March 26th, 2013


Who whore it better? Confusing shirt edition.

Push Button's S/S 2013 collection

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Who whore it better?

they both work it
they both look weird...
I don't care, this shirt is just ugly

source: pushbutton, mnetglobal, fyeahborntobeat
Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

15 Seconds of Smoulder, Courtesy of Lee Donghae

Donghae for Corso Como Seoul Melody / W Korea (April 2013 Issue)

Donghae's 130325 Corso Como Seoul Melody Preview (W Korea)

by: SMTown and W Korea

Image Source: W korea | Video Source: SMTown's Youtube and W Korea's Youtube

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For the entire SM Corso Como Seoul Melody Preview Videos by W Korea,
check out either W Korea's Youtube Page or SMTown's Youtube Page.

OP: You're welcome.
I love Donghae and Kangin's photoshoot.
Kitty kitty

Daesung to become an MC for MTV Japan program


Daesung will have his first Japanese MC gig on MTV Japan!

His new program is called ‘D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay‘, and will begin airing on April 13 at 6:30 JST. VJ BOO has always been friends with Daesung, and the program will air every other week on Saturday, with 5 episodes in all. On the program, the pair will visit parks and even try their hand at cooking. The program will also show Daesung’s solo concerts in Japan.

Daesung said, “I was really nervous because it was my first time having a program in Japan, but I will work hard to show my real self to the fans. I hope fans have fun watching the broadcast and enjoy my first Japanese solo album.”

Daesung will be having 25 shows for his Japanese solo tour, which he kicked off on the 20th and 21st at the Kobe World Memorial Hall.


Phantom and Verbal Jint release "Come As You Are" MV

Phantom will be holding their first solo concert on May 15 at the Uniqlo AX Hall in Seoul.

Verbal Jint made his producing debut with this single.

The music video was directed by Woody Answer (@woody_answer) and its Director of Photography was Bryan Ku (@bryan_ku).

Follow Phantom's company on twitter at @bn_music.

Sources: brandnewmusickorea on yt, allkpop

In case you were unaware, Phantom released one of the best minis of the year a few months ago. Their debut mini is great, too.

Phantom tag please?

Is this real life or is this just fantasy? Idol's dating Speculation Post.

These possible couples are from a list posted on Instiz, Bestiz and were translated by Netizenbuzz. Since Junki turned out to be true, could these be next?

Omona's star couple aka 'Gurl what are you doing' couple: Leeteuk/Taeyeon

People have speculated Taeyeon to have dated Wooyoung or Junsu but she's actually dating Leeteuk.

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Source: Instiz, Bestiz, Netizenbuzz

So who do you think is real? And who would you like to get together? Let's make this in to a crack pot ship post.

B1A4's interview with Myojo, aka the usual puppy love fest



Maknae's observation skills
To me, the existence of the other 4 members are indispensible. Especially Gongchan - he takes note of his surroundings and tells me about things I have missed out. Because of him, I have been able to concentrate better on my own work. Thank you.

What I enjoy doing
I think that to watch over the members is my role and my obligation. It may be a lot of work to care for them but to me, it's enjoyable.

Empire of entertainment, Japan
I want to hold another concert again. Wouldn't it be more fun to create songs just for the concert while directing it in a way that can only be done by us... Come to think of it, are there many amusement parks in Japan? I want to go... It's nice that Japan has so many enjoyable places.

A word to another member
Baro, your heart is really kind.

What are the members to you?
Jinyoung - Tree. He's reliable like a tree and as a friend, I can depend on him.
Sandeul: Chocolate. When I look at him, I gain strength. Also, (the similarity in that) to prevent it from melting, you have to maintain it.
Baro: Lemon. It's sour when you eat it, and it numbs your mouth (laugh) but it's full of vitamins.
Gongchan: Puppy. Even if people around see him as an adult, to me he is a cute puppy.

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Credits: skipfire

I love their answers for 'what are the members to you'. They are too precious for this world, wae geuraeeee
JIN RAK; wut

SNSD on Japanese TV show "Idol? We want to be called artists"

Girls' Generation revealed their dilemma in determining where they stood as musicians.

Recently on a show program, the group came out and revealed their great life as singers but also their behind stories about their hardships and concerns as a group.

During the interview, the staff asked them whether they were an artist or an idol. Girls' Generation debuted at an early age and reached fame quite quickly in both Korea and Japan as well as the world.

Jessica commented, "It is an honor to be called an idol group. However, now it seems that everyone who is young is an idol group."

Sooyoung commented, "Honestly, we want to be called an artist." Yuri added, "It is hard for us to state which one we are. What our fans and the public calls us is what we will be."

Through their answers, we were able to get an idea of what the members thought about being an idol and an artist.

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source: netizenbuzz + naver + kpopstarz

that is the biggest joke i've heard in a while. sorry but netizens hit it right on this time, when every aspect of your life is controlled by other people who tell you how/what to do and you have basically no input in it, i dont see how you can even think about being an artist. and did sooyoung and taeyeon really say those things the netizens say? that is sad.
Not what you think I am

Gayoon sings the Korean National Anthem at the ’2014 Brazil World Cup’ qualification match


Gayoon had the honor of singing the Korean National Anthem at the preliminaries for the ‘2014 Brazil World Cup‘!

The Korea versus Qatar qualification soccer match was held at the Seoul World Cup Arena on the 26th. Gayoon appeared in a neat white shirt and a black jacket, and sang the National Anthem before the match.

Gayoon getting to sing at such a big event is a big deal not just for Gayoon, but also for 4minute. Korea went on to win the match against Qatar 2-1, putting them in the lead of Asia’s A-division. Congratulations to both Gayoon and the Korean soccer team!

AllKpop and YT user 393939808
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Kevin Maher gives a sneak peak at f(x)’s new choreography?

Choreographer Kevin Maher dropped more hints about f(x)‘s impending comeback!

The choreographer, who’s previously worked with Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, is reportedly working with the girls on the dance for their next song. The girls took a group shot with him in Los Angeles after flying in from their performance at ‘SXSW‘. Kevin Maher uploaded another photo recently and shared,

The bottom photo is something that fans had seen before, but the top photo looks like it may be a part of the new choreography. What do you think?

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source: akp + @Kmaher56


Who whore it better? Another confusing shirt edition.

Kye Long Fringed Plaid T-Shirt $ 415.00 125.00

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Who whore it better?

they all look okay
don't care, this shirt needs to be burned

source: openingceremony, allkpop editablebtob, koreaboo, special girl mv
i changed the picc for ilhoon, for one that displays this ugly garment more
sunye wonder world

[movie review + giveaway] PUNCH by YOO AH IN. We loved it!


Presented by: CJ Entertainment
Produced by: UBU Film / Another Pictures
Directed by: LEE Han (Lover's Concerto, Almost Love)
Original story by: KIM Ryeo-ryeong
Screenplay by: KIM Dong-woo
KIM Yun-seok (The Thieves; The Chaser; Tazza: The High Rollers)
YOO Ah-in (Sungkyunkwan Scandal; Antique)
PARK Soo-young (Architecture 101; Tazza: The High Rollers)
KIM Sang-ho (Moss; City Hunter TV; The Happy Life)
Jasmine LEE (The Secret Reunion)

Since this is a movie giveaway the only rule really is: comment for a chance to win! Winners will be contacted through private message tomorrow so please turn this on.
First prize winner: Poster (like the one above) + DVD + POSTCARD
TWO Runner up prizes (as in two people will win the following): POSTER + POSTCARD


I've only seen Yoo Ah In in one other thing (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) and he was a tough, wisecracking kinda guy. In this one his name is Wang-deuk and it's good to see him balance a weary, sort of vulnerable high school kid who, if provoked, would beat the shit out of you. If it had been a different actor Wang-deuk would have just been this ~EDGY POOR KID WITH A HEART OF GOLD~ type, but his portrayal really draws you in to someone more complex. He's hot, also. Out of all the young actor dudes I've seen, he has a lot of natural talent. Rising star for sure!!! I think I have been converted to his holy light.

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yuukihitohira's review:

My review, I also really, really loved this movie a lot. There's so many different themes and issues touched on that I haven't really seen in other Korean movies such as interracial marriage, being handicapped, living with a single dad, and living in the poorer end of the working class. They were all tied together and shown in such a great way that really pulled at your heartstrings. All the characters are real people with real struggles and it's great to see them work through them to create better lives not only for themselves, but others.. I'd like to say more but I feel like I'd be giving away the whole plot of the movie which, SURPRISE, isn't centered around the main character, Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah In), and his endeavor to become a kickboxer.

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COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT. Talk about an important mentor in your life. Or about a group of people you consider a family and what you love about them. Or if you've seen this movie we can talk about it~

5 Points Pictures - site, youtube
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

New tomboy girl group GI (Global Icon) releases their 1st teaser for “Beatles”!

GI (Global Icon) is completely different from other girl groups with their tomboy concept, which was evidenced through their image teasers.

The group will be debuting on April 3rd, and the teaser for “Beatles” featuring rappers OneKet, and AI has been revealed!

Their label Shimtong Entertainment said, “We’re going to be different from the cute and sexy girl groups that come out almost once every week with our music and style. You can look forward to them.”

The next teaser will be released on March 28th, so stay tuned on allkpop OMONA for this fierce new group and check out the first teaser above!

source: akp + Sim Tong
[moonbyul] UOAY

JYP tweets: 15& to comeback on April 7th

He tweeted, “Life’s half-time, I left for a Middle East village wanting to find a life that won’t collapse, so I wasn’t able to participate in Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin‘s debut. I worked hard preparing this to redeem that disappointment. April 7th, finally Park Ji Min, Baek Ye Rin 15& comeback. Look forward to it!”

source: JYP's twitter | AKP

Hopefully now that he had a hand in this unlike their debut, it'll turn out better. This better be awesome though...!
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Same old: SM is hell, YG is for the cool kids & JYP is like home

During the recent filming for ‘Ssul Jeon‘, the topic of, ‘If your child became a celebrity?’, led the MCs to conduct an analysis of the ‘Big Three’ entertainment agencies in Korea, SM-YG-JYP.

The MCs went into a detailed discussion of the CEOs, artists, and training system of these three respective agencies. Announcer Park Ji Yoon compared the agencies into different types of schools sharing, “SM is an academy of thorough training (like a military school), YG is an alternative school that emphasizes each students’ individual colors, and JYP is home schooling that is taught in the way of J.Y. Park.”

Huh Ji Woong also compared the founders of each label to tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) restaurant owners and stated, “Lee Soo Man is the grandma of a traditional tteokbokki store, Yang Hyun Suk runs the franchise that gains popularity with its new menu, and J.Y. Park is a tteokbokki store owner who gives half air, half tteok [rice cake].”

Catch this interesting episode on the 28th at 11PM KST on jTBC! Do you agree with their views?

source: akp
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Crazy Love continues tvN’s line of revengey makjangs

My viewership of tvN dramas tends to skew toward their lighter fare, such as the Flower Boy series and their other rom-coms, but the cable station does appear to be carving out another niche for itself in the daily makjang category, and has a new one in the works:Crazy Love, which launches next month.

Previous daily revenge series by tvN include Yellow Boots (a ratings hit, breaking 5%) andGlass Mask (also a hit at 3%), and you can bet they’re hoping to solidify the trend withCrazy Love. Well, I guess they picked a good title.

The station is labeling this one a “passion melo” — words you’d presume were built into the genre but may be added here to emphasize the Angst and Intensity even further, perhaps? Directed by the PD of I Need Romance and Star in My Heart — two much lighter, fizzier shows — this drama tells the story of lovers who meet at their bleakest moment and fall into a “crazy, desperate love.”

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Via Osen , Dramabeans


Who whore it better? Yellow dress edition.

Kwak Hyun Joo Spring/Summer 2013 collection

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Who whore it better?

I don't like yellow...

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Fans voice discontent on Twitter over blocked videos of Cube’s artists


Fans who wanted to watch music videos of Cube Entertainment’s artists (4minute, G.NA..etc) on March 24 found themselves in front of a black Youtube player.

The music videos uploaded on the artists’ official Youtube channels were blocked by Universal Music Group in the U.S and the U.K before being unavailable worldwide soon after.

The reason why Cube Entertainment was the only Korean entertainment agency to be hit by what is now known as a “glitch” is because Universal Music Group is under contract with the agency and is in charge of distributing its artists’ music and content.

K-Pop fans who asked for explanations vented their frustration on social networks Tumblr and Twitter with hashtags such as #giveuskpop and #umg.

Some of them speculated that it was an attempt by Universal Music Group to “keep K-Pop in Korea only.”

Universal Music Group posted on the matter, “Glitch at YouTube blocking videos. We’re doing all we can to get them back online.”

Cube Entertainment stated, “It’s regrettable that K-Pop fans worried without any real reason for them to. In return of their interest, we will work hard to provide better content in the future.

source: yonhap news, translation by yoobin (@ 4MF) via 4mf-trans; picture credit interview365