March 18th, 2013


Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk To Be On "Running Man"! (and other stuff)


[TV Report] Actors Kim Sooro, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk are currently filming for SBS’ Running Man.

It has been revealed to TV Report on the 18th that “Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk are going to be guests on Running Man”, and also “Kim Sooro is with them as well”.
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Honestly, I'm not the biggest Running Man fan, but I can't wait to see this!!! Woo Bin is going to be so cute!!
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f(x)’s Victoria hints at a possible comeback?

f(x)‘s Victoria showed fans her ‘no makeup’ face, proving that she is still gorgeous underneath all that makeup.

Victoria unveiled her no makeup face on her me2day sharing, “Amber and I featured in our first variety show in a while on ‘Hidden Singer‘ on the 16th. Everyone please watch it well. I am practicing right now”, and shared a snapshot of her treating fans with a cute expression from the practice room.

Fans commented, “Victoria’s no makeup face is pretty” and “She looks younger.”

It seems f(x) is preparing for a possible comeback? Stay tuned for updates!

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Sources: akp me2day

I'll be rolling in Tumblr's tears if it happens before EXO lmao.
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Lee Hi’s album release delayed 1 week


Lee Hi has delayed the release of her first solo album.

Originally, her album and its title song “Rose” was to be released on March 21st, but sadly it will be delayed a week to the 28th. YG Entertainment explained, “We’ve decided that we need more time to work on the music video for ‘Rose’, so we’re going to put in more effort to the product.

Rose” is made by none other than Teddy, so in this song, Lee Hi will be going for YG Entertainment’s trademark sound instead of her usual retro soul. Instead of the cute girl we saw in “It’s Over“, Lee Hi turned over into a new image for “Rose”.

It’s sad that her album is delayed, but at least we have “It’s Over” to keep us company until “Rose” comes out!

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JYJ’s Yoochun goes dark and tough for fashion magazine ‘Singles’


JYJ‘s Yoochun recently completed a photo shoot with fashion magazine ‘Singles‘ for their April edition, as well as an interview.

The concept of the shoot was based on his most recent drama role, Han Jung Woo in ‘I Miss You,’ a tough detective. The shots were darker and tough-looking, with cuts of Yoochun charismatically gazing into the camera.

In the interview he stated, “I’m aiming for acting that looks natural. Honestly, I still need make-up to act better. I have a lot of things to fix because I suddenly started acting straight out of my singing career. However, if I get a little older, I don’t think I’ll worry as much about how I look. I want to try very strong roles, or try my hand at action roles.”

The rest of Yoochun’s photo shoot and interview can be found in the April edition of ‘Singles’ magazine. Check out some more cuts below!
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Allkpop, My Daily via Naver
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Want to know more about OTP Go Kyung-Pyo & Kim Seul-Gi?

The biggest scene stealers in the recently completed Flower Boy Next Door was that of the foul-mouthed raging webtoon editor Kim Seul-gi played by Kim Seul-gi who provided comic relief and ‘real life’ romance in her relationship with webtoon artist Yoo Dong-hoon played by actor Go Kyung-pyo. Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Seul-gie only had supporting roles in the drama, but what time they did have on screen were memorable and made an impact on fans. Both were original cast members of Saturday Night Live Korea and are up-and-coming stars in Korean entertainment, which is why they’re being featured in this week’s Spotlight.

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Seoulbeats | TVDaily | Nate | Daum Cafe | 02thatzkie | CJENMMUSIC | ryuha149 | snlkoreafan

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Vogue | Sure | W | 1st Look | Vogue Girl | Singles
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SNSD to Appear on ‘Jounetsu Tairiku’ in Japan

Popular K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation will appear on the March 24th broadcast of TBS’s “Jounetsu Tairiku” at 11 PM JST.

Each episode, “Jounetsu Tairiku” puts the spotlight on different people by bringing closer their charms and honesty (editor’s note: to the viewers). The leading actress this time is the popular Girls’ Generation, who made a great impact with the perfectly complete “beautiful leg dance” at the group’s Japanese debut and has continuing smash hits, such as “Gee” and “MR. TAXI”. As a Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation is expected to have a historical record of mobilizing over 200,000 fans, and “Jounetsu Tairiku” is closely following backstage during this year’s Japan tour.

Crossing over countries and in different languages, the members talk about how “music is heard by the heart.” What are the reasons for the “tears” shown in the spotlight preview? Never before seen sides and faces of the nine different girls of Girls’ Generation are shown with one of Japan’s longest (editor’s note: in terms of runtime) close-up documentaries.

Sources: modelpress, Tower Records Japan,; Translated by: arghninja@soshified, Edited by: bhost909@soshified


130316 Music Core

Opening Cut w/ Jowkon, Minah, Seulong

List of performers & comeback teasers:

[Click to read]

► Comeback Stages
G.NA – Hate It, Can't Stand It + Oops! (feat. Ilhoon of BTOB)
Girl's Day – Expect Me
Heo Young Saeng – The Art Of Seduction

► Debut Stages
Ladies' Code – Bad Girl

► Regular Stages
2AM – One Spring Day
ALi – Erase
B.A.P – One Shot
D-UNIT – Face To Face
DASONI (EXID) – Goodbye
Han Dong Geun – My Love By My Side
Jang Hee Young – You Are So Cruel
NU'EST – Hello Hello
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
Rania – Just Go
SHINee – Dream Girl
TEEN TOP – Miss Right

► Goodbye Stages
9MUSES – Dolls

► Teasers
Davichi & INFINITE

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sources: MBCkpop, KMusicLiveMBC
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Controversial Book on Abortion in South Korea Triggers Debate


The recent publication of a book by twenty-five Korean women who had abortions has stirred up debate about the widespread, albeit illegal practice of abortion in South Korea.

The twenty-five women each told the story of their decision and the grief they have dealt with since going ahead with their procedures. Coverage by Seoul News pointed out the ‘inconvenient truth’ that, contrary to public opinion, most women who have abortions are married women, not unwed teenagers.

The women profiled in the new book talked about the discrimination they suffered from doctors, their peers, and their husbands. In the words of Jeong-min, an office worker in her forties, “Telling women they have to give birth no matter what without also changing our perceptions about single mothers or providing more support for them doesn’t make any sense.”

Online reaction to the article called for better sex education in schools, although comments were sharply divided when it came to whose fault it was when a woman has an abortion.

Many readers criticised the twenty-five profiled women for their perceived selfishness, while others attacked men for being reluctant to use contraception.

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SM Entertainment Celebrates with 10 Corso Como’s Fifth Anniversary

Luxury brand 10 Corso Como partnered with SM Entertainment to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The result is a collaboration project called “10 Corso Como Seoul Melody,” intended to present both brands as a leading force in global trends. “10 Corso Como Seoul Melody” features a selection of five of SM Entertainment’s currently popular artists, namely DBSK, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x). Hit songs from these groups were remixed and is to be released as a limited edition album.

DJ Soul, Glen Check and Edie Oh are among the DJs w ho will give their own sensibilities to the K-Pop songs and reinterpret them for a different feel on the compilation album.

In addition, the “10 Corso Como Seoul Melody” is complemented by “Fifth Anniversary Collaboration Limited Edition” luxury apparel and accessories of designer brands in partnership with the five artists. These are sunglasses by DBSK, clothes by Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, SHINee’s Tom Brown Cardigan and f(x) headphones by Audio-technica.

“10 Corso Como Seoul Melody” and the limited edition launch party is set on March 28, with items in the 10 Corso Como flagship store in Cheondamdong also expected to go on sale online.

source: soompi
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Tiger JK: “There Was a Strange Kind of Prejudice in France”

Tiger JK recently commented on his interesting experiences while performing at a festival in France! Tiger JK recently appeared at the March 18 broadcast of YTN’s “News 12 – Issue and People.” MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) performed at the “K-Pop Night Out at MIDEM 2013” on January 27 in France.

Tiger JK stated, “The world music festival was held at the same place as the Cannes International Film Festival. We (MFBTY) were chosen to represent South Korea. Although we were very nervous, it ended well. It was neat because afterwards we became more well-known.”

He continued, “ There was a weird kind of discrimination. It was not really racial discrimination but there was a lot of prejudice about Asians. It was hard for us to pursue our activities. Although we went to represent South Korea, they treated Asians as if they were invisible. We had no presence and we had no expectations because of that.”

He continued, “It was our stage and we even took our own press. However, they did not think of us as artists. There was a happening where we could not even get into our own performance. In the end we did get on stage, and it was a historic moment where for the first time as an Asian a lot of people danced and sung together.”
Tiger JK ended with, “After the performance, we were walking on the street and people recognized us, it felt great. After our performance, a lot of people liked us more.”

source: soompi

should I add the cultural insensitivity/racism tag?

2YOON to Kick Off Asia Promotional Tour Prior to 4minute’s Comeback

2YOON is the first sub-unit to conduct overseas promotional activities.

4minute’s vocal line consisting of members Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon will embark on a South East Asia promotional tour starting off with Thailand.

On March 20, 2YOON will fly to Thailand for a 3 nights and 4 days trip during which they will appear on variety shows, an award show and will perform on music programs. They will also be interviewed by the local medias.

2YOON becomes the first K-pop sub-unit to officially promote in Thailand.

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now that girl's day has gone off the deep end... i'm so excited to have something guaranteed to be amazing to look forward to. 4minute fighting!

SOURCES | 4MF-Trans | enews24

Supreme Team is back with "Stay Still 그대로 있어도 돼 (Feat. Crush)" MV

This will be on the Amoeba Culture project album "NOWorkend" with some songs previously posted on their youtube channel

Source: amoebakorea on yt

all the kids have been really adorable on twitter with pics from the 2013 Amoebahood Concert <3
hiphopplaya has a SUPER IMAGE HEAVY post of awesome pictures from the concert

fancams: playlist on yt (I cannot vouch for quality, I just saw the link)

U-Kiss agency NH Media merges with MAJOR Entertainment

U-KISS’s agency merges with actor management agency to become ‘NH&MAJOR1998′

It seeming like there’s even bigger and better things in store for U-KISS‘s future as their agency NH Media has merged with actor management agency MAJOR Entertainment to form a new company NH&MAJOR1998.

NH Media confirmed, “Since the establishment of our company, our business mainly focused around record production, and through the merger with MAJOR Entertainment, we plan to become a multi-dimensional entertainment agency pursuing not only music, but actors’ management, drama, films, and various fields. Through the framework of our know-hows that we’ve gathered from our respective fields, we anticipate a harmonious synergy effect in all fields. Please anticipate it.”

Seeing that as U-KISS is now under a company with experience in various fields, perhaps we’ll be seeing more acting opportunities come their way?

Sources: allkpop image: Sports Chosun via Nate

It does seem with all the recent and future shows U-Kiss were/are going to be on, that this merger is a good thing. I mean, maybe this is why members are going to br on Immortal Song!
Does anyone know who was under MAJOR Entertainment?