March 21st, 2013

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130319 Music Bank Jakarta



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Too bad they cut Crazy, GNAAL, BTD, Shock, & Sherlock and Afgan's perfs too. I recommend you to watch the special stages, they are all flawfree tbh!! Including S4 lol.
PS: Jakarta Bali ok lol.
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Your daily YG joke

Big Bang′s G-Dragon′s Album is 70-80 Percent Done


G-Dragon showed his characteristic confidence while talking about his upcoming album.
The singer spoke at the rehearsal and press conference held for his world tour concert 2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind.

When asked about his upcoming album, G-Dragon hesitated at first, saying, "My boss told me not to say anything..." but then he added, "Preparations are going well. I′m about 70 percent or 80 percent done. I′ve worked on the album since last year. The release kept getting postponed because I kept making additions. The concert is even better than last time, and I′ll make the album more high quality also through the tour."

Travis Payne, the famed choreographer and director who was also present, then praised G-Dragon for his talent, modesty and passion.

G Dragon′s 2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind will take place from March 30-31 in Seoul. The concerts are his first solo concerts since 2009.
Travis Payne was previously in charge of the choreography and stage directing of the late Michael Jackson′s This is It tour.

Not bad for something that was supposed to be released in march. 10 days left... You can do it

Source: Enewsworld
Reach reporter Park HyunMin on Twitter @happygato!

130321 M! Countdown

Full Show

List of performers & video timestamps:

[Click to read]

00:00:55 Purplay – Love And Remember
00:06:27 Ladies' Code – Bad Girl
00:09:47 Heo Young Saeng – The Art Of Seduction
00:13:51 Hong Jin Young – Boogie Man
00:17:33 Niel & Chunji (TEEN TOP) – Is It Still Beautiful
00:20:06 G.NA feat. Ilhoon (BTOB) – Oops!
00:25:19 Rania – Just Go
00:28:27 Backstage w/ SHINee & INFINITE
00:29:40 Davichi – Turtle + Just The Two Of Us
00:38:42 Girl's Day – Expect Me
00:42:50 TEEN TOP – Miss Right
00:47:15 Lee Hi – It's Over
00:51:07 Backstage w/ INFINITE
00:52:33 2BiC – Bye Bye Love
00:56:27 INFINITE – Still I Miss You + Man In Love
01:06:02 SHINee – Aside + Dream Girl
01:13:16 ZE:A5 sub-Unit debut teaser
01:14:33 This Week's Winner + Encore

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sources: KhoaiLangPop, TanVuLiveMnet, KpopFullHQ5408
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Is Korea’s Ban on Miniskirts the End of Kpop?


A controversial new law on “overexposure” has been passed during the first cabinet meeting of the recently elected South Korean President Park Geun Hye. The law goes into effect on March 22 and imposes a 50,000 KRW (US$45) fine on those found guilty of “excessive” public exposure.

The decree states that individuals can be fined for nudity or indecent exposure. “If their indecent exposure provokes shameful feelings and discomfort to others, they can be fined 50,000 won,” said police in a statement. However, there has not been any further official elaboration on the subject, eliciting confusion from citizens.

Many have raised concerns that the new law hearkens back to similar restrictions imposed by Park Chung Hee (President Park’s late father) in the 1970s, which outlawed skirts ending 20 centimeters above the knee.

The internet has been abuzz with commotion, with many celebrities taking to social media to voice their dismay. “Is the overexposure fine for real? I’m so dead,” tweeted Lee Hyori, to which actress Park Jin Hee responded incredulously, “A fine?? Really?????!!!!! @_@;;;;”

Other netizens have wondered if they could still wear swimwear, and still others wonder if police will begin to carry rulers.

Our question is…what will happen to K-pop? Idol groups like SNSD, Dal Shabet, and T-ARA are notorious for their sexy get-ups. Could this be the end of an entire industry?!

What do you think? Has K-pop been going overboard with the outfits lately? And will the new decree be helpful or harmful?


Sounds very sensationalist to me. Anyone in Korea care to provide more info?

"This amendment is for cases like public nudity and public indecency," Inspector Ko Jun-ho of the National Police Agency told CNN."

"it's not about women though. dramafever & even cnn just played it up. One, this law has been in affect since forever, park geunhye is lowering tthe fine. and two, the law is about people who flash or are involved in public nudity, not women and their clothes."

Thank you gyuri for your  corrections!
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Police investigate sex-for-favors scandal // Sayuri "Providing sexual favors is your own choice"

Goes with this Celebrities spotted providing sexual services to high-ranking officials
Finally found a proper article.

Police have opened a preliminary investigation into alleged sex-for-favors cases involving a number of high-ranking officials and public figures.

Officials at the National Police Agency said they obtained intelligence that a local contractor bought sexual services for social elites in return for business favors. The list of influential figures involved in the case reportedly includes an official who serves in a vice ministerial post and the head of a large hospital.

The 51-year-old contractor, identified only with his surname Yoon, is accused of filming them having sex with women he hired for the purpose. Sources say that he might have used the footage to blackmail the officials for business favors.

“We have just launched a preliminary investigation to secure substantial evidence. We first need to contact the women allegedly involved in the case to get their testimonies,” a police official was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency. The official added that the police hadn’t recovered the videos yet. The police will consider imposing a travel ban on Yoon as soon as they secure circumstantial evidence of him arranging the secretive meetings.

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Sports Seoul via Nate | Netizenbuzz
I know Netizenbuzz isn't the first choice for a source but..
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Joo Won signs on with clothing brand ‘Edwin’ for 2 more years

Rising star Joo Won is gaining more traction as an endorsement model.

The actor’s label revealed, “In 2012, Joo Won signed as the model for the clothing brand Edwin. He’s signed on for 2 more years.”

It’s uncommon for a celebrity to be a model for the same brand for 3 years because stardom can be unstable. However, Joo Won has been proving his steady popularity ever since ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, making a hit out of every drama he’s starred in since then.

The CF staff commented, “Joo Won is comfortable like a next-door oppa or a dongseng, but he is good looking, has vocal abilities he proved as a musical actor, and he can even act sincerely. He lacks nothing. He’s also very trustworthy, which is his biggest strength as a CF model.”

Joo Won is currently starring in the drama ’7th Grade Civil Servant‘ as well as the variety show ‘1 Night 2 Days‘.

I reduced the size of the pictures and it shows in the "visual editor" but not in the Preview.. Sorry if it doesn't work.

I love his Edwin shoots :)
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Why did Gary decide not to go after Song Ji Hyo?

Gary left a message for his ‘Running Man‘ ‘Monday Couple’ partner Song Ji Hyo.

SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ had an interview with the Leessang member after he was ranked the #1 ‘star rediscovered through variety shows’, ‘charming man who is unattractive’, and ‘celebrity who looks like he’d be nice to his girlfriend’.

When Gary saw the results of the survey, he stated, “I admit I’m ugly,” and whipped off his sunglasses to make a serious face at the camera. He went on, “People told me they got more popular because they look like me. I’d like men who look like me to gain hope through me.”

He was also voted as part of the top celebrity pair who ‘could’ve been married in the past life’ with Song Ji Hyo. Gary joked, “I’ve decided not to go after you. I think love is something that gets more distant the more you go after it. Just stay where you are now.“


Whatever I don't think Gary's ugly.
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Meet Jeremy Scott's Muse: K-Pop Star CL


CL—arguably one of the fiercest girls to come out of Seoul—is the leader of the mega K-pop sensation, 2NE1. The four-member band consisting of CL, Dara, Minzy, and Bom, first established themselves as a global act after winning MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World contest in 2011, voted on by fans.

Their music—a motley mix of electronic, hip-hop, pop, and R&B—has since found fans in artists like Will.I.Am, who recently took the girls under his wing. The hip-hop mogul went along to produce a few tracks for them, which was documented in an Intel campaign.

The fashion world has taken notice as well, namely, Jeremy Scott who sees the members of 2NE1 as his muses and dedicated a shoe style to the group.
Scott even designed the group’s ensembles for their first worldwide tour last summer, with some of the styles trickling into his Fall 2013 collection’s runway. The group also recently filmed a commercial for Adidas Originals with Nicki Minaj and Sky Ferreira, which whipped the online community into a frenzy.

CL—on a small vacation stateside—was front row at Scott’s show, sitting next to other downtown cool girls like Natalia Kills, Kat Graham, and rapper A$AP Rocky. A couple of days later, she had a photo shoot with Terry Richardson. Here, she takes a moment with to share what she’s learned about becoming the world’s next top pop star.

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How can one love Chanel AND JS? Doesn't make sense
What the fuck was that last question?

andy plz

Shinhwa ajusshis looking damn fine

15th Anniversary concert gallery


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Credits: Shinhwa Company Official Gallery (1) (2)

I was in what my Korean friend calls a 'matchstick seat' (b/c that's how big the performers look lol) but it was a darn good show!! I might have actually become a Minwoo bias because his performance could be felt all the way at the back, damn him and his coolness. Ajusshis are adorable, legends of kpop, shinhwa changjo, etc etc

2PM Finally Coming Back, Releasing Teaser Trailer On March 25th

2PM Comeback

Rejoice Hottests for 2PM is indeed coming back!

JYP Entertainment confirmed the news so it is now certain that the boys will be returning to their fans with new music. “2PM’s comeback preparations are being carried out, and ahead of their upcoming Korean promotions after 2 years, a comeback trailer will be released on the 25th,” they said.

This comeback trailer will be revealed through YouTube as well as Naver on March 25th to gather up excitement for this ‘beastly idol’ group’s return!

That’s not all for in addition to online, the trailer will be broadcast through various theaters in Korea, as well as billboards at New York’s Time Square, and at London’s Piccadilly at a later time, making this an international-scale comeback!

The agency guarantees that this is a return you can look forward to, stating, “This will be 2PM’s largest-scale project yet as they pour in all their energy they’ve stored over the 2 years they’ve waited to promote in Korea again… Please look forward to the trailer that will be revealed first.”

Source: allkpop
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Code-V's Jaewon under house arrest after his ex-girlfriend spills the beans

A girl claiming to be Jaewon's ex-girlfriend wrote on her blog about how he used her for money
only to dump her when she told him she was pregnant.

Today Code-V's Japanese agency made a comment about it stating;

130321 To CODE-V's supporters

On the 20th an ex-girlfriend posted about her relationship and SNS interactions with Jaewon on her blog and on twitter. Already a lot of people have seen it, and we sympathize with your pain and worry. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts.

Because of this, until the company decides how to deal with this we have ordered house arrest effective starting today.

When we decide on what to do, I’ll report to everybody again.

Also, with the event activities tomorrow and thereafter, they will be done with the remaining four members.

To the fans, those involved, though this is very troublesome we plead for your understanding and continued support.


March 21, 2013
Dreamusic Management
Representative Director Igarashi Hiroyuki

original source:
translation: vitamin-v
translation of the girlfriend's blog entries: liljekonvalj


ZE:A5 mini album preview with pretty music and pretty boys

Album preview

0:06 Beautiful Girl (아리따운 걸) - Hyungsik
0:22 Fiancée (피앙세) - Minwoo
0:34 Mistake - Dongjun
0:45 The Day We Broke Up (헤어지던 날) [TITLE SONG] - Kevin
1:01 Missing You [INTRO] - Siwan

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Sources: ZEA2011 (mini album preview, video teaser, She's Gone PV), BubbleFeetMusicJP01 on yt for Japanese mini tracks, @ZEA_9 on twitter (1 2 3), nate via koreaboo for album track names, allkpop for concert details

OMG confirmation that this is going to be as amazing as I have been hoping
go under the cut! listen to these kids!
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Humble Goddess Gyuri once again proves she's better than your faves

Both Gyuri and her fans had a rare experience as they worked side by side to prepare gifts under the name of Gyuri for the cast and staff of her upcoming drama!

Usually, when fans prepare fan supports for their celebrities, everything comes prepared, with the stickers that usually have the picture of the celebrity and a phrase like "Gyuri is treating you all to a meal" planted firmly on the lunch boxes and drinks.

However, Gyuri's fans must have been busy on that particular day because they showed up to the 'Nail Salon Paris' set without the stickers on the presents. They started putting the stickers on near the set, and Gyuri noticed what they were doing as she passed by.

She tweeted, "Kekekeke. The fans who came for the support this time.. They put the stickers on the drinks on site, so I asked them, 'Why are you doing this here keke' and joined them and worked hard to help put the stickers on… keke. And my manager oppa even took a picture."

You can see Gyuri in her short wig, surrounded by fans, as she puts on stickers adorned with her own face on the drinks. She later added, "In the end, it turned out that I prepared my own fan support… Kekeke ah that was fun >_< My people are the best!"

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Preview Pics of Woo Bin and Jong Suk on Running Man & More!!

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source: SBS via gilbakk

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source: Nate translated by cnbjonghyun

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source: 연애 (우빈종석.com) / 2차 가공, 리사이징 금지 via gilbakk

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source: MBC-R FM4U Blue Night Radio and written by kimchi hana, joAnnwashere @

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source: sportsseoul via wywrd

I CAN NOT contain my excitement about Running Man!! They're so cute! And Woo Bin in a pool!! Those L'Officiel Homme pics are sexy-hot too~

~BTOB first anniversary mega post~


It's been year since this bunch of crazy weirdos debuted!
Let's celebrate with a mega post~

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source: Peniel & translated by him

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source: Peniel dad

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source: fyeahborntobeat

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source: fyeahborntobeat 1, 2

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source: allkpop

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source: Ilhoon & translated by fyeahborntobeat; Sungjae and translated by fyeahborntobeat

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source: choreographer's twitter 1, 2

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source: Min & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Minhyuk & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Eunkwang & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Baek Seung Heon & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Ilhoon & translated by fyeahborntobeat

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source: RYT9

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source: verbena0322

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source: verbena0322

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probably later on the boys will update melodies with something, as far as we know most of them were busy on 21, so we gotta wait i guess :)