March 7th, 2013


Better Than Neverland? (Maybe) It's U-Kiss Collage!!!

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The music video release has been delayed due to revisions.

Eli and AJ's song... tgihdfmgheruijgovml Sweety Girl reminds me of a '90s boyband song ala LFO or some other band I can't name rn. It's my childhood in a song I tell you! Spazzing will continue in the comments.
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OSTaeyeon to Sing for ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’

Taeyeon is returning as the “OST Queen” with a song for SBS’s Wednesday/Thursday drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows”.

Taeyeon’s song, “And One”, will have poetic lyrics with a sweet melody, creating an excellent balance with her clear voice.

The managing director of the drama’s OST, Yang Jaewook, was confident, saying for the episode on March 7th, “‘And One’ will be inserted in the highlight scene this day, where Oh Soo (Jo Insung) and Oh Young’s (Song Hyekyo) emotions are at a climax. Another masterpiece OST will be born, following ‘Gray Paper’, ‘Winter Love’, and ‘Snowflake’.”

The song was written and produced by SM Entertainment labelmate, Kangta. A sample of the lyrics was released and shows how moving the song will be. “‘I want and want and one. I hurt and hurt but still one. Even if it wears and tears, even if my tears don’t dry, if I can go back to the first time… are there sometimes days where your heart aches from thinking of me. By chance, once while I’m living.

Taeyeon’s “And One” will be revealed for the first time on March 7th through the 9th episode of “That Winter, The Wind Blows” at 10PM KST.

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Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Moon Chae Won for March issue of Marie Claire

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MCW DCGallery

Ethereal Goddess Song Hye Gyo has good taste (Obviously - Lee Byung Hyun aside).
Regarding her junior actresses, Song Hye Gyo revealed, “I personally like Moon Chae Woon. She has her own natural and elegant color (a delicate style). I started watching the drama ‘Nice Guy’ because of Moon Chae Won.”
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Park Shi Hoo reveals full Kakaotalk messages between K & A


After the initial report regarding the new KakaoTalk history that Park Si Hoo‘s legal team has submitted, they have revealed the full message history between Park Si Hoo’s hoobae Mr. Kim and the trainee ‘A‘.

The history includes the conversations that took place leading up to the incident and the ones that follow after. We have seen bits and pieces of the convo before, but Park Si Hoo’s team has now revealed the full transcription.

As mentioned earlier, despite ‘A’ saying that she had cut off contact with ‘K’ and Park Si Hoo after she reported the sexual assault to the police, the history shows otherwise. The conversation takes place even after ‘A’ filed at 8:37 PM on February 15th.

- February 14th -

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- February 15th Day -

[portion below also previously revealed by 'A']

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- February 16th -

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Sources : Star News, edaily , akp

The Chosun Ilbo :

Park Si-hoo Discloses All Test Messages in Rape Scandal

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Source and Credits : the Chosun Ilbo

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Delectable Daesung Talks about his Dream Girl and More in Interview

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Q: If you could date one, which one? A. Good-listener B. Good-talker

> D-LITE: A good-talker. I love talking as well but I love saying “yes, yes” and listening to someone who’s always by my side talking.♡

Q: Women type that makes your heart pound? A. Someone who is considerate B. Someone who is sloppy

> D-LITE: A. I like woman who I can grow with. I think sloppy women would be lovely too but I might not like them that much (Laughs). Me? I’m not sloppy!

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130307 M! Countdown

This Week's Winner

List of performers & comeback teasers:

[Click to read]

► Comeback Stage
U-KISS – Love Is Painful + Standing Still

► Debut Stage
Ladies' Code – Bad Girl

► Special Stages
DICKPUNKS & Roy Kim – A Chance Encounter
Kang Minkyung (Davichi) – The Blue Inside You

► Regular Stages
SHINee – Dream Girl
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
Teen Top – Miss Right
Verbal Jint feat. Jisook (Rainbow) – If It Ain't Love
NU'EST – Hello
Two X – Ring Ma Bell
SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
DASONI (EXID) – Goodbye
Iconize – Show You What I Got
Kim TaeWoo – Cosmic GIrl
ALi – Erase
Huh Gak – 1440

► Comeback Teasers
G.NA & Girl's Day

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sources: TanVuLiveMnet, rilakkumakpop19, kpopstreamMNET, HA NIEL

I'm going to add a set list to every post from now on for those of you that don't want to load the page for a bunch of nugus. 。◕‿◕。
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

AA’s “Rollin Rollin” banned from KBS and SBS!!!!

AA (Double A) finally came back with their pre-release “Rollin’ Rollin’“, but the song has been banned from broadcast by both KBS and SBS.

The song was sent in for review to the three terrestrial broadcast stations (KBS, SBS, MBC), and after review both KBS and SBS had judged it unfit for broadcast.

AA’s label shared their thoughts on why the song was banned, “We think the part of the lyrics for ‘Rollin’ Rollin” that say ‘I want to roll, roll around’, and ‘I want to roll, roll around with you’ was problematic. The song ‘Rollin’ Rollin” talks about wanting to spend a lazy day together with a loved one, and we’re disappointed that it was seen sexually. We’re going to respect their decision and make another version for broadcast to send up for review.”

Thankfully fans don’t have to worry as their comeback won’t be delayed. “Rollin’ Rollin’” is only their pre-release song, so the group is still planning to release their first mini album on time in the end of March.

source: akp
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Beautiful Princess Shin Min Ah Megapost

mirrors lies

The rest of M4M members teasers

Name: 라우승/VINSON/罗宇胜
Role: Dance
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B: 1991.07.29
Country: Taiwan
Zodiac: sheep
Blood type: O
Language: Mandarin, Korean
Specialty: Dance, Exercise
Hobby: Singing, Exercising, Playing online games

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i guess the same person is behind jimmy's braids and ilhoon's hearts...
also, i read somewhere that they're going to hold a showcase in korea next week but i couldn't find any legit source, so i'm not sure
pikachu: stumble

Resurrection: The second coming of Psy-st

Psy announcement!
"Seoul Concert: HAPPENING"

2013.4.13. SAT 6:30PM

At the Seoul World Cup stadium (66,806 seats + lawn)
New single! Reaching for that true global star wig with 8 languages in his video.




Souce: Psy's Youtube page

Is your body ready omona??

Kim Seung Woo Leaves 1N2D, The Hunt For A New Member is on!


With major changes being made for the program, Kim Seung Woo will be leaving KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days.

On March 7, KBS announced that Kim Seung Woo will be leaving 1 Night 2 Days along with Choi Jae Hyung PD. Kim Seung Woo film his last episode on March 15.

Kim Seung Woo’s agency stated that he wanted to start and end with Choi Jae Hyung PD, which is why he is departing from the show.

“We thank everyone for being saddened by Kim Seung Woo’s departure. Since he is not leaving on bad terms, we hope that everyone will watch him until the very end,” said the company.

Kim Seung Woo has been on the show since March of 2012.

As of now, the remaining members will stay with the program.
source: enewsworld

Dramabeans says the possible new member/s are rumored to be the following comedians: Kim Joon-hyun, Heo Kyung-hwan, or Jung Tae-ho. I think a comedian would be a good choice to increase the overall funny factor of the show.