March 22nd, 2013

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INFINITE’s “Man In Love” achieves an ‘all-kill’ on music charts!!!!!!!!!


INFINITE‘s newly released title track, “Man In Love“, off of their ‘New Challenge‘ mini album has successfully achieved an ‘all-kill’, sweeping the top spot on all the music charts.

The song reached #1 on all the main music charts such as Melon, Olleh, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, Daum, Naver, Cyworld, and Monkey3. Not only so but the term ‘인피니트 (INFINITE)‘ also ranked high on the real time search queries of Nate, Naver, and Daum.

The song might be titled “Man in Love” but INSPIRITS are sure in love with INFINITE.

Congratulations to INFINITE!

















Source: AKP

🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Idols pick their favourite idols in five categories

22 idol groups (70 idol stars in total) participated in a survey entitled ‘Best Idols’ by ‘Sports Donga‘ to cast their votes in five categories: Best Vocalist, Best Rapper, Best Dancer, Best Ulzzang (Best Visual), and Best Star Factor/Talent.

Check out the results below as well as the reasons some of the idols gave while voting for their favorites!

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The idol groups that participated in this survey include Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Rainbow, miss A, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, B.A.P, Shinhwa, CNBLUE, AOA, F.T. Island, EXO-K, MBLAQ, U-KISS, ZE:A, JJ Project, JYJ, G.NA, 2AM, 2PM, KARA, and 15&.

Do you agree with the idols’s picks?

Source + image: Sports Donga + akp

what do you think Omona? you agree?

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Younha pre-releases single “It’s Not Like That”

Younha is another talent who will be joining the April comebacks, but ahead of her return, she’s pre-released a song to give you a taste for what’s to come!

Younha has sought the help of Naul, who wrote and composed her single “It’s Not Like That”, which expresses the painful feelings after a breakup.

The rest of her album will follow in the month of April, so give the song a listen below as we wait!

Sources: allkpop, Tina D 1

I love it!! It's so perfect, especially when it picks up about halfway through the song. I cannot wait until the rest of the album drops.

130322 Music Bank

This Week's Winner

List of performers:

[Click to read]

► Comeback Stages
EvoL – Get Up
Davichi – Turtle + Just The Two Of Us
Hong Jin Young – Boogie Man
INFINITE – Still I Miss You + Man In Love
OFFROAD – Head Banging

► Regular Stages
2AM – One Spring Day
2BiC – Bye Bye Love
B.A.P – One Shot
D-UNIT – Face To Face
DASONI (EXID) – Common Words
G.NA feat. Ilhoon (BTOB) – Oops!
Girl's Day – Expect Me
Heo Young Saeng – The Art Of Seduction
NU’EST – Hello
The Nuts – Love Note
Purplay – Love and Remember
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
Rania – Just Go
SHINee – Dream Girl
TEEN TOP- Miss Right
TINY-G – Come Out and Play
Two X – Ring Ma Bell

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sources: KMusicLiveKBS3, TanVuLiveKBS2, krisschild, KpopLive Perf
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JYP Entertainment liquidates U.S. based company ‘JYP Creative’

It’s been belatedly revealed that JYP Entertainment liquidated their subsidiary U.S. company, ‘JYP Creative‘, which they established back in November of 2011 in the U.S., after 1 year in November of 2012.

JYP Entertainment, headed by J.Y. Park, invested $1.2 million into the subsidiary for their activities in the U.S. However, JYP Creative recorded a net loss of 119 million KRW ($106,000) in 2011, and the loss continued, resulting in a net loss of over 1.7 billion KRW ($1.5 million) in 2012.

To help with JYP Creative activities, J.Y. Park had opened up his Korean BBQ restaurant ‘Kristalbelli‘ in New York, but it’s said the restaurant has faced losses as well. However, for the time being, the restaurant will continue to operate.

Although they’ve liquidated their American firm, the agency states that there is no change in promotion plans for their artists.

JYP Entertainment assured, “There is no problem with the agency artists promoting domestically or internationally.”

They continued, “Currently, 2PM, miss A, and other agency artists are promoting more within Asia like the countries of Japan and China, rather than the U.S. There is no immediate plans for promotions in the U.S., so there is nothing that has changed because the American firm has been dissolved.”

Source: Money Today, Newsis, Sports Seoul + akp

Former Member Allen Kibum Says He Still Loves U-KISS


Allen Kibum told enews through his agency Professional Entertainment on March 22, "It is true that I was lacking in music while I was with U-KISS. That′s why I accepted the replacements. I decided to go to Japan thinking that everything happened because of my weaknesses in music."

He added, "The reason I concentrated only on live performances for two years in Japan, after giving up everything related to visuals, is because I wanted to make a return as a true singer in Korea again. During the two years I spent with music I was in such pain that I even thought of suicide at one point, but now I′m ready to become a solo singer with my current agency, and after it made me an offer in December 2012, I decided to make a solo debut in April."

"I can′t help but miss the time I spent with the U-KISS members. I was able to endure thanks to those memories and I still love them," he said.

Professional Entertainment was founded in 2008 by the man who produced Xing, the first group Allen Kibum debuted with, and who composed U-KISS′ hit single Man Man Ha Ni.

Allen Kibum will be staying in Korea for a while to record his first solo single Longing, then leave for Japan on March 23 to appear in a broadcast. In April he will return to Korea for the release of his single.

Source: enewsworld

best of luck to him in his comeback.