July 1st, 2013

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Who wore it better? Coat edition.

Pushbutton AW 2013, ~800$
52_029 (1)

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Who wore it better?

Lee Hyori
Gong Hyo Jin
both work it
burn it and give me the money

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Music chart rulers, 2NE1, is expected to take the top ranks by storm in the second-half of the year


Popular girl group 2NE1 will be returning on July 8 with their new song “Falling in Love.”

YG Entertainment revealed a teaser poster in the early hours of July 1 containing the date of the single release, signaling the start of the group’s activities.

The teaser poster gives a cool sensation with the neon letters “Falling in Love” in a background of lush palm trees.
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Source: OSEN via Star Naver
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Junsu reveals jacket image for ′11 o′clock′


On July 1, singer XIA (Kim Junsu of JYJ) revealed a jacket image for ’11 o’clock’.

In the jacket image, XIA is wearing a fancy crown of flowers with his sad eyes, creating a mysterious atmosphere. His agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA’s ’11 o’clock’, which will be pre-released on July 2, is an acoustic ballad song about a lonely monologue of a man who broke up with his lover.

The agency said, “The 15-second teaser video of ’11 o’clock’ revealed through LOEN TV last week became a hot topic. You will be even more surprised the song which will be released tomorrow.
The agency added, “Indeed, XIA even cried during the recording of ’11 o’clock’ to express his feelings. He impressed the staffs in the recording studio by singing the song at once to express his emotions.

Meanwhile, XIA’s official second album’s ’11 o’clock’ will be released on July 2 through many music sites.

Source: Asia Today
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taeil & pyo

Possible Block B comeback in the works?


Information on Block B to come next week~
But just information is not so important
In July, there won't just be information about Block B
There is BIGNEWS so look forward to it everyone~

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source: kankanshinokubo + yama_hanyo + bontheblock 1, 2, 3 + pijuuuuu

Kankanshinokubo posted a few months back that they had some Block B news to reveal and I'm glad they can finally do so!
the gang

B1A4 Sells Out All Five Days of Second Exclusive Concert

Holding its second exclusive concert, B1A4 impressive sold out on its 2013 B1A4 Limited Show ‘Amazing Store.’

On June 28, CJ E&M, who is in charge of the concert planning, stated that B1A4 sold out on 10,000 seats at the Uniqlo AX Hall, which seats 2,000 people, for the five concerts being held from August 7 to 11.

The first ticket release was on June 26, where fans took all 5,000 seats within three minutes. The second ticketing on June 27 was similar, as 5,000 seats disappeared in five minutes.

“Despite the economic crisis and the difficulties of the performing industry, B1A4’s success continues to rise,” said CJ E&M.

WM Entertainment thanked fans for their support and promised to do everything it can to prepare for the concert.

The 2013 B1A4 Unlimited Show ‘Amazing Store was organized to be small scale concert with just 2,000 people in the audience in an effort for the B1A4 members to interact more closely with fans.

source: enewsworld

This reminds me a lot of Infinite's "That Summer" concert, they're performing with a live band as well ;_;
calvin and hobbes

Everyone's favorite fetuses continue to be flawless!!!! (aka a seventeen post)

[ETC] Who we are? LIKE SEVENTEEN! - Wonwoo Na.

pledis 17

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As one of Seventeen's two Omona stans I feel like it's my duty to make posts about them.
So here you go! :D
♥ SHINee Onew: lol no bye

Male Rights Group 'Man of Korea' files an injunction to ban Dal Shabet's "Be Ambitious"

Male rights group 'Man of Korea' (MOK) has filed an injunction against Dal Shabet's "Be Ambitious".

MOK said, "The lyrics and music video of 'Be Ambitious' depreciate both women and men, and it's harmful to the youth". They requested that the song be banned from further distribution.

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Source: Oh! My News, Money Today via Nate + akp

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SHINee Perform in a Typhoon


SHINee along with other local and international artists performed at the 2013 Hong Kong Dome Festival. Performances were going smoothly until heavy rain began to fall upon the outdoor venue. Despite the heavy down pour and the dangers such rainfall posed to the performers, SHINee remained professional and continued their set flawlessly.

Basically this is a post for us ogle wet and sweaty SHINee. Enjoy.

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Oh my....some of those jongyu pictures...

But really, hope they took care after running around in the rain like that.

Sources: @realjonghyun90 [1] [2], forevershiningshinee [1] [2], shineee.net, Cat Mann, KpopKBSLive, JaniceForWhat, and as otherwise credited on the pictures, Michiko Tsujido

Girl's Day Yura's dat ass is too hot to handle. Agency saves young boys from Boners.

Girl’s Day recently returned with a sexier concept for repackaged album ‘The Female President’ and Yura became the center of attention due to her controversial outfit in new music video.

On June 25th, Girl’s Day’s management agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, explained, “Yura’s outfit is a one-piece tights. She did not expose a single part of her body”, denying the claim that she over-exposed her body.

In “The Female President” music video, Yura appeared in a tight nude-tone outfit, creating an optical illusion as if she is wearing see-through clothes. It drew the attention of the netizens claiming that she exposed parts of her body while making a sexy pose.

So the Big question is is it a one piece or is it not a one piece? (lbr who cares she looks great)

Source: Dkpopnews

The slut shaming on AKP and other places was headache inducing. Let's rejoice in Yura's glory Omona.

ICON (No Minwoo) releases "Rockstar" digital single + MV

Singer and actor No Minwoo is back with his solo single "Rockstar" under his new stage name ICON!

On July 1st, No Minwoo released the music video for the title track along with the single, which contains a total of 4 songs including "Alive," "Baby" and "Hello," all produced by the singer himself.

The title track "Rockstar" is of an electronic genre mixed with an acoustic guitar. He is backed by his bandmates Monster, drum master, and DJ Disco.

01: Rockstar

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credits: Koreaboo

There are Canadian K-pop idols? Yes indeed! Happy Canada Day!

Canadian K-pop Idol Round-Up

It's been 50 years since Canada and South Korea established a diplomatic relationship. Our Prime Minister recently declared 2013 as the “Year of Korea in Canada” and the South Korean Prime Minister in turn declared 2013 as the “Year of Canada in Korea.”

To celebrate Canada Day, I've written a round-up post of Canadian K-pop idols.


Henry from Super Junior-M, and now soloist as well, was born in Toronto, Ontario. He recently released his first mini-album, making his debut as a solo artist. He went to several different high schools in Toronto and spent a semester at the University of Toronto studying Music Performance before auditioning and being accepted into SMEntertainment. His family continues to live in Toronto. He was recently featured in The Toronto Star, one of Canada's biggest newspapers: Henry Lau goes from Willowdale to K-Pop superstar.

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Source: NotExactlySocial.com

Happy Canada Day, Omona! Maybe one day we'll be recognized by the K-pop industry, and then we'll get ALL THE CONCERTS.

I know left out a few non-idol K-pop stars who lived in Canada, like Alex from Clazziquai and Tablo from Epik High, but I thought I'd stick to traditional idols for this round-up.

When it rains, it really pours. Korea's favourite Army cosplayer caught with his hands in his pants.

Reports that Rain had voluntarily given up his end-term vacation has surfaced.

Star News reported that an insider had revealed to them, "Rain has voluntarily given up his end-term vacation. He's saying that he wants to spend his last days fulfilling his duties to the best of his abilities."

Another insider told them, "During inspections, the soliders' vacations get put on hold. But since Rain is about to end his enlistment, he can use his end-term vacations. But he decided to give up his vacation to do the best during inspections."

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Source: AKP, Starnews, Nate 1, 2

Lol I guess someone does media play worse than YG.

Many Ships have set sail on this SHINee day

SHINee kick starts their 2nd Japanese Arena Tour!


After a long year of waiting, SHINee is finally back for their second Japan Arena Tour, 'SHINee World 2013 Boys Meet U'!

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Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net

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SHINee invites you in!