July 11th, 2013

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SBS PD says that 'Inkigayo' wasn't able to stand up to YGE for CL's outfit + KOCSC issues an advice

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) has given an official note of firm 'advice' to SBS' 'Inkigayo' for allowing CL to wear a 'swimsuit' outfit on stage.

The Subcommittee to Broadcast Deliberation, under the KOCSC, held a review for the June 9th episode of 'Inkigayo' due to the controversy surrounding CL's white bodysuit on her "The Baddest Female" stage.

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Source: Media Us via Nate + akp

Junsu collaborated with who? P.Diddy's son Quincy Brown

JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Collaborate with P. Diddy′s Son Quincy Brown

Kim Junsu will be reaching out to the world with a collaboration with Quincy Brown.

On July 11, a rep from C-JeS Entertainment told enews that "Junsu will be singing with P.Diddy′s son Quincy Brown, who is a popular rapper and actor in America."

The rep added, "Quincy Brown lent a helping hand to the promotional single of Junsu′s second studio album, Incredible. He′ll be rapping out an English rap which includes the phrase ′You′re so hypnotic girl, you′re incredible′ near the end of the song."

"The song has been perfected with the collaboration of the two energetic artists Junsu and Quincy Brown," the rep finished. "They actually got together at the music video shoot held in L.A., and talked about music in a happy mood. Junsu′s music video will be made up of videos and music that fit the summer."

The music video for Incredible will be put together by the producers of the music video for Tarantallegra.

Kim Junsu will hold a showcase for his second studio album on July 15. It will be relayed live through Melon TV.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Source: enewsWorld

How small must Quicny's part be for C-JeS to have to quote it? No matter what, I'm super excited for the Incredible MV!!! Is it going to have the same feeling as Tarantallegra? I hope so!
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AOA's band unit, AOA Black, put on their thinking caps for a new teaser image


AOA's band unit, AOA Black, will get you rocking out this summer for their upcoming comeback and unveiled a teaser image to get you thinking about it along with them!

The cute teaser image released on the 11th shows AOA Black's 5 members, Jimin, ChoA, Yuna, Yookyung, and Mina, putting their thinking caps on as they look up at the upcoming date stamped above their heads.

Stay tuned for AOA's return in the form of AOA Black on the 26th!

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I Like 2 Party (EP) AUDIO + IL2P M/v Making + IL2P #1 in 6 Countries (iTunes Chart Positions)

"The album is said to be a mix of genres including hip-hop, dance and R&B.

Fans have already heard the title track, as it was featured in the ending credits for the South Korean release of American actor Will Smith's latest film After Earth.

Jay Park helped compose and write lyrics for "I Like 2 Party" as well as the lyrics for the hip-hop track "HOT" which he says is perfect for a club setting.

Both "Secret" with its sexy lyrics (also written by Park) and "See Me Again (Let's Make Up)" are in an R&B style he says will appeal to a variety of listeners.

Furthermore, fellow Art of Movement member Cha Cha collaborated with Jay Park on the new album which also includes the talents of composers Jeon Gun and Rado."


[Spoiler (click to open)]


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Let's Make Up

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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Let's Make Up is my favorite but I'm beyond excited to see an HQ live version of I Like 2 Party~

Sources: Gonzaa1025, (1), mimicute92dy, (2), (3), (4)

BEAST to grace our ears with more music

Group BEAST will be releasing their second full album on the 19th and comeback after a year.

On the 11th, BEAST's company Cube Entertainment stated that "BEAST will be releasing their second full album, Hard to Love, How to Love, through online music sites on the noon of the 19th. This time in the full album there was more participation from the members."

In the midst of being busy with solo promotions in and out of the country, they have still actively participated in the works of the album and its completeness is heightened.

The company also said, "The works of the album were done with a producing process that had the motto 'All made by BEAST' in mind. After the revelation of their ballad track previously, the tracklist has been filled with a few numbers that will show off BEAST's different charms."

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original article from OSEN
translated by bellaatong @ B2STRISING

Watch out, world—Hyunseung has done enough with his hair, so now he's dishing out his weird with hats!!

Areum denies being possessed by evil spirits and failed exorcisms lead to her departure from T-ara

Former T-ara member Areum has spoken up about recent rumors that have appeared concerning the 'real reason' behind why she left the group to go solo.

As ridiculous as it sounds, rumors say that Areum was suffering from a bad case of spirit possession. Supposedly, the only path to cure herself of the paranormal disorder is to become a shaman, and her family has been attempting to exorcise her. There are also speculations that she hasn't been acting like her normal self, and so it was impossible for her to continue with T-ara.

She took to her Instagram to comment on the rumors - "Come on~ Don't stick yourself into another person's life when you don't even know the full story. You didn't even see it with your own eyes and you didn't hear it from me personally. Is that okay to do? This isn't right. I'll treat you to a meal, so please contact me directly to tell me who started this talk. I don't want it to end badly. I won't explain. I'm okay as long as I know it's not true. I won't say this twice. You'll think what you want anyway since it's not your life. But as Ahreum, who can't live without her dreams, I'm posting this bravely. From today forward, don't bother my boss or agency members/family."

In an interview with Osen, Areum clarified, "I'm happy and doing well, so I'm not sure why this news came up. I just had some sashimi and was having a good time hanging out when the headlines shocked me."

In regards to rumors about her suffering due to side effects from a diet being coupled with an unstable family life, she added, "There are no negative effects of a diet. The choreography for T-ara N4's 'Countryside Life' was really intense, so I did lose 13kg (28 lbs) during promotions. I'm very healthy though."

On the rumors that she's possessed by a spirit, she laughed stating, "Since the rumors are already out there, I'll make sure to hold a haunting performance."

"I'm thankful to my agency for the solo promotions, and it's a very happy time for me right now. I ask that you look forward to my future activities."

Areum's mother has also mentioned that she will be taking legal action against whoever started the rumors. She stated, "We're currently looking into finding a lawyer."

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JYPE had no idea of Sunye's plans + Sunye and husband to leave Korea in August

Wonder Girls’ Sunye recently revealed her plans of going to Haiti as a missionary. A representative from her agency, JYP Entertainment, addressed the matter with TV Daily through a phone conversation on July 10. The representative said, “After Sunye got married, she told us that for the time being, she’d like to focus on her marriage life. It’s not necessary for her to discuss her personal life with us. The missionary plans are part of her personal life, so we didn’t ask about them. It’s something we don’t really know about.

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source TV Daily + soompi

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source: Star News + akp

Last part of Soompi's article sounds off considering they are in Korea rn
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Happy 3rd anniversary Running Man! A Cho Hyo Jin PD Interview

For the numerous fans of SBS's 'Running Man', July 10 was a very special day as it marked the third anniversary of the exhilarating action-variety program. To commemorate the occasion, No Cut News held a special interview with the lead producer, Cho Hyo Jin, to take a small breather after three years of nonstop running.

- What are your thoughts on commemorating the third anniversary?

Neither Yoo Jae Suk nor I could've imagined that we would last this long. (laughter) We're very grateful. We always discuss ideas and try to attempt new things every week. Sometimes we get a good response. We're thankful to the viewers for helping us for the past three years.

- Is there a special episode planned to mark the occasion?

We've already shot episodes that will air past the three-year mark. However, we're still debating whether or not to prepare a special anniversary episode. If we film a special episode, the expectations would be very high. But we do think that if we can come up with something to fit the occasion, we should film it.

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No Cut News via Nate (1), (2) | Allkpop

I know those who've seen the latest episode with Park Ji Sung will want to talk about how amazing it was but it'd be nice if it could wait for the discussion post this weekend =)
But if you must, try not to spoil too much for those who haven't seen it, like me XD
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Teen murderer's SNS accounts uncovered by netizens

A follow up to this post
The victim's name is Yongin

These articles are about his SNS posts he left following the murder and netizens digging up his identity.

After the murder: "I'm dried out of any emotions that can be felt by human beings. I didn't feel any guilt today at all, not even sadness or anger. Nothing but a short smile. Today, I'll fall asleep buried under the smell of blood."

3 minutes later: "I wanted to be a **** today. So I was a **** today."

"I didn't have any feelings of hate or positivity. Hate me. I want to go to hell. I have a person I want to bring to hell with me."

"I'd like to praise your bravery for staring into my eyes until your very last moment. Thank you for letting me know through your gaze that you weren't scared at all."

Later that afternoon, on the bus to meet a friend: "Cherry blossoms are a scent that you miss no matter how much you smell it. It smells nice from here on the bus. I feel at rest."

Four hours before he turned himself in (6:28): "My heart feels at rest today. I may get hate, people may be disappointed in me, but yeah, I'm a bad guy. Let's just take this easy."
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Financial News via Nate | Kuki News via Nate | Netizenbuzz
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Gaon Physical & Digital Monthly Chart - June 2013



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Source: Gaon [Physical] [Digital]
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Ilgan Sports and distribution companies delve into the issue of 'digital sajaegi'

The reality behind 'digital sajaegi' has finally been exposed. Ilgan Sports was able to pick up an exclusive copy of a report written by a large-scale distribution company on their response to handling digital sajaegi. The report contains information regarding the main brokers who are the leaders of the digital sajaegi phenomenon, as well as the related expenses and the legal issues involved.

With the report containing as much information as it does, we predict a considerable amount of controversy to hit the music industry soon. Songs that were targeted to be abusing the sajaegi system include a number of the biggest hit tracks of the year, making it a bigger shock to come. Hit tracks are essentially not becoming hits through the love of fans but through outright manipulation.

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source: netizenbuzz

netizens are saying it's EXO lol
fany the boys

YoonSeoTae at ‘Mr. Go’ VIP Movie Premiere; HyoRi at Dancing 9 Press Con; Taeyeon at Benefit Event

On July 9th, Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun attended the VIP movie premiere of “Mr. GO” at the COEX Mall Megabox in Seoul. Dressed in their own unique outfits, they posed for photos for members of the press. Taeyeon’s “Bye”, an OST track for the movie, was released earlier on the same day.

Check out photos and a news video from the event below. Fantaken pictures can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

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gifs from Mr Go Premiere

On July 10th, Hyoyeon and Yuri attended a press conference for “Dancing 9“, a global dance survival show which is set to premiere on July 20th. Teasers and promotional videos for “Dancing 9″ can be found here and here.

Other cast members of the show, including Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, Park Jiwoo, Woo Hyunyoung, Poppin J, and Ducky, also were present at the press conference.

Check out photos of Hyoyeon and Yuri at the “Dancing 9″ press conference below.

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gifs from Dancing 9 Press Conference here

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gifs from Benefit here

more pictures at the source for all events

EXO sell 380,000 albums and become the Highest monthly sales in 2013

EXO took the top two spots on Gaon's physical album chart for the month of June.

The Korean version of the boys' first studio album 'XOXO' sold 206,812 copies in June, beating out the competition to secure the #1 spot. Not only that, the Chinese version of 'XOXO' sold 172,144 copies, pushing the Chinese version to 2nd place.

In total, the boys sold 378,956 copies of 'XOXO', which is the highest monthly total on Gaon for 2013. Girls' Generation's 'I Got A Boy' sold 265,322 copies in January, while Cho Yong Pil's 'Hello' sold 197,255 copies in May.

Congratulations to EXO!

source: allkpop