October 8th, 2013


I don't know how to title this, I'm too busy with popcorn but damn, I hope it happens


YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk was seen meeting with C-JeS Entertainment's CEO Baek Chang Joo somewhere in Seoul near the end of September. This meeting is attracting attention from not only fans but the entertainment industry as a whole, who suspect it might have greater implications than a casual meet-up between two friends.
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New OTP will make a delicious mess

Source: AKP, Donga Sports via Naver

 Busker Busker Drummer Bradley Rae Moore Shines A Light On The Dark Side Of K-Pop

In an interview with Busker Busker drummer Bradley Rae Moore, published earlier this week on Vice Magazine's music blog Noisey, the band's only American member revealed horror stories about his rise to K-pop star status.

According to Moore, the worst abuse the band faced in their quick ascent to superstardom was inflicted during their time on the television singing competition "Superstar K."

Busker Busker was forced to stay in a network-owned dorm where their keys and wallet were taken from them and regular Botox injections were the norm.

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Source: KPOPStarz

And here's the Vice article for interested parties. It was posted before but not with the agency's responses.

Honestly the idea that Superstar K is fixed doesn't surprise me as much as it should - but maybe the company's explanations are legit.
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

[Eng Sub] LC9's Life of Research Ep00 + more LC9 greatness!!


[LC9’s Life of Research Official Pictures]






LC9 fancafe

[[130930 LC9 Staff Diary]]Hello Lovebeats~!!
It’s the reappearance of the long-absent staff diary.
Hi!! How is everyone?

Today’s talk of the town!!!!!!!!!
The backstory of the press conference for our long-awaited reality show “LC9’s Life of Research” is revealed.

Let’s meet the smartly-dressed LC9~

As mentioned in the trailer, Eden styled AO’s hair!
Ah~ so caring. etc_14

The result as shown on AO from master Eden’s hands

J-hyo whose diet is in full swing.
He is becoming a handsome man -

Wearing an uncommon hairstyle and round glasses, the one who has Lovebeats going crazy, Rasa.
He is still very handsome, though!

Looking good in that white shirt, Jun.
He is checking the SNS messages that fans regularly send our way -

Where did this reporter come from?

Has everyone watched the recently released teaser for Episode 1?

LC9’s Life of Research, where they will soon unveil themselves. Please anticipate!
LC9’s Life of Research will be from Lovebeats, for Lovebeats, by Lovebeats!!
LC9’s Life of Research, F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G. dancing emoticon lc9 staff diary post

LC9 fancafe|Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[Twitter updates]
[131008 Ilsang Twitter Update]
I caught LC9’s EDEN @LC9_EDEN playing the guitar after finishing recording and took a picture. ;)
(T/N: Ilsang is one of the founders of Nega Network.)

Translated by strawberri @ LC9 Int’l

[131008 Official Twitter Update]
[LC9’s Life of Research] #LC9LifeofResearch #Midnight_Spoiler What happened to them. … … …?
Translated by strawberri @ LC9 Int’l

[131007 AO Twitter Update]
Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[131005 King Twitter Update]
I know it feels shaky~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Daejeon Daegu lc9~~~~!
Do you like dried persimmons?

Translated by strawberri @ LC9 Int’l

[131004 Jun Twitter Update]
Translated by strawberri @ LC9 Int’l

[131003 AO Twitter Update]
Hello with a chin-rest pose!! Where could this be~~~ If you get it right if you get it right!! A gift!! Or would I!!!?!!
Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[131002 J-hyo Twitter Update]
What could I be up to?
Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[130930 Official Twitter Update]
Thank you to all the Lovebeats who came to show their support at Gongju! ! Go home safely~
Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[130930 King Twitter Update]
LB♥LC thank you to everyone giving support
Gongju Baekje Cultural Festival ~~ LC9 is going!!♥
(T/N: LB refers to Lovebeats while LC refers to LC9)

Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[130928 J-Hyo Twitter Update]
It’s been awhile, right? I’m in school uniform style today
Why am I wearing it why am I wearing it why am I wearing it??????????
The dark circles under my eyes are because of my Battlefield recruitment
I got recruited as a hunter warrior archer assassin
(T/N: We think J-Hyo is talking about a video game, Battlefield.)

Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

[130924 King Twitter Update]
Lovebeats, I’m sorry but it’s late so I have to sleep..But first I have to tweet again hehe
Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

I'm only sharing some of their most recent tweets, to check out more go to LC9 Int'l's tumblr.


[[FANCAMS] 130930 LC9 @ Baekje Cultural Festival]
Hold On (Rasa focus)

MaMa Beat (Rasa Focus)

Guilty by Dynamic Duo (Jun focus)

find more here

episode 1 of LC9's Life of Research comes out soon!!
it me

It's a girl for Sunye!


Photos have surfaced on Baidu and Soompi of Sunye's baby shower, furnished by a Toronto based event stylist named Rachel Jo on her website Party with Chloe. Still wondering how they figured it was for Sunye and James the only clues I can think of: well, that baby is holding a cross, the initials "S & J," and the fact that they're living in Canada at the moment. According to her page:

Scandinavian inspired urban vintage baby shower!
I am honored to decor amazing couple's baby shower in their back yard.
Black and white patterned table clothes, vivid felt balls and Chinese lanterns, vintage flower arrangements and lots of...
LOVE from their friends and families.
May your new baby fill your life with happy days, in so many special little ways!

Cake from
Bloom Cake Co.

According to Baidu, the english name of her baby is Hailey and that she's due to come out in a few weeks.

Check out more pictures after the cut. Party with Chloe has even more (link below). Welcome, new WONDER BABY HAILEY!!!

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copyright(c) by party with chloe. all rights reserved.
soompi, @sunyebaidu, tieba.baidu

thanks devilsatin and anthonymarie

baby shower ideas, GO!
Leo candy~

vixx vixx vixx post~ ^w^

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I wonder why they go to YHY sketchbook after they ended their promotion circle, are they going to perform with okdal?
and finally leo spotted again ;;;;; i'm so leo deprived O<-<


Jung Joon Young's Teaser for "10 Minutes Before Breaking Up"

After pre-releasing his single “Spotless Mind”, vocalist Jung Joon Young is signaling its upcoming official debut with a music video teaser for title song “10 Minutes Before Breaking Up”.

“10 Minutes Before Breaking Up” is a rock ballad produced by Younha, Primary and Score. The song has sad lyrics describing a man’s perspective on the last ten minutes before breaking up.

Jung Joon Young will drop his album on October 10.
source: dkpopnews and CJENMMUSIC

The pre-release song was awesome, and this sounds amazing too! Can't wait for the album on the 10th!
sailor venus power

25-Year-Old Singer Rottyful Sky Passes Away Due to Brain Tumor Struggles


Singer Rottyful Sky (otherwise known as Kim Ha Neul or Haneul) has passed away on October 8.

Rottyful Sky was admitted to the hospital for being brain dead but she had drawn her last breath on October 8. She was 25 years old. Sources reveal that the mortuary hasn’t been decided yet but the funeral location has been reserved.

Rottyful Sky was diagnosed with having a brain tumor last year. According to sources, she stopped all activities due to her illness. She was battling against her illness and a few months ago in July, she was seen attending Ki Sung Yueng and Han Hye Jin‘s wedding, looking like she gained some weight. It turns out, she gained weight from the medication and treatment for her tumor.

Rottyful Sky debuted in 2001 at the age of 14 under the name of Haneul. She debuted with her single, “Funny” and received love for her cute looks and unique performance. At the time, she was under the spotlight for being one of the few young, rising female solo artists along with BoA, Joanne, Dana and others.

In 2010, with the support of Ryu Shi Won’s management, she changed her stage name to Rottyful Sky and transformed into a singer/songwriter. Rottyful Sky participated in a couple of drama OSTs and received attention for her song “Blue Bird” for the “Scent of a Woman” OST.