March 8th, 2013

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GLAM releases teaser photos for "In Front of the Mirror" + short video note

GLAM has released teaser photos for their upcoming song, “In Front of the Mirror“!

The ladies had teased with little snippets of themselves during their top-secret music video filming, and they have finally released teaser images on their Facebook Page! There are 2 images for Zinni and one for each of the other members, so hopefully extra photos are coming up for the others as well.

The hip-hop group seems to have taken a radical image change for this comeback, choosing girly and innocent over sexy and fierce. Instead of the all-black clothes they had for “I Like That” they’ve opted for white, lacy clothes instead.

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Ladies’ Code greets fans in four different languages

Ladies’ Code made their debut on the 7th with their song “Bad Girl” and are now here to introduce themselves to fans across the world through greetings videos in four different languages!

Ladies’ Code explained more about the mission behind their name, stating that it is their goal to represent women all over the world and tell their stories through charismatic and dramatic performances on stage. So to get their ‘code’ across to as many fans as possible, they’ve released greetings in English, Spanish, Japanese, as well as Korean.

Check out their greetings!

English verson

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I need all of their outfits

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Park Si-hoo refuses to turn in cell phone


Charged with alleged rape, Park Si-hoo submitted his phone call log and text messages as evidence.

Pureme, Park's legal authority has submitted text messages and Kakaotalk contents as well as the call log between Park's junior actor Kim and accuser 'A' to the police as evidence. The Kakaotalk was revealed by the media.

The police requested Park Si-hoo's and 'A"s cell phone to be submitted. This was to find out the truth of 'forced intercourse'. 'A' submitted her cell phone on the 3rd but Park Si-hoo refused this with the reason being, 'protection of privacy'. Park's lawyers say, "We have submitted everything the police asked for and we can submit more in the future". About 'A' revealing her Kakaotalk contents to the media, "It was only a part of the whole text and it was to stop speculations about herself".

In the text revealed by Park Si-hoo are the contents of a conversation between 'A' and Kim. After 'A' reported Park Si-hoo of rape on the 15th around 8:37PM she continued to text Kim. She asked Kim to call her around 8:33 and 'A' also said, "I don't feel good still. I hope I'm not pregnant" around 11:57PM.

Source : Hancinema
Credits : Donga

130308 Music Bank

This Week's Winner

List of performers:

[Click to read]

► Comeback Stages
2AM – Reading You + One Spring Day
D-UNIT – Face To Face
Rania – Just Go
U-KISS – Love Is Painful + Standing Still

► Debut Stages
Ladies' Code – Bad Girl

► Regular Stages
B.A.P – One Shot
Clazziquai Project – Love Recipe
DASONI (EXID) – Goodbye
DMTN – Safety Zone
Huh Gak – 1440
Iconize – Show You What I Got
Jang Hee Young – You Are So Cruel
Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl
NU’EST – Hello
The Nuts – Love Note
Purplay – Love And Remember
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
SHINee – Dream Girl
SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
TEEN TOP – Miss Right
Two X – Ring Ma Bell

► Goodbye Stages
VIXX – On And On (Remix)

► Comeback Teaser

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sources: 뚜 껑, 원영 최, KpopStreamKBS

Gummy to release Japanese mini "Fate" on April 3

To celebrate ten years in the business, Gummy will be releasing a new mini album in Japan.

On April 3, Gummy will be releasing her second Japanese mini album Fate, working with Jeff Miyahara, a Japanese-Korean producer who has worked with Amuro Nami, V6, KAT-TUN, JUJU, and more.

This will be her first mini album since 2010 with Loveless.

Meanwhile, Gummy’s "Snowflake" for SBS’ That Winter, The Wind Blows has been gaining popularity since its release.


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Sources: BubbleFeetMusicOST, enewsworld, YG Entertainment

Pyongyang to cut hotline between North Korea/South Korea and cancel nonaggression pact

North Korea responded to new U.N. sanctions aimed at starving its nuclear program by vowing to cut a Cold War-style hotline and scrap a nonaggression pact with the South.

State-run media said North Korea "abrogates all agreements on nonaggression reached between the North and the South ... and also notifies the South side that it will immediately cut off the North-South hotline."

Pyongyang's statement appears to refer to the bilateral pact signed in 1991 that endorses the peaceful settlement of disputes and the prevention of accidental military clashes. However, earlier this week the North also reiterated threats to walk away from the 1953 armistice that technically ended the Korean War.

Also this week, Pyongyang threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the U.S. and its allies.

(As Reuters notes, while the threat of a strike against the U.S. is "a hollow one," South Korea and Japan are in easy range of the North's short- and medium-range missiles.)

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, walks with military personnel as he arrives to inspect a military unit on Mu Islet, near the border with South Korea.
(Korean Central News Agency / Associated Press / March 7, 2013)

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More coverage on this (these are also additional sources as referenced at the source):

LA Times: North Korea vows to end nonaggression pacts with South Korea
Reuters: North Korea can't hit America, but South Korea and Japan in range
BBC News: North Korea: Will new UN sanctions persuade or provoke?
Associated Press: UN Sanctions May Play Into North Korean Propaganda
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): UN Security Council Passes New Resolution 2094 on North Korea

Source: NPR the two way
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SHINee Joins the 100,000+ Albums Sold Club

Way to go SHINee! K-Pop’s contemporary band has sold almost 140,000 copies of their third full album “Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You” in just nine days since its release.

The album was released on February 20 and quickly rose to the top of the charts. By the end of the month, it had already sold 137,000 copies. This puts SHINee in the 100,000+ club, joining Girls’ Generation with “I Got a Boy“, Kim Jaejoong with “I“, and CNBLUE with “Re:Blue” for 2013. “I Got a Boy” is currently in the lead with 274,000 copies sold since its release on January 1, but some are saying that SHINee could surpass that in due time.

On March 8, SHINee had a fan meeting at the Incheon International Airport CGV. On March 9, they will perform in Indonesia for the the KBS special “Music Bank in Jakarta.”

Source: soompi


My copy hasn't arrived yet, but I guess it will come next week. :(
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TVXQ’s Changmin receives best rookie award from the Japanese Academy Awards

TVXQ‘s Changmin received the best rookie award from the ‘36th Japanese Academy Awards‘.

Changmin had been cast in the movie ‘Fly With the Gold‘, where he acted out the role of Momo, a bomb specialist from North Korea. Even though he had to act in Japanese, he was able to fully master the distinct dialect for his character and had even been able to fully act out Momo’s pain. His superb acting from the movie allowed him to receive the rookie award.

Changmin began his acting career through ‘Paradise Ranch‘ in 2011, and then moved onto ‘Athena‘ and ‘Fly With the Gold’. He will be starting off 2013 in the variety show, ‘Moonlight Prince‘ which aired its first episode on the 22nd.

Congratulations to Changmin!

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EXO's Official Website Hints at Comeback?

Is EXO finally gearing up for a comeback?

It’s been almost a year since both EXO-K and EXO-M debuted with “MAMA“, and fans have been eagerly waiting for their comeback. There have been hints for a very long time, with tweets from various producers posting photos and sharing news they have worked with the boys along with various supposed wolf-like leaks of songs.

Finally, there seems to be some sort of confirmation from SM Entertainment themselves. The official SMTOWN websites of both EXO-K & EXO-M listed an ‘EXO Korea Showcase‘ under the boys’ career section under their profile tab. The showcase is scheduled to be held on March 31, which falls in line with various rumors that the boys would be returning in the end of March.

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Sources: SMTOWN, exok, exom shared via akp


Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Joo Won future movie star

Actor Joo Won will appear in a new movie.
The actor's agency, Sim Entertainment, revealed on March 8th, that the actor will play the lead role in upcoming movie “Only You”
The movie is directed by Lee Hyun Jong (No Comment, 2002) and will be about a police man (Joo Won) who is chasing a burglar and ends up falling in love with her.
This will be Joo Won's third participation in a movie, the actor appeared in the 2012 horror movie “Don't Click” alongside Park Bo Young, and in the 2011 movie “Special Investigation Unit” alongside Uhm Tae Woong.


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