July 9th, 2013



Haha and Byul Welcome a Baby Boy

After waiting and waiting for Haha Jr., Haha and Byul finally welcomed their new baby boy.

On July 9, Haha tweeted, “2013.7.9 8:15 am. God’s dream.. Dreamy is…smiling at me right now ~^^ I became a dad!! My good son that came out a week earlier than planned! Today is a Tuesday that is blessed by God~ My schedule even got canceled! Amazing sense by God, thank you so much~”

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Source: Enewsworld

Edit: Pics of baby Dream!

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Source: @RunningManCast

Oh gosh I'm so excited for the Ha family! I know Haha and Byul are going to make great parents.

The Saga Continues: More on LOEN's "Tyranny" I.E. Their Statement and C-JeS's Rebuttal

130709 Loen States, “The Statement That We Have Nullified Kim Junsu’s Promotions Is False, We’re Still In Discussions With C-JeS”

Loen Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the ‘Unlawful Tyranny Controversy’ brought against them by C-JeS Entertainment.

A representative of Loen stated in a phone conversation with Newsen that, “Regarding Kim Junsu’s showcase, C-JeS and Loen had not yet completed and signed a contract. This problem has arisen in the final stages of discussions between the two parties.”

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Source: [newsen], Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

130709 Kim Junsu’s Reps Refute Loen, “You Say That We Were Still Only In The Discussion Process?”

Loen’s nullification of promotional marketing strategies for Kim Junsu’s latest album has become a controversy.

Through an official letter of plea on the 9th of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “On the 8th of July, six days till the release of XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album, we received a unilateral notification from the album’s distribution company Loen Entertainment.”

According to C-JeS, Loen has cancelled all verbal agreements made in the past two months, and unilaterally notified the agency that they would still distribute the album online and offline, but would nullify all other promotional marketing strategies. The crux of the controversy is the broadcast of the singer’s showcase, which is set to be attended by Melon users, on MelonTV. Loen is said to have notified C-JeS that the event would be broadcasted live on LoenTV, but would be impossible to disclose on Melon.

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Source: [newsen], Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

I'm not sure what to believe at this point, but I want to think C-JeS was playing hard ball with LOEN the whole time knowing that something negative sould happen with their threat of releasing a statement if they didn't hear back from LOEN.
From the comments in the previous post, verbal contracts are very common in Korea and Japan and have high value, so for LOEN to say something about a signed contract, it doesn't make sense. This will have to be taken to the courts; I just hope the rulling is fair.


Ladies' Code's Zuny suffers a leg injury + comeback to be postponed

Ladies' Code have decided to postpone their July comeback following the unfortunate news of Zuny's injury.


Ladies' Code, who were scheduled to make a comeback on the 25th, announced the news of Zuny's leg injury on their official fan cafe on the 8th.

Zuny started feeling pain in her knee while practicing the choreography for their upcoming title track. Although it hasn't been diagnosed as a serious injury, she will still need to wear a cast and receive treatment for the time being.

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Kenyan exchange student confesses that he received racist treatment in Korea

Source: Star News via Nate

"I really love Korea. I can drink three bottles of soju in one sitting and even love kimchi stew. Korea's a great country to live in because there's so much to love and it's safe. However, when I'm on the subway and it's empty, no one will sit next to me even if the seats are empty. People initially think I'm from America but once they find out I'm from Kenya, they'll start to look down on me. I was shocked once when an ajumma randomly touched my skin."

His Korean friend: "People also think that he can't understand Korean so they'll put down his looks. It angers me to hear them say things that would obviously hurt him."

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source: nate, daum, netizenbuzz

I know Hello Counsellor can be a problematic show so I really hope this was handled well, but props to him for having the courage to speak about this on national tv. I'll be looking forward to this when it airs on KBS World.

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Now we know why Gummy is locked in the basement


Gummy's contract with YG Entertainment has been revealed to be expired.

According to a music industry insider, Gummy's contract with YG Entertainment for her Korean promotions has already expired and her contract for her Japanese promotions is set to end shortly.

Rumors are floating around that Gummy will choose not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment and move on to another agency. A representative revealed, "Gummy recently held meetings with various agencies. Rather than renewing her contract, Gummy is leaning towards signing with a new agency."

A YG Entertainment representative responded, "It is true that Gummy's contract has expired. However, Gummy has been with YG Entertainment for over 10 years, and she's part of the family. Gummy is a member of the YG Family just like Se7en and Jinusean are. Although Se7en and Jinusean's contracts with YG Entertainment have expired, they are still considered members of the YG Family. We are currently in discussion with Gummy. We will respect whatever decision Gummy makes and continue to support her."

Seeing how YG Entertainment has been busy with their large roster of artists and Gummy hasn't released a Korean album since 2010, do you think it might be wise for her to sign with another agency?

Run girl, run

🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Bittersweet news: EXO to promote a follow up song + f(x)'s comeback date is still up in the air

Good news for fans of EXO as they are apparently working to promote with a follow-up song! Meanwhile, fans of f(x) will have to wait a little bit longer as no comeback date has been determined as of yet.

A rep from SM Entertainment stated through a phone call interview with Kuki News, "EXO is planned to return with a follow-up song. After promoting 'Wolf' for several more weeks, [EXO] is set to release their follow-up song."

The agency also commented on f(x)'s possible comeback and revealed, "We are currently planning for their comeback but we are still looking into a specific comeback date."

source: Kuki News + akp
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Victoria and Kim So Eun chosen as MCs for the new KBSW variety show "Glitter"!

f(x)'s Victoria and actress Kim So Eun will become the MCs of a new variety show.

The new KBSW show 'Glitter' is a road variety show that gives trendy lifestyle tips to women in their 20s. On the show, the girls are going to be talking about their beauty secrets, fashion, the best restaurants, and fun places to visit for each 60-minute episode.

It's actually the first time for Victoria and Kim So Eun to become a main MC for any kind of show. However, both girls have plenty of experience on broadcast, so fans are already anticipating how they'll be running the show!

'Glitter' will start filming this week and begin airing on August 2.

source: TVDaily + akp
minji - falling in love

[MOD POST] Refresher course on how to join Omona and the rules!

I must let in about 50-100 users into this community every couple of weeks so I think it's about time we take care of some housekeeping.

First I will go over HOW YOU CAN JOIN OMONA IF YOU'RE NOT A MEMBER YET and then I'LL TELL YOU OUR RULES. I'm not putting anything under a Livejournal cut, this is serious time yall.

Wanna join Omona?

1. Too many spambots are on the membership queue so I've been tightening it up a bit unlike before when I was more lenient but now I have to be more strict or else

--Empty, no activity whatsoever
--A combination of both of those things BUT we've let in accounts whose profiles are more dressed up (have friends, joined communities, includes a bio, have made entries) AND were also less than 4 months old
--Your email might not be validated and Livejournal made it so you can't join. There's no way for us to bypass that.

2. The fastest way to get into the community?
  a. Hit the join button and then message a maintainer personally. The list of maintainers can be found on the profile page.
  b. Or have a friend who is already a member and have them message a maintainer.
  c. Or you can email omonamods@gmail.com but make sure you tell us your username. You don't need a 4 month old lj account for this but just know if you start acting out of pocket we WILL ban you.

3. Did you get rejected? Do what's in #2.

So now that you're a member of Omona, here are the codes of conduct.
Omona's got to have a code.

--STOP LURKING AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO COMMENT! I know it's intimidating especially when we have such strong personalities in here. You can just say "hi it's my first time commenting" and you'll see people will be nice.

top silly <-- this is us

--If you say something problematic and you get called out on it, don't get butthurt and take it personally. Learn from it, grow up, and become a better more conscious human being or you can just go somewhere else.

--Celebrities are fair game. If your bias gets hated on, it's not the end of the world. For example the other day someone said something about my girl Minji, I think I handled it pretty well. In the case where you feel compelled to defend your bias remember that  it's okay to walk away when it gets too much, your bias will not hate you for it especially because they don't even know you exist.

jack harkness whatever <-- this should be you

--Do NOT personally attack members. Do not take anything from their journal, twitter, tumblr, facebook etc and use it against them in a way that is humiliating or demeaning. Don't steal their icons, that might actually be a Livejournal rule too. Do not insult someone because of their beliefs/sexuality/gender/race. Generally when someone is acting extremely hostile we will tell you to fall back, chill out etc. Like I said do not get so butthurt that you start to engage in these kinds of embarrassing behaviors. It's not cute, it's not funny, and you will get dealt with. Get me?

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--We do have posts in which we delve into more serious social topics and those tend to be a hotbed of wank and high emotions. Tread lightly. Think before you comment. We have members that have gone through abuse and trauma so some of these posts are triggering to them. My advice: don't be an asshole. Be respectful, be kind. This can be a learning experience for you. If you or someone you know have been personally attacked let a mod or opd know. We look at potential troubles on a case by case basis, taking into account the context (and/or history if necessary) before we act.

--Just be cool be funny be smart be conscious be nice. We are all here because we love kpop or we love to make fun of kpop and we don't feel like engaging with people on other websites lawlz. Let's make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.


party hard taemin

BEG queens score an all-kill as expected

It hasn't even been a full day since Brown Eyed Girls released their comeback song "Recipe", but they've already scored an all-kill on the charts!The ladies are #1 on all of Korea's major charts, including Melon, Bugs, Mnet, and Soribada. It's their comeback in nearly a year, and the girls haven't even put out an MV but they've managed to beat all competition.
Brown Eyed Girls collaborated with hip hop producer Primary to whip up their "Recipe". Primary, Dynamic Duo's Choiza, and Miryo also wrote the witty lyrics for the title track.

Congratulations to Brown Eyed Girls!

source: allkpop
Hell yeah, queens are flawless!


And the Saga of C-JeS/LOEN Ends

130710 [C-JeS] Our Business Dispute With Loen Entertainment Has Come To An Amicable Resolution


This is C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo.

Our business dispute with Loen Entertainment (henceforth known as Loen) has come to an amicable resolution. Last night, we met with Loen’s representative staff members and received an official statement that they would progress with the planned distribution of XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album, as well as the previously agreed upon promotional marketing strategies.

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Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage], Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

I didn't expect a resolution so quickly, but I'm happy things are working out. I read in a comment on one of my previous posts that Kfans were planning something. I wonder if that had anything to do with this.

MBLAQ to have concert in Japan and to perform in Bangkok with others \o/


K-pop boy band MBLAQ is hitting the road to meet fans in Japan next month.

MBLAQ is opening their brand-new Japan tour “2013 MBLAQ SENSATION ZEPP TOUR,” starting at the Zepp Nagoya on August 15 and 16, the group’s official Japanese website showed Wednesday.

After two Nagoya shows, the five-member group will jump to the Zepp Tokyo on August 18 and 19, and finalize the tour at Zepp Namba on August 21.

MBLAQ, composed of Seungho, G.O, Joon, Cheon Dung and Mir, made a return to the music scene with their fifth mini-album “SEXY BEAT” and its title tune “Smoky Girl” early June.

This Saturday, the group is set to heat up Bangkok’s Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani with boy bands U-KISS, B1A4 and girl group 4minute at the “KOREAN MUSIC SENSATION VOL.1.”

Rumor: Possible world tour this year

Credit: tenasia