February 18th, 2013


MR.MR covers 'So Sick' +Changjae goes to Dream Team & more

They covered it more recently on Feb 9th, but I prefer Ryu's adlibs in this older version so that's the one I'm posting.

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source: Real_Tiny_G, thenmMRMR, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, MR.MR Daum Cafe, MyDaily via Naver News

Just to finish off: watch this really cute fancam! (ps can I have a MR.MR tag? pretty pretty please w/sugar on top?)
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130214 Show Champion Backstage! (games, interviews, and other tidbits)

(cr: actlikethatgirl @ tumblr)
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source: MBCkpop

May I just say that I think Ken & N's team was called "rehearsal team" for a reason... (≖‿≖) Also, sorry about the first post mod(s). ㅠㅠ

Edit: the last video wasn't showing up for me so I linked the video instead. Also, added tags. My apologizes!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Appear on tvN′s ‘Taxi’

The terminator/former governor will be hopping on the yellow cab.

According to CJ E&M on February 18, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing on tvN’s Taxi.

The former governor of California and long-time Hollywood actor will be landing in Seoul on February 19 to promote his movie, The Last Stand, directed by Director Kim Jee Woon.

On February 20, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be joining MCs Kim Gura and Jeon Hyun Moo in the yellow taxi, along with a translator, to talk about his career and first Hollywood movie in ten years.

The Hollywood actor will also be participating in the recording of tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Insideon February 20.

Photo Credit: CJ E&M

Source: global.mnet

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Source: Netizenbuzz via My Daily via Naver
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[Rumor Mill] Two faced actors, sponsor sell outs, bratty actresses, and jaw surgery gone wrong

1. Actor A is well known for his manners, but it seems the industry knows him better for being two faced. Recently, his health has taken a turn for the worse, and he's made it a habit out of ordering his stylists to get him tea or hot packs. He'll express his frustration with them and yell at their faces if they're even a little bit late. According to one insier, A's stylists were heard saying, "A only acts caring and bright in front of journalists. His lack of anger management is not gone just because he's smiling."

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Source: Netizenbuzz via Off the Record, Entertainment Radar


Article: 'Evil adult neighbors' sexually assault mentally retarded sisters, 4-6 year jail sentence

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Four adults (ages 50~60) were given prison sentences ranging from 4-6 years for the sexual assault of two sisters in their teens and 20s. One other neighbor who had attempted to rape the eldest sister but failed was given probation.

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Source: Netizenbuzz, Nate

They were proven guilty and this is all they get? They should've been jailed forever!!!!

I hope the new president would do something about this. Clearly, the law should be revised.

This just makes me remember the movie Dogani... I had a hard time sleeping for days when I watched it.

U-Kiss AJ is back y'all!!!

Last fall AJ enrolled in Columbia University. He tweeted more frequently at the beginning of the semester, but then I assume he started to focus on school and his tweets really decressed. Many KISSMEs really missed him and were wondering now that the had semester ended, when would we get to see him? It was said that he was going to participate in the U-Kiss Valentines Event at the International Forum in Tokyo! Everything after that is still undecided, although I'm assuming he's participating in the next album and comeback, especially considering his tweet posted below the cute. (According to this Naver aritcle, the album drops March 7th.) Check out the short fancam of AJ in action below!

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Sources: joycelim007 at YouTube @JaeseopKim91AJ Trans @ukisskorea_eng

Goodness gracious I've missed this man. I'm glad to see he's doing well.
Edit: Changed title for clarity.
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TvN Three Idiots feat. Minhyuk the slayer

(민혁) 잠시후 tvN에서 7시40분부터 방송되는 ‘세 얼간이’ 저도출연하니까 많이많이시청해주시고 응원많이해주세요^0^(생방송!)
[TRANS] (MinHyuk) In a few minutes, at 7:40PM , TvN’s ‘The 3 Idiots’ will be broadcasted. I will make an appearance so please watch the show and cheer on for me ^0^ (Live Broadcast!)

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source: BTOB twitter & translated by fyeahborntobeat, BTOB twitter & translated by fyeahborntobeat,

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credit: verbena0322

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credit: mhlady1129 & 901129Lady

the fan had chosen tablet over BTOB signed cd but Minhyuk tweeted they'll give her the cd as well lol

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SM Entertainment comeback schedule for 2013

The following is an update by a Verified Weibo user:

" This microblog update contains a lot of information, concerning K-Pop, but only if you can understand Korean ~~~ Unconfirmed but credibility is very high. "

  • January: SNSD
  • February: SHINee
  • March: Zhang Li Yin
  • April: EXO
  • May: J.Min
  • June: TRAX
  • July: Super Junior
  • August: CSJH The Grace
  • September: ?
  • October: SM The Ballad

Source: HyunTae's Weibo
Translations: Me myself and I, via Chocolyn
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15 Korean Rappers You Should Know That Aren’t Psy


Koreans rap? The rest of the world was mostly oblivious to the fact until the dancing horse of the Far East came and crushed the International airwaves with the stupidly infectious pop tune that’s “Gangnam Style.” But let’s hold off on the gimmicky party steps and satirical lyrics for a moment. By rapping, XXL means spitting bars, punchlines, and vivid stories like Jadakiss (gasp), Big L (double gasp), or even Nas (triple gasp). You probably thought Koreans only made syrupy K-Pop records, Samsung cell phones (they’re not Japanese), and nuclear weapons (that’s North Korea). But there’s been an established rap scene for nearly 15 years. While it’s not quite yet an industry, whether as a contender in the pop market, or a successful indie genre, in Korea, hip-hop and rap are prevalent and well with artists, stars, and heroes of their very own.

With Psy continuously caking off his viral hit, and a Korean-American R&B/hip-hop trio named Aziatix announcing their recent deal with YMCMB, the time is better than ever to introduce the best rap acts from the Land of the Morning Calm.

If you didn’t know, now you know. Look on and discover a set of rap artists you never heard of, but will pique your interest.
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It should work now

Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho) and Bong-hyeon Kim (@kbhman)

5dolls' Chanmi escapes from KKS's evil clutches

Chanmi has announced her withdrawal from her group 5dolls and agency, Core Contents Media.

On February 17th, the singer revealed the news on her personal Twitter saying, “Hello, this is Chanmi. First of all, thank you so much for those who are always giving me incredible love and supports.”

She continued, “My contract with my current company (Core Contents Media) has been terminated, so I am no longer in 5dolls. I’m working hard to find a new agency so I can stand in front of you again.”

“I’d also like to express thanks to those who have been waiting for me for a long time. Nothing was decided yet, but when my next agency gets decided, I will do my best to develop into a better artist.”

Source: DKpop, (DKPop caught Allkpoppitis and forgot to link their source, but here's her twitter)

I don't follow 5dolls, but I'm happy whenever someone breaks free from CCM.
Oh, wikipedia reports that Chanmi left the group last September?

Edit: Commenters report that she bullied a member who later left the group. I guess she's become KKS's secret agent then?
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5dolls coming back with 6 members


5dolls has finally announced a time period for their very, very long awaited return!

The girls have been missing from the scene for quite some time, and during then Chanmi left the label and the group. Even though the ladies were originally supposed to come back in March, Davichi and SPEED‘s promotions make it difficult for the group to promote during the month unless they go up against their own labelmates.

Of course, with Chanmi out of the group, many were left wondering how the group would still go on as 5dolls with only 4 members – but worry not! Chanmi’s place will be filled in by new members Nayeon (92) and Jihyun (93).

So the additions along with the existing members and Shannon, whom you may all be familiar with already as she participated in T-ara‘s “Day and Night” with Ahreum and Gavy NJ‘s Gunji, the total member count is once again brought up to something else other than 5. However, it seems the girls will still be going with ’5dolls’.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?

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SuPearls disbands, YG Entertainment nullifies contracts


It’s been revealed that YG Entertainment‘s new girl group SuPearls have disbanded.

YG Entertainment stated, “We’ve decided to nullify the contracts of Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo without any conditions“. Out of the girls who were supposed to debut under the highly anticipated girl group, only Lee Hi will be staying in the company to continue her solo career.

The label added, “Even though it’s disappointing, they decided that they should break up for the benefit of each other, so we have decided on this unavoidable decision.” Not only so, but YG Entertainment is currently busy with their upcoming girl group, as well as the comebacks for 2NE1, G-Dragon, and Kang Seung Yoon. Lee Hi will also release her solo album next month.

Source: akp