March 5th, 2013

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New rumored EXO song leaked

The following leaked song is rumored to be EXO's (especially based on the voices; this is the Korean version). You can listen to it here

I've also uploaded it on Soundcloud

HQ version

Credit: kris-si and me lol

I've re-submitted the post and double-checked with shanny_w, so it should be ok, as long as I specify that it's rumored. Those are their voices, though I'm aware non-fans aren't familiar with them. I hope it's ok! :)
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"Park has yet to present evidence showing that the sex was consensual", a police spokesman said

More information about the Kakaotalk messages brought up by Park Shi Hoo's law firm and not by the police.


Actor Park Si-hoo arrives at the Nokbeon Police Station in western Seoul for questioning on Friday.

Police plan to summon actor Park Si-hoo for further questioning on charges that he raped a 22-year-old aspiring actress. "We did not set a specific time to summon him and the next round of questioning may take place privately as he wishes", a police spokesman said.

Park finally appeared for questioning on Friday accompanied by his attorney and was grilled for about nine hours. He had repeatedly failed to obey a summons in the previous two weeks.

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Credits : Chosun , hancinema ,

So. We had all this media coverage about the police finding compromising Kakaotalk messages, completely ignoring the messages that confirm the lawsuit? And all that given by Park Shi Hoo's law firm? That the validity wasn't even confirmed by the police? I see, I see. Anyone has another article talking about it?

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Trainee ‘A’ reveals full KakaoTalk message history with Park Si Hoo’s hoobae.


With Park Si Hoo‘s side now taking the offense by firing back with lawsuits of their own, trainee ‘A’ and her legal team have revealed the full KakaoTalk message history between ‘A’, and Park Si Hoo’shoobae, Mr, Kim (‘K’).

Feeling that only certain parts of the KakaoTalk history between her and Mr. Kim, the one who introduced her to Park Si Hoo, were unfairly revealed last week, ‘A’s legal team has now released more of the conversation that took place the day after the night of the alleged sexual assault.

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Sources: Osen, Herald , akp

The media's releasing all of thi is insane. Media play needs to stop. I don't know why A's law firm felt the need to reveal it, perhap's because the police investigation is heavily influenced by Shi Hoo's media play?  Even if they said they would'nt use it as proof.


The Nugufest in Manila Everybody Laughed About Has a New Less-Nuguish Lineup

Remember this showcase in Manila featuring Tahiti and a bunch of other rookie groups? Well, the original February 9 play date was moved to March 31, but with a beefed-up lineup.

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Source: Philippine KPop Convention on Facebook, A noona's Twitter (1), (2), italicized parts translated and written by me

Yoo Seung Ho

Farewell Yoo Seung Ho! Yoo Seung Ho Officially Enlists in Army

Heartthrob actor Yoo Seung Ho (age 20) has recently and officially enlisted in the army for his mandatory military service.

Yoo Seung Ho was enlisted on March 5 at around 2PM, sent off by his agency’s CEO and his family. Sources from Yoo Seung Ho’s agency spoke with My Daily and said, “There was nothing special. It was the same as usual. He just said, ‘I’ll do a good job and come back.’”

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Source: Soompi

I'm going to miss him :'(

Fan Sign
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Educational Programs at Forefront of Sex Crime Prevention

Caption: This Jan. 26 file photo shows a group of activists and students urging President-elect Park Geun-hye to keep her campaign pledges on toughening punishments against sex offenders and establishing a human rights protection agency for children in front of the presidential transition committee in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. (Yonhap News)

In the wake of a series of high-profile sexual assaults against women and children last year, the government plans to expand education programs to prevent crimes and ensure better care of victims.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family plans to discuss the plan with experts from various fields on Feb. 22, the government-designated day for eradicating sexual violence against children.

Amid public outrage about sex crimes, the government and the parliament took measures last year to increase state support for victims and toughen punishment against offenders.

In addition, the government will provide extensive preventative education for children and adults designed to instruct people how to identify abuse, how to react and what to do afterward. The programs also would deter potential offenders by teaching people what acts constitute sexual crimes.

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S: Korea Herald

Thought it may be healthy for us to read about the affirmative, proactive steps SK gov't is attempting to make to prevent sex crimes...also, really surprised about the abolishment of the statute of limitations. really surprised.

Woo Bin for 'Esquire' and other Hot/QT-ness


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source: gilbakk

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source: fahreta jahic translation by undertheleaf

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source: Buckaroo Jeans @ Facebook

I know there's been a lot of Woo Bin posts lately, but things might start slowing down now. If you're like me you will miss them, if you think he's an ugly dino you can relax haha!
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Busker Busker signs with new label

Busker Busker has finally found a label to call home!

After the trio won ‘Superstar K3‘ in 2011, the group had an incredibly successful year in 2012, topping the charts with “Cherry Blossom Ending” and sweeping many rookie awards. Even through all that, Busker Busker had never really had a label to call home.

But last month, the group finally signed with a new label called ‘Chung Chun Music‘, meaning they’ll finally be having more promotions! Chung Chun Music said, “We recently signed Busker Busker and we’re now one family. We’re going to take in input from the members and also have solo activities. We respect Busker Busker’s passion and we’re going to support them so they can continue to create wonderful music.

The group has been suffering from a lot of rumors because of their lengthy hiatus, but it shouldn’t be too long before they release a new album. The presence of a label will apparently have almost no effect on the trio – Jang Bum Joon will still be focusing on making music while Brad and Kim Hyung Tae will also be focusing on their music. The management will only come in when they ask for their support. Chung Chun Music said, “The members do their music promotions freely, so we are going to only manage them when they want us too.”

Hopefully, the trio will comeback soon with amazing music!

source: akp

no busker busker tag, omona? idk how to tag this
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How much profit did SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment earn in 2012?

SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment revealed their Fiscal Year 2012 Earning Results.

The two companies released their total sales, revenue, and net profit for 2012. These results are tentative as an independent auditor needs to audit the earnings report for the stock holders, however, no big changes from the initial results are expected.

SM Entertainment, maintains their claim as the biggest label in the entertainment industry. They reported revenue of 168,560,155,987 KRW (approximately $154 million USD), which is a 53.5% increase from 2011. Deducting the wages of the workers and production costs from the revenue brings in 47,821,232,494 KRW (approximately $44 million USD), which is a 133.2% increase from 2011. The net profit (after calculating all expenses) has also increased 125.4% since 2011 to reach 37,177,156,185 KRW (approximately $34 million USD).

YG Entertainment had a total revenue of 99,724,863,668 KRW (approximately $91 million USD), a 59.4% increase from last year. Deducting the wages of workers and production costs brings in 18,544,672,845 KRW (approximately $17 million USD), a 20.3% increase from 2011. The net profit increased 45.4% from 2011 to reach 17,113,443,533 KRW (approximately $15.6 million USD).

JYP Entertainment has yet to release their results for 2012.

Source: Star News + akp


T-ARA!! Bunny Style DAY 12 + Private Book previews + Cyworld/Twitter updates

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Source: Stew SS @ YOUTUBE, Hyomin's cyworld, Qri's cyworld, Retro403 @ TWITTER, TransBot (2), MyT-ARA, Qri's Twitter

I need their new book in my hands ASAP. So proud of them and everything they're doing right now! Us T-ara fans have much to look forward to in the future.

P.S. HamKyul forever!