March 3rd, 2013

Most popular male celebrities in the gay community

2009-2010: 1. Kikwang 2. Nichkhun 3. Wooyoung 4. Rain/Seungri 5. Other artist 6. Taecyeon, Yunho, Taeyang, 7. G-Dragon
Post that dissects the most popular male celebrities through the years starting from 2005 to present determined by surveys held in gay communities for teens~20s.

From 2005~2006, Super Junior's Kibum was the most popular celebrity on gay cafes, making him the "first generation".

Big Bang's Seungri then received the baton and created a 'younger male craze'. Anyone that had his style would be picked as the most popular date at gay meet ups.

2PM's Nichkhun and Wooyoung then earned unprecedented popularity in the gay community to the point where some even wondered if 2PM as a group was created with the gay community in line. Although their popularity was brief, the 'Wooyoung syndrome' left a huge impact, as both older and younger gays adored him.

B2ST's Kikwang then started the fourth generation as a 'bagel boy', baby face with a hot body. In a 2009-2010 poll, Kikwang earned 24% of the votes, with Nichkhun earning 20%, and Wooyoung earning 18%.

Most recently, the fifth generation was opened up with EXO-K's D.O. He's the most popular with the older community.


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Source: Instiz via NetizenBuzz

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Some weird pictures of TVXQ for Lafuma

I'm going to post all the pics under the cut because they're huge.

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Sources: shared by sharingyoochun and scans by ultratvxq



It's funny how this is a clothing brand, but the pics are just with their faces lol. Not that I'm complaining.

Also, mods, sorry I'm not uploading it with photobucket, but I'm running out of space on LJ and I made the account on photobucket for this purpose, so the pics won't get deleted.
for OMTD

Dream Machine (Yet another article on K-Pop by western media)

In the early hours of the morning when Beatrice Phan finally shuts down her computer, she goes to bed with a handful of soft toys and her idols: boys with chiselled jaw-lines, straight noses, full lips, lustrous hair and most likely a bit of eyeliner. Perfect boys, pretty boys, boys who look like girls, the boy next door, the foppish, the sultry, the wholesome.

"Like, even when I go to sleep I do dream about them sometimes," says Phan, a 17-year-old with long bleached hair who lives with her Vietnamese-Australian parents and sister in a neat house in an affluent inner-west Sydney neighbourhood. The walls of the teenager's upstairs bedroom are wallpapered with posters of her boys - boys from her favourite Korean pop music groups with names like TVXQ and 2PM and SHINee. "I fantasise a lot of, like, stories in my head where we magically meet and then we start dating or something.”

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Source: smh lifestyle

Really long and we've heard it all before, but there's some interesting interviews with Brian Joo and GLAM in there. Still surprised that someone from my city actually bothered to make an article about K-Pop.

Trailer and stills for contagion thriller The Virus

OCN’s new viral epidemic series The Virus starts this Friday (I know! Where does the time go??) and it looks like a fun ride… well, if you enjoy being creeped out by apocalyptic mutant viruses out to destroy the human race. What’s not to like? Eom Ki-joon headlines as Hazmat Hero, the CDC viral specialist who heads up an emergency task force when a virus with a 100% kill rate spreads throughout the population. I do enjoy that this show’s ragtag team will consist of nerdy do-gooders with high IQs.

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130303 Inkigayo

Full Episode

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:00:05 SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
00:05:00 The Nuts – Love Note
00:07:51 NU'EST – Hello
00:11:22 DASONI (EXID) – Goodbye
00:15:41 MR.MR – Highway
00:19:12 U-KISS comeback teaser
00:19:25 Jevice – Cause Of U
00:22:22 Verbal Jint feat. Kang Minhee (Miss $) – If It Ain't Love
00:25:28 Two X – Ring Ma Bell
00:29:15 SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
00:32:46 Jang Hee Young – You Are So Cruel
00:36:34 VIXX – On And On
00:39:50 2AM comeback teaser
00:40:02 9MUSES – Dolls
00:43:10 ALi – Erase
00:46:20 Interview w/ TEEN TOP
00:48:42 B.A.P – One Shot
00:52:38 Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl
00:56:03 Gummy – Snow Flower
00:59:27 Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
01:03:14 TEEN TOP – Missing You + Miss Right
01:10:34 SHINee – Dream Girl

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sources: KhoaiLangKpop, gagaspiritful, KMusicLiveSBS, Xianshu Jin
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Teasers, stills, and character info for Nine (+ Cute Oppa for Allure Korea)


One more week to go before tvN’s new time travel drama Nine (the full title is Nine: Nine Time Travels) premieres, and we’ve finally got a story direction along with new posters and teasers… and the character info is a doozy. Lee Jin-wook and Jo Yoon-hee star in the fantasy melodrama from the producers behind Queen Inhyun’s Man about a hero who gets to travel twenty years back in time. The question was whether he’d be going back to reclaim a love or perhaps save her, since the teasers seemed to all point to her disappearing, but it turns out it’s the opposite: it’s the hero who’s on his deathbed and racing to save himself.

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Credits : dramabeans

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Credits : Allure korea

SHINee Gettin Crunk at Club Octagon


SHINee thanked their fans for the enormous support they’ve received with “Dream Girl“. To celebrate the success of their latest comeback, the idol group held a guerilla concert at the Octagon club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd at 1AM KST.

SHINee performed their new single “Dream Girl” as well as remix versions of their past hit songs. Taemin recently turned 20 years old, making all of the members of SHINee old enough to enter the club.

Don’t you wish you could’ve been there?

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Sources: AllKpop, YT videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

KBS cancels Kang Ho Dong’s ‘Moonlight Prince’

After several weeks of limping along with less-than-stellar ratings, KBS has finally pulled the plug on one of Kang Ho Dong‘s ambitious comeback programs, ‘Moonlight Prince‘.

Also featuring Tak Jae Hoon and TVXQ‘s Changmin, the show revolved around a discussion on a weekly selection of books. Despite the good intentions of the program, the show failed to capture an audience, losing out to its competitors such as SBS‘s ‘Incarnation‘.

The final recording of ‘Moonlight Prince’ will take place on March 6th, with the follow-up program currently under discussion.

Source: Kuki News via Nate + akp

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🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

SBS ‘Inkigayo’ revives chart rankings

After a few months of experimenting with a ‘no-rank’ system, SBS‘s music program ‘Inkigayo‘ has announced a return to its original charting system, with a weekly winner to be announced once again.

The original ‘Mutizen chart’ was abandoned last year, and consisted of an aggregate score based on music sales, fan voting, broadcast points, and professional research.

The new ‘Inkigayo chart’, created in cooperation with the Gaon Chart, will reduce the number of factors to only the music sales and fan voting. The top 50 songs of the week will be put up for a vote, and fans will be able to cast their vote once a week through SBS’s official mobile app, SOTY.

‘Inkigayo’ will be returning to its ranking system starting on March 17th. The free SOTY app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. Let the voting begin!

Source: Official ‘Inkigayo’ homepage, MyDaily + akp
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Running Man Ep 133 & 134 discussion post

Episode 133: "The Secret of 9 Sabers (Part 1) - Running Man Asia Tour (Macau & Vietnam)"
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): February 17, 2013 (February 3, 2013)
Guests: Han Hye Jin and Lee Dong Wook (1st time guesting on RM for both)
Yellow Team : Han Hye Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa
Green Team : Lee Dong Wook, Kang Gary, Song Ji Hyo
Red Team : Kim Jong Kook (leg injured), Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin

Recap from Dramabeans
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Episode 134: "The Secret of 9 Sabers (Part 2) - Running Man Asia Tour (Macau & Vietnam)"
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): February 24, 2013 (February 4, 2013)
Guests: Han Hye Jin and Lee Dong Wook
Yellow Team : Han Hye Jin, Kang Gary, HaHa
Blue Team : Lee Dong Wook, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook (leg injured)
Green Team : Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin

Recap from Dramabeans
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[(Spoiler) Winner]Eliminate the other teams and solve the Secret of Nine Swords: Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Ha-ha, Han Hye Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Wook

Sources: kshownow 133 + 134 | runningmanclub 133 + 134 | RM Wiki page

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Rookie group EXO expected to release album near the end of March

Instiz EXO

After waiting for nearly a year, it seems rookie group EXO will be making their return with the release of a new album later this month. A Twitter message as well as countdown on Korean website Instiz has revealed that the group is expected to be making its return.

EXO is a 12 member group under SM Entertainment which made their debut with the release of a mini album called "MAMA" on April 9th, 2012. For its release and promotions, the group was divided into EXO-M (Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Chen, Lay & Tao) and EXO-K (Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O., Kai & Sehun), who promoted in China and Korea respectively. This will be EXO's first comeback since their debut.

At the end of last month, asong called "Wolf" was leaked onto the internet, signaling a comeback might not be far off.

Though nothing concerning the type of release or actual comeback has been confirmed by SM Entertainment themselves, it is to be expected that more information will be revealed soon.

Source: Koreaboo and @Instiz