March 13th, 2013

Woozi laughing but not
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Lee Jung Jae Joins JYJ and Song Ji Hyo’s Agency C-Jes Entertainment

C-JeS Entertainment announced on March 8, “We have signed an exclusive contract with the hero of films ‘Thieves‘ and ‘New World,’ Lee Jung Jae. We will work for and with him with all our efforts to support his passion for acting and for him to shine even more brightly in various films.”

Lee Jung Jae commented, “I came to know about C-JeS Entertainment through film ‘New World.’ I quickly learned that C-JeS Entertainment is a trustworthy company, which looks into the same direction as its actors. I think the company will be a good partner in my acting career.”

Recently, Lee Jung Jae played the role of Lee Ja Sung, a cop who is planted as a mole in the country’s biggest crime gang, in film “New World.” He was highly praised for his acting in “New World,” and the film is about to attract 3 million people in viewership. Also, 2013 is
20th year of Lee Jung Jae’s acting career. Previously, he made a very impressive debut with drama “Hourglass,”
and appeared in popular TV dramas like “Feeling,” “White Night 3.98,” “Air City,” and then moved onto the big screens. He starred in films like “Interview,” “Affair,” “A Love Story,” “The House Maid,” “Typhoon,” “Thieves,” and many others.

Other artists at Lee Jung Jae’s new home agency C-JeS Entertainment currently includes Song Ji Hyo, JYJ, Park Sung Woong, and Park Yoo Hwan.

Source: soompi

Song Ji Hyo and he know each other from the movie 'New World'. They seem to have hit it pretty well, considering that he is joing her company now. Congratulations C-JeS!
Who do you think should/will join C-JeS next?

Bias Soo #2

GG at Incheon, back from Japan!

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I have an idea and I am curious what you guys think. School, work and everything is killing me lately and I basically only find myself having free time on the computer on Sundays. So I was thinking of doing a Sunday Airport Post. You guys can shoot some ideas of idols you would like to see airport candids from and I will try to add those as well and it will just be one (big) post every week. Tell me your thoughts ^^

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put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

Sung Joon joins Gu Family Book

Sung Joon, now in Gu Family Book?! Finally, I’m feeling the excitement.

Of course, it’s not like I wasn’t interested in this drama already, or that its cast wasn’t solid — it’s got Lee Seung-gi, Suzy, Lee Yeon-hee, Choi Jin-hyuk, Jung Hye-young, and Lee Yubi, among others. But I don’t have a handle on the show itself yet, even with all the castings and plot descriptions — I still don’t know what kind of drama it is, what the tone will be, and whether it’s more likely to make me laugh or cry. Sort of important things to know.

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i had to hold myself to not add an 'aka one more reason for basic people to hate on Suzy' on the title. the girl is living the dream, getting to act with all these hotties, excuse me while i sing 'my dongsaeng's milkshake brings all the oppas to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours, damn right it's better than yours'.
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Does CL’s style change signal that 2NE1′s comeback is close?


Is 2NE1 making a comeback soon? Fans are wondering if CL‘s recent change in hair color is a signal that the group’s comeback is impending.

She uploaded the above photo of herself onto her Instagram, writing, “feelin rouge.” Her caption likely refers to her intensely red lipstick, which stood out from the rest of the dark colored photo. However, fans were more attracted to her hair color – it was a dark brown, which is very different from the blonde she’d sported until recently.

She’s hinted that the girls would be having a comeback in April, so do you think this hair change is a sign they’re gearing up for their comeback? Blackjacks can only hope.

[Music] Seungri's abs

f(x) at SXSW! and bbjung Hints at a New Album?!

Just rehearsed for sxsw!! f(x) is gunna rock tonight!

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Fancams from SXSW

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Interview with Billboard Korea

At the very end of the interview is when Krystal talks about them coming out with a new album soon.

Source: @ajol_llama on IG, RHEAAAxx on YT, KoreaBillboard on YT
mirrors lies

M4M oppas and their overwhelming Sadness aka the Chinese nugus we all've been waiting for

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its pretty generic yet catchy. they are pretty so im not complaining, alen looks good in guyliner
their showcase is supposed to be held like today (minhyuk and hyunsik are the special mcs), tomorrow is their debut on m!countdown and then they are going to china...

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Update on PSH rape case

/!\Trigger Warning/!\

Park Si Hoo′s Mother Met with His Accuser′s Father Soon After Lawsuit was Filed


It has been confirmed that Park Si Hoo′s mother secretly met with the accuser′s father soon after she had filed her lawsuit against Park Si Hoo.
According to an official on March 7, Park Si Hoo′s mother met with the father of the accuser ′A′ on February 20, five days after the accusations were first made. It seems the two sides met in order to reach an agreement before the incident would make it to the press, but it is not clear on what exactly the two sides talked about.

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🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Inkigayo reveals details on their new ranking system. Oppars are going to have a hard time

SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ will be returning to its ranking system starting this week, and more details on how the new chart will work have been revealed.

The new ‘Inkigayo’ chart will no longer count physical album sales and broadcast points, and will focus on only digital sales, fan votes, and SNS points. An ‘Inkigayo’ representative revealed, “Digital sales will count for 50%, SNS points 30%, and mobile votes for 20% [of the total score].”

This system will be different from the one that ‘Music Bank‘ uses as it steers away from the emphasis on physical album sales. Because ‘Inkigayo’ has determined that actual album sales are difficult to track and get an accurate estimate from, it has done away with physical sales completely. This will prove to be a challenge for male idol groups, whose physical album sales are strong factors.

The SNS points will be calculated based on artists’ popularity on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter. Fans will also be able to cast their mobile votes through SBS’ official mobile app, SOTY. The free SOTY app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Let the voting begin!

source: akp