February 16th, 2013

Korean lawmaker who exposed Samsung corruption forced from office

A South Korean politician who sought to expose corruption within Samsung's ranks has lost his seat in parliament. The Supreme Court upheld that by publishing transcripts of wiretapped conversations online, Roh Hoe-chan broke communications laws; the conviction means he cannot remain a lawmaker, and he has received a suspended prison sentence. In explaining its decision, the court said "Unlike distributing press releases to journalists, uploading messages on the Internet allows an easy access to anybody at any time." It added that the media publishes select information "with responsibility" rather than providing the public with "unfiltered access" to what it knows.

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source: the verge


PSY to Campaign for Manila Mayoral Candidate?


Korean rapper Psy to join Erap on campaign trail in March?
By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.com · Wednesday, February 13, 2013 · 8:56 am

Amid reports that former president and now Manila mayoralty bet Joseph Estrada plans to use Psy’s monster hit “Gangnam Style” in his campaign sorties, the promoter of the Korean superstar’s post-Valentine concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena mentioned something that thickened the plot.

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Source: Interaksyon

Translator's Note: "Mae-Erap" is a play on the word "mahihirap" (the poor people), inserting the name of Joseph "Erap" Estrada, known for his popularity with the poor.

I feel sorry for Manila. Thank God I live in a city where I don't have to choose between the two of them.
tzuyu heart shaker

Seohyun Performs with Genius Pianist Yoo Ji Min on ‘Star King’

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun performed alongside genius child pianist Yoo Ji Min on February 16th’s ‘Star King‘.

Despite not being able to see, Yoo Ji Min was able to develop amazing piano skills, playing Beethoven‘s ”Moonlight Sonata” by the age of four.

Seohyun, who was incredibly touched by the young pianist, stated, “I don’t think Ji Min’s song is regular music. It’s hope and love.”

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25 fansites’ Mango tree project for New Evolution Seoul reaches South Sudan, ’2NE1 Forest’

South Sudan: ’2NE1 Forest’

In July of 2012, 2NE1 fansites donated and participated in the “Mango Wreath Project” organized by Tree Planet Korea in conjunction with YG entertainment in support of 2NE1′s ‘New Evolution’ concert in Seoul, Korea.

2NE1 forest will provide the residents of the village of Tonj in northwestern South Sudan with nourishing food and help gather the children to study under the cool shade of the mango trees.

The fans have donated 1,210 mango trees which were planted in South Sudan on behalf of 2NE1.

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Sources: YGLadies & CLTBF
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BTOB mega post

BTOB Behind Story - Valentines Day - members solo pictures and bts
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source: manager jiyong twitter & translated by btobupdates, BTOB twitter & translated by Peniel, Minyuk & translated by fybtob, Sungjae & translated by fybtob, Baek Seung Heon twitter & translated by btobtweets, BTOB twitter & translated by Peniel

and last but not least...

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Actress Han Chae Young reveals she told After School’s UEE not to diet


On February 16th’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Han Chae Young revealed that she told After School‘s UEE not to diet.

The actress appeared on the show’s ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment and revealed her text message to the idol star. When comparisons between Han Chae Young, who is known as the “Korean Barbie”, and UEE came up, Han Chae Young commented, “UEE’s body is better than mine.”

She continued, “One time, I sent UEE a text message telling her not to lose weight. I think that rather than being too skinny, there should be a natural appeal. I advised her that she should eat and maintain her weight.”

In other news, Han Chae Young is currently starring in KBS2TV‘s ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘.

Source: Allkpop

Super Junior to kick off their 5th world tour ‘Super Show 5′ in March

Super Junior will begin their world tour next month.

The ‘Super Show 5‘ will kick off in March starting in Seoul. The group will then go to China, Japan, South America, and Europe.

This will be Super Junior’s 5th ‘Super Show’ and the concert tour has been held annually since 2008. The First three Super Show’s were tours across Asia and last year was their 1st World tour. The tour has been a huge success bringing in more than 900,000 audience members to date.

The first dates of the concert are set to be on March 23rd and 24th in Seoul, and tickets will go on sale via G-market on February 27. Overseas fans will be able to buy a global fan tour through SM C&C on February 18.

Will you be attending ‘Super Show 5′ this year?

Source: AKP

Just to let UK fans know...Super Junior have now been listed on ticketmaster uk but there are no events under their name yet so many people think this may mean that we will get a SS5 date?? The same thing happened when CNBLUE came here!


It's Another Kim Woo Bin Megapost!


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I've been seeing pictures from the Buckaroo fansign, but I'm waiting to post them until better quality ones come out! Enjoy~
Yoo Seung Ho


As his enlistment in to the army is fast approaching, Yoo Seung Ho is wrapping up his last project.

On February 14th, KBS announced Yoo Seung Ho’s first narration project. He will be the narrator of the documentary, “The Human who Studies”.

As this is his last project before enlisting, he said, “I plan on giving all of my paycheck to charity.” “The Human who Studies” will air on March.

The date for his enlistment has not been announced yet.

Source: officiallykmusic via mnet

How different are western and eastern beauty standards?

The Telzone posts a series of caps of Park Jin Young's guesting on Radio Star where he talks about how he had initially prepared Min for an American debut. When asked why Min, he explained that she's considered physically attractive in America but not so much in Korea.

The OP then puts up another set of caps where 'all the K-Pop' surveyed foreigners on the most attractive miss A members. Jia came in 4th, Min came in 3rd, Fei came in 2nd, and Suzy came in 1st.

OP concludes that Park Jin Young does not really know what Americans want.


1. [+29] I remember when Park Kyung Lim said that she was considered beautiful and popular when she was studying abroad in America. I asked my friend in America to ask her classmates to choose between Kim Hee Sun and Park Kyung Lim and they 100% chose Kim Hee Sun. I think to Americans, people that look like Park Kyung Lim are just different to them, not necessarily pretty...

2. [+25] Korean women are mistaken when they think that Americans think slanted, monolid eyes are beautiful. They just think it's different or exotic, don't misunderstand them thinking they think it's beautiful. It doesn't matter whether you're from the west or the east, everyone can recognize a beautiful woman and a handsome man.

3. [+25] Whether or not your eyes are big or small... I think whichever celebrity we find pretty, westerners will find pretty as well

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Source: netizen buzz & telzone

"Well considering that Hyoyeon comparatively has less popularity in SNSD in Korea but #1 popularity overseas, I guess standards do differ a bit." I agree with you random netizen.

What are your thoughts everyone?