March 20th, 2013

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Fei picks up an endorsement deal with casual apparel brand ‘Connie Colin’

Fei has been spotted in several photos as well as a CF video for casual apparel brand, ‘Connie Colin‘!

Although Suzy had been miss A‘s frontwoman in both CFs and variety shows for a while, lately Fei has been claiming the spotlight with her cooking and dancing shows, and now she has scored another endorsement deal!

She showed off 6 different looks for the casual brand ‘Connie Colin’, from the ‘Cutie Girlish’ look to the ‘Romantic Mix-Match’, ‘Feminine Sporty Look’, ‘Chic Leather Look’, ‘Vivid Red’, and the ‘Punky Denim Look’.

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source: AKP | n3ssachanWG @ YT | n3ssachan @ tumblr

YAY! So much Fei nowadays... And that red panda is seriously too cute~

MBLAQ on TV, on the road, and in Japan (with IRIS 2 song and teaser for Japanese "Cry")


Seungho and Mir on Immortal Song 2

[4 cute subbed clips of Seungho and 2 performances]Seungho is super nervous about performing on Immortal Song 2

Seungho combines two of his favorite things: eating and doing flips

Seungho sings part of a children song that he wrote when he was a child

Seungho uses dancing to run away from other IS2 performers

Seungho and Mir perform "Man bothers woman" on Immortal Song 2 (previously posted)

Seungho, Mir, and SISTAR Soyu perform "You Like Me I Like You" on Immortal Song 2 (new)

Seungho on 1000 Song Challenge

[Seungho on the show with 2AM's Changmin]Seungho on 1000 Song Challenge with 2AM's Changmin

on dailymotion so obvi it won't embed. Seungho didn't do THAT MUCH anyway.

Seungho on Dancing with the Stars

[2 subbed clips with Seungho and 1 pretty pic]episode 1: intro! 3 minute subbed cut on dailymotion with all the boys

episode 2: performance! 7 minute subbed cut on dailymotion


Seungho on All the KPOP

[full subbed episode with Seungho, VIXX N & Ken, Two X Eunyoung, and others]Seungho on All the KPOP with VIXX N & Ken, Two X Eunyoung, and some other people

Mir on Saturday Night Magic Concert

[1 two minute subbed clip]Mir on Saturday Night Magic Concert doing magic tricks with some other people. I've never heard of this show before.

on dailymotion also... only about two minutes long tho


Joon for Kwave magazine in what is clearly a shoot inspired by IRIS 2

[then again, he wields a gun plenty of MVs]sample_mg_8780








Thunder on the set of Nail Salon Paris with KARA Gyuri and others

[about a billion bts and pics taken while filming]They're always eating! I wonder if it's like The Hills.

I also don't understand why he doesn't wear the uniform? So he is some sort of receptionist or boss? Or a rich kid just hanging around. Too many questions. I like the hair and suspenders so I won't complain, yet.







G.O and Mir release Avengers-produced song "I'm like a fool" for IRIS 2 OST

[MV featuring scenes from IRIS 2]


Park Siblings continue to be cute

[Dara on twitter]capture-20130316-131231


Thai A+ leave the OP dying of lols when they send a note to their future sister-in-law

[Dara on twitter]untitled43

translation: “Dara Unnie, we love your brother”

Mir's gf posts a selca... sort of

[Mir on twitter]mirtwi

translation: My girlfriend kept trying to take my picture. I told her not to but she eventually did.. Sigh..I heard this is popular lately..ㅡㅡ?

MBLAQ at Incheon Airport en route to Thailand

[1 short clip and a few pics at the airport]

There are a million more pictures, but ik who gets you into my MBLAQ posts, so go look if you are curious.

Seungho and Joon look adorable in basically every single one.

Thunder's shoes are atrocious, I can't believe he was allowed out of the house in those things, especially as he is not yet remotely considered an "ahjussi".



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Audio teaser for Japanese version of "Cry", OP's favorite MBLAQ song

[soundcloud embed]

Joon and Thunder win at the cover of Japanese magazine haru hana

[pic of the cover]haruhana

Immortal Song 2 (anxiety - leaderssong, eating while flipping - leaderssong, children's song - leaderssong, running away - leaderssong, IS2 performance - leaderssong, IS2 perf with Soyu - J Kim)
1000 song challenge - leaderssong
dancing with the stars - blaqrain, leaderssong, pic from absolutemblaq
all the kpop - soomiyesha 1 2 3
saturday night magic concert - mblaq1015a
joon for kwave - kwavemag via absolutemblaq
nail salon paris - (mylove9372 via absolutemblaq, seumwith on naver, lepre on naver [i'm having major issues trying to find the post in the first link O.O])
iris 2 ost - CJENMMUSIC
dara on twitter - @krungy21 1 2, translation via absolutemblaq
mir on twitter - @bangmir translation via bex on absolutemblaq
incheon airport - SSTVnews, pics credited with watermark via absolutemblaq
japanese magazine - absolutemblaq
cry teaser - mblaq's official japanese website, markthatcoin on soundcloud
tvxq » all the world's a stage (junsu)

Younha reveals "It's Not That" MV teaser

Younha is preparing to release a new single in just a few days. Prior to its release, however, the music video teaser has been released on March 20th.

A soft piano plays from a radio as Younha somberly sitting at a wooden table in the dark. The soft vocals of Younha and Brown Eyed Soul's Naul are then heard, creating a beautiful melody.

Younha and Naul have collaborated on the track "It's Not That," and is slated to release the single on March 22nd.

Are you looking forward to their collaboration single?

Source: CJENMMUSIC, Koreaboo

Her last album was in my Top 3 favourite K-Pop albums of the year, and she's an absolute angel in person, so I'm excited! (Plus, I like her hair in this.)

ZE:A5 video teaser for "The Day We Broke Up"

Even if you (JUST LIKE ME!) have never been interested in or impressed by ZE:A, this subgroup is very worth clicking play.

A mini album will be released on Monday and they debut on the music shows next week.

(They're holding a concert on Sunday that will be available to stream online.)

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Listen to three tracks from the Japanese mini ZE:A5 released earlier this year.

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Sources: ZEA2011 teaser on yt, ZEA2011 She's Gone on yt, BubbleFeetMusicJP01 on yt for Japanese mini tracks, @ZEA_9 on twitter (1 2 3), nate via koreaboo for album track names, allkpop for concert details
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BoA chosen as the 10th Model for the United Colors of Benetton

BoA has been revealed to be the 10th model for the brand's 2013 Spring/Summer collection: The Face of Colors, and is the first Korean singer to model for United Colors of Benetton. Her color is silver.

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source: benettonkorea
news: dispatch, the star, kuki news via nate (lack of direct access to the original posts) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) & kukihealthtv @ yt
종대 » tyvm
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LeeU to release solo album this spring!

Trot singer Seul Woon Do‘s son LeeU will be making a comeback.

LeeU originally debuted as a member of F.cuz, but he left the group to pursue a career as a solo musician with Brand New Stardom.

Since then he has been showing his skills as a songwriter by co-composing JYJ Jaejoong‘s “Kiss B“, which made it to the top of iTunes‘ world chart, and writing and composing former U-KISS member Kibum‘s songs “Dream” and “Make It“.

Besides composing, he also took on musicals with the role of Rudolph in ‘Elizabeth‘. Director Robert Johansson praised LeeU, saying, “He is the closest to the Rudolph that I was looking for.”

LeeU’s agency said, “LeeU, who is preparing for a spectacular comeback as a singer-songwriter, has finished mixing for his new album, and it’s in the process of completion. The new album will be unveiled in the spring.“

source: allkpop. pic: leeu

I'M SO EXCITED ;;; my angel is finally getting his solo debut ;;;
I just hope Stardom treats him well...

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Computer outage in South Korea hits broadcasters and bank

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- South Korean police said Wednesday they are investigating a computer outage that has struck systems at leading television broadcasters and banks, prompting the military to step up its cyber alert level amid concerns about North Korea.
One television station, YTN, reported that 500 of its computers had been disabled by the outage. Another, KBS, said that its internal networks had been "paralyzed," but that the problem didn't prevent it from broadcasting live.
A third broadcaster, MBC, was also reportedly experiencing problems.
Customers of Shinhan Bank are unable to log into the lender's website at the moment, the company said in a statement.
A second lender, Nonghyup Bank, said that it had disconnected some of its computers after they were infected with a virus. The bank said its main server was still functioning and able to carry out Internet transactions.
Police didn't immediately provide a reason for the server problems.
The South Korean defense ministry said it had upgraded its information operations condition, or INFOCON, one notch to level 3 in response to the outages. Level 1 is the highest on the scale, which gauges the perceived likelihood of a network attack.
The ministry said it couldn't say whether North Korea, which has made a number of recent threats against South Korea and the United States, was behind the computer problems.
The defense ministry said it had already increased the alert level last month in response to North Korean threats.
The South Korean government has set up a cyber crisis management team, bringing together civilian, government and military officials, said Kim Haing, a spokeswoman for the South Korean president's office.

NEW: The South Korean government has set up a cyber crisis team
NEW: A second bank reports computer problems
The South Korean defense ministry upgrades its information alert level
Police are investigating, but have not given a reason for the outage

Kitty kitty

2NE1 to Hold Collaboration Stage with Snoop Dogg for His Korean Concert


Snoop Dogg will be holding his first South Korean concert on May 4. The concert appears to be sponsored by “ADIDAS.” The title of the concert is “Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg.” The interesting fact about this upcoming concert is that 2NE1 will be performing!

For those of you that do not know, Snoop Dogg first debuted in 1992 when he caught the attention of legendary producer Dr. Dre in 1992. Afterwards, his album “Doggy Style” in 1993 reached the top of the Billboard Music Charts and since then he has continued to make awesome hip-hop albums.

2NE1 will have a collaboration performance with Snoop Dogg during the concert and many fans are now eagerly anticipating May 4! Meanwhile, 2NE1 collaborated with for an Intel “Ultrabook Project” track “We’ll Take the World On.” 2NE1 will also feature on’s brand new single that will be released on April 22.

Stay tuned to for more juicy 2NE1 news!


Possible cyberattack on South Korea?

By Jun Ji-hye

The computer networks of three television networks and two banks were paralyzed Wednesday by malicious codes from unknown hackers, according to government officials.

The presidential office said the National Security Office (NSO) was investigating the cause of the problems; while the Korea Communications Commission, the government watchdog, called it a hacking attack.

President Park Geun-hye received the first report about the case at 2:50 p.m. from NSO head Kim Jang-soo who was apprised of the situation first at 2:10 p.m. according to presidential spokeswoman Kim Haing.

Over the possibility of a hacking attack by North Korea, Kim declined to provide further details. Experts, however, said that the chance was high that the North was involved.

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Source: The Korea Times

Slightly more legal source
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Two Managers Indicted for Threatening Actor Engaging in Homosexual Acts

A manager who threatened his actor with videos he took of the actor engaging in homosexual acts was indicted by prosecution.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors′ Office revealed on March 20 that it had booked manager Mr. Gu, as well as another manager Mr. Baek, for blackmailing an actor into paying 4 million won using the videos.

The managers were in charge of guarding the actor and driving him around, and so lived with the actor at his home. When the actor continued to engage in sexual contact with Baek, the two purchased a pen camera through the internet and filmed the actor while he was engaging in homosexual acts in August 2010.

The two then sent a CD containing the videos to the actor′s parents, saying that they would turn over the original files in exchange for 500 million won.

Following the threat, the actor sent Gu 4 million won, but they did not stop and continued to threaten him, sending over 45 text messages.

source: enewsworld

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Source: SBS E! via Nate + akp
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Managers threatening actor engaging in homosexual acts / Celebrities providing sexual services

A manager who threatened his actor with videos he took of the actor engaging in homosexual acts was indicted by prosecution.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors′ Office revealed on March 20 that it had booked manager Mr. Gu, as well as another manager Mr. Baek, for blackmailing an actor into paying 4 million won using the videos.

The managers were in charge of guarding the actor and driving him around, and so lived with the actor at his home. When the actor continued to engage in sexual contact with Baek, the two purchased a pen camera through the internet and filmed the actor while he was engaging in homosexual acts in August 2010.

The two then sent a CD containing the videos to the actor′s parents, saying that they would turn over the original files in exchange for 500 million won.

Following the threat, the actor sent Gu 4 million won, but they did not stop and continued to threaten him, sending over 45 text messages.


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SBS E! via Nate | MBN TV via Nate | Netizenbuzz

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Herald News via Nate | Netizenbuzz
Mods I looked but I couldn't find a translation for this one..

[Preview] SM artists for W Korea + SJ & Ailee for Kyochon

SM Entertainment artists team up for a 40-page pictorial in ‘W Korea’

SM Entertainment is adding onto their collaboration project with ‘10 Corso Como‘ with a SM-tacular pictorial for ‘W Korea‘!


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Super Junior and Ailee to spend a sweet year together for ‘KyoChon Chicken’

One of the hottest solo acts in K-pop Ailee will be joining veteran idol group Super Junior as the 2013 endorsement models for KyoChon Chicken.


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Subbed BTS and interview video of the cf shoot (with honorable mention of Sungmin's butt) was posted here.

allkpop, mbc_sectiontv@twitter, with_Kyochon@twitter
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New tomboy girl group GI (Global Icon) releases member images!


A new girl group will be debuting with a completely fresh concept!

GI (Global Icon) is completely different from other girl groups with their tomboy concept. The group will be debuting on April 3rd, and the members Hayeon, OneKet, Eunji, AI, and Aram released their photos. Out of the five members, only Eunji has long hair, so at first glance, they might even look like a co-ed group.

Their label Shimtong Enteratinment said, “We’re going to be different from the cute and sexy girl groups that come out almost once every week with our music and style. You can look forward to them.

Their teaser will be released on the 26th, so stay tuned on allkpop for this fierce new group!


Mods: every akp link is giving me malware warnings, even the ones from the previous post so what do I do? No more akp as a source?

the gang

Happy Birthday Sandeul! Interview with Economy Today

Having sold-out their first ever Japan arena concert in last January, B1A4 has been picked as the most anticipated idols of 2013 and their main vocal is celebrating his birthday today. Born 20 March 1992.

Despite having the nickname of 'happy virus' because of his aegyo-filled eyesmile and Busan accent, the seriousness when he sings is unbeatable. We hear more about his thoughts of celebrating his birthday from the 'owner of a reversal charm' with explosive vocals that steal women's hearts.

Q. What do you intend to do on your birthday?

A: We're scheduled to be practicing tomorrow. I'm not too sure if Jinyoung hyung will show me a movie, but I'm looking forward to it. But personally, there is something that I find myself wanting to do tomorrow. I've never looked around the area around my house so I want to wake up early, stroll around the neighbourhood and the hills behind while taking photos.

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source: economy today, trans by skipfire

Happy 21st Deullie!
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Park Shihoo Case, information compiled from Dispatch from start to now

Every incident has its context. There is always a purpose behind things, and the Park Si-hoo scandal is no different. There is a reason behind Miss A's accusations. First of all, if Miss A was forced in any way, it's only natural that she wants to see legal repercussions. However, if the two just shared their feelings for each other, then the situation changes completely. There seem to be ulterior motives behind Miss A's actions.

At this point when both sides are coming up with contrasting testimonies, background information is the key to understanding what had happened. That is why [Nate News]'Dispatch' has gathered all the information available about Miss A's actions after the 14th of February. We even succeeded in obtaining messages exchanged between Miss A and her friend Miss B, and also the sound recording of a phone call between Miss B and her acquaintance Mr C.

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Koreabang+Nate News Dispatch

Long post is long, but I wanted to share with omona what Dispatch has gathered from all of this information. Bolded for people who are lazy to read.
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New Girl group ranking chart

Korean media outlet Sports Chosun has released their '2013 Girl Group Ranking' after consulting with music industry insiders on who they feel are the hottest girl groups these days.

Back in February of last year, a netizen created a ranking of girl groups and posted it on a community board, attracting much attention from fans. Sports Chosun has decided to follow up by releasing their own version and updating that previously revealed ranking, after having received input from sources in the music industry.

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AKP+Sports Chosun
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KARA's Gyuri does things that you do, but is somehow still better than you.

Gyuri revealed that she has quite an appetite! Although she probably has to watch what she eats a little more so now that she is an idol, she didn’t let anything stop her before her debut, and left the hosts and guests of 'Incarnation' quite awed.

On the 19th’s episode, KARA's resident 'goddess' revealed, "Before I debuted, I went to places that would give you one extra pizza if you ordered one. When two pizzas came, I ate it all. If I felt I was full, I would maybe leave 1-3 slices and ate the rest."

She also revealed a story in which she and her friends, who also happened to have big appetites, stunned their male friends with the amount of food they could eat. Gyuri said, "Once, I went to a restaurant with my friends, and we ate meat, udon, starch noodles, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes. The guys said they were full, but my girlfriends and I added on even more rice and cheese."

She continued, "After that, we went to the cafe and ate cakes, brownies, macchiatos, and shaved ice."

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B insists she was tricked by A via E-news World

[Exclusive Interview] ′B′, Friend of Accuser ′A′ in Park Si Hoo Case, Says She was Tricked by ′A′

′B′, the friend and senior close to the accuser ′A′ of the Park Si Hoo rape case, opened up to enews on March 14 about why she had gotten involved in the case in the first place.

′B′ is known as a figure who has often spoken to the press on the case.
She said, "Like the Kakao Talk messages released to the public show, A told me she had been raped by Park Si Hoo, and I tried to help her with all my heart because I had been involved in a similar affair before. I told her to sue the star because I believed she was the victim; I did not plot a scheme with her in any way."

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Photo credit: enews DB
Cr : E-news World
tzuyu heart shaker



How have you been? I can hear spring coming~hehe
Should we walk along the flower roadㅎㅎ
I heard it’s really cold in Korea ㅠㅅㅠ
Don’t let your guard down because it’s spring, and be careful not to catch a cold!,^^
The reason why I’m writing this is because I’m excited about spring coming~
Along with the last cold, I couldn’t stay still with impersonators rampant^-^ hehe
I wanted to laugh it off at first~
Wouldn’t I get mad watching them make our SONEs be in a restless state~~? hehe
Fake Sooyoung~ If you are reading this right now, no more now~^^
I thank you for trying to communicate with SONE for me momentarily
Don’t do that anymore~ hehe
If it doesn’t stop and continues on, I won’t just stand by^^

I’m sorry for not being able to greet you all with better news
While the heart fluttering spring wind is gently blowing.. ^-^♥

I will deliver news more often by using the official homepage.
I love you SONE^-^♥

official gg, ch0sshi

the fake she's talking about is this one which has been deleted though it apparently went from 2k followers to 10k after she posted this message LOL the only real and confirmed one so far is taeyeon's

netizen sooyoung misses nothing