March 9th, 2013

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4/7 BTOB confirmed to star alongside Beast Junhyung in ‘Monstar’

BTOB will be acting in ‘Monstar’.

BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk, Lee Changseob, Lim Hyunsik and Yook SungJae have confirmed their roles in music drama ‘Monstar’. ‘Monstar’ is a 12 episodes music drama that portrays lives of those in their teens who were hurt and grow as they heal themselves through music.

BTOB will be acting as the members of Men in Black, together with same labelmate senior, Yong JunHyung. Men In Black will be a representative male group and Yong JunHyung acts as the main vocalist, Yoon SeolChan in the drama.


BTOB Lee MinHyuk and Lim Hyunsik had acting experience in ‘Living in CheongDamDong’ prior to their debut, while for Lee Changsub and Yook Sungjae, this will be their first acting challenge.

Meanwhile, ‘Monstar’ will be showing a passionate image of main characters fighting for their dreams, music and friendship. The drama will be aired in April and will be directed by Kim Won Seok, the man behind the KBS dramas 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' and 'Cinderella′s Sister'.

source: Newsen & translated by loveindacube

one hell unflattering picture.
im happy for them! yay changsub esp. minhyuk and sungjae took acting classes so it's not surprising, and hyunsik is fine so im anticipating this drama, even though junhyung as lead singer is so random...
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Miss A supporting Fei on Dancing With Stars + Fei introduces her partner to fans for DWTS!

miss A came to show their support for Fei on ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘!

The first episode of the third season aired on the 8th. Before the actual competition kicks off the first episode showed footage of each contestant preparing for their upcoming competition.

Fei expressed her worry by saying, “miss A has an image of being able to dance well, so I’m worried people will be disappointed. But I want to do well as a professional.”

Fei worked incredibly hard, and even practiced by herself during the break she had while miss A was rehearsing for their Singapore showcase.

The other ladies of miss A wanted to know first about her male partner. They asked, “How is he? Is he good looking? Did you get his number?“, and Fei burst out into laughter.

But of course they also cheered Fei on by saying, “I think Fei will do very well. I want to see her on stage already. I hope she gets #1.”

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sources: AKP 1/2 | Fei's Twitter

So, what do you think of the guy? I haven't watched the first ep yet, but he seems adorable in some screencaps
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Park Chan-wook's 'Stoker' Shows Initial Strength in Multi-City Opening

After months of films with mostly older-audience appeal playing off during the awards circus, Fox Searchlight's "Stoker," a stylish thriller from a noted Asian cult director making his English-language debut, boasted the best limited opening of any 2013 release so far. Although not performing at the initial level of most recent Oscar nominees or other hits like "Quartet," this marks a pleasant surprise despite less-than-stellar reviews.

"Stoker" (Fox Searchlight) - Metacritic score: 59; Festivals include: Sundance 2013, Rotterdam 2013

$158,000 in 7 theaters; PSA (per screen average): $22,500

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Source: Indiewire

Can't believe there hasn't been a new Park Chan-wook / "Stoker" article since my last post about it!! A really stylish and disturbing dramatic horror/thriller film that I really advise everyone to check out. There is also a really nice Matthew Goode interview you can read here, (who absolutely stands out in this film).



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[NEWS] 130306 JYJ Kim Jae Joong Invites Fans to LINE Star Chatting
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Bias Soo #2

SNSD: Airport Fashion Queens at Incheon Airport

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Source: Soshified | AirportSoshi | Paparazzi Video Youtube

Let us all bask in the flawlessness that is our precious Sica being a adorable unnie. My heart will always love SooSica.

To keep the posts interesting, let me ask you guys some questions or post your own fashion verdict!

Prettiest Hair?:
Jessica & Tiffany
Most "Fashionable/Must Have" Shoes?:
Nothing really jumps out for me, but I like the shoes of Jessica and Seohyun.
I need ______ in my closet right now!:
Jessica's complete outfit, Tiffany's blazer, Yuri's coat & sunglasses and Sooyoung's skirt.
Who tried, but failed?:
Sunny, I love you and the fact that you could care less - but you are not doing it for me at all. You did not even try, you just failed.
Who is clearly a level above everyone else?
Airport Fashion Queen Jessica wins again!
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1st Repackage Album "I Yah" activities sketch!

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PV Preview of 3rd single Hitomi no Melody + DVD ADV
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Bonus: BOYFRIEND standees!! (2nd collaboration with HMV)
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BOYFRIEND Official Fancafe bbyongchi G_Girlfriend officialbfjp

go home soon babies

130309 Music Core

Full Show (starts at 00:07:42)

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:07:49 Two X – Ring Ma Bell
00:12:00 D-UNIT – Face To Face
00:15:05 SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
00:18:16 Rania – Just Go
00:21:22 Verbal Jint feat. Kang Minhee (Miss $) – If It Ain't Love
00:25:00 Park Soo Jin – Farewell Trip
00:27:54 Han Dong Geun – My Love By My Side
00:30:39 U-KISS – Standing Still
00:34:05 Clazziquai Project – Love Recipe
00:37:55 VIXX – On And On (Remix)
00:41:08 Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl
00:44:32 Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
00:47:37 B.A.P – One Shot
00:51:09 G.NA comeback teaser
00:51:47 Hyungdon & Daejune – Get Out
00:54:55 TEEN TOP – Miss Right
00:58:12 2AM – Reading You + One Spring Day
01:04:22 SHINee – Dream GIrl

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sources: KGNHD World Main Channel, MBCkpop, kpop officialworld

edit: official MBC videos are up!

Guess which country ranked bottom in the Economist's glass-ceiling index

Where is best to be a working woman in the rich world

IF YOU are a working woman, you would do well to move to New Zealand—or if that is a little out of the way, you could try one of the Nordic countries. To mark International Women’s Day, The Economist has compiled its own “glass-ceiling index” to show where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work. Based on data mainly from the OECD, it compares five indicators across 26 countries: the number of men and women respectively with tertiary education; female labour-force participation; the male-female wage gap; the proportion of women in senior jobs; and net child-care costs relative to the average wage. The first four are given equal weighting, the fifth a lower one, since not all working women have children. New Zealand scores high on all the indicators. Finland does best on education; Sweden has the highest female labour-force participation rate, at 78%; and Spain has the smallest wage gap, at 6%. The places not to be are South Korea and Japan, partly because so few women hold down senior jobs (though the new president of South Korea is a woman).

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The Economist
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9moses shares group struggles, seeks to throw off their kill heels, & wants to have a reality show!


With an average height of 172cm, Nine Muses certainly seems to fit snugly into the nickname ′model-dol′ given it with its debut. The nickname did much in establishing the team′s image in a fierce year, when the debut of such successful girl groups as 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, f(x) and Secret in 2009 brought on a torrent of more new debuts the following year.

While the nickname, which was focused on the members′ looks, belittled their musical capacity as a result, it did help Nine Muses build a unique image of its own and let it avoid comparison with most other girl groups.

Though it looked peaceful on the outside, however, Nine Muses actually had to suffer from the storm raging within. Many members left the group while still others made their way in; the original members Jae Kyung, Rana and Bini left early on, and the group welcomed one by one Hyun A, Kyung Ri and Sung-A. This confusion actually helped the members bond more tightly together.

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man, i love how honest they are.

Girl's Day Comeback Post

“Nearly three years after their debut, Girl’s Day is finally releasing their first full-length album Expectation. Other than their previous singles like “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Don’t Forget Me,” “Don’t Flirt” and Oh! My God!, the album comes with six new tracks including the title song, which features a mix of analog and electronic sound. Sojin composed the intro Girl’s Day World and the group members also penned the lyrics for I Don’t Mind, which is composed by American producer Gregg Pagani.”

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Source: YesAsia via and park jin geun@Youtube

"Scary Story 2"/"Cliff" has an awesome rookie cast!


Sung Jun has been cast for the film Scary Story 2.

The actor will appear in the ′Cliff (tentative title)′ episode of the film, which is a sequel to a well-received horror film released in 2012.

Cliff is about how two friends get involved in a life-threatening situation after climbing a mountain together. Sung Jun will be acting with Lee Soo Hyuk, who also used to be a model. Director Kim Sung Ho, who had his film Into the Mirror be remade by Hollywood, will helm the section.

Sung Jun was previously recognized for his acting skills and good looks through the jTBC drama Can We Get Married?. He then debuted on the big screen with the film Dangerously Excited.

Scary Story 2 is an omnibus film, and started shooting on March 6. It aims to premiere in June.

More casting news at Dramabeans! Apparently Go Kyung Po and Kim Seul Gi (our fav couple from FBND) have been cast too!!
source: enewsworld

Edit: So everyone knows, an omnibus film is "a feature film consisting of several different short films, often tied together by only a single theme, premise, or brief interlocking event (often a turning point)." So it won't be all of them for a full 2 hours, but still fun they're in the same movie anyway!
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BTOB Minhyuk talks about being good at sports, his wish to guest on Running Man and more

A hot sensation was felt during 2013 MBC Special episode of ‘Idol Star Sports Championship’.
Group BTOB’s MinHyuk had beat tough competitors such as SHINee’s MinHo and ZE:A’s DongJun, rising as a 2 times winner for both short run and hurdles category.


On this day, Lee MinHyuk stood out among the rest of the many idols, showing off his sportsmanship and was crowned as the next athletic-dol, hence, catching attention from fans.

Recently at a cafe in Seoul’s NonHyunDong, MinHyuk who received an interview with TVDaily commented, “It’s really amazing that everyone seems to know (about me). Lately when I’m outside, everyone would remember me as the ‘fast kid’”, expressing about the attention he has received after the broadcast.

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source: TV Daily & translated by loveindacube, picture credit the triple