February 15th, 2013


SHINee's Comeback Showcase to stream online, OP will be awake at 6 am to watch it

shinee group photo

will be holding their comeback showcase to perform songs from their new album for the first time through the internet for their fans all over the world!

SHINee will be performing the title track “Dream Girl” and other tracks from their new album, as well as their past hits. This online showcase will serve as the group’s first comeback stage after the release of their album on the 19th

Naver Music stated, “The internet broadcast can not only be seen anywhere across the world but the number of people connecting with music content through smart terminals is increasing and there is growing interest in the internet platform which can produce a stable live [broadcast]. K-pop fans all over the world who have been waiting for SHINee’s comeback will have the opportunity to watch their first stage for their new album without any constraints through Naver Music.

Catch the live streaming of SHINee’s showcase on the 20th at 8PM KST!

source: allkpop / original citydaily article

key omo

who else is going to be awake with me watching this omg

eta: this is my first post! I'm glad it got through, thanks mods~~


JYJ Looking to Sign a New Contract with a New Record Label in Japan

JYJ is currently out looking for a new partner in Japan to support its promotions in the country.

According to many media outlets in Japan, following its triumph in a long and winding legal case against its Japanese agency Avex in January, JYJ has received many love calls from pretigious local record labels.

One outlet reported, "Despite the fact that K-Pop′s popularity is at its lowest in Japan, JYJ can still make profit with its strong fan base. The group can draw audiences with its live performances."

A local official stated, "Large agencies have been sending offers, but we believe one agency is already a strong candidate."

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment told enews, "It is true that following the winning of the suit, the group has been meeting actively with Japanese companies. It′s been holding many talks to look them over carefully and strike a deal with a trustworthy and stable partner."

On January 18, the Tokyo District Court denied Avex the right to claim exclusive management rights over JYJ′s Japanese activities. It also ordered Avex to pay compensation of 660 million yen (approx. 7.8 billion won) to the group as well as 1 million yen (approx. 11 million won) to the C-JeS Ent. rep on defamation claims.

Source: enewsworld

i reaaally hope that this means no more cockblock in Japan
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Lim Yoon Taek’s wife bids farewell to her late husband

Ulala Session‘s Lim Yoon Taek‘s wife Lee Hae Rim expressed her feelings through a touching farewell message to her late husband on Valentine’s Day.

Lee Hae Rim posted on her Twitter on the 14th, “I think I can send him off with a happy heart now. He is a person who showed everything a human being can do… I, the wife of an awesome man, am very happy even in this moment. We will meet again, so wait a little. I love you. I love you, I love you. It seems it’s now time for you to say goodbye to this world. Although it is painful to let you go, I am comforted at the thought that I will be sending you to God. Go to a warm and peaceful place and watch over the earth where I live. You, who were very sick, I am very happy that you no longer have to feel pain. Goodbye my love, Lidan’s father.”

As mentioned earlier, Lim Yoon Taek passed away on the 11th after a long battle with cancer. Despite his illness, he continued to do what he loved, performing lively, upbeat music for the audience and bringing others enjoyment.

May he rest in peace.

Source + image: Hankook Kyungjae via Nate | Allkpop

I started bawling 2 sentences in and haven't stopped since. This just hits home. Damn.
Obviously I don't know him but everything I've heard, read, seen about/from him just reminds me of my mom SO much. His wife just expressed things I think I might be able to feel if I were a proper human beings with emotions, even though I don't believe in God and all that stuff. T_T
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

miss A’s Fei is fresh and pretty in ‘CathyCat’s spring promo photos

Cosmetics brand ‘CathyCat‘ cosmetics has unveiled new photos of endorsement model miss A‘s Fei!

The photos were released for the 2013 spring collection and show Fei looking gorgeous with her fresh, barely there makeup look in the first photo.

She goes glam for the next one as she plays up her eyes with shimmery eyeshadow, showing off both her sweet and sexy sides through the pictorial.

» allkpop
she looks gorgeous, but it is a shame they psed her mole away, and if you want to see the imgs bigger, just copy the link and open it in another tab!
Kitty kitty

Purplay’s agency addresses choreography plagiarism issue


Word has reached Korea about rookie group Purplay‘s alleged choreography plagiarism, and the group’s agency has finally addressed the issue.

To recap, the girl group unveiled a video teaser for their debut single “Love and Remember“, only to gain criticism from overseas fans who recognized the choreography sequences to be originally from America’s Best Dance Crew‘s former champions, I.aM.mE.

The I.aM.mE crew members also expressed their frustration through Twitter as well as on Purplay’s YouTube channel, asking to be at least credited and acknowledged, stating that the entire dubstep segment was actually theirs.

If you recently checked, the description for the full music video has been updated to include that the I.aM.mE crew worked with Purplay to create the choreography. Fans have taken notice, and have been wondering what led to the change.

Well it turns out, the word has spread to Korea, and Purplay’s agency was contacted for a statement. The agency commented, “After hearing netizens point out this matter, we are in the process of taking the appropriate steps to resolve [the issue].”

Source: Allkpop, Sports Seoul

Crying Nut continues to sue CNBlue over copyright issues.

Crying Nut has asked Mnet to not interfere in their lawsuit against CNBLUE.

The indie band had filed a lawsuit because CNBLUE previously performed Crying Nut’s “Offside” on ‘M!Countdown‘ back in 2010 and the recorded performance was later included in their DVD released in Japan. However, Mnet had stepped forward to say they would be taking responsibility for the lawsuit.

However, Crying Nut emphasized that the problem was with CNBLUE and not Mnet. Through an official press release, they commented, “We already received compensation from the broadcast station because of the wrongful broadcast, DVD reproduction, and DVD distribution. There is nothing else that the broadcast station is responsible for anymore.”
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Source: AKP, Mydaily

I have alot of respect for Crying Nut and they should protect their own rights but this is coming off a vendetta against Cnblue.



On these shores, Korean pop music—more popularly known as K-Pop—is perhaps most identified with the club-ready electronic beats and slickly tuxedoed look of global phenomenon (and newly crowned “King of YouTube”) PSY. So why is K-Pop duo 2YOON heel-toeing in a barnyard in their new video? Why are they wearing overalls? Why is there a saloon in the background? And more important: what’s with their new K-Pop-goes-country sound?

Country music and K-Pop may seem like strange bedfellows right now, but musicians and producers are betting that this unlikely union could yield the next chart-busting hit. Meaning: we could start hearing American-music influences in one of the world’s most popular and dynamic pop genres.

In a recent interview with TIME, 2YOON’s Gayoon (who, seemingly inspired by Dr. Seuss, shares the stage with a partner named Jiyoon) explains that the duo listened to country music before recording their first album, Harvest Moon, released in January. Artists like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, they thought, seemed to have something that was missing from the music they made as members of the girl group 4minute (from which 2YOON splintered). “Country music is very easy listening and very relaxed,” she says, through a translator, noting that K-pop music and dance are much more regimented.

More than that, both found something fresh in contemporary country music. The sound “was unfamiliar to the Korean audience,” says Gayoon. “We were the first to mix country and K-pop. It was a brand-new genre.” A genre they—as the newly formed 2YOON—hoped would differentiate themselves in an already crowded market. “It was time for us to show a different side,” says Jiyoon.

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and before my post gets flooded with surgery accusations, heo gayoon has always been this slim, svelte and stunning.

Kitty kitty

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s Mother Talks Divorce, Suicide Attempts and Recovery


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s mother, Oh Seo Jin, will be on televion to share her life story as an advocate for ‘Korea’s Keeping the Family’ campaign group.

Her stories will be presented on MBN True Life Theatre February 15 episode.

Oh Seo Jin is the chairman of the board for Korea’s Keeping the Family campaign group, which actively advocates mending relationships and preventing families from breaking. She has published books and lectured on topics of healing and renewing of family relationships.

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JYJ to Perform at the Presidential Inauguration

Alongside Psy, JYJ will be performing at the 18th Presidential Inauguration on February 25.

According to the 18th Presidential Inauguration Preparation Committee on February 15, artists will perform songs that represent each decade since 1950s to present.

The 1950-1960s and 1970-1980s will be represented by a talented group of musical actors as well as Jang Yoon Jung and Sonya. A special flashmob is scheduled to take place.


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Source @Enews

Watch them hit a commercial break or try to edit out some, if not all their performance later. I have no expectations besides the usual. I just know I'm going to rip the fuck out the performance audio.
LEO; tongue

SLAY19 Celebrates their 3rd Consecutive #1 Win!


SISTAR19 celebrated their win on this week’s ‘Music Bank‘ and expressed their gratitude to fans through SISTAR’s official Twitter account.

Hyorin shared on Twitter, “I love you! Thank you!! STAR1!!! Dae..bak!!!!! Thank you very very much.. Because you gave us this huge amount of love.. We will become a harder working Sistar & Sistar19 from now on. I love you everyone♥”, along with a pair of photos of her and Bora proudly holding up their Music Bank trophy.

Bora also wrote to fans, “Kya~~~~~~~!!!!!! We achieved 1st place!! Thank you. I really wanted to mention a lot of people…ㅠㅠ Thank you very very very much !!!! We will always~ fighting!!! Also our style Ajwa!!!! I thank you the most♥”, along with an adorable selca.

On the February 15th broadcast of ‘Music Bank’, the duo overcame CNBLUE who has been on a winning streak for two consecutive weeks with their new single “Gone Not Around Any Longer“.

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source: allkpoop + @sistarsistar

love to see these girls still slaying charts and music shows<3 also bora's so pretty ughh love her sfm and her nails are supa qt<3 and mods its about time sistar19 gets a tag!! pls? ;)


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Orange Caramel releases Japanese MV preview for "Mint Cookies & Cream" + info on 1st Japan album

Orange Caramel is set to release their first full-length Japanese album! The album will include their Japanese singles "Yasashii Akuma," "Lamu no Love Song," and "Lipstick" (Japan ver.). As well for Japanese versions of their hit Korean songs "Bangkok City," "Aing," "Magical Girl," (found as a b-side on Yasashii Akuma) and "Shanghai Romance" (found as a bonus track on AFTERSCHOOL's PLAYGIRLZ album). Plus the new title track of the album "Mint Cookies & Cream" (PV preview above) and two new TBA tracks for a total of ten songs.

The album will come in three editions, a CD+DVD (Music Video) edition which will include all Korea and Japan music videos, a CD+DVD (Variety) edition which will include footage from a variety program, and a standard CD-only edition.

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Source: Orange Caramel Japan Website, Avex Trax YouTube

Shame that we only get 3 new songs, but I love the preview for "Mint Cookies & Cream"! The covers are super cute too.

SNSD’s Seohyun reveals her first love : “It was when I was a teenager.”

On the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that aired on February 11, singer Ha Choon Hwa, SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, and Seohyun appeared and told their stories about their first love. In the segment “Introduction to Music,” where the participants select songs related to their first love, Seohyun chose Brittany Spears’s “Sometimes” and said, “It’s not exactly this feeling that he was my ‘first love’ but this song reminds me of someone who made my heart beat faster.”

MC Shindong asked, “Didn’t you say that you don’t know how first love feels?”

Seohyun replied, “This was six years ago. I haven’t been living an empty life. I’ve had my share of strong feelings for someone.” She candidly confessed, “I was asked out for the first time back when I was a teenager. This reminds of me him. I liked him, but when he came close I was kind of afraid and feared that he might leave me.”

On the same episode, Seohyun revealed Yoo Jae Seok to be her ideal type and said, “I like him in every way.”


way ho
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Nine Muses' Minha has legs for days, netizens take notice


On February 7, a photo was uploaded on Nine Muses‘ official twitter with a message, “A special behind the scenes cut of Minha. This is an unedited photo, yet her body still looks perfect. We plan to release more images soon so be ready!”

In the picture is Minha standing tall and showing off her profile. Minha is wearing a beautiful white mini-dress and a matching pair of high heels. Despite the fact that this picture has not been photoshopped, Minha’s body looks perfect just the way it is. With her long arms and legs, it is no wonder that she is called a “Model-dol.”

Netizens that saw this photo admired, “Her side profile looks shockingly gorgeous,” “I have never seen such a perfect body,” “No wonder she is called ‘Model-dol.’”

Meanwhile, the group Nine Muses is currently promoting its new song “Dolls.”