Moonlight Prince’?

HaHa had some frowning by being perhaps too open on ‘Moonlight Prince‘

Regarding his announcement a few weeks back about Byul being 3 months pregnant despite it being 2 months since their wedding (at the time), Haha clarified the rumors about a shotgun wedding.

The pair had often talked about how since Byul was a devout Christian, and didn’t believe in sex before marriage. However, the revelation that she was 3 months pregnant after having had their wedding ceremony 2 months ago had many questioning the issue. To explain himself, HaHa said, “It’s not that she got pregnant before we got married, but that she got pregnant before the ceremony. We registered our marriage beforehand.”

He also added that they hadn’t planned on having children right away, and in the process, revealed some details that viewers thought went too far for a public program. Haha stated, “We even avoided the date [of ovulation]. I poured out my strength on a safe day. We loved beautifully. We did it once, and she got pregnant.”

His statement caused viewers to frown. Many believed he was being insensitive to his own wife, who was a conservative Christian. Not only that, but they commented that he had gone too far this time, saying there were certain matters that should have remained private between husband and wife. People commented, “Children watch this broadcast… and what would your wife think…“, “Do you have to say it like that? Is there no privacy for your wife?“, and “This isn’t being honest, this is crossing the line“.

What do you think?

Source: Allkpop tvreport

I think HaHa should have left out the ovulation part, but since we don't know Byul's reaction, I can't really say if he went to far.
Can HaHa get a tag please?
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JYJ wishes fans a happy Valentine’s Day with a hilarious skit


JYJ is back with another special video for Valentine’s Day! The clip is sure to leave fans smiling and laughing as the boys reprise their roles from dramas or musicals to put on a hilarious impromptu skit.

Junsu starts off by greeting fans by singing his words as if he’s still in character for his musical, while Yoochun speaks to fans as if he is the characters from ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘, ‘Rooftop Prince‘, and ‘I Miss You‘, while Jaejoong does the same by talking as if he is once again acting as his characters from ‘Protect the Boss‘, and ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘. The boys all ask about whether fans have received sweets and chocolates, and their wish to receive chocolates for the special day.
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Park Shi Yeon and Hyun Young summoned for questioning on Propofol abuse

Article: Actress Park Shi Yeon's official response "Propofol was used for the treatment of her back, it was not a regular use"

Source: Newsen via Nate

Police summoned Park Shi Yeon and Hyun Young for questioning for Propofol abuse. Hyun Young's reps are still checking with her while Park Shi Yeon's reps explained that she was injured while filming action scenes for two films in 2008 which required treatment. She complied with what the doctors recommended, which may or may not have included the use of propofol in the treatment process. Park Shi Yeon is still undergoing investigations.

1. [+342, -21] Why was she getting her back pains treated at a hospital specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery? The police obviously called her in for questioning after discovering all of that... And it's not like you need to be anesthetized every single time you receive treatment for your back...
2. [+335, -21] Lee Seung Yeon said that propofol was used to treat her back aches as well... Is Propofol normally used for back aches?
- Propofol is used as a type of anesthesia for surgery
- Propofol being used for surgical purposes under the direction of a doctor is not the problem here. The problem with all of these actresses being caught by the police is that they used a broker in the middle..
- The police obviously called her for questioning because this excuse is not all there is to the story.
3. [+261, -30] You can't startle these people
4. [+33, -1] Looks like Amy released all their names to the police ㅋㅋㅋ The actresses who were caught must hate her now
5. [+24, -2] How is it that every single actress caught for propofol all have some kind of medical excuse~

Source: Newsen via Nate | Netizenbuzz

Park Shi Yeon T_T
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Journalist tweets about spotting Go Jun Hee on a date with an actor + Oh Yeon Seo update

Telzone: A journalist's tweet regarding Go Jun Hee's WGM appearance

"How could Go Jun Hee be on We Got Married... (I saw her on a date with that actor with my own two eyes not too long agoㅋ)"

1. [+113] I remember Kim Sun Ah exposed Go Jun Hee on 'Come to Play' when they had filmed the 'Girl Scout' movie together. The movie's cast all went out to dinner one night but Go Jun Hee left early, saying she was sick and had to go home. The rest of the cast moved on to their next round of fun when they found Go Jun Hee at another bar drinking with powerful producers from the movie industry. Kim Sun Ah said she was so stunned after seeing that... Although Go Jun Hee will skip out on dinners with fellow actors, she'll make sure to attend any dinner with movie producers.

2. [+60] From Oh Yeon Seo's fakeness to Go Jun Hee, the expert on faking sick to drink with movie producers ㅋㅋㅋ What a joke

3. [+59] I heard about her relationship with the actor even before We Got Married started airing... Looks like it's only a matter of time before she ends her career as well ㅋㅋ

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Telzone  Netizenbuzz

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OSEN via Nate | Netizenbuzz

I was surprised to learn Go Jun Hee was going to be on WGM because Joo Jin Mo.
At least the comments about OYS are somewhat positive this time!

Slay★19 continues to slay relevant charts. your favs continue to be gone, no longer there.

SISTAR19 Gone Not Around Any Longer Feature 656x

SISTAR19‘s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” has proven its force as it is still spotted at the top of charts for 2 straight weeks!

The song was released on the 31st, and they’d swept charts almost immediately, which was no surprise. However, the unit is still ranking at #1 on real time charts such as Melon, Mnet, and more, two weeks after release. They have also already achieved a few perfect all-kills, solidifying themselves as one of the top sub-unit acts.

As mentioned before, the duo’s newest song is by producer Brave Brothers and is a song that expresses the feelings of both falling in love and drifting apart.

Source AKP Osen
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WG member in charge of SEXY, Kim Yoobin, attends Gaon Awards

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Wonder Bang, hehe
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2NE1XGUMMY “Going Together” Charity Concert


Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

This is information on how to participate and attend the Tae An: Exemplary Youth Charity Concert, “Going Together“, with 2NE1xGUMMY.
On the coming 23rd of February, the concert “Going Together” will be held to aid the Tae An exemplary youths who have suffered for many years from the 2007 oil spill.
With the appearance of 2NE1 and Gummy, and with the concert being held with good intention as well as being a one-time concert, we ask for your anticipation.

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Source: YGE’s Twitter & ygfamily.com
Translated by: 2ne1luvr@ygladies.com

YoonA’s fans take notice of Malaysian doppelganger

YoonA‘s Malaysian doppelganger has been gaining attention online.

A Malaysian girl recently took to her Twitter and shared a few selcas. The photos received immediate attention because of her close resemblance to YoonA. Other selcas showed that the likeness was not due to manipulation of angles or lighting, and that she actually boasted of beauty that was very much like YoonA. The photos were recently shared onto a Korean community board, where they become a trending topic.

Fans commented, “Usually I don’t see the resemblance in these doppelganger things, but this has 100% synchronization“, “She looks just like YoonA“, and “Maybe they were separated at birth?“.

Do you think they look alike?

Source: AKP

posting this because my country is relevant (HA)

It's Our Very First... KIM WOO BIN MEGAPOST!!


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source: kimwoobin-demigod

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source: Osen translated by jingums edited for grammar by OP!

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source: Nate translated by hitoritabi

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source: TVReport via enkorea

There is a TON of Woo Bin stuff coming out these days, BUT there are very few people translating. If you're interested in translating Woo Bin stuff, or know someone who would be let me know! I can hook you up with articles/videos that need translating and/or other people who are pros at finding new Woo Bin goodies.

MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships 2013 Part 1 & Cuts [ENG SUB]

The 6th annual MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships was filmed 13/01/28 and was finally aired on 13/02/11.
I think we have all been anticipating watching this so here is PART 1 and some cuts while we wait for the full show to be subbed. 
Please note some of the subs are incomplete where it has been difficult to translate.

Part 1

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What are your favourite parts so far?

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I laughed watching Suho translate for Tao and then them having to repeat the questions. Aaand Infinite showing their abs...not that there was a whole lot there but still! The opening...Minho's dorky face! 

Sources:   TheHun Tongue EXO Belong to you WISHeeStar KPOPShow Holic

D-Unit pre-releases “Stay Alive (ft. Vasco)" ahead of upcoming album produced by Zico &... it rocks


D-Unit has just pre-released a track off their upcoming full length album!

The song is called “Stay Alive” and features Vasco. As mentioned, the track is a pre-release off their upcoming album, which is presumed to be titled Talk To My Face, Thank You. The album is scheduled to be out in March and has been produced under the guidance of Block B‘s Zico.

With the pre-release out, the group will slowly start unveiling teasers for their album starting on March 1st.

Take a listen to “Stay Alive” below!

src: akp, kpoplovetown3 @ youtube, d-units @ tumblr

Wow what a sophisticated track from the princesses of k-hip-electropop!! Can omona "get its swag on" and give us a D-Unit tag tho