March 17th, 2013


This is a Park Shin Hye post


[NEWS] Park Shinhye, Yoon Kye Sang couple up for Kolon Sports 40th anniversary mini movie

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of KolonSports special program 'Way to Nature Film Project part II', a mini-movie named 'Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors' directed by Kim Ji Yun has announced its main cast: actress Park Shinhye and actor Yoon Kye Sang.

'Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors' is Korea's famous director Kim Ji Yun's first romantic comedy, and with its strong cast of Park Shinhye and Yoon Kye Sang, has attracted a lot of attention.

In the mini-movie, Yoon Kye Sang will portray a funny man who keeps trying but fails at each relationship attempt. With his cute personality and silliness, he tries to win the heart of Park Shinhye, who plays the role of an ideal woman.

When interviewed, director Kim Ji Yun said 'When I was invited to direct this mini-movie, the first actor that came to mind was Yoon Kye Sang as he is the one whom I think can best portray the emotions needed for his character. Also, I have chosen Park Shinhye as she is an actress with talent and charms. Especially her eyes, they are so beautiful. I am curious about what she can express with her eyes.'
The mini-movie is scheduled to release at the end of April, both online and offline.
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130317 Inkigayo

This Week's Winner

~*~*~ SHINee – Dream Girl ~*~*~

List of performers & comeback teasers:

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► Comeback Stages
G.NA – Hate It, Can't Stand It + Oops! (feat. BTOB’s Ilhoon)
Girl’s Day – Please Don't Go + Expect Me
Lee Hi – It's Over
Heo Young Saeng – The Art Of Seduction

► Regular Stages
2AM - One Spring Day
2BiC– Bye Bye Love
B.A.P – One Shot
D-UNIT – Face To Face
Gummy – Snow Flower
Huh Gak – Monodrama
Ladies’ Code – Bad Girl
NU’EST – Hello
Peppertones – Thank You
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
Rania – Just Go
SHINee – Dream Girl
SPEED – Pain The Love Of Heart
TEEN TOP - Miss Right
U-KISS – Standing Still
Verbal Jint feat. Kang Minhee (Miss $) – If It Ain't Love

► Goodbye Stages
9MUSES – Dolls

► Teasers
INFINITE & Davichi

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sources: SBSMusic1, KMusicLiveSBS

edit: official SBS videos added!

If anyone has a video for the win/encore, please do share it~
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 photo ms1_zps43b7c014.jpg

Translation: " 'MichiGO' MV SHOOTING"

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I want to ask - Idols saying they want to get married right away, is this a kiss-ass answer to impress fans or is this a popular viewpoint on dating/marriage in Korea?

Sources: Big Bang Updates: 1 & 2 & 3 , G-Dragon's Twitter, G-Dragon's Instagram, All K-pop
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Running Man Ep 136 discussion post

Episode 136: "The Secret of 9 Sabers (Part 3) - Running Man Asia Tour (Macau & Vietnam)" / "The Secret of Golden Saber (Final) - Running Man Asia Tour (Vietnam)"
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): March 10, 2013 (February 5, 2013)
Guests: Han Hye Jin and Lee Dong Wook (1st time guesting on RM for both - Ep 133 & 134)
No teams

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[(Spoiler) Winner]Defeat the other members and become the controller of the Heavenly Golden Turtle Sword: Song Ji Hyo

Sources: kshownow | runningmanclub | RM Wiki page

Look at this beautiful tag! Favourite Ace Ji Hyo moment?

Not what you think I am

Japan's nationalism targets hallyu stars

A scene from “Gaksital” (Bridal Mask), a 2012 television drama, which is set during the Japanese colonial period in the 1930s. Courtesy of KBS

The continuing diplomatic tension between Korea and Japan has spilled over to the world of entertainment where some Korean stars are finding themselves shunned by Japanese producers and distributors.

Actors Song Joong-ki, Joo Won, Song Il-kook and Kim Tae-hee are among the top Korean entertainers being ignored by Japanese television stations. Their comments or activities related to Dokdo, Korea’s easternmost islets that Japan argues it has a historical claim to, ruffled the feathers of right-wing groups in the neighboring country.

Officials from the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) said that Japanese producers and broadcasters have become more selective in picking Korean dramas to import to shun actors who are now considered controversial in Japan. They express concerns about the souring diplomatic relations between the two countries and the worsening public sentiment in Japan in their business meetings with Korean content providers.
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Dongho is Cute on Star King

U-KISS’ Dongho gets giddy from a back hug on ‘Star King’

U-KISS‘ Dongho got a ‘back hug’ from genius guitarist Jang Ha Eun on the latest ‘Star King‘.

On the March 16th broadcast, siblings Jang Ha Eun and Jang Ha Jin prepared an amazing guitar performance. Dongho was unable to look away from their expert guitar playing, which Rainbow‘s Jaekyung pointed out.

He explained, “She’s so pretty playing guitar.” MC Kang Ho Dong then suggested Dongho and Jung Ha Eun play the instrument together. The professional guitarist tried to lead Dongho, helping him from behind. The idol was unable to hide his nervousness, getting giddy with laughter from the ‘back hug’.

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Sources: allkpop, KpopStreamSBSClips

Dongho is such a 20 year old guy when it came to the girl and was so cute (even though he want to be known as manly now). And boy was I surprised at how good he was at playing guitar! I mean, I knew Kevin played, but Dongho? Not at all. You can see the whole show here here and here unsubbed. The guests are so darn amazing and talented! Like wow.

Edit: Please, please look past the hair. Tons of people saying it looks horrible is not helping Dongho with whatever it is he is going through currently. I'll explain my opinion on that in the comments if you'd like.