March 25th, 2013

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RIP shinee fandom

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"in the midst of the news about group shinee’s onew and after school’s jungah romantic relationship, the companies on both sides have denied stating “they are just close, they’re not dating”.

jungah and her pledis entertainment through a phone call on the afternoon of the 25th have said “the two of them are just a close noona and dongasaeng, they’re not dating” and that “they have been close from some time back”.

and onew’s sm entertainment indeed said similarly, “they’re just close, they’re not dating”.

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Politician caught looking up 'nude pictures' during plenary session (#NSFW)

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Article: Congressman Shim Jae Chul caught searching nude pictures at government meeting 'humiliation'
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Congressman Shim Jae Chul of the Saenuri Party was caught by journalists searching 'nude pictures' and looking at the results while in an assembly plenary meeting.
[Comments are pulled from Bestiz because Nate comments are just a huge political party battle.]

"This is seriously pathetic... If he's like this at a government meeting, imagine how he is like elsewhere."
"He must be the #1 customer of Gangnam room salons."
"I can't even imagine an idiot more idiotic than him ㅋㅋㅋ"
"Imagine how pathetic his family thinks he is right now ㅋㅋㅋ"
"He should just quit right now."
"He really couldn't have waited until he got out of the meeting? We hired him to do his job and he's sitting there looking up porn.."

sometimes you just can't resist sneaking in a peak...or 795829472 peaks
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Lee Jong-suk, "I thought popularity dies after the drama"


He's excited. Lee Jong-suk left a strong impression in the drama "School 2013" as Ko Nam-soon. He said, "Thank You" when he heard in was ranked first place but when he heard the rest (the star to be responsible for national domestic entertainment) he was just amazed.

"I thought popularity dies when the drama finishes" is why.

Lee was in the middle of an ad when Sports DongAh went to have an interview with him. This is his sixth ad. He said the fact that fans chose him as the star with the most possibilities and that the number of fans expanded so much to fill 800 seats at event was more surprising.

"I had many fans during the drama. I thought it would last while the drama went on. I noticed more people recognized me on the streets. I still feel that this is like a bubble about to bust although I trust the votes my fans have given me. My shoulders feel heavy".

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Credits : Donga News
Source : Hancinema

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Park Si Hoo's brother "We are at a breaking point"

The brother of Park Si-hoo who has been charged with rape, spoke at last.

He claimed that everyone was going through a hard time in a phone call with MBC TV "Section TV".

He said, "Our parents are suffering, my brother is and so am I. No one knows what this is like".

A's attorney also claimed that her side of the family were also going through a rough time.

Source : Hancinema
Credits : e-today

New stuffs : PSH's results of the detector of lies released : he failed everything, Police doesn't deny but says "we never released them".
Prume (PSH law firm) warns the police station + the medias.

Lol now that I've posted this article I'm too lazy to post the others so here are the links. By this article I just wanted to show how much impact this story has on ppl's lives.

130324 Inkigayo

This Week's Winner

List of performers:

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► Comeback Stages
Davichi – Turtle + Just The Two Of Us
INFINITE – Still I Miss You + Man In Love
OFFROAD – Head Banging

► Regular Stages
2AM – One Spring Day
2BiC – Bye Bye Love
D-Unit – Face To Face
G.NA feat. Ilhoon (BTOB) – Oops!
Girl’s Day – Expect
Gummy – Snow Flower
Heo Youngsaeng – The Art Of Seduction
Huh Gak – Monodrama
Kim Bo Kyung & Shayne – What Have You Done To Me
Ladies' Code – Bad Girl
Lee Hi – It's Over
SHINee – Dream Girl
TEEN TOP – Miss Right
U-KISS – Standing Still

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sources: SBSMusic1, KMusicLiveSBS
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Infinite Takes Over Album and Online Music Charts with New Album!!!

Infinite managed to top charts yet again with its new mini album New Challenge.

According to Hanteo Charts on March 25, Infinite′s New Challenge rose to the top of the album chart as soon as it was released. The album′s promotional single Man in Love also covered the online bases, as it topped various online music charts with its release on March 21.

A rep from Infinite′s agency told enews, “If the previous albums were mostly popular among teenagers, the most recent album has been garnering support from those in their 20s and 30s. We believe the change in concept brought on this change in age groups.”

The group has been promoting Man in Love with a new innocent concept of men who have fallen in love, leaving behind its charismatic image.

Source: eNews