July 3rd, 2013

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Yeo Jin Goo & Kim Yoo Jung & Jaden Smith, Tahiti, Park Bo Young, Siwon, ... - Various magazines

Yeo Jin Goo & Kim Yoo Jung & Jaden Smith

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K Wave
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🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Ailee reveals teaser image for her comeback mini album 'A's Doll House'

You know you'e all been waiting - Ailee's having a comeback soon!

She'll be coming back with her 2nd mini album 'A's Doll House', and her label released the album image!

They tweeted, "You're curious about Ailee's mini album 'A's Doll House', right? We're now going to reveal the new album image since you've been waiting for so long~!!! Tada~~!!!".

Ailee herself then replied to the tweet and said, "712", possibly hinting that her comeback would be on July 12.

Source: akp, YMC_ent, itzailee

INFINITE, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, and SISTAR to guest on Barefoot Friends

Source: MonSoleil0313 @ youtube

I think BFF has improved the past couple of weeks, but I feel like they still haven't found their identity has a show. This diving special is entertaining, but I don't see how it's all that different from Infinity Challenge. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how the idols do when it comes to diving!

maybe hyori is marrying her boyf but also maybe not??


Love is definitely in the air lately as Lee Hyori (34) and Lee Sang Soon (39) have also announced their decision to tie the knot!

Lee Hyori's reps confirmed, "Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon recently had their wedding invitations made...The specific details have not been confirmed yet so it is difficult to comment on it."

Although the exact date is not yet known, reps have confirmed that the wedding ceremony will be taking place in September!

The two lovebirds went public with their relationship back in 2011 and have been dating for the past three years.

Congrats to Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon!
source: allkpop, their sources : star today tv report

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source: also allkpop , their sources: star today mydaily mbn tv segye
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chocolat black tinkerbell bts & interview

Showing their sexy beauty with their 'fairy dance', it's the sweet girls of Chocolat!
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Chocolat’s third single album “Black Tinkerbell"

The girls of Chocolat, who debuted with the song “Syndrome" and have also had activities with the song “One More Day"/"Same Thing To Her", have made a comeback with performances and music so amazing that it makes their long break from the industry pale in comparison.

This digital single has been ambitiously prepared so that the listener is able to get a sense of the members’ potential and how they have changed in their time away, while simultaneously being an album with a sophisticated and mature vibe. Chocolat are no longer showing the side that they did as rookies; they have unveiled how their musicality and visuals are progressing more and more.
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Chocolat have returned as fairies! The shoot of the "Black Tinkerbell" music video
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The sweet girls of Chocolat made a come back in June 2013 with “Black Tinkerbell". For this digital single, they have returned with performances and music so impressive that it overshadows their 1 year and 3 month absence. The album makes use of the members’ charms and a high-quality song. It was prepared with the fans who eagerly waited for Chocolat’s comeback in mind and it is anticipated to fully meet their expectations.

Let’s check out the music video set for the title track “Black Tinkerbell"!

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