July 29th, 2013


On the 28th, the three members of Girls' Generation attended The Dodgers Vs The Reds game in support of the two Korean players during Korea day.
Taeyeon sang the Korean national anthem, where as Tiffany sang the American national anthem and Sunny threw the first pitch.

Here are some of the videos and pictures from the day as well as some Taengstagram and Sunstagram updates regarding the event.

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B.A.P releases album cover + tracklist for 'BADMAN'

You know you've all been waiting for this - B.A.P will finally have their full comeback with 'BADMAN'!

The boys have released their album cover and their tracklist, featuring their trademark Matoki on the album as always.

TS Entertainment hinted that 'BADMAN' would only contain music that only B.A.P can do, and that it would be very characteristic of B.A.P. Also, 'BADMAN' is supposed to have genres they never tried before in the album.

"BADMAN" will be out August 6th, so stay tuned for their teasers!

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News on 2NE1 next song


When is the release date of the latest song of 2NE1?

2NE1’s upcoming new song, “DO YOU LOVE ME,” is produced by TEDDY, YG’s main producer.
This new summer song is full of fierceness and excitement that suits the hot season, just like “I Am The Best” released in the summer of 2011.

2NE1 has already completed successfully all the dance practices for the song with a new choreographer from abroad. Yet, there has been a bit of setback for the production of the music video, which was scheduled to be directed by Seo Hyun-seung.

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PSY coming back to snatch weaves

Did “Gentleman” meet the same success as “Gangnam Style”?

On July 29, YG Entertainment revealed that PSY is currently working on his next album and plans for a world release in September. He is in Los Angeles, California at the moment and is collaborating with “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” partner in crime composer Yoo Gun Hyung.

A representative from his agency commented, “I heard that it will be a song that many people will like. Instead of a single, there will be several songs included in the album.”

PSY previously took the world by storm with “Gangnam Style” and tried to repeat the success with followup “Gentleman.”

British newspaper “The Sunday Times” stated on July 28, “PSY plans on releasing an album in England within the second half of this year.”

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Bangtan post! Album review, 좋아요 fancams, Bangtan Bomb and V's vlog

Suga talks about their album, the writing process for the songs etc. in an extremely monotonous voice

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Amber: “I’ve Cried Because People Teased, Saying I Look Like a Guy”

f(x)’s Amber opens up about her thoughts on other people talking about her facial features.

She made an appearance along with other f(x) members on the recent filming of KBS’s variety talk show “Hello,” when a teenaged guest shared that her worry is looking similar to male singer Jo Jung Chi.

Regarding this, the emcees asked the members of f(x), “Do you look similar with a celebrity?” Victoria responded, “I heard that I looked similar to Lee Na Young.” Amber shared, “I heard that Super Junior’s Donghae, SHINee’s Jonghyun and I are nicknamed the three dinosaurs in SM Entertainment.”

Soon after, the teenaged guest unveiled her face to the emcees and guests and many were shocked by her similarities with the male singer. She remarked, “Because of the people that tease me saying I look like Jo Jung Chi, I’m not able to go to the bathroom with a peaceful heart.”

Amber responded, “I got teased a lot even till high school that I looked like a guy. I even cried because it got so hard.”

Meanwhile, this episode will air on July 29 at 11:10pm (KST).

Source: soompi

Bom Frowned Upon for Not Wearing Seat Belt During “Running Man”

2NE1‘s Park Bom has recently been criticized for not wearing her seat belt.

The 2NE1 members were guests for the July 28 episode of “Running Man” for an “Alien Race” special.

During the episode, Park Bom and Minzy became a team with Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo. After completing their first mission, the four of them got into a car to move to the next location.

During the car ride, viewers spotted Park Bom not wearing her seat belt. This was even more noticeable since all of the seat belts had a yellow “Seat Belts For All Seats” sign fastened.

Everyone in the car, including people from the other team’s car with the other 2NE1 members, were seen wearing their seat belts but only Park Bom did not have hers on.

Although it isn’t against the law to not wear your seat belt in the backseat, there have been campaigns for every single person to wear their seat belt in the car, due to the high traffic accident death rate in South Korea. The Korean lawmakers are pushing to have mandatory seat belt laws implemented by 2015.

Therefore, viewers and netizens frowned upon Park Bom’s no-seat belt scenes.

After this became an issue, Jo Hyo Jin PD of “Running Man” commented, “Park Bom was wearing her seat belt at first. But there was a part where the car stopped for a moment and people got of the car, including Park Bom. After she got back in, she forgot to put back her seat belt. We will be more careful in the future.”

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Lee Hyori on New Reality Show

Before she’s officially Mrs. Lee Sang Soon, Lee Hyori will be capturing her last bachelorette days in a new variety TV show.

On July 29, OnStyle released a short introduction to Lee Hyori’s new show, Lee Hyori’s X Unnie. In the video, Lee Sang Soon asks if Fin.K.L will be coming to sing the congratulatory song at their wedding, but Lee Hyori ignores him, occupied with something.


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