February 14th, 2013

Bias Soo #2

Girls’ Generation Attends ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Event’

On February 14th, Girls’ Generation attended the “LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Event” to introduce LG Electronics’ new line of 2013 TVs at the R&D Center in Seocho-dong, Seoul.

Girls’ Generation graced the event, posing in front of the OLED TVs. However, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona were not present.

Girls’ Generation has endorsed LG Electronics’ Cinema 3D TV since January of 2012, appearing in multiple CFs and advertisements. Pictures from the “LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Event” can be viewed below.

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Source: Wonderfulgeneration | Soshified

Psy to celebrate surpassing of 1.3 billion views with the release of his own postage stamps


To celebrate his enormous success, Psy will be unveiling his very own postage stamps in Korea!

YG Entertainment revealed on the 14th, “‘Psy’s very own stamps’ will be sold across various areas of Seoul at the post office starting on the 18th. The ‘Gangnam Style‘ MV reached over 1.3 billion views on YouTube and to celebrate taking the world by storm, we created these stamps.

A representative stated, “Psy is the first among YG Entertainment artists to have his own exclusive stamps. Psy’s stamps are appealing to a wide range of the public audience and perfectly express his unique charms, and rather than an ordinary stamp, we would like it to be called a ‘Psy artist stamp’.”

Psy’s postage stamps will be available across post offices in Seoul as well as Postar Shop and the YG e-SHOP.

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Go Young Wook discusses his thoughts at first trial for sexual assault case

Go Young Wook expressed his state of mind at the first trial held for his sexual assault case against minors.

Go Young Wook stated on the 14th at the Seoul District Court, “First off, I have been reflecting and felt many things while under custody about associating inappropriately with minors as a celebrity.

He also revealed his frustration as he commented, “This issue began May of last year and none of the things I said were released, and when the press reported things one-sidely, my mother and I received a lot of pain and the fact that I met up with minors itself was being looked upon negatively even despite that the meeting was consensual, so there are things I didn’t speak out on although I felt wronged in that aspect.”

I would be thankful if you try to consider those aspects. If an opportunity is given to me in the future, even if I can’t do the work I did before, I will do my best to live as a person who is of help to society,” he concluded.

Source + image: Newsen via Nate | Allkpop

I wasn't sure whether I should submit this or not..
It's like he doesn't see anything wrong with what he did. He feels wronged and wants us understand his actions or something?

Here is a post about the average age of his victims. I don't want to submit it though. I think we've had enough of him.
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Top 20 Best Selling K-pop Artists of All Time


Here are the numbers for the K-Pop idol groups best selling albums.

While numbers are not that important when it comes to which idol group sold better, it is always nice to see how well a certain group is doing.

When looking at the top selling albums around the world, it seems that the idol groups that have been around longer will most likely be on the list rather than rookie groups.

*This list was based on an online community board that was created by an online user.*

Here is the list for the 'Top 20 Best Selling K-Pop Groups of All Time'

20. 4Minute - 226,736

19. EXO - 238,276

18. f(x) - 261,466

17. B1A4 - 263,547

16. 2AM - 267,265

15. MBLAQ - 331,027

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Source: kpopstarz

who knows if this is an accurate list, but wow @ the difference between #1 and everyone else! I mean, not surprised, but wow!

OMONA, any surprises? do you refute any of these numbers?


Our mail box has been bursting with creative, beautiful and hilarious cards. We hope you all had as much fun creating them as we all will reading & receiving them. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, OMONA!!!!!

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Share your favorite cards, and say thanks if you received one.

I'll be back with some more cards later, so stay tuned!

PS: LJ is giving away a free userhead today

POST 2: 31-60
POST 3: 61-90
POST 4: 91-159
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Won Bin - Star Anecdotes

1. 10asia Editor Park Eun Ha: "When he catches you off guard with a dumb little smile looking like a hyung you'd see around the neighborhood.. or look at you and exclaim, 'This question is too hard!' like a junior high school student.. This man manages to shake your heart."

2. Upon finding out that he was sitting next to a blind audience member who expressed a wish to be able to see his face, he guided her hands to his face without hesitation.

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International fans are so pressed about him, it's ridiculous.
telzone and pann via netizenbuzz
Yoo Seung Ho

Man accused of staging a car accident to kill his pregnant wife for insurance money

Article: 'Pregnant woman' death's car accident.. Staged by her husband for insurance money?

A couple got into a car accident that left his pregnant wife of four months dead. Upon investigation (through blackbox), it was found that the husband had swerved the car into a guardrail for no reason while going down a straight path, causing his pregnant wife to be thrown out of the car before eventually dying.

The blackbox also showed that while the wife was screaming in the middle of the swerve, the husband was unusually calm and quiet.

Police think that the fact that he sold his foreign car two months before to buy a used car before the accident occurred is suspicion enough for a staged murder for insurance money. The husband is currently eligible for hundreds of thousands in insurance.

The husband claimed that he swerved because he felt the back of the car begin to lift up.

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Source: Netizenbuzz via No Cut News via Nate
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[Rumor] SM to debut a new boy group this year?

"SM's Korean activities are just as active. SHINee's third album is scheduled for release on February 19th while five member female group f(x) is planning a comeback in 1Q13 (first quarter). EXO will be continuing to promote in Korea and China for the first half of the year, and a new artist is preparing for debut in the second half of the year."


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Source: Netizenbuzz via Instiz
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Idol Athletic Champion PD addresses concerns about idols being edited out of the show

Article: 'IAC' PD clarifies controversy over idols being completely edited out "The producers did not edit out certain idols intentionally"

There seemed to be drama over 150 teams being recorded over a 20 hour period but complete matches and idol groups being edited out of the final 2 hour special (specifically C-Clown, Dal Shabet and T-ara).

The PD explained that they had to fit all of the footage into a 2.5 hour time limit so they left out matches that weren't fun or had a huge difference in score according to their own judgement. They assured that they did not edit out idols purely for the sake of not being popular/not having big fandoms.

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Source: Netizenbuzz via Newsen via Nate
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The Omona lovefest continues with a Finding Mr. Destiny giveaway courtesy of @5PointsPictures!


Directed by Chang You-jeong
Starring: Gong Yoo (One of Omona's faves), Lim Soo Jung (I'm A Cyborg But That's OK)
Synopsis: Ji woo (Lim Soo Jung) reluctantly finds her first love with Gi Joon (Gong Yoo) who opens up a First Love Agency after he gets fired from his job so that her dad gets off her case about not getting married. Lighthearted hilarity ensues!
The rules are simple. I'll be posting a review and comment with your thoughts, related  etc for a chance to receive (1) grand prize pack: A copy of Finding Mr. Destiny on DVD + poster + postcard. There will be 3 runner up prizes: a poster and a postcard for each. Winners will be selected randomly.


Ji Woo (LSJ) is a director for a musical. Gi Joon (GY) got fired from a travel agency and instead built a "First Love Agency." Ji Woo rejected a proposal from a handsome pilot oppa she had been seeing. Her father is desperate and upset that she might never find love at this rate because she is still in love with a man she met one time in India, Kim Jong Wook. Even though Ji Woo is reluctant, she and Gi Joon begin their search. Well, why is she reluctant? Ji Woo firmly believes in fate and has a peculiar aversion to endings and this entire quest to find KJW goes against it. This film also explores the importance of first loves: should we really place an importance? Is your first love really your first love?

I went in thinking that this is going to be another movie with a flighty, delicate female lead and a dickhole male lead but I was pleasantly surprised. Ji Woo isn't your typical "save me from myself" character. While she has convictions, it doesn't cripple her to the point of being stubborn. The only other movie I saw with Lim Soo Jung was I'm A Cyborg But That's OK so it was lovely to see her as a woman with some baggage (don't we all???) without turning her into a helpless MPDG. And Gi Joon is... well if you've seen Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and Big then he plays somewhat the same character but there is a bit of nuance here; he's a klutzy neat freak and is not your typical "strong" male perfect asshole oppa. What I'm saying here is that Gong Yoo is so fricking handsome and handles the character with grace and poise that he doesn't turn him into some kind of parody.

My only complaint about this movie is that in the flashback scenes, Kim Jong Wook was played by... Gong Yoo. It's such a glaring issue that I don't even mind spoiling that part so you don't go through the movie like I did, expecting a much different outcome. I guess my only explanation for it is that while Ji Woo tells Gi Joon of her travels in India with this handsome oppa he could only imagine himself since we don't know what KJW looks like, because he knows that we all know he thinks he's a handsome oppa[Spoiler alert:]he's right.

Finding Mr. Destiny is a really lighthearted movie that nearly melted my cold black heart. These two characters together and the relationship that develops was fun to watch and this movie doesn't take itself seriously, and that's always a plus for me if I'm going to be watching a romantic comedy.

I give it four and a half heartshaped lollipops out of five!

Now go comment!!! Tell me about your first loves!!!
o papi i like ur moves

Shinee gives us some comeback news at their Melon Premier

On the 14th, the boys held their ‘Melon Premiere SHINee Music Spoiler‘. The event ran for about 1 hour, and revealed 6 out of the 9 songs. The tracklist was also revealed, which included the songs “Spoiler“, “Beautiful“, “I Can’t Leave“, and “Hitchhiking“. The boys revealed the song and lyrics for the songs, and even sang “I Can’t Leave” live. The 100 music reviewers present also gave a very warm response to the song.

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Source: allkpop.com

Guess Where Se7en Celebrates Valentine's Day?


YG artist Se7en has been spotted in Bacolod City, located in Central Philippines, together with his girlfriend Park Han-byul.

Although details about his visit to the Philippines are hard to verify, as all are based on various fan accounts (either eyewitness reports or otherwise), we do have photographic proof as shown in this post.

Here are some of the fan accounts about the couple's visit to the Philippines, posted on the Facebook page where it was first uploaded and on AllKPop forums:

* Park Han-byul visited her father, who is living in Bacolod and owns an English academy.
* The couple have (or had) been in the city since February 11. They are (or were) staying in L'Fisher Hotel.
* The original uploader of the photo claims that the couple visited the Mayor's office. That's the uploader's sister in the photo.
* No, TOP was not with them. It is just that the photo was first uploaded on a TOP fan page on Facebook. The photo has since been deleted, together with the fan accounts posted on the comments section, because "they don't credit me at all."

It is unclear whether the couple would come to Manila to watch PSY's concert on February 16th.

Source: Where the photo was originally uploaded, AllKPop Forums (1) (2), written by me

SMH that the uploader deleted the photo. I would have understood if the uploader said he/ she forgot to cover his/ her sister's face (I had to edit that), but no.
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5 INPINITEU Members Graduate, OP Refuses To Believe But Feels Proud Nevertheless


7-members idol group, INFINITE’s 5 members who admitted to Daekyung University in 2011 will graduate on 15th.

The owners of the graduation hats are the members of INFINITE who are studying Applied Music programme, Kim Sung Kyu(25), L(22), Sungyeol(23), Hoya(23) and Dongwoo(24).

They admitted to the University with special admission in 2011. As their first choice of wish list was the same university and same programme at that time, this became a hot issue.

Although they have busy schedule, they still take some time to finish the professional programme. They had attended the exams, actively spending their time in campus.

On the other hand, INFINITE members have rich experience on the stage so they share their precious experience about vocal and dance with the juniors.

“Popular idol group members choose Daekyung University together and finally graduated. I hope INFINITE can be a idol group who helps to enhance the honor of the university.Now, we award them the name of “Daekyung Univeristy students who make us proud of” .” Kim Keon Pyo, professor of Daekyung University said.

Besides, Kim Sung Kyu, Sungyeol and L will be the representatives of the graduation ceremony this time. INFINITE-H members, Hoya and Dongwoo can’t attend due to their own schedule.

Source: Naver
Translation: Tracy for INFINITE7SOU.COM

These lies but they're my third best babbys so yay! Congratch! :D