October 4th, 2013


Busker Busker's Brad gives a tell-all interview about Superstar K

The stadium erupts with applause and confetti, and all of a sudden, Bradley Ray Moore is famous. In fact, as millions watch agog from bars and living rooms across South Korea, he’s probably the most famous white guy in the country—if not the whole history of Korean music. Moore didn’t intend to be here, and it’s the last thing on his mind; right now he just wants his fiancé back, and his freedom. He’s been shuttered from the outside world for two months, and if he screws this up, it’ll be a long time before his next chance to escape.

Moore spots Danielle Bacon in the undulating crowd of 10,000 and, heart racing, motions for her to rush the stage. A trained athlete, she vaults past the cameramen and barriers before being seized by a hulking bodyguard. But he soon realizes this is the Dani he’s heard so much about from Moore, with whom he’s developed a rapport as his personal protection. He lets her pass.

Moore grabs Bacon’s hand and clasps it tight, remembering a recent warning: “People might try to break that grip—physically.” Some dozen bodies quickly engulf them, and after an anxious moment, Moore sighs in relief; it’s the other contestants from Superstar K, the most renowned of Korea’s many talent search reality shows. The musicians—including Moore’s bandmates in the power pop trio Busker Busker—have swarmed Bacon and Moore to prevent anyone else from doing so.

The couple is safe for at least the next few hours, but Moore has gotten himself into one fascinating mess. Thin to begin with, he stands 25 pounds lighter from eight weeks on Superstar K’s schedule and diet; top Seoul stylists have remade him in the image of high-end designers and hair products; his cheeks still carry the toxins of a couple Botox shots fast regretted. Moore has been through the wringer of the K-Pop fame machine, and has some sense that if he doesn’t do something drastic, he and his bandmates will be further mangled. For now, this American drummer’s only goal is to avoid the luxury bus Superstar K wants them to board by night’s end. He doesn’t know where it’s going, but he’s had enough.

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source: noisey

I'm lazy to bold the interesting parts so TL;DR - Busker Busker were invited to be on because they wanted to make the show look diverse but managed to stick around because the public liked them, Ulala Session's win was pre-determined, they got botox and hated it and they didn't make any money from the CFs they were in. Netizen comments.

Standing Egg's MV for 'Once Again' + album

[✿ more tracks ✿ + collaboration song with Park Se Young]

Runner's High

In My Dream

나 오늘따라

있잖아 궁금해 (with 예슬)

Keep Going (MV here)

먼지를 털어내고 (with Windy)

Never Forget You

너라는 축제

오래된 노래



Park Se Young and Standing Egg collaborated for a track 'Shall We Dance', she has a pretty nice voice!

source: standingegg + loenent
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Heechul On Sohee, WGM, Quitting Smoking, Nose Surgeries, And Sungmin + Jaejoong

Heechul was a special guest on the October 3 installment of SBS's radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game'.

On this day, he confirmed that Wonder Girls member Sohee was still his ideal type, saying, "I have seen many other girl group members, but there is no one like Sohee."  It is true that Sohee has a very unique charm and charisma.

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On October 3rd, Heechul appeared on SBS's radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game'. Here he revealed many different things about himself, surprising some of his fans whom he hadn't been able to update as much during his time away from the entertainment scene.

During one part of the show, he revealed, "During my break from activities, I succeeded in quitting smoking." When asked what prompted him to make the decision, Heechul said, "I've been thinking I should quit and around that time, a person I had my eye on said that it'd be good for me to stop smoking."

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Edit with excerpts of translated transcript:

  • Heenim: "There was once, all the public service guys (in the army) were gathered together in the morning. We were just gathered and sitting down, when next to me some young guy next to me greeted me saying, "Hyung, annyeong haseyo" so I thought he was just a fan, and greeted him back.

  • But he suddenly said, "Hyung, don't you remember me? A long time ago, before you guys debuted, in front of your dorms, when Hankyung-hyung was walking past, me and my friends were cursing at him in Mandarin, so (Heechul) hyung and a few others ran towards us and grabbed us and gave us a huge scolding."

  • When he said that, I suddenly remembered, ah yes I did such a thing! Then the boy said, "Hyung, back then I was scolded so badly by you guys" and "I was young back then, I'm really sorry." And we ended up saying Fighting! to each other." cr. AllRiseXiahtic

[Some interesting stuff]

HC: I texted Park SoHyeon-sii on the way here. 'Noona! I'm gonna sing!' like this. I was preparing but they said they haven't set up a microphone! Oh no! What a radio show!

SH: Is SoHee still your ideal type?
HC: Yes. I haven't changed my mind.^^ SoHee is a symbol of my heart. It's difficult to change my ideal type. I've seen lots of other girls groups but something about Sohee is different. There's no one like Sohee.

SH: Is there any programs that you wanted to join during 2 years of public service?
HC: If I married 7 years ago, I almost could have joined "Appa Odi Ga" (* famous Korean TV program)… It's a shame!ㅋㅋㅋ

SH: We wanted to see Heechul's acting. Do you have any plan of acting?
HC: I love to do but I have so many things to do for nowㅋㅋ If I had chance to do, I love to play a role which Cha Tae-hyun-sii is doing.

HC: You know, there's a contract period for us. Our contract is about to expire soon. So we are discussing seriously like if we stay all stay… or if we leave then all leave…. It's a long way off and it's very difficult to say officially, you know.

Love Game's Audience Q&A

Q: An idol who you think is prettier than you?
HC: O. Super Junior member Sungmin-ssi!
PSH: So you thought of Sungmin-ssi. I thought you would say Kyuhyun-ssi
HC: Eh? Are you sure you know all our members names? you didn't confused (their names)?
PSH: Ah of course. Or is it not? Is it just me?
HC: (i choose) sungmin-ssi and JYJ Kim Jaejoong-ssi. If Jaejoong-ssi is somewhat like a snob girl who is like a fierce cat, then Sungmin-ssi is a foxy-like girl. He's really cute too.

Q: When are we able to see Heechul Oppa on stage in Korea?
HC: I don't know when it will be still I practiced today, too ^^ I'm so tired since it's been a long timeㅋㅋㅋ I've got to begin somewhere and I'm practicing.

Q: Have you ever had girl friend going out for more than 100days?
HC: No. This is a real story and I used to think that I don't care if not lasting long with GF. But I realized it's kind of sad. So I wanted to become romantically involved with someone during public service but I couldn't.

Q: Kim Heechul has a cute side!
HC: Yes! I think I became more like this since I've met GunHee.

Q: Do you think Sohee is prettier than pretty Sulli?
HC: Yes! I hang out with Sulli-sii a lot and I always say that " You are really ugly without make-ups!" lol We can hang out like a brother and a sister because Sulli is not pretty ㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Do you want to be a executive board of SME?

HC: No!! I'm simply not that type. I'm incapable of managing juniors like Leeteuk-ssi and Kangin-sii. ^^

Source: akp (1), (2), (3), heechulfacts (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)

It's commendable that he chose to quit smoking himself, no matter what reason. People should cut him some slack, so what if he quit largely due to cosmetic reasons as opposed to health ones? For someone who is as aware of his appearance as he is, it's perfectly understandable. Everyone who smokes knows it's bad for their health, more often than not people quit because of yellowing teeth/smoker's lips.
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Heechul Reveals Conversation with Sulli on the Day Her Scandal Surfaced


On October 3, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul revealed that Sulli texted him on the day her scandal with Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza hit the news.

On the October 3 episode of JTBC’s “War of Words,” the cast members talked about one of the hottest topics of the entertainment industry to date: dating scandals.

Even before the discussion began, Kim Heechul joked, “I can’t do this,” since the others kept inquiring about Sulli.

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Source: Soompi



[Netizen comments]

Article: Kim Heechul mentions Choiza and Sulli's dating scandal "I'd congratulate them if they are dating"

Source: X Sports News via Nate [2]

1. [+446, -36] Heechul: Sulli-ya, did I do well? / Sulli: Oppa, you're a cao ni ma

2. [+437, -50] It's great for celebrities to date and all but please just acknowledge it when you get caught

3. [+122, -3] So he basically confirmed that they're dating

4. [+111, -2] SM's shaken up ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+8, -1] SM wasn't even shaken up during the IU picture controversy... For them to be shaken up over this means that it must be true that they're dating... But then again, there's just too much evidence proving it is, especially with all the pictures and blackbox videos.

Article: Kim Heechul mentions Sulli's dating scandal "Fans are the ones who raise idols"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+4,196, -128] I really question idols who treat their fans like nothing when they're the reason they exist... Especially Goo Hara's attitude on TV... Thought she was a top star with the way she was acting.

2. [+3,549, -60] Kim Heechul's right

3. [+980, -33] Seeing as how he tried to beat around the bush about Sulli's scandal, they must be really dating. If it was just an unfounded rumor, Kim Heechul would've been loud and up front about it being fake since that's his personality.

Article: Kim Heechul "Dating scandals for idols are directly connected to their incomes"

Source: Newsen via Nate

"I know an idol junior who was in a scandal. Ever since his scandal, fan merchandise sales decreased dramatically. The popularity of celebrities are directly connected to their incomes. The scariest thing for an idol is their fans turning against them."

1. [+107, -2] ㅋㅋㅋ Poor L

2. [+85, -10] The damage is less for female idols because male fans don't care that much. The problem is male idols. Look at L ㅋㅋ INFINITE is pretty much over in Korea because of him

3. [+20, -2] It's because fans don't treat their celebrities like celebrities but rather boyfriends.. and they feel betrayed when they start dating someone else ㅋㅋ

Source: Netizenbuzz

mane bae

An excuse to talk about the finale


“Master’s Sun” Ends Run atop TV Charts, Breaking 20 Percent Mark

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That kiss tho... Wake me up when Joo Ji Hoon and his tongue decide on a new prey

Team A Switches Leaders + unreleased team A footage "Song mino solo MV for Oh!"

On the October 4th episode WIN: Who Is Next, YG Entertainment switched out the team leader for Team A.

In the 7th broadcasted episode ,Team A’s leader Song Minho, due to a leg injury, went to the hospital to get a checkup. The doctor said, “Because it’s a very serious injury, he cannot dance or do any other strenuous activities with his leg.” Consequently, Minho was unable to participate in G-Dragon’s MCountdown stage.

Afterwards, the trainees went to see YG’s CEO. Yang Hyun Suk said, “If the leader that is the team’s pillar becomes injured, what will happen now? Since this is an emergency, let’s change leaders. Kang Seungyoon will be the leader now.”, and gave out his decision.

After suddenly changing leaders, Song Minho said, “I feel like breaking down.” Lee Seunghoon also commented, “After seeing him get hurt and slowly sinking into a dark state, I feel very upset. I’m very worried for him.”

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Sources: tvdaily, winner-trans aeuyvela

That sucks poor mino! and wtf at yg changing their leader this late in the competition >:{
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A Week's Worth of Heenim's Instagram Updates

kimheenim: Happy birthday Shindong! Yeah that's right. This place was my placeㅋㅋㅋ
(as in, SuJu's center lol)


kimheenim: It's been a long time since I recorded so I like it; I could be awkward. I sometimes miss the old kim bipolar too


kimheenim: Lim Chang Jung- A Guy Like Me. I downloaded it right after arriving in Korea, and has been listening till now. It just has the piano, and Lim Chang Jung hyung's voice in it, and it's really saddening. The song somehow feels painful. The song turns me into Kim Bipolar..ㅠㅠ How is the owner of this song the same Lim ChangJung as one that drinks with me..


kimheenim: I miss it.. that voice.. sometimes, (I even miss) your nagging
(he posted the lyrics to Lim Chang Jung's A Guy Like Me)

kimheenim: Behind cut of sad pictures and videos that are commonly uploaded on SNS. Artwork title 'Being sad is a second thing to worry, I have to look good first'

[01.10.2013 feat Kangin & others]01.10.2013

kimheenim: While I was in the midst of being emotional, Kangin also exploded. We already planned ahead to hit me only slightly but this cow bastard Kangin sent me a bomb knuckle hit

kimheenim: my beloved bobbed hair, when can i cut my hair like that againㅡㅡ

[02.10.2013 with Taeyeon & Gunhee]02.10.2013

kimheenim: I cover my ears to listen to you. I shut my eyes to imagine you... I'm lingering
(SuJu's Daydream lyrics)

kimheenim: normal expression vs funny expression. but if all sides have a beggar expression, (it'll be a) fail..
(photo with Gunhee and Jo Sungmin)

kimheenim: memories of "put your hands up except for those who are driving"


kimheenim: Zzinpang family made by Universe big star and 기안84. Go to SMtown homepage today too go go. I think many male audiences will be added with the appearance of the beautiful girl student.
Caption: Is this a dream?! We're walking together! *heart thumping*

kimheenim: How was today's Park Sohyun's Lovegame? Ah there was no time so i came to do the show like i was rappingㅋㅋSee you later on 11pm at JTBC 'War of Words'

[04.10.2013 feat Zico]04.10.2013
kimheenim: Block B-Very Good. The song and the music video are both great. But ZICO, why didn't you do a dumpling hair? Dumpling dumpling dumpling hair

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Something extra:

Siwon (to fans): "I want to look at each one of you in the eye and...(*Heechul rubs his face against Siwon's) enjoy this time together."

Siwon (to fans): "Frankly speaking, I'd like to rub my beard against your faces."

Heechul: "But since you can't do that to fans, you'll do it to me instead."

Cr.: honeyssa