February 22nd, 2013

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A’st1′s Sung In Kyu passes away at the age of 24 after fight with cancer

Sung In Kyu, former member of disbanded DSP Entertainment group A’st1, has passed away on the 22nd after his battle with cancer at the young age of 24.

The singer’s wake is currently being held at the funeral center of the Asan Hospital, where family and friends have gathered to pay their respects. Sung In Kyu previously revealed his diagnosis with thymus cancer through a touching letter to his fans back in 2011. Since then, he had been fighting his battle with the disease through continuous chemotherapy treatments.

Park Jung Jin bid farewell to his fellow member on his Twitter, writing “In Kyu, a dongseng who I promoted with as a member of A’st1 has passed away today. He must have had a difficult time undergoing chemotherapy but he always answered the phone with a cheerful voice, that was the kind of person In Kyu was. I hope he will be able to close his eyes in peace now in heaven.”

Sung In Kyu made his debut as a member of A’st1 back in 2008. The group promoted songs like “Dynamite” and also sang the OST song “Yearning of the Heart” for the hit drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘.

May he rest in peace, and our hearts go out to all his loved ones.

source: akp, star news, money today

omgosh. this is so heartbreaking. my condolences goes out to his loved ones. R.I.P :(

BIGBANG Reflect on Their World Tour in Exclusive Q&A


So, really, how big are K-pop sensations BIGBANG? The indomitable boy band has been covered extensively in the media for international chart success (their Korean "Alive" EP charted on the Billboard 200), YouTube clicks (over half a billion official views) and scandals (usually a career killer in Korea). But, perhaps, the stats from their first world tour speaks loudest.

BIGBANG has seemingly locked down their title as one of K-pop's reigning megastars with one of the highest-grossing tours in K-pop history. The five members--G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung -- embarked their very first, world tour, "BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour," on March 2, 2012.

The outing hit markets in 24 cities of 12 countries for a total of 48 shows (19 shows in Japan, six in South Korea, four in the U.S., three each in China and Hong Kong, two each in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and the U.K. and one each in The Philippines, Malaysia and Peru). In 10 months time, the group traveled 89,000 miles through the Americas, Europe and Asia.
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'A' requests to be tested for drug analysis

shi hoo bastard
While actor Park Si-hoo has been charged with the rape of a young woman, this woman 'A' has asked to be checked for drugs.

The Western Seoul Police Station has submitted 'A's hair, urine and blood samples to the the National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory.

Meanwhile, wannabe star 'A' reported actor Park Si-hoo for rape on the 15th. She claimed he raped her while she was drunk.

Park claimed through a media source, "The intercourse was mutual and there was no force".

Park also claimed that he was going to oblige to the police's biddings to prove himself innocent.

He will be investigated this 24th.
Credits : tv reports
Source : Hancinema

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Veteran actress Lee Mi Sook loses appeals trial

Lee Mi-sook
, a veteran actress who has been embroiled in a boy-toy scandal, lost an appeals trial in which her former agency filed a damage suit against Lee for breaching her contract.

The Seoul High Court ruled yesterday that Lee should pay 120 million won ($110,604) to her former agency, The Contents Media.
Back in January 2009, The Contents Media filed a lawsuit against Lee demanding 200 million won in damages, claiming that she broke the four-year exclusive contract she signed in 2006.
The agency has been in hot water with the actress over the scandal. It has been alleged that the star was involved in a romantic relationship with a man 17 years her junior, and that the agency had to pay large amounts of money to the young former lover to keep him quiet to keep the affair a secret.
Despite the scandals, Lee continues to pursue her acting career. Currently, she is appearing as the host of JTBC's "Miracle Korea". She has also been cast in a new KBS2 drama which will be aired from March 9.

By Ahn Joo-hee contributing writer
Credits : Korea JoongAng Daiy
Source : Hancinema

HUH @ her ex agency releasing the info about her affair partly to shame on her and win the trial...
ichiro(?) hitomi

more than 10,000 people signed up for Teen Top Showcase

-The moment the event was launched, there were overwhelming replies! “The highest participation amongst recent events”
More than 10,000 people signed up for Teen Top’s Showcase event, it ended in fierce competition.
From the 14th to the 20th, there was a lottery event based on the people who wrote supportive replies on the Melon homepage for Teen Top’s new album and Showcase Invitation event.
This event gathered more than 10,000 replies fighting for 300 slots (2 tickets per person), thus showing the fierce competition.
A representative from Melon said “We didn’t expect so many replies. I think it has the fiercest competition amongst recent events”

Just like the anticipation for Teen Top’s showcase, there was high demand for the preordering of 1st full album ‘No.1’ limited edition.
The preorder started on the 19th on the online album sites and within few hours, the album went out of stock leading to many phone calls from the fans.

On the other hand, Teen Top will be holding ‘TEENTOP FIRST ALBUM SHOWCASE’ on 26 February at Seoul Mapogu Seogyodong Interpark Arts Centre.

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Lina's Interview in February Issue of Elle Korea 2013

Born in 1984, Lina worked in Korea and overseas as a member of CSJH The Grace before transforming herself in a musical actress. Now, she is surprisingly cast into playing the elegant queen, Munmyeong (Munhee) in KBS1’s historical drama ‘Dream of the Emperor’.

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Source & Initial Translation from isso.tistory.com
Cleaned up translation by... well, me after some extensive re-reading of the actual article. :)

She's so pretty.....

I just--I can't. /sobs

EDIT: "Dream of Emperor" is on KBS World, every Sat&Sun at 9:40pm KST (8:40pm at GMT8+).

Billboard Gives PSY a Robbery for Life

8 Songs That Would Have Hit No. 1 If “Billboard” Had Counted YouTube Views

The rules are different now, but some artists were robbed of their rightful glory.

Billboard made a significant change in how they calculate their Hot 100 chart this week by adding YouTube streaming data to their method of determining chart placement. As a result, Baauer's "Harlem Shake" is the first song to benefit from the change, debuting at No. 1, which is great for "Harlem Shake" but sucks for all these other songs that had videos everyone watched before Billboard cared.

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Source: Buzzfeed


Bits of SHINee news for your perusal~~

SHINee on Mnet Wide News (english subs in annotations~)
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subs source: madmanictqy@youtube

Interview with L'officiel Hommes
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source: L'officiel Hommes Korea
translated by kimchi hana @ shineee.net

SHINee invites you to their Google+ Hangout

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source: smtown

Bonus: my favorite K-indie group Glen Check just released a remix of SHINee's Hello, which you can listen to here~ I've been jamming for a while. **Glen Check had to take this remix down for some reason, but if you're interested, hit me up and I miiiiight be able to help you out.

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Park Shi Hoo's junior is facing lawsuit for sexual assault

Article: [Exclusive] Park Shi Hoo's junior also facing lawsuit for sexual assault
Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+462, -15] What the hell? So they took turns with her?
2. [+421, -21] Crazy... I'm going to throw up..
3. [+114, -20] Even disgusting ba$tards like Lee Soo Geun come ou on TV just fine while using his wife's disease as an excuse to gain sympathy. Park Shi Hoo can have a threesome and sexual assault controversy under his name but all he needs to do is give the girl a bit of cash and get banned for a few months before we see him out on TV again. Does he think he can use Lee Soo Geun as an example to do whatever he wants? Kick Lee Soo Geun out of TV first and then Park Shi Hoo.
4. [+109, -15] I've only ever heard of people having threesomes through stories.... Who knew that I'd hear it from a popular celebrity~ tsk tsk... Once it's confirmed that the woman isn't lying and the NSCIL confirm that there were drugs in her system, he's bye bye forever~
5. [+89, -11] How is this case going down the similar route to Lee Soo Geun and that manager ba$tard raping one woman together...
6. [+86, -1] Ah what the fu*k, I thought all this time Park Shi Hoo had been bitten by a kkot-baem but he was a trashy ba$tard all along ㅋㅋㅋ Piss off from the small screen forever, you ba$tard

Article: [Exclusive] Park Shi Hoo's junior also facing lawsuit for sexual assault
Source: News 1 via Naver

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Article: Park Shi Hoo and male celebrity with him face lawsuit 'controversy'
Source: Star News via Nate
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source : netizenbuzz

sorry mods.

F.T. Island’s Hongki and Fujii Mina confirmed for world version of ‘We Got Married’

It turns out F.T. Island‘s Hongki was giving his fans a huge hint when he tweeted about international marriage.

Hongki will be pairing up with Japanese actress Fujii Mina for the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married‘, and the new on-screen couple have already filmed for the first episode.

Fujii Mina recently starred in SBS‘ ‘King of Drama‘. She’s reported to have decided to debut in Korea because she’s a fan of K-dramas.

Sony Network and ‘We Got Married’ are working together to broadcast the world version in China, Taiwan, India, Australia, and 38 other countries. There are also plans for the show to be streamed via YouTube.

In related news, 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Taiwanese idol Wu Ying Jie (stage name Gui Gui) have also been cast as a couple on the international ‘We Got Married’.

Did you expect this?

Source: AKP via TV Daily, Newsen, Star News

mirrors lies

Lim Hyunsik Sik Sense special feature - BTOB lives up to the title of their debut song

Basically a bunch of priceless moments, like Eunkwang's failed aegyo, Ilhoon and Sungjae dancing to EXO and getting it on (Penjae is sinking), Changsub ignoring the maknae who wants to play, Minhyuk omma taking care of maknae line...

source: theunitedcube

omg finally Ilhoon got rid of hearts in his hair
(that last clip is like taken yesterday during ucc in japan, and fyi they are rapping ilhoon's part in 2yoon nightmare)

Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

Forever Flawless Guy Number 3 Lee Donghae for Cosmopolitan March 2013

Forever Guy Number 3 (Namja Samho) Lee Donghae of Super Junior placed 3rd as the "Most Romantic Guy" in Arirang's K-Pop Award. Donghae served up the romance, posing as the perfect groom, by participating in a wedding theme photoshoot for Cosmopolitan's March 2013 Issue. Currently, Donghae is in Taiwan for Super Junior M promotions, having opened a Belgium Waffles cafe, The Grand Place, with his cousin in Taiwan. Donghae and Super Junior M members Zhoumi, Siwon and Eunhyuk visited The Grand Place where over 500 fans were waiting for them in Taipei.

Below is Donghae's photoshoot from Cosmopolitan, as well as Donghae's cut from Arirang's "Most Romantic Guy" segment and Taiwan's Apple Daily News reporting about Donghae's visit to The Grand Place with SJM.

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Photoshoot Image Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea's website
Youtube Video Credits: laulau1233 for Arirang | and laulau1233 for Taiwan's Apple Daily News

You guys have no idea how tempted I was to make the title: "Donghae Got MARRIED. HUZZAH."