February 21st, 2013

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Police reveal they have CCTV of Park Shi Hoo and another man carrying 'A' into his home

According to a new report from Star News, the police have found that trainee ‘A’, who reported actor Park Si Hoo for sexual assault, had been carried into his house.

After the initial findings, the police were able to obtain CCTV footage of Park Si Hoo, trainee ‘A’, and Park Si Hoo’s hoobae named as individual ‘B’. According to the police, the CCTV footage shows the trio getting out of a car and getting into an elevator at Park Si Hoo’s residence. The woman ‘A’ is carried by ‘B’ on his back, who had also driven the car on the way to Park Si Hoo’s house.

The investigation is still ongoing, especially since Park Si Hoo’s summon isn’t until the 24th.

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Sources: allkpop , netizenbuzz, nate 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , star (original article and comments)
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TRITOPS covers VIXX "On and On"

Source: Sim Tong

This is the first time I heard of them but I'm assuming that they're new?!
Edit: Oops. Okay so according to the comments, they debuted in 2007. Sorry :x
I randomly found this cover and OMG they did such a great job changing it up. Never thought an acoustic version of On and On would sound this good. They have wonderful voices too! \^O^/

90s Group "Space A" makes a comeback!

Space A comeback

Space A has returned after over 10 years with “Sexy Guy“!

The dance group rebooted their hit from the late ’90s for their comeback album ‘RE-TURN‘. With new members Lee Si Yoo and Do Ha Rin joining Han Young Jun and Park Jae Goo, Space A plan to promote the remix with a fresh start, starting with this week’s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Check out their new music video as well as the original ’90s MV below!

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Source: allkpop, AsianDreamVOD@YT and chiwoobi@YT
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KARA's Jiyoung sheds her innocent image for Dazed & Confused

Jiyoung‘s sheer looks for Dazed & Confused‘s March issue have definitely dazed fans, but no one’s confused about the fact that she’s growing out of her maknae pants.

The KARA member, who turned twenty in Korea this year, kept it neutral with black and white clothing, giving the outfits a pop of color with purses.

A representative revealed, "Jiyoung, who showed a bright and cute image as KARA’s maknae up until now, revealed her hidden sexy charms through this pictorial. Her professional expressions and poses impressed us."

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Jackie Chan to produce own K-pop group


Apparently, Jackie Chan isn’t targeting the Korean market just through his new movie!

His Korean management label Jackie Chan Korea revealed that they’re preparing an idol group named ‘Double JC‘ and they will debut in May or June. All members of the group are Korean, and have been trainees for about 8 years. Their debut album is produced by old school hip hop artist Hyun Jin Young, who was trained under Lee Soo Man and happens to be the very first artist of SM Entertainment.

There is no detailed information on the group yet, such as number of members, information on their gender or age. However, Jackie Chan paid a visit to the group while he was in Korea to promote ‘Chinese Zodiac‘. The only hint we have comes from Hyun Jin Young, who said, “They’re very unique. They have an inexplicable charm that’s hard to find in Korea. They’re going to release a Korean and Chinese song and target both Korea and China simultaneously.”

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Sources: allkpop netizenbuzz tv report via naver (original article and picture)

another shinee mini post

SHINee find their “Dream Girl” on ‘M! Countdown’!

 photo shinee_dg_teasers_zps5d8b60f2.png

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Jonghyun clears up misunderstandings related to dropping out of high school

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SHINee’s Key thanks fans for supporting their comeback

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SHINee goes on an eating spree on ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’

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vid cr: krisbrows8

also, check shinee's mega post (I'm still updating it with new photobook scans), and jewelry_flower's post with L'officiel Hommes scans :)
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EXO is back?


[UNCONFIRMED] 2 songs included in EXO’s comeback album, ‘Growl’ and ‘Butterfly’ are produced by Jordan Kyle, who also co-produced SNSD’s IGAB & SHINee’s Dream Girl.

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tip asuzasarah twitter
source: exocanada

op note: last time i checked Jordan Kyle's wiki it had the song title removed but it keeps changing lol. Even to this lol.

[UNCONFIRMED] EXO’s comeback song title is ‘WOLF’ as posted in MSA Agency (Tony Testa’s agency who choreographed EXO’s comeback song)

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Check the site and see for yourselves. I have a feeling this is REALLY their comeback song. SHINee’s Sherlock and Dream Girl were also listed.

We wrote UNCONFIRMED bcos we’re not really 100% sure unless it’s confirmed officially by SM.

Source & screencap by mina @ EXO Canada

im not even a fan but it kinda makes me sad that exo comeback jokes are going to end :( jk ;) i'm happy they are getting more material, hopefully it may turn me into a fan :)

U-Kiss Alone Single Album!!!!!

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Sources: dramaxpr0ducti0ns Natalia Lozano

OMO Kevin's singing in Distraction+! I was listening to it as I wasfalling asleep last night and Photobucket
I want to  Photobucket in the harmony parts (and Kevin's voice). My fav part is around 3:21 where Kevin ends the line "you are the only one~" by moving the last note up and down. That ending... Spazz with me Omona KISSMEs.
I now want to hear everything Kevin has ever sung solo or duet wise. Okay more like
anything he has ever sung. lol Recommendations please?
The only thing that could have made Distraction+ better was if Hoon sang smoother in his solo parts and if AJ was in it.
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YGE and GD disappoint the op by setting only 8 as the age rating for GD's upcoming concerts

YG's info on GD's concerts @ Seoul:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

The ONE OF KIND in the world, G-DRAGON will be back with his upcoming world tour on March! G-DRAGON made his territory with his music, performance and style in his own direction and now he will step up to the global. Meet the new world of G-DRAGON with his upgraded music, performance and style! Please refer to the below for more information.


♦ Concert Information ♦

- Concert Title : G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND

- Artist : G-DRAGON

- Date : March 30 (SAT)2013 6PM and March 31 (SUN) 2013 3PM

- Venue : Olympic Gymnastics Arena

- Ticket Price : VIP 99,000 Won / R 88,000 Won (Additional Tax Included)

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Source: YG-Family @ Facebook

I guess this means that 'She's Gone' and uncensored version of 'That XX' won't be performed. Also say goodbye to anything as sexy as GD's 'Breathe' performance in his 'Shine A Light' concerts or 'She 's Gone' type of visual kei performance for 'Obsession'.

Personally I don't really understand YGE's decision as they could have easily set 19 as rating for one of the dates and 12 for other and still sold out all the tickets. Anyhow, if there is anything sexy or slightly scary in the concert expect another lawsuit as media and that crazy Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affair will be all over this concert trying to find something to complain after 'Shine A Light' case.

Also since the tour is named as 'One Of A Kind' I suspect that there is a very high chance that GD won't be releasing the other half of his album in March after all. SMH.
tzuyu heart shaker

Sooyoung and Seohyun Featured in ‘CeCi’ Magazine for Photoshoot and Interview

CeCi: Did you like the stage concept for ‘I Got A Boy’?

Sooyoung: We threw our heels off for the first time in a while. I really liked it. It wasn’t difficult at all dancing. I was jealous, thinking, ‘So this is what it’s like for male singers’. I think all of us are going to say we don’t want to wear heels for our next album, too.

CeCi: Of the responses towards the new song, what things might Girls’ Generation and the general public agree and disagree on?

Sooyoung: Something we agreed on was that it’s more appealing watching the performance, too, rather than just listening to the song alone. There were a lot of opinions regarding the lyrics, but personally, I like lyrics with clear themes, so I have pride in our song. I hope we will release more lyrics that you have to listen to carefully in the future.

CeCi: You revealed your dream of emceeing a talk show through various interviews. Do you normally have a lot of interest in people?

Sooyoung: I have a lot of interest, and I also like conversations. For instance, if something bothers you, there’s a really big difference between talking about it right away and letting it pass or not. Because if you’re asked, ‘What I said earlier, did it bother you?’, you get the response, ‘It honestly did a bit, but thanks for saying it.’ I feel the power of a conversation at times like that, even more so when I’m with my members. To me, Girls’ Generation isn’t simply a place that gives me money or fame, but a place where I study life. Bumping into one another, and adjusting to things one at a time. There’s no better [subject of] study than this. I learn the most things in the small world of Girls’ Generation.

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Sources: ceci.joinsmsn.com; Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified; Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, gjak1117@soshified

seohyun's grown up a lot but i'm glad her values and likes are still the same lol

i've got a wet pussyokcat for you!

After School’s Uee Names Song Joong Ki as Her Ideal Type

After School’s Uee recently revealed that Song Joong Ki is her ideal type.

Yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” featured an interview with the singer-actress, where she talked about her style, upcoming fashion trends, and her ideal type.

Regarding her ideal type, Uee shyly revealed, “I have a lot of ideal types.” During the show, she was given an ideal type world cup challenge where she chose Cha Tae Hyun over Lee Hee Joon, Jo In Sung over So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won over Won Bin, and Jung Il Woo over Kim Soo Hyun in the first round. In the second round, she hesitated before selecting Cha Tae Hyun over Jo In Sung and Kang Dong Won over Jung Il Woo. For the final round, she apologized before naming her former co-star, Cha Tae Hyun, as the winner of her ideal type world cup challenge.

She explained, “Cha Tae Hyun is very passionate and warm-hearted. I realized how close he matched up to my ideal type when I saw him taking care of the crew.”

However, the production team playfully asked, “What if the round was between Cha Tae Hyun and Song Joong Ki.” Without hesitation, Uee replied, “Oh really? Then Song Joong Ki.”

» soompi
can they please be in a drama together?

OP Shaking and Crying U-Kiss to Have March 7th Comeback

U-KISS's AJ has made a return with a special Valentine's Day fan-meeting.

On February 16, U-KISS held a fan-meeting to greet their fans on Valentine's Day in Japan. This event marked the first activity as a U-KISS member since his hiatus to study in America.

U-KISS managed to hold this special event in the midst of their busy rehearsal and practice schedule. Leader Soohyun demonstrated excellent professionalism as he participated in the event despite his waist injury, which he is taking painkillers for.

After returning from studying at Columbia University, AJ received a warm welcome. He stated, "Everyone has waited for my return whilst I concentrated on my studies. I want to thank you for waiting. Please take care of me in the future".

In addition, U-KISS will begin their comeback activities and release their 3rd full-length album on March 7th.

Source: ROCKETBOXX.NET + Newsen

For those who wanted more info on the comeback.
Oh my poor Soohyun. (I forget what he did to hurt his waist.) You're a real trooper.
likes boys kurt

U-KISS′ Agency Sets Up New Company with an Actor Agency


NH Media, the agency of renowned idol group U-KISS, has set up a joint stock company with Major Entertainment.

According to Hong Jong Gu, head of Major Entertainment, he recently registered the incorporation NH&Major1998 with NH Media rep Kim Nam Hee.

Major Entertainment holds Song Seo Yeon, who has been appearing in KBS′ Cheer Up, Mr. Kim, and Kim Yu Hyun, who recently appeared in the drama Jeon Woochi.

Hong Jong Gu commented, “Major Entertainment has mostly centered its business on managing actors, and with NH Media, which boasts years of experience in album production, the two companies will be able to grow into a general entertainment agency by securing many areas with their expertise.”

He added, “NH&Major1998 will be entering many more areas in entertainment, such as album production, actor management, drama production, concert production and content management. We′ll work hard to cultivate many more skilled rookies in pop culture and also attempt to draw in other stars currently active in the scene.”

Kim Nam Hee is a veteran producer who has produced for such big names as Im Chang Jung, UN, Yang Dong Geun and Paran. Hong Jong Gu has worked with Go Soo and Hwang Soo Jung.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Source: enewsworld, fuckyeahukiss

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TVXQ Add 4 Extra Performances To Their Dome Tour, ‘Expected To Attract 650,000+ Fans’

TVXQ have added extra performances to their ’5 Dome’ tour schedule.

Beginning in Saitama’s Super Arena (Stadium Mode) on the 27th of April, TVXQ will be the first non-Japanese Asian artistes to hold a ’5 Dome’ tour, also performing at the Tokyo Dome, Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, Fukuoka’s Yahoo! Japan Dome, the Sapporo Dome and the Nagoya Dome.

According to sources in Japan, one extra performance at the Nagoya Dome, two at the Kyocera Dome and one at the Tokyo Dome have been added to the original 12 performances. They will be performing at 6 different venues for a total of 16 concerts. Considering the fact that Tokyo Dome alone can hold up to 50,000 people per concert, the fact that the tour has been increased by four performances is an amazing feat.

TVXQ are the first Korean artistes to be holding a ’5 Dome’ tour and the fourth non-Japanese artistes to do so, following Bon Jovi (2003), the Eagles (2004) and Billy Joel (2006). Including all the Japanese artistes who have held ’5 Dome’ tours still makes TVXQ the 16th artistes to do so. With the experience of bringing in over 550,000 fans to their nationwide tour last year, many are excited to see what TVXQ have planned for this year’s tour.

TVXQ will be kicking off their tour on the 6th of March with the release of their new Japanese album ‘Time’.

Meanwhile, TVXQ are currently focusing on their individual activities in Korea. Max Changmin is working on KBS 2TV’s variety show ‘Moonlight Prince’ while U-Know Yunho is starring in SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’.

Source: newsen and sharingyoochun
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Loner Frogger and Key air out their laundry and fanfic level misunderstandings

recently explained the miscommunication that took place between himself and fellow SHINee member Key.

On February 19, MBC aired “SHINee’s Wonderful Day,” which featured the SHINee members taking adventures to different countries in preparation for their next album. On this occasion, Minho and Key decided to travel together to the country of Britain. However the two had wished to enjoy their travels alone and ran into a couple of minor disputes.

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Source: Soompi

I found the story kind of sad and endearing at the same time. Key you just wanted to break his icy exterior didn't you?