February 28th, 2013


Tablo! Music! Food! Booze! Scandal!

Tablo will be accompanying his friend Yankie in a collaboration track, ‘I.N.D.O’ [I Never Die Out]. The song will be a part of Ameoba Culture’s “NOWworkend” project album which will be released on the 28th.

Mealtime with Epik High

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Kang Hye Jung raided Tablo’s drawers out of jealousy?

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Words of wisdom from a master wordsmith

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Park Si Hoo’s sexual assault case kills foreign distribution rights for ‘Chungdamdong Alice’

Thanks to the current controversy over one of its leading actors, Park Si Hoo, the SBS drama ‘Chungdamdong Alice‘ has run into a brick wall over foreign distribution rights.

Although the drama was slated to go into negotiations over its asking price with foreign buyers at the end of February, all plans were put on hold after Park Si Hoo became embroiled in a sexual assault scandal, which has yet to conclude.

“All of the countries, including Japan and China, have stepped away from the negotiating table, all of the scheduled talks have been put on hold.” an SBS representative rued.

The representative added, “The conclusion of this controversy will determine the foreign buying power of ‘Chungdamdong Alice’… In a worst-case scenario, the drama won’t be able to be sold at all.”

As Korean dramas are quite popular, high fees are usually negotiated for the rights to air the drama on TV stations in countries across Asia.

Source: Allkpop (they didn't give any Korean sites as sources, so I assume they wrote this themselves)

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More details about D-Unit’s 4th member + their 2nd album

new girl

D-Unit have some more eye candy [wow can they not she's literally 14] in store with the addition of a very pretty 4th member and are now teasing with a blurred out photo as well as dropping details on their upcoming album, Affirmative Chap.1!

In a previous article, D-Unit’s agency surprised fans as they announced their plans to bring in a new member who “possesses extreme beauty”. The member chosen is said to have been recommended by Block B‘s Zico, who is producing their upcoming album.

Since then, the agency has revealed some new information about this very pretty member: “D-Unit’s new member is a former model and child actress. She possesses beautiful visuals and will be 16 years old this year [Korean age], making her the youngest idol star of the current music scene.”

They haven’t yet addressed the most important detail yet though, as there is no mention about what role she will serve in the group. Will she be singing? Rapping? Or will she just be simply serving as a visual? We have no choice but to wait to see for ourselves, and trust that Zico has recommended her on the basis of talent as well.

As for their album, D-Unit will be returning with their 2nd studio album which will be split up into two chapters. Chapter 1 will feature 7 tracks and will be released on March 4th while Chapter 2 will include six tracks and be revealed soon after.

Despite being in the midst of controversy with his label, Zico willingly took the time to help D-Unit by producing both title tracks of each chapter of the album.

Stay tuned for the first chapter on March 4th and more details regarding the new member!

src: OSEN via nate via akp

There was a post here the other day saying their new album would have 22 tracks on it but that was a miscommunication between D-Business and the media outlets. What it was supposed to say is that D-Unit will have released 22 tracks in total since their debut up til both chapters of Affirmative are out. So if that sounded a bit too ambitious or excessive to you that was a good instinct hey good for you!

src: DBusinessENT me2day
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UJin making trouble w/ a lucky fan

Thanks for stopping by & pls anticipate Affirmative Chapters 1 & 2!

src: Stay_Luv @ twitter [they have since deleted the tweet], TV Report via nate, KOMCA via d-units, kpopmart for the tracklisting, ASxTara & beafangirl @ tumblr for the lovely gif~
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Fans come out with "rebuttal evidence" against Changtoria "dating evidence"

The "rebuttal evidence" are caps of Changmin saying his ideal women are Han Ga In and Kang Sora...

The part where he "supposedly knows Victoria's sleeping habits" was actually hinted to him by Yoo Jae Suk...

The picture that looked like he was holding hands with Victoria was actually just them passing by each other with a short greeting...

The "couple cell phone chain" is just a coincidence because the chain is a series of birthday chains that has a color for each month. Since they're both born in February, they will obviously have the same color chain.

The "taking the same plane" evidence is also false because the same plane was ridden by all of TVXQ, f(x), and other SM artists.

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Sources: netizenbuzz Sports Seoul


U-Kiss 3rd Full Length Album Details!!!

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Sources: U-Kiss official Fan Cafe (you have to be a member to view it) @UKISS_intl (the official international a.k.a. English Twitter account of U-Kiss) @rocketboxx (a large international U-Kiss forum)

I was just bemoaning the lack of info, and here (some) of it is! Yay!
So it looks like their doing the same thing they did for the last full length album, Neverland, by having members have duets to fill it out. Where are Dongho and Kiseop's song? I'm hopping it just wasn't mentioned. And I think we all thought the title track was Collage after the last post. lol It's Standing Still. I'm very curious was the MV will look like. Watch NHM surprise us and release it on the 7th.

Am I making too many U-Kiss posts lately? Do people even mind about that?
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Another entertainment CEO arrested for frauding and sexually harrassing trainees

One entertainment company CEO has been arrested by the police for habitually sexually harassing his trainees and stealing their money.

The Gangnam police revealed that company ceo 'A' (29) had allegedly frauded a group of trainees out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and is also under suspicion of sexually harassing them. According to the police, A set up a company in 2010 in several major cities and took in trainees, promising them, "I will debut you within six months."

A had forced them to pay security deposit fees ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 USD to prevent them from switching to other companies and frauded 30 trainees out of a total of $220,000 USD.

He would also routinely ask his female trainees like Park (16) that he needed to check whether they had stomach fat or not and sexually harass them whenever he wanted to.

Last January, Seo (19) had asked for a refund on her security deposit, causing him to lash out at her by striking her with a wooden stick along with verbal profanity, leading her to be hospitalized for three weeks.

A in actuality had no power to debut any of his trainees as singers and never had any intentions of returning their deposits.
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April will tell if Psy will stay a “one hit wonder”


We all know “Gangnam Style” has been overplayed, and it’s no secret that too much of a good thing can lead to its downfall. With ’Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ even reminding everyone of that recently with a parody clip depicting the end of Psy’s career, all eyes are on Psy and how he’ll fare with his new song.

It’s been seven months since “Gangnam Style” first came out, and the singer is still enjoying much success in other parts of the word with the song. He’s still the #1 Most Watched video on YouTube, and he’s still gaining a significant amount of views per day. But even he’s admitted before – the song’s pretty much lived its life. Now’s the time for a new song to come up, and it’s been revealed that the release is scheduled for April!

He’s been hinting at the new song for ages, how it was supposed to have been released in January, but of course kept getting pushed back, which is not surprising considering that he is under YG Entertainment. But it’s finally ready now and currently planned for an April release date.
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Source: Allkpop, Sports World

Taecyeon accepted to Korea University graduate school + Orientation

2PM, the 6-membered boygroup's, Taecyeon have been accepted to Korea University Graduate School.

A representative from JYP Entertainment stated, “Taecyeon has recently received his acceptance notice from Korea University Graduate School 'Department of Humanities and Social Studies' and 'International Business Management.' Such good results have managed to come out of his own hard work."

It has also been revealed that after Taecyeon graduated from Dankook University with a degree in "International Business Management," he's been preparing for the Graduate School examinations since December last year. Taecyeon has been refraining from being involved in solo activities in order to obtain the chance of only focusing on doing activities as a member of 2PM and going through graduate school life. Taecyeon has been gathering attention for his enthusiasm, not only towards his activities as a singer, but also towards his studies, with the news of Taecyeon scoring a perfect grade on his TOEIC exam last year.

He is still considering whether to attend the upcoming graduate school orientation on the 27th, and he's scheduled to start attending graduate school starting next month. 2PM, on the other hand, are scheduled to have a concert in Tokyo Dome this upcoming April.


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130228 M! Countdown

Full Episode

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:01:13 DASONI (EXID) – Goodbye
00:06:47 NU'EST – Hello
00:09:51 9MUSES – Dolls
00:14:20 Kim Tae Woo – Where The Wind Blows
00:18:26 SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
00:21:56 Two X – Ring Ma Bell
00:25:47 Hyungdon & Daejune – Get Out
00:30:06 Backstage w/ TEENTOP
00:31:23 TOXIC – Pheromone
00:37:21 Verbal Jint feat. Kang Minhee (Miss $) – Good Start + If It Ain't Love
00:43:36 Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
00:46:40 Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl
00:51:24 SISTAR19 – A Girl In Love + Gone Not Around Any Longer
00:59:09 TEENTOP – Missing You + Miss Right
01:08:00 Huh Gak – 1440
01:11:12 SHINee – Dream Girl
01:15:41 This Week's Winner + Encore

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sources: KMusicLiveShow2, 뚜 껑, misslovers01, Mnet, kpopstreamonline02

G-Dragon tells fans to stay away from his house


G-Dragon seems to have a bad case of sasaeng fans.

The Big Bang member expressed his frustration over the constant invasion of his and his family’s privacy by overly-obsessive fans. On February 28th at 6:30PM KST, G-Dragon tweeted, “These days, even young kids show up at my house. Up to my front door… I understand, but this is too much. My mom and older sister get startled when they come home at night. Don’t hide. Please don’t come to my house.”

Sane fans responded, “Sasaeng fans aren’t real fans”, “Celebrities are people too. Let’s protect their private lives”, and more.

Considering that this isn’t a new problem in the K-pop world, what are your thoughts on the topic?


Super Junior's Kangin charity project in Vietnam by InStyle mag

Falling into place for our upcoming month of goodwill, fashion magazine, InStyle released the pictorial from the charity project created by NGO, Good Neighbors, with Super Junior’s Kangin.


Flying over to Vietnam to volunteer his time didn’t come easily for Kangin as he wondered if the meaning of volunteering would fade away with his presence or if his sincerity would be distorted in the process.

However once he was told that he would be spending time with children, he pushed all thoughts away and got on a plane to Vietnam.

One favor he had was to have the title, ‘volunteer’ be erased, since he was going to Vietnam to play and have fun with children.

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Among these is MR.MR's story? +a few old videos with subs

MR.MR Ryu: “Pizza Master”-“7 years older”-“Hand smell” in the midst of this is my story?

((The interviews are set up as: some facts that you're supposed to guess true/false, followed by the member's story.))

1. When I was 20 years old I tried chicken feet and intestines for the first time.
=“I tried chicken feet for the first time when I was 20 years old but I’ve liked intestines for for a long time. Although my way was to avoid foods that I thought were scary, I tried intestines for the first time when I was on the way to high school and it was delicious as I expected.”

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source: Economy Today, 2, 3, 4, 5 | translations: misoandmrmr, 2, 3, 4, 5

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This article is my first time translating something so long. There are probably mistakes and it's pretty awkward but I did my best. (9*^*)9 Doyeon's interview was my favorite~
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GD & SNSD's Jessica Crowned Fashion King & Queen


Which idols did stylists pick as the best fashionistas?

The February 28th episode of Y-Star‘s ‘GoongGeumTa‘ tackled this very topic as the show finally moved past looking at the fortunes of various celebrities, shifting their focus to fashion rankings.

Stylists were called onto the show to rank various idols on their everyday fashion sense. For the males, various members from eight boy bands including Super Junior, B2ST, MBLAQ, Big Bang, and SHINee were ranked. Out of the male idols, G-Dragon was ultimately chosen as the King of fashion. The stylists complimented on his own unique style and while some of his clothing may look bizarre to the masses, he still exudes confidence no matter what he wears.

For the females, various members from eight girl groups were judged including 2NE1, f(x), SISTAR, miss A, 4minute, and Girls’ Generation. In the end, Jessica was crowned the Queen of idol fashion with the stylists reasoning that she has her own charming fashion style and can look good in almost anything.


Who would you pick as the best fashionistas?
Sources: Allkpop

Note/ I have to say that most idols that I've seen dress pretty well...of course we have the Stylist to thank mostly for that.
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Jo In Sung news and photoshoots megapost + Kim Bum photoshoots


Despite a drop in ratings, SBS’s “That Winter, The Wind Blows” still maintained its lead in the Wed/Thurs night drama time slot.

According to AGB Nielsen, Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung’s comeback drama recorded 13% for its latest episode. KBS’s “IRIS 2” barely avoided coming in last with 10.1%, however, it could not avoid its continuing slide. MBC’s “Level 7 Civil Servant” was right behind with 10.0%.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” marks Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung’s comeback to the small screen. The melodrama is about a man and woman, who don’t believe in love. Song Hye Gyo takes on the role of Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate. She lost both her parents and her eyesight, making her extremely self-protecting and lonely. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo, a playboy and a gambler who lives a meaningless life. He sets his eyes on his next target, Oh Young, to repay an enormous amount of debt. While he approaches her for money, he ends up falling in love with her.

source: soompi + nate

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source: soompi + @krungy21

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source: soompi + news1

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source: enewsworld + tvreport

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source: couchkimchi newsen movieweek

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source: couchkimchi

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS MAN. idk how many times i say that while watching this drama but the camera just loves him and his sexy long body sfm, he gives me all these crazy feels ;33 and im addicted with TWTWB, best drama out right now. and mods pls jo in sung tag :'D

Kim Ha Neul Cast in Movie “The Day's Mood”


Actress Kim Ha Neul is the lead role for upcoming movie “The Day's Mood.”

It was recently revealed that the actress was selected to play the lead role in movie “The Day's Mood.”

The movie is about a couple who meet on the KTX train, and travel to Busan together, spending a whole day together, and exploring the city, that is unknown to them.

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source: kdramastarz

Yoon Shi Yoon Shares his Love for Books


It’s no hidden secret that he’s can’t let go of his books, but appearing on SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, Yoon Shi Yoon revealed just how much he loves his books.

In the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ segment on the entertainment news program, aired on February 27, Yoon Shi Yoon said his wish was to find the book, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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source: enewsworld

This makes him 1000x more attractive (and he was always cute). The smell of books is amazing, and so is the idea of an in-home library!

Wonder Boys have competition with BROTHER19

'BROTHER19' (Roh Ji Hoon & Eric Nam) to perform “Ma Girl” on 'Birth of a Great Star 3'

'Former "Birth of a Great Star' contestants Roh Ji Hoon and Eric Nam, who have both kicked off their solo debuts, are coming together to collaborate for a performance that should prove to be quite interesting to watch!

Roh Ji Hoon hinted at the upcoming collaboration, sharing on his Twitter, “A cut with Eric Nam hyung… Be excited… Collaboration? Hyung what are we going to do!!!! Ah.”

Well, we now know what’s up as it’s been announced that the two singers will be coming together to perform “Ma Girl“. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? If you guessed SISTAR19, you’re right, since this will be their version of “Ma Boy“!

Eric Nam further confirmed the news and revealed the name of their unit as he replied to Roh Ji Hoon, “With Ji Hoon… Oh my god. What do we do! Let’s do our best! BROTHER19.”

This special collaboration will be aired on ‘Birth of a Great Star 3′s March 1st broadcast at 9:55PM KST, so don’t miss it!

Source: allkpop

Quick! BB Zelo Needs Noona Hugs!


TS Entertainment released a video clip of Zelo from B.A.P‘s first independent concert, “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL.” The revealed clip shows Zelo weeping while reading a letter to his parents during the encore stage. He read, “Mom, dad, do you remember? When I was in 5th grade, I travelled from Mokpo to Gwangju and back, spending four hours on the road, just because I wanted to learn music.”

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sources: soompi and TSENT2008 translation by x-iahtic

Edit: Added a translation of the letter!