October 9th, 2013


Hangul Day Give-Away WINNERS!‏

It was fantastic to see so many Omona members enter our KoreanClass101.com sponsored Hangul Day Give-away! It was very interesting to read all the comments and see what languages our members speak. PSSST! Check out our 2013 Omona Census to learn more about your fellow members.

All who entered had their name thrown into a hat and 3 names were randomly drawn. Pretty low-tech, but it gets the job done! :)

We are happy to announce that imyoona of USA & keepingfive of Canada each won a 3-month paid account, and kimishinnie of Peru has won a 6 month paid account.

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll be contacting you via PM.

If you unfortunately didn't win, you can still sign up for your free 7-day trial & pod casts are always free to listen to.

A big THANK YOU to Ryan at innovativelanguage.com for making this give-away possible!

& good luck in all your language studies! :D

Junsu unveils BTS photos from the dance practice for his Japanese tour


The hard work and dedication JYJ's Junsu (XIA) is putting into his Japanese tour are obvious in recently released BTS photos of his dance practice.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 9th, "Junsu successfully wrapped up the first concert of his Japanese tour in Nagoya on the 8th. In response to the Japanese fans' hot interest, Junsu's practice photos have been unveiled. Though Junsu is halfway done with his Asia tour, he is still doing his best during dance practice, and he checked everything one-by-one during his live rehearsal for over two hours, showcasing his unbeatable passion."
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SJ Update: Kyuhyun leaving KBS's Mamma Mia! and other members news

Kyuhyun Chose Radio Star over Mamma Mia! 

Recently, “Mamma Mia” changed up their broadcasting schedule, but the change overlapped with MBC’s “Radio Star”. As a result, Kyuhyun had to choose which program he would stick with, and in the end, he picked “Radio Star”.
Currently, the production team is actively searching for a replacement, and also working with Kyuhyun on his final recording for “Mamma Mia”.

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Goodbye kisses? anyone?

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Jessica Accepts ‘Best Global Idol Group’ Award for Girls’ Generation at Huading Awards in Macau

On October 7th, Jessica traveled to Macau to attend the 10th Huading Awards held at the Venetian Macao Hotel and Resort. One of the most influential award events in Asia, the 10th Huading Awards was attended by actors, directors, musicians, and more from around the world, including Jackie Chan, Raymond Lam, Quentin Tarantino, and Avril Lavigne.

Jessica arrived at the red carpet in a beautiful white dress and spoke briefly in an interview where she thanked organizers for inviting her to the event. Photos of Jessica on the red carpet can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

During the ceremony, Girls’ Generation was awarded the “Best Global Idol Group” award. Jessica accepted on Girls’ Generation’s behalf, saying that the other members of Girls’ Generation sent their regards. She also showed her appreciation to fans in the audience for attending the event and ended her speech by saying “thank you” in both Korean and Mandarin.

Check out a clip of Jessica at the 10th Huading Awards on the red carpet and accepting the “Best Global Idol Group” award for Girls’ Generation

Sources: krisbrows04@YouTube.com, NicoVong@weibo.com, xinhuanet; Written by: bhost909@soshified

Huading Awards gifs

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Happy Hangul Day! Learn more about Hangul: "The World's Greatest Alphabet"

Remember: you can learn Hangul at your own pace now thanks to our new affiliate Koreanclass101.com. Click here to sign up! Meanwhile read this article to learn more about the history and science of this brilliant language.


Happy Hangul Day! October 9th is a South Korean national holiday held in honor of the invention of the Korean writing system, which experts have called the most “scientific” (also “ingenious,” “rational,” “subtle,” “simple,” “efficient,” “remarkable”) writing system ever devised.

It was created in the 1440s by a committee of scholars commissioned by King Sejong. King Sejong, also known as Sejong the Great, was a fervent supporter of literature, science, and technology in his day. Some 200 years before the founding of the first scientific academy of the enlightenment, Sejong convened a group of handpicked scholars for his “Hall of Worthies.” One of their major assignments was to come up with a writing system to represent the Korean language.

At that time, Korean was written with Chinese characters. Learning to use Chinese characters, along with the adjustments required in adapting them to the Korean language, was an arduous process, requiring years of education and training. This meant that literacy was only available to a tiny elite. Sejong wanted to open literacy to the general population, but that would require a system that was easier to learn.

The system Sejong’s worthies devised used a combination of alphabetic and syllabic approaches. There were independent symbols for consonants and vowels, but they were grouped into syllables when written. You can see this in the modern form for the word “hangul” (pronounced ‘hangeul’):

Each syllable is grouped into a square character

한 (han) 글 (geul)

Each of those characters is composed of symbols for individual sounds

ㅎ h + ㅏ a + ㄴ n = 한 (han)
ㄱ g + ㅡ eu + ㄹ l = 글 (geul)
The system provides a simple, compact packaging of information, easy to read and to learn. According to the postscript of the original description of hangul "a wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days."

What makes the system especially scientific is that it only distinguishes those sounds which are important for the language. Its symbols reflect psychologically relevant features. For example ㄱ g and ㅋ k are basically the same sound, a consonant formed by a closure at the back of the mouth, except that there is a stronger burst of air with the k. (This distinction holds in English as well. Try pronouncing them one after the other.) In hangul, they are also the same symbol, with the air-burst difference represented by an additional line. The same kind of difference holds betweenㄷ d and ㅌ t. They are both formed by contact between the tongue and area behind the upper teeth, but t has a stronger burst of air, which is represented by the same extra line in the symbol. Other distinctive features of the language are represented with similar consistency.

Unlike most writing systems, which developed over long periods of time and took on various inconsistencies in the process, the hangul system was consciously engineered and handed down all at once by a royal proclamation in 1446. The date of that proclamation, October 9th, became a national holiday in 1945 (North Korea celebrates it on January 15th, considered the creation date.) In 1991, because of economic concerns about workers having too many days off, the holiday was eliminated.

This year, however, for the first time in 22 years, Hangul Day has been reinstated. Celebrate by learning to read hangul. You can also play with this hangul generator, but if you use it to see how you might write your name, please do not run off to the tattoo parlor with the result. The proper use of hangul requires a proper knowledge of Korean, the language for which it was specifically, and quite perfectly, designed.


Shoutout to all of the linguistics majors out there, you know you wanna talk about fricatives and aspirated consonants and other phonology/morphology words i don't remember.

Updates on Jinwoon's Condition

[Pictures of Jinwoon's Car]jinwoon (1)

Some updates on 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon and his recent car accident have been revealed.

On October 9th, SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ has aired a report about Jinwoon after being involved in a major car accident over the weekend. It was revealed that 2AM was supposed to release a new single this month, however it may take two months for Jinwoon to fully recover. Fans will be able to see Jinwoon at the group’s upcoming concert in December.

Photos of the car wreckage from Jinwoon’s accident were also released during the report.

Big Hit Entertainment also confirmed that the emergency surgery on Jinwoon has been completed successfully. He is set to undergo nine weeks of medical treatment, and the doctors recommended he stay at the hospital for at least a week.
source: dkpopnews

Judging from the car, he's lucky he escaped with only a broken ankle and a large cut! Glad his surgery went okay, and he's taking time to recover.