March 6th, 2013

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RaNia (minus Riko) to make a comeback + mv teaser!!

Although it comes as short notice, RaNia will be making a comeback after a six-month hiatus this week with the release of a mini album on the 8th!

The group made various announcements on their official fan cafe, but with quite a few announcements falling through and never really coming into action, fans have been waiting to see if they would keep their word this time around without any delays.

It seems plans are indeed finalized as they’ve released press releases today regarding their upcoming comeback with a new photo!

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source: akp + LOENENT

mods, sorry for posting so much lol, but please ignore my first post, the teaser just came out!
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princess sulli possibly hinting at f(x)'s comeback?

The anticipation of fans is being heightened by the message that girl group f(x)'s Sulli has left on her SNS.

On the 6th Sulli uploaded a photo in which she is making a cute expression along with the message, "Probably will see each other often now? Us?" on her Me2Day.

Fans are displaying hot interest, questioning whether Sulli's message is hinting at f(x)'s comeback or Sulli's solo activities. Fans expressed their anticipation with messages such as "Unnie, I want to meet with you quickly," and "I'm waiting for your comeback."

f(x) released their second mini album Electric Shock last June and received much love as well as high praise from many critics for the album's level of quality and completion.

Source: MyDaily via Nate & Sulli's Me2Day
Translation: 0wonhee @

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Ladies’ Code become pageant queens for ‘High Cut’


With their debut just around the corner, Ladies’ Code introduced themselves once again through a lovely pictorial for ‘High Cut‘ fashion magazine.

RiSe has pageant experience having been a contestant of the 2009 Miss Korea Competition as the finalist representing Japan region as a Japanese-born Korean, so it comes as no surprise that the girls channeled a pageant look for their first pictorial with their sashes adorned with their names.
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They're having a nice promo for a group that hasn't debuted yet

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Lee Hi to take on genres of jazz and rhythm and blues for ‘First Love’


Lee Hi may be only 16 years old (international age) but she sounds way beyond her years through her deep, soulful voice. It seems she will continue to use that soulful voice of hers to take on genres rarely heard in K-pop for her upcoming album, ‘First Love‘!

Lee Hi had music fans grooving along to her hit debut song “1, 2, 3, 4“, which had what is described as a retro soul sound, and the singer will continue to explore her musical options as she takes on genres of jazz, and rhythm and blues. Yang Hyun Suk,who directly participated in the directing the production for the album, stated, “Lee Hi’s first solo album will not be about ranking or popularity, and instead, will just focus on creating a masterpiece of an album.

Lee Hi’s album track list features the works of names like Teddy, Tablo, Choice 37, Masta Wu, Lydia Paek, Kush, and Realmee, leavings fans curious to see how these top names will have helped interpret genres rarely heard in K-pop.

Stay tuned for the release of Lee Hi’s first title track “It’s Over” and five other songs, which will be released on the 7th, as well as her second title track “Rose” and the rest of the album tracks on the 21st!

andy plz

Shinhwa Ajusshis making OP want chicken!

(that's not a euphemism, I seriously want some chicken now, so mission accomplished I guess!)

Subbed ver. on DailyMotion via adfly link
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Credits: Shinhwa Company official youtube (1) (2), ShinhwaForeverSubs @ tumblr

Only in Korea would there be teasers for a commercial. Only in Korea would I watch them. My favorite ajusshis are idiots..the best parts are them just dicking around in the background, lol.
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CNBLUE to release new Japanese single “Blind Love” this April


After taking everyone by storm with “I’m Sorry“, CNBLUE will release their 5th Japanese single “Blind Love” this April.

The idol band recently released their 4th mini-album ‘Re:BLUE‘, which topped charts in Japan before its official release on February 20th. To celebrate their Japanese comeback, the group will invite 500 lucky Japanese fans to an exclusive event in Tokyo on April 27th.

In other news, CNBLUE are in the midst of preparing for their first world tour ‘Blue Moon 2013‘. Fans can pick up a copy of CNBLUE’s concert DVD featuring the final concert of their tour ’CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012-COME ON‘ when it hits stores in Japan on the 2oth.

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Joo Won singss “Don’t Know How to Love” for 7th Grade Civil Servant

This is a remake of another song, and Joo Won previously expressed his difficulties with recording, as he said, “The original song [by AshGray] itself is a difficult song, so I had a lot of difficulties, but I tried hard to give a different feel from the original version. With the help of a talented composer, I finished the OST recording successfully.”

BubbleFeetMusicOST via Allkpop

MR.MR Interviews, Twitter Updates & Radio Pictures


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source: @thenmMRMR, 2, 3, 4, @zin0315

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source: [심심타파] 사진관 you can see the only myname pictures at the source

everything's slowing down a bit because Highway promotions are coming to an end;;; Of the video interviews I posted at the top there are still 3 more individual interviews and one group interview so I'll post those once I'm done subbing them~
kylo ren

Charity Post: YG rolling in dough; donates money to children <3

Yang Hyun Suk to donate $922,000 USD to help children in need

It’s been revealed that YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk will be donating around 1 billion KRW (approximately $922,000 USD) to help children in need.

As YG Entertainment had a very fruitful 2012, the company decided to pay dividends to its stockholders at around 300 won per share (approximately $0.28). As Yang Hyun Suk is the largest stockholder of YG Entertainment, holding around 3.6 million shares, the dividend of 300 won per share amounts to nearly 1 billion KRW.

A representative from YG Entertainment revealed, “From the start, CEO Yang Hyun Suk had been planning to donate the money he made from stocks. He thinks of it as the result of people showing love to YG Entertainment and its artists, so he’ll keep donating. With the donations, he’s going to help children that need surgery but don’t have the money. He hasn’t decided on any specifics, but he’s personally looking through people who need help, and he’s going to hand the money himself instead of giving it to a charity.”

Looks like making music isn’t the only thing the CEO is good at.

Sources: allkpop and dailian


That's actually very nice of him.

So if you had the money, Omona, to which charities would you donate? :)
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G.NA reveals second jacket picture + ‘Oops!’ to feature Nation's Cutie

Prior to her comeback, sexy soloist has revealed yet jacket picture for her title song ‘Oops!’.

G.NA who will be making her comeback with a new album on the 14th, has revealed her lovable and sexy charms through her jacket picture posted via Cube Entertainment’s official SNS.

With her fiery red hair, G.NA wore a unique T-shirt while showing off her collarbone.


G.NA's title track off her 4th mini-album BEAUTIFUL KISSES, "Oops!" was written by Lim Sanghyuk and Son Youngjin. It has a sweet melody that will captivate listeners and remind them of when they fell head over heels for someone. The lyrics also express a woman's affections for a younger man and whether he would accept her for who she is and become her boyfriend.

BTOB member Jung IlHoon featured his rap in the song, adding more sweetness to G.NA’s charming voice.

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sources: article - OSEN & translated by loveindacube, royalGNA; pictures - royalgna forum

noona love song... i bet hyunsik is in the mv, likes him a lot XD or at least someone from btob.
yay for cube giving ilhoon a featuring again! 14th come faster.
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BTOB Ilhoon talks about being Nation's Cutie, his noona, Weekly Idol, Sunggyu and more


The cute impersonation of ‘kyeomi player’ is still the hottest trend.

From idols to actors, the ‘kyeomi player’ which has become a hot topic on the online world, is gaining popularity as it evolves into a personal talent stars must have.

The criminal that created this addictive ‘One plus one equals kyeomi~’ trend among the online community was none other than male group BTOB’s member Jung IlHoon.

Last year October, Jung IlHoon appeared on MBC Everyone ‘Weekly Idol’ and has shown the ‘kyeomi player’ for the first time. (op note: the first time was actually on MTV Diary) Jung IlHoon’s ‘kyeomi player’ of counting from 1 to 6 with different and cute finger poses went viral on online community sites and various parodies of the ‘kyeomi player’ was later surfaced online.

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Source: TV Daily

lol @ 'slight psychological warfare' with sunggyu

Yoon Shi Yoon Interview with Korea JoongAng Daily


Yoon Si-yoon transformed his public image with an unconventional role as a free-spirited and fun-loving guy in "The Pretty Boy Next Door". By Yang Gwang-sam

Rising actor Yoon Si-yoon's roles have always seemed a perfect match. He debuted as a troubled yet considerate teenager in "High Kick Through The Roof" (2009) and was a patient and hard-working baker hopeful in "Bread, Love and Dreams" (2010). Just like his characters, Yoon, 26, is a considerate man of few words.

His recent role, however, broke the trend. Enrique Geum from "The Pretty Boy Next Door" arrives in Seoul from Spain and is a free-spirited, fun-loving and bubbly character who eventually falls in love with a lonely girl who has few friends (played by Park Sin-hye).

Though just 16 episodes, the cable drama on tvN has generated a lot of buzz, especially for Yoon's gifted portrayal of his unique character.

Ilgan Sports, the sports and entertainment daily of the JoongAng Ilbo, recently caught up with Yoon and bombarded him with questions about his recent role and immediate plans.

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source: Korea JoongAng Daily via hancinema

"1 Night 2 Days" to Undergo Changes including PD Swap


The popular real variety program, KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days will be going through some major changes, starting with a PD change.

On March 6, it was revealed through several KBS representatives that Choi Jae Hyung PD, aka Bird PD, as he′s called on the program, will be leaving the show. “It appears that Choi Jae Hyung PD will be leaving after the recording on March 15.”

Choi Jae Hyung PD’s replacement is currently under discussion, with Hello’s Lee Sae Hee PD named as a strong candidate. Lee Sae Hee PD has worked on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and Sang Sang Plus in the past.

With Choi Jae Hyung PD leaving the show, there may be some changes in staff and possibly the cast as well, but nothing is carved into stone as discussions for the show’s renovation are still taking place.

Choi Jae Hyung PD has been in charge of 1 Night 2 Days since March of 2012.

More info in the article about it on Dramabeans
source: enewsworld

OP's thoughts summarized: Bird PD was nice but not right for the job, Joo Won might quit/get booted cause he NEVER TALKS, Kang Ho Dong should make a comeback.
강다니엘, daniel

100% covers 2PM's I'll be Back, ~*~live singing~*~ btw!

Source: Top100percent

What do you think omona?

Omg 2PM could never!!!1
Umm ok they tried.
Eww what is this shit?!?
Wow even 100% wants a 2PM comeback!!
100% tag please mods!

Lee Sora covers Chicago's "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"

from the yt description:
A tribute album to the world famous producer David Foster, [HITMAN PROJECT] releases the second album "Hard To Say I'm Sorry".
The second album of [HITMAN PROJECT] is one the Korea's favorite pop songs, ranked 8th "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" sung by the legendary pop band Chicago. For this album, music director Lee Seunghwan, best Korean female vocalist Lee Sora, and YoungJi worked together.
Producer Lee Seunghwan directed the OST of A Love Story(Siwolae), Love Letter as well as Lee Sora's 'The Wind is Blowing', 'Dancing with You', and 'Not Anymore'.

Lee Sora's voice is amazing♥ You might remember her from her feature in Tablo's Home (though she's known for a lot more than that). I honestly didn't watch the video, but the song sounds amazing.