October 3rd, 2013

Key etude

SHINee premièring 'Everybody' at 2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival!!

Ahead of their album’s release, SHINee will be making their first comeback performance of new title tune “Everybody” at the upcoming 2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival this weekend.

According to SM Entertainment, SHINee will perform “Everybody” for the first time during ‘SHINee COMEBACK SPECIAL’ in the 2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival, to be held at KEPCO Special Stage near Gangnam Subway Station in Seoul, on October 6th at 8:00 PM (KST).

To be co-hosted by TV personality Jeon Hyun Moo and EXO’s Suho and Baekhyun, this music event will also feature SHINee’s first performance of Jonghyun’s self-written track “Selene 6.23”, which was included in their combined third album ‘The Misconceptions of Us’.
Meanwhile, SHINee will release its fifth mini-album ‘Everybody’ on October 14.

In other news, saw these pics floating around tumblr and saw that they havent been posted on omona...

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Can we PLEASE talk about key's long wig underneath that cap?!?!? O___O

New girl group TREN-D reveals music video for 'Candy Boy'

New five-member girl group TREN-D released their debut MV for the song 'Candy Boy.'
Frankly, the MV seems like it should have been released during the prime time of summer as the girls are dressed in bright neon colors and are enjoying a day out roller skating. The song is also upbeat, catchy, and energetic, which would have been perfect for the hotter days of summer.

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This is a BtoB interview post!

BTOB, “We have made all preparations, all that’s left now, is a leap”
Idol group BTOB has changed. They knocked on the doors of the entertainment industry in March 2012 and have been running for almost 2 years since that day. Although they are still lacking, through their latest album, BTOB have gotten a step closer in becoming an artist that understands their musical preference.

BTOB released their new album ‘Thriller’ in September, making a comeback to the music scene after a year of blank period. Every month, we see idol groups attempting fresh concepts in the entertainment industry. In such competitive environment, idol groups definitely find themselves filled with impatience and insecurities about their future.

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also, happy b'day to Ilhoon!

Heo Young Saeng announces his enlistment date


Heo Young Saeng (26) revealed previously that he'll likely be enlisting this year, and he's announced that the official date is October 31! He'll be the next SS501 member to enlist after Kim Kyu Jong.

Heo Young Saeng's agency announced on his official homepage, "Hello. It's B2M Entertainment. We would like to inform you that Heo Young Saeng's enlistment date, which you've all been curious about, has been confirmed... Heo Young Saeng will enter training on October 31 at 2 PM KST. Thank you."

His agency further confirmed, "It is true that Heo Young Saeng will enlist according to his draft notice. Heo Young Saeng received his draft notice this past July and prepared for his upcoming military service."

Get ready to say your farewells, fans!


let me go sit in a corner and cry
Kai Swag

AOA Releases MV Teaser For "Red Motion"

AOA is raising the bar for their return even higher as they get fans' excitement up with a video teaser for their upcoming return!

The girls continue on the angelic concept in this teaser as well, dressed in all white for their return with 4th single album 'Red Motion' and song "Shaking". The girls are also shown blindfolded towards the end, leaving fans to guess at what this could possibly be about.

The MV will be released on October 10th, and the full song will be out on October 14th, so stay tuned for more details that will be coming our way! But in the meantime, check out the video teaser above!

Source: allkpop and AceofAngels8@Youtube